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6 Things Teachers Need To Start Working From Home amid Covid-19

In the wake of the novel corona-virus, many people have been rendered jobless. Many companies have tried to keep their employees on paid leave for a while only to cut down on the number of employees and eventually render a majority jobless. Many are now wondering what to do to make ends meet now that the jobs they had are no longer there. While there are many options to work online from home there are requirements one has to meet to be able to work online.


i) Be computer literate

Before you even think of being a freelancer or video conferencing, chatting, and what have you, you have to be able to operate and interact with your computer with limited help from another person. For those individuals who are familiar with Windows operating systems, Linux, Android, and many more Operating systems out there together with being able to use installed applications they will have very few problems working online. If you are not yet able to operate your computer, it is high time you considered learning how to use it before you embark on the suggested work from home suggestions on this article.

ii) A computer in good condition

You need to have a computer that is in good condition to be able to access the internet without problems. Besides, consider choosing the software you are familiar with or those you will need minimum guidance to use. For example, if you are familiar with windows operating systems, consider acquiring Windows 7, 8, or 10. If you are going to type a lot of stuff on your computer, you may also need an Office Suite package software such as Microsoft Office 365.

iii) Internet connection

To access the internet you may have to install Wi-Fi connectivity at your home or buy data and use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Besides, you can purchase fast internet like optical fiber-based networks. However, this will depend on whether your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has fiber coverage in your area. Not all countries have good internet bandwidth per person. Therefore, it is good to find out what works for you best. You will need to get an ISP that has better network coverage in your area and a mobile device or modem that is able to receive the network the way you like. For instance, in Kenya, there are many ISPs but only Safaricom has a good 4G and 4G+ network in most places. Besides, some smartphone brands like Nokia and Samsung are known to have better hardware than other cheaper brands. We will not go into giving examples of those smartphone brands, as we do not wish to bring any of them to disrepute.

iv) A conducive room/space to work from

You will need a conducive environment for your online job. Having children running around and making noise while you are video conferencing is not a wise thing to do especially when you are conversing with important people. If you are a freelancer and you are working on an article or coding, you will need to be at a quiet and comfortable place so that you will be able to do your work with no disturbance. Consider, hiring a baby sitter to take care of your young children as you work online.

v) Expertise in your area of venture

After you have acquired all the above you will need to have some knowledge in anything you are going to do. You will need a good grasp of English and expertise or plenty of knowledge in the area you want to venture in. For freelance writers and bloggers, you might also consider doing ample research so that you will provide accurate information to your audience.

vi) A good antivirus software

Working online may result in a good amount of cash and you will need to secure your transactions when you are using online banking platforms. For Example, McAfee antivirus is well known in keeping your passwords safe as you are carrying out transactions. Read more about antivirus software on one of our featured articles here. This will ensure you do not invest a lot of time only to lose your hard-earned money to hackers. You might also consider using the software to secure your Wi-Fi and lockout intruders who might congest your internet connectivity and waste your income.


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