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How to Motivate Your Teachers Into Being Active

For smooth running and effective coverage of any school syllabus, it is important for any teacher to be active and focused. Above all, high teacher motivation is vital. Otherwise, you’ll less likely achieve the set goals.

The following are the ways to motivate your teachers into being active. That’s an option if you haven’t considered firing any one of them.

1. Reward Teachers

Sorry if you didn’t know this before, but humans work more effectively at literally anything if they expect a reward, tangible or intangible. Enough of that science.

You can use money to reward a teacher for a given good cause. Take for instance, you can give a certain amount of money to a teacher who makes students pass a given subject. The others will work hard to see that they receive the same reward.

2. Promote Hard Working Teachers

You have got to understand that it’s the hope for promotion that drives some employees crazily busy. Promote them. Let others (especially new employees) get inspired to work harder.

Besides, leadership better suites the hardworking teachers because they can turn others into exactly what they are.

3. Criticize the Incompetent Teachers

Criticism is usually good motivation for people to change conduct, especially if a part in them still cares what other people think.

Your criticism should point to the likelihood that the lazy employee might be fired and get replaced in a moment’s notice.

4. Pay the Teachers Well to Keep Them Actively Motivated

It’s only two things that make certain payments desirable; the amount, and the time of reception. Fix these two and make the job desirable for your teacher.

If you pay a good amount, and in good time, teachers will be compelled to follow each and every order they are given. This will in turn make them motivated to do twice the work they’ve been doing.

Good pay in time is one of the most effective strategies on how to motivate your teachers into being active

As you run your business, you must’ve realized that being feared by your employees is more important than love. Here’s how to build fear in them.

•Make No Friends.

This means you shouldn’t associate much with your employees, except the few you elevated to higher ranks. Some proprietors don’t even leave their offices.

•No Small Talk.

Whenever you talk to any staff member, it should be important, or else you should just let it go.

You may want to portray that as the head, you’re social and approachable through small talks. But, the effect that will arise is that you’re less likely to be taken seriously when you’ll issue an order. So, know the limit.

•Be Brief

Whether during an open or private meeting, make it your principle to always get straight to the point. Do this whenever addressing any of your staff members.

Using plenty of words and/or meandering through the bushes without getting to point wastes time. Active teachers love saving time and want to get to serious business always as fast as they can.

•Use Messengers.

You should learn to use other staff members to carry some messages to their fellows, especially messages that are not so important or urgent.

•Be a Man/woman of Action.

Whenever you practice what you preach, you become more respected and feared. This is because more than half the world’s population does more talking than doing.

6. Replace Those Teachers Who Can’t Change.

Even after several warnings and criticism, there are those teachers that will hardly change. This is likely because they are not afraid of being fired, or they don’t actually expect you to do it. Whatever the reason is, it is better to fire them in time before they influence others negatively.


It’s one challenging task to handle a school and run it with a convivial staff. Some may attribute smooth running to the natural abilities of the administrator. However, anyone can run a school with a totally obedient and cooperative staff. It’s up to you to decide how you want them to behave.


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