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Kenya Churning Out VALUELESS Degrees

In Summary:

  • Education CS quoted saying Kenya is churning out degrees which are valueless.
  • Professor’s comments have aroused mixed reactions from the public
  • The Ministry has reiterated any possibility of forgoing the new CBC curriculum
  • KNUT Kakamega and Bungoma branch officials reported having interrupted the CBC teacher trainings

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary of Education Prof. George Magoha has once again publicly criticized the Kenyan education system.

The professor is quoted saying, “We have reached a stage where if we don’t stop and think, we are churning out degrees which are valueless.”

The CS was speaking at one of the April teacher training workshops for the new Competency-Based Curriculum held at Uhuru Gardens Primary School in Nairobi. The workshops intend to equip and prepare the teachers for the new curriculum.

Prof. Magoha advised Kenyans that they can still become professionals without going to University. He said, “You don’t need to go to a university to be a good messenger or carpenter!”

He said that the Kenyan Education System was encouraging many high school students to yearn for University courses.

“This craze for going to a university has to stop,” warned the CS.

Prof. Magoha’s ‘Churning Out VALUELESS Degrees’ remarks, immediately follows the ‘Useless Courses’. The remarks he made while presenting the 2019/2020 KUCCPS university admissions report.

In his remarks, the CS had proposed the abolishment of about 100 ‘useless courses’. The courses had not attracted even a single student from the 2018 KCSE Examinations Candidates. He then classified the courses as irrelevant and unfit for the Kenyan job market.

Professor’s comments have aroused mixed reactions from the public. A divide of Kenyans are for and another – especially university students pursuing the ‘useless courses’ – are against his proposal.

The medical professor who was accompanied by the Teachers Service Commission TSC boss Nancy Macharia, and Education PS Belio Kipsang, advised teachers to lead by example in changing the mindsets of learners.

“I’ve picked a lot from my primary and secondary school teachers,” said Prof Magoha.

“Our children copy what our teachers do. If we engage them one on one in our classrooms and villages as it is in our new curriculum, then we are transforming this country,” added the CS.

The Ministry has reiterated any possibility of forgoing the new CBC curriculum following the KNUT’s request to do so.

“We are not going back,” insisted the CS.

KNUT Officials Interrupt CBC Training

KNUT through their Secretary General Wilson Sosion has been on the forefront pushing for withdrawal from the new CBC curriculum. KNUT has cited unpreparedness and inadequate funding as the main reasons to stop the new curriculum.

In an effort to stop the teacher training, KNUT Kakamega and Bungoma branch officials have been reported to have interrupted the sessions.


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