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KNEC Releases PTE 2020 Results with Fewer Distinctions

Primary Teacher Examination (PTE) examinations in 2020 now have reasons to be excited after the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) officially released the PTE 2020 results today.

KNEC announced that the results are ready and will be accessible this week.

Through an official communication to Principals of Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs), KNEC said that the PTE results printouts will be available for colleges and result-slips for individual candidates between Tuesday 9th and Friday 12th February 2021.

The Examiner (KNEC) said that the results should be collected from KNEC offices that are located in South C in Nairobi this week.

The changes that had affected the results that trended online upon release were not clear.

In earlier releases, all candidates used to score a Distinction in English and Mathematics but that was not the case this time. It is in these subjects that results dropped.

In a communication to college Principals, KNEC advised Principals of colleges to return the print outs that were earlier issued and had been recalled.

In the now freshly released PTE 2020 a huge number of Distinctions reduced to Credits.

Thogoto TTC had 11 Distinctions as opposed to 80 Distinctions in earlier recalled results.

Migori TTC had 4 Distinctions down from 40 Distinctions in the earlier release.

Kaimosi TTC has 11 Distinctions down from 66 Distinctions in the earlier release.

Murangá TTC had 17 Distinctions down from 136 Distinctions

Shanzu TTC had 20 Distinctions down from 85 Distinctions in the earlier release.

Asumbi TTC had 19 Distinctions down from 82 Distinctions.

Last year’s PTE candidates understandably got confused and tense when KNEC recalled all the results they had released to the Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) last week.

It was not clear at the time why KNEC has resorted to recall the results they had released to the Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs), and whether the results would be canceled. There was also the suspicion that the results had been unusually high with a high number of high-quality grades with Mathematics and English leading across all colleges with a number of Distinctions.

KNEC in their communication revealed that they would release results afresh in the last week and were to communicate the same to heads of all teachers colleges.

The results were not released as planned and the release spilled over to the current week.

KNEC had warned Principals not to release the results after a number of discrepancies were found.

However, most candidates had already known their grades in the PTE examinations.

“Inform the Principals of the PTE colleges not to release the 2020 performance based on the results printouts issued. KNEC will issue the results afresh together with the candidates’ result-slips in the curse of the week. They will be informed when they are ready for collection through email and short messages,” warned KNEC.

Last year’s PTE candidates can now contact the tutors of their colleges and deans alike to know the results of the PTE examinations.

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