Saku Vocational Training Center Courses Offered, Contacts and Application Procedure

Saku Vocational Training Center is a  registered Public Vocational Training Center located at Jirime Mirima Tatu in Marsabit County, Kenya.

Saku Vocational Training Center Contacts

Institution Name: Saku Vocational Training Center
Address: P.O Box 268-60500
Phone no: 0725 999 132
Email: [email protected]

Physical Location of Saku Vocational Training Center

County: Marsabit
Location: Jirime Mirima Tatu
Plot No:
Saku Vocational Training Center

Saku Vocational Training Center Courses Offered

1. Trade Test in Electrical wiring (NITA) for a maximum of 10 trainees
2. Trade Test in Tailoring and Dressmaking (NITA) for a maximum of 34 trainees
3. Trade Test inCarpentry & joinery (NITA) for a maximum of 30 trainees
4. Trade Test in Hairdressing (NITA) for a maximum of 10 trainees
5. Trade Test in ICT (NITA) for a maximum of 18 trainees
6. Trade Test in Plumbing (NITA) for a maximum of 28 trainees

Saku Vocational Training Center Registration Status

Current Registration Status: Registered And Licensed

Registration Date: 1/12/2018
Expiry Date: 1/11/2023
Registration No: TVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0068/2018

Saku Vocational Training Center Category

Category Name: Vocational Training Center
Category: VTC
Type: VTC

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Source:  Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority, TVETA



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