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Uganda Gives Green Light To Reopen School for Candidates Class

The government has given way for schools to reopen for candidate classes, universities, and other tertiary institutions for all final year students starting September 20.

The public was gripped by uncertainty on whether the government has cleared only finalists undertaking medical courses as suggested by the national Covid-19 taskforce last week or all candidates in all schools, regardless of their courses.

Museveni Agreed to Reopen Schools

It was revealed by the senior presidential adviser on epidemics, Dr. Monica Musenero, in an interview that the meeting between the national Covid-19 taskforce and President Museveni on September 1, agreed to the reopening of schools for all candidates –Primary Seven, Senior Four, Senior Six and finalist students in universities and other tertiary institutions.

According to Dr. Musenero, all schools with candidate classes and finalists have the mandate to reopen with effect from September 20, provided they have adhered to the Covid-19 guidelines set for reopening of the educational institutions.

“Schools are allowed to reopen for all candidate classes but on different dates. Schools that will meet the standard operating procedures that have been put in place by the government will be allowed to reopen,” Dr. Musenero said.

Release of Capitation Grants to Enable Schools Reopen

Ms. Janet Museveni, the Minister of Education, on September 2 wrote urging the Minister of Finance to release capitation grants for the Third Term to enable schools to prepare for the reopening of candidate classes.

“It has been brought to my attention that the capitation grants for Third Term 2020 were not released to the schools in July, due to the fact that the institutions were still closed,” Ms. Museveni said in her letter.

“On account of the position taken in the above-stated meeting, this is, therefore, to request you to cause the release of funds to the beneficiary schools to prepare for the phased reopening of schools,” the letter further reads.

Medical Students Cleared by NCHE to Reopen Institutions

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) wrote another letter on September 1 informing that institutions with finalists undertaking medical courses were cleared to reopen on September 28.

“The government of the Republic of Uganda has addressed itself to the fact that medical health interns provide significant services in hospitals and other health facilities.

“It has been noted that the current interns will complete their programs soon and a new team would ordinarily be expected to take over from them and if intern students are not allowed, there will be a gap,” the letter from NCHE executive director, Prof Mary Okwakol, notes.

Finalists offering Bachelors in Medical Surgery, Dental Surgery, Midwifery, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Allied Medical Professionals were cleared to reopen.

Others include finalists undertaking a diploma in different disciplines and postgraduate students on health affiliated programs.

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