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2020 List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools in Kenya, Principals, and Contacts

Here is the 2020/2021 List of All Sub-County Secondary (High)  Schools in Kenya. The list contains the name of school, the County and Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

List of all Sub County Schools in Baringo County

Here are the names of school, in Baringo County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Baringo Baringo Cental Kipsoit Mixed Day Secondary School              Wilson K. Kiptarus   0722492292       Day       123              [email protected]
  2. Baringo Baringo Central Kapchomuso Day Secondary Joseph Kibet Ng’etich    O722628227      Day       158              [email protected]
  3. Baringo Baringo central St mary’s Tenges Day Reginald kibet Chesire 07227769064     Day       247              [email protected]
  4. Baringo Baringo central Riwo mixed day secondary Isaac K. Kibogong            0741446938       Day       81              [email protected]
  5. Baringo Baringo Central Kabarbarma day Julius Chepkok              0724609415       Day       132        [email protected]
  6. Baringo Baringo central Kapsergong mixed day secondary school William kibet     0722887526       Day       126              [email protected]
  7. Baringo Baringo Central Kiboino Mixed Day & Boarding Sec. Stanley Kibet Seguton    0722865793       Mixed Day & Boarding            162        [email protected]
  8. Baringo Baringo Central Kisok secondary school Jackson Rotich              0722672844       Day       75          P o Box 328. 30400
  9. Baringo Baringo Central Chesongo Mixed Day PETER LESHAO LONGOCHILA     0722617979       Day       92              [email protected]
  10. Baringo Baringo Central Seretunin Mixed Day Secondary Raymond Bichiy 0722612723       Mixed Day          216              [email protected]
  11. Baringo Baringo Central Kabarnet Hurth Mixed day school Juliet Afandi Washa        0721989132       Mixed day              243        [email protected]
  12. Baringo Baringo Central Kapsogo schwenk mixed day sec school Alfred k Chepkangor      0721495023       Day       120              [email protected]
  13. Baringo Baringo Central Kaptiriony Secondary School Edward Cherutich Kibet 0721291034       Mixed Day and Boarding              189        [email protected]
  14. Baringo Baringo central Tuluongoi mixed day Edward kipkurui              0720816718       Day       75              [email protected]
  15. Baringo Baringo central Kaptorokwo mixed day secondary school James kangogo 0720611596       Day       40              [email protected]
  16. Baringo Baringo Central Senetwo mixed day sec school Isaac Yator              0720247611       Day       310        [email protected]
  17. Baringo Baringo central Chepkero mixed day secondary School Nicholas k cherutich       0717567084       Day       104              [email protected]
  18. Baringo BARINGO CENTRAL KAPTIMBOR MIXED DAY ANTONY OKELLO 0713020547       Day       400        [email protected]
  19. Baringo Baringo central Kesetan mixed day secondary school Kiprop Boinnett Kiplagat              0712399114       Day       95              [email protected]
  20. Baringo Baringo Central Kapkut Mixed Day Secondary Sheri John Mark     0710487555       Day       131        [email protected]
  21. Baringo BARINGO CENTRAL SOROK MIXED DAY SECONDARY              ESTHER NUNGARI GITHIOMI       0724466727       Day       40              [email protected]
  22. Baringo Baringo central Kisonei mixed day secondary Titus Kiprotich Cheburet         0720105251       Day       148              [email protected]
  23. Baringo BARINGO CENTRAL TIMBOIYWO DAY SEC SCHOOL               MARTIN C KAMUREN     0722443894       Day       379              [email protected]
  24. Baringo Baringo North Tirimionin Mixed Day Sec. School              Wesley Komen Yator      0726907777       Day       202              [email protected]
  25. Baringo Baringo North POI Mixed Day and Boarding secondary School  Natanga Nyongesa         0726243583       Mixed Boarding              124        N/A
  26. Baringo Baringo North kilingot mixed   Langat Willliam kipyegon               0723634818       Day       230        koisungursec
  27. Baringo Baringo North Kimugul Mixed Day Secondary School              Maureen Abuogi             0722903986       Day       132              [email protected]
  28. Baringo Baringo North Katibel secondary school             Mr Bulimu Muhalule Anthony          0721884306       Day       369              [email protected]
  29. Baringo Baringo North Yatia sec             Chepkwony Harun              0720278842       Mixed D/Boarding sec    112              [email protected]
  30. Baringo Baringo North Kapkirwok mixed day secondary David kiprotich kipchumba      0717914643       Day       103        Kapkirwok [email protected]
  31. Baringo Baringo North Sibilo Secondary School Jacob C. Chebet              0710119695       mixed day          117              [email protected]
  32. Baringo Baringo North Lake Baringo secondary School Samson Lekakimon         724274359         Mixed boarding and day school              253        lakebaringoseco [email protected]
  33. Baringo Baringo North Muchukwo secondary School.    Laban Sergon. 0715677915       Day       151        muchukwo secondary [email protected].
  34. Baringo Baringo North Tiriondonin mixed day and boarding secondary school            Paul kipkorir Mutai         0726432488              Mixed Boarding 668        [email protected]
  35. Baringo Baringo North Kuikui Secondary School              Fredrick Cheboiwo           722887528         Mixed Boarding 410              [email protected]
  36. Baringo Baringo North. Moigutwo Mixed Sec. School.     Peter Bowott Yano.    725237369         Mixed Boarding/Day.     300              [email protected]
  37. Baringo Koibatek Kipkoriony  mixed Mixed day sec school              Anne koech        0728577351       Day       101              Kipkorioymixeddaysecsch@gma
  38. Baringo KOIBATEK SIGORO SECONDARY      BERNARD WAKHAYA MUNIAFU      0726450551       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         289        [email protected]
  39. Baringo KOIBATEK Arama High school          Peter Ngugi              0724598808       Mixed Boarding 301              [email protected]
  40. Baringo Koibatek Lelgel mixed day secondary school              Elias Kinuthia Ngugi        0723875855       Day       65              [email protected]
  41. Baringo Koibatek Lebolos Sec school          Chepserech k Joel              0722921717       Day       107        [email protected]
  42. Baringo Koibatek Sinonin secondary school            Evans mogambi onywere         0722650874       Mixed   128              [email protected]
  43. Baringo Koibatek kabimoi mixed day secondary school              Joyce kipkebut  0722595593       Day       87              [email protected] /[email protected]
  44. Baringo Koibatek Solian mixed day             Vincent kipyator mokotio              0722485128       Day       172              [email protected].
  45. Baringo Koibatek Benonin Sec school        Muia Makau              0722464021       Day       433        [email protected]
  46. Baringo Koibatek Tolmo secondary school              Rebecca Chumo 0722359307       Day       121              [email protected]
  47. Baringo Koibatek St Mary’s boito high School         Charles chebunyei Rotich            0722298884       Day       270              [email protected]
  48. Baringo Koibatek Moi Highland High School           Gerald Bosire   0722247433       Mixed day          100              [email protected]
  49. Baringo Koibatek Kiptuno Day Mixed Secondary School              Jeniffer Too       0721791807       Day       202              [email protected]
  50. Baringo Koibatek Tinet secondary school  Isaac chepkok              0720930370       Day       98          [email protected]
  51. Baringo Koibatek Kipkuyang secondary school       Loice kiptala  0720223304       Day       151              [email protected]
  52. Baringo KOIBATEK KAMELILO DAY SECONDARY       CATHERINE NYAMBURA       0712444540       Day       587              [email protected]
  53. Baringo Koibatek Kamura mixed day secondary School              Samson Chebiy Korir      0700499274       Day       317              [email protected]
  54. Baringo Koibatek Simotwet day secondary school Mrs Sarah chelanga             071581073         Day       259        Sarahchel92@
  55. Baringo KOIBATEK UZALENDO SCHOOL       JOHN K KIPKAPTO              0721566662       Mixed Boarding 345              [email protected]
  56. Baringo Koibatek Patrick’s mixed Day secondary school Eldama Ravine   Pauline Ruto.     724889533         Day       204              ruto [email protected]
  57. Baringo Koibatek Soymining secondary school       Habert nandi    0720851138       Day       175        [email protected]
  58. Baringo KOIBATEK Maji Mazuri RC girls secondary school               Cicilia wesonga were      0713347790       Day       50              [email protected]
  59. Baringo Koibatek sub county Bhakita mixed secondary school              ROSE C KIRUI     0720584570       Day       250              [email protected]
  60. Baringo Koibatek subcounty Tugumoi  koibatek secondary               Jane kiprono      0721828498       Mixed day boarding              250        [email protected]
  61. Baringo MARIGAT Sokotei Mixed Day Secondary School              Nixon Megiri      0715 437 158     Day       81              [email protected]
  62. Baringo Marigat Koriema secondary school Silas Cheburet              0721530306       Mixed Day & Boarding   217              [email protected]
  63. Baringo Marigat Perkerra mixed day secondary School Betty Luga              0720753935       Mixed day          20              [email protected]
  64. Baringo Marigat Sabor secondary secondary Evelyn Morogo              0711828507       Mixed Boarding 236              [email protected]
  65. Baringo Marigat Tuiyobei mixed day sec Stephen chelal              0710421719       Day       161        Tuiyobei mixed day secondary [email protected]
  66. Baringo Marigat Salabani mixed day and boarding Chelagat Chelimo              0722982912       m8xed day and boarding             93              [email protected]
  67. Baringo MARIGAT KAMAILEL MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              GIDEON KIPROTICH KUTO   700154706              Day       50          [email protected]
  68. Baringo Marigat Kimoriot Sec school Ngetich Paul Seguton              0721641721       Day       164              [email protected]
  69. Baringo Marigat Ng’enyilel Mixed Day Sec Sch Daniel Ndungu              0720824273       Day       120        [email protected]
  70. Baringo Marigat Ngolbelon secondary school       Francis Olengarum         723758706         Mixed Boarding 138              ngolbelonsecondary
  71. Baringo Mogotio Oldebes Secondary School          Bunyasi Henry   0724307491       Mixed Boarding and day              395        [email protected]
  72. Baringo Mogotio Sinende secondary school           Isaiah kiplagat kangogo             0722455062       Also day              227              sinendesecschool@gmail
  73. Baringo Mogotio REUBEN CHERUIYOT_ OLMARAI SEC              Kiptisia Joseph  0722428013       Mixed day and boarding (girls)    159        [email protected]
  74. Baringo Mogotio Lombogishu Secondary School   Wendot John K.  0722394847       Day       291        [email protected]
  75. Baringo MOGOTIO SAGASAGIK SECONDARY SCHOOL              CHARLES CHEMOIWA    0722329458       Day       267              [email protected]
  76. Baringo MOGOTIO SORE SECONDARY SCHOOL         KIPSANG NGETICH            0721471087       Day       85              [email protected]
  77. Baringo Mogotio Sirwa secondary school Michael Lagat               0722422607       Day       527        [email protected]
  78. Baringo MOGOTIO OTERIT SECONDARY SCHOOL      CHARLES  KIMARU              0722341673       Day       353        oterit secondary school @gmail. Com
  79. Baringo Mogotio Koibarak sec school        PAUL  YANO               0721289048       Mixed day/boarding       170              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Bomet County

Here are the names of Sub County schools in Bomet with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Bomet CHEPALUNGU SUB COUNTY       KIPROROGET SECONDARY SCHOOL              MR ROBERT KOROS        0723 427779      MIXED DAY/BOARDING              729        [email protected]
  2. Bomet Bomet  central  Chesoen girls     Ruth Ngetich              0722579317       Boarding Girls    283              [email protected]
  3. Bomet Bomet  central Kimargis secondary         Stephen kirui               0720952481       Mixed Boarding 137              kimargissecondary@gmail. Com
  4. Bomet Bomet  East       Kimuchul sec     Jared  Omosa               0721322831       Mixed Boarding 350              [email protected]
  5. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            KAMOGOSO SECONDARY SCHOOL              RUTH AKINYI ODAGO     0729312990       Day       628              [email protected]
  6. Bomet Bomet central   Kwenikabilet secondary school  Mr Langat Cheruiyot David 0729149965       Day       260        langatcheruiyot [email protected]
  7. Bomet bomet central   Chuiyat primary school  Stephen O mose              0728567705       Day       181        [email protected]
  8. Bomet Bomet Central   Leldaet Sec         Wilson Barsire              0728304080       Day       55          [email protected]
  9. Bomet Bomet central   Manyatta mixed day secondary Geoffrey cheruiyot            0727058732       Day       126              [email protected]
  10. Bomet Bomet central   Oldabach pry school       Philip Langat              0723876948       Day       396              [email protected]
  11. Bomet Bomet central   Aisaik primary   Soi Lilly Vaelet              0723830308       Mixed day          292              [email protected]
  12. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            KIPSIWON PRIMARY SCHOOL              BENJAMIN KIMETHO      0723721119       Day       398              [email protected]
  13. Bomet Bomet Central   Kiplokyi mixed/Day        Elly Rotich              0723379778       Mixed Boarding 271              [email protected]
  14. Bomet Bomet central   Muiywek secondary       Vincent k langat              0723354805       Mixed day          333              [email protected]
  15. Bomet Bomet central   Ndarawetta Mixed Day  Gibson kipsigey Cheruiyot           0723118419       Day       379              [email protected]
  16. Bomet Bomet central   Singorwet mixed sec school        Benson chonge 0723037077       Day       200              [email protected]
  17. Bomet Bomet Central   Chesoen Boys High School           Douglas Kipkorir Kapkiai 0722662498       Boys Boarding/Day         316              [email protected]
  18. Bomet Bomet Central   Kitoben Secondary School           Francis Oketch  0722496133       Day       128              [email protected]
  19. Bomet Bomet central   Kapsangaru sec school.  Wilson Kering              0722162930       Day       131              [email protected]
  20. Bomet Bomet central   Solyot secondary school Joel Tuei              0721571878       Day       207              [email protected]
  21. Bomet Bomet central   Kapsimotwo Mixed day secondary              Johana Kipngeno maritim            0721332367       Day              370        357 Bomet
  22. Bomet Bomet central   Taabet secondary school              Mwangi Peter murigi     0721136466       Day       194              [email protected]
  23. Bomet Bomet central   Maaset Rubylyn 0720243189              Day       226        [email protected]
  24. Bomet Bomet central   Dr steury memorial primary               Lillian kagendo  0720167527       Day       356              [email protected]
  25. Bomet Bomet Central   AISAIK SECONDARY SCHOOL              Caroline Jeruiyot Kandie              0717496796       Mixed Day/Boarding    510        [email protected]
  26. Bomet Bomet Central   Mogoiywet”B” secondary              Daniel Sabore    0712817851       Mixed Boarding 270              [email protected]
  27. Bomet Bomet central   secondary             Philiph chepkwony        0711733804       Day       172        Philiphchepkwony [email protected]
  28. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            CHEPNGAINA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PAUL KIRUI         0704384027       Day       301              [email protected]
  29. Bomet Bomet Central   Molinga Secondary School              Vivian Chebet Waitage  0700680990       Mixed Day              173        [email protected]
  30. Bomet Bomet central   Kanusin Girls Secondary School              Florence Cherotich Yegon            0700584916       Day              200        [email protected]
  31. Bomet Bomet Central   Njorwet Mix Day Secondary school              Dickson Mutai   0724048010       Day       120              [email protected]
  32. Bomet Bomet central   OLDABACH SEC SCHOOL               Wesley kiprotich Too     0720952444       Day       200              [email protected]
  33. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            MOTIGO SECONDARY SCHOOL              MASAI SELINA   0720494524       Mixed Boarding              408        [email protected]
  34. Bomet Bomet central   Teganda mixed Day        Peter k konga   077593600         Day       150        [email protected]
  35. Bomet Bomet Central   Sibaiyan Mixed Secondary School              Wilberforce Juma Mukhone       0704388235       Day              211        [email protected]
  36. Bomet BOMET CENTRAL            RORET B PRIMARY SCHOOL              RUTH JEBITOK MISE        0723176562       Day       90              [email protected]
  37. Bomet Bomet central   Mugango girls secondary school               Mary Boen         0729039222       Girls day boarding               270        [email protected]
  38. Bomet Bomet central   Kabungut mixed day secondary school   David K Rono     0723346719       Day       348              [email protected]
  39. Bomet Bomet Central   Bishop C Korir Segutiet Girls Secondary          Ater Millicent Akinyi       0715196965       Boarding Girls      80          [email protected]
  40. Bomet Bomet Central   Chesoen pry school        Elijah K Too        0726239229       Day       553        [email protected]
  41. Bomet Bomet Central   Tarakwa High School      Samwel Mweruti             0724835427       Mixed Day/Boarding      511              [email protected]
  42. Bomet Bomet central   Salaik day mixed secondary school               KIMUTAI kerich Leonard              0722944801       Day mixed              74          [email protected]
  43. Bomet Bomet Central   Nyongores Secondary school               Dismas Omoke 0721546534       Mixed Boarding 362              [email protected]
  44. Bomet Bomet CentralJackson   Njerian Sec school              Jackson Rotich9 0728401600       Mixed Boarding 238              jackrotich42@gmail
  45. Bomet Bomet East        KORARA SECONDARY     Ngeno Geoffrey             0729353048       Integrated          408              [email protected]
  46. Bomet Bomet east        Saoset sec          Jonah Korir              0728104616       Day       200        [email protected]
  47. Bomet BOMET EAST     NORERA SECONDARY     RUTTO K. JOHNSTONE       726225685         Day       336              [email protected]
  48. Bomet Bomet East        Merigi sec          Tonui Leonard               0725896808       Mixed day and boarding              396              [email protected]
  49. Bomet Bomet east        Kiplabotwa sec school    Philip Ruto              0725823942       Mixed day and boarding              380              O. Box 29, 20402- Longisa.
  50. Bomet Bomet East        Longisa Mixed secondary              Charles k Ronoh              0724813605       Mixed Boarding              373        [email protected]
  51. Bomet Bomet east        Kakimirai mixed Sawe george              0724608465       Mixed Boarding 220              [email protected]
  52. Bomet BOMET EAST     EMITIOT DAY SEC            SAMUEL MURGOR            0723628876       Day       171              [email protected]
  53. Bomet Bomet East        Chemaner secondary school              Concepter Ombachi       0722877694       Mixed day and boarding            507        [email protected]
  54. Bomet Bomet East        Cheboin Secondary school              Aloys Kiriago Nyagechi   0722817651       Day       380              [email protected]
  55. Bomet BOMET EAST     Tumoiyot Secondary      Mutai Kipngetich B.A.  0722274271       Day       170              [email protected]
  56. Bomet Bomet East        Kembu Secondary           Clement Owuor Oyugi     0722254168       Mixed Day          151              [email protected]
  57. Bomet Bomet East        Chepkitwal sec  Richard k.a. Ruttoh              0721914443       Day       100              [email protected]
  58. Bomet Bomet East        Kipyosit Secondary School              Bonventure Ouma Makokha       0721696681       Mixed Boarding            378        [email protected]
  59. Bomet Bomet East        Kapsimbiri secondary     Peter K Cheboi  0721477302       Mixed Boarding 355        Kapsiimbiri 2
  60. Bomet Bomet East        Mulot Girls sec  Chepngeno s.Towett.            0721104645       Boarding Girls    447              [email protected]
  61. Bomet Bomet East        Chelemei Girls Secondary              Joyce Rono        0720730395       Day       102              [email protected]
  62. Bomet Bomet East        Olbobo Sec.School          Joseph Koech   0720577954       Day       444              [email protected]
  63. Bomet Bomet East        Sigowet sec school         Paul kiplangat Koech 0720469504       Day       102              [email protected]
  64. Bomet BOMET EAST     MOGITUI MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              NYAKERIGA KENNEDY ONSARE   0720387453              MIXED DAY        174        [email protected]
  65. Bomet BOMET EAST     Kipkurion mixed Day Secondary              Paul Kipkirui Ngeno        0720375960       Day       68              [email protected]
  66. Bomet Bomet East        Siwot secondary school David kibet koech    0720342103       Mixed Boarding 434              [email protected]
  67. Bomet Bomet East        Chepkolon mixed day school              Barnabas kosgey             0720235394       Day       117              [email protected]
  68. Bomet Bomet East        Benedicts,kapkimolwo              Sigei cornelius k 0711246408       Mixed Boarding 478              [email protected]
  69. Bomet BOMEt East        Lelkatet secondary school              Yegon k. Simion 0710900874       Mixed Day/Boarding              878        [email protected]
  70. Bomet Bomet East        Koita secondary school  Kipkirui chirchir 0710431020       Day       246        [email protected]
  71. Bomet Bomet east        Lekimbo sec.  School      Korir Wilson 0728266488       Day       325        [email protected]
  72. Bomet Bomet East        Kipreres sec school         Evans Tallam  0722340718       Mixed day and boarding              160              [email protected]
  73. Bomet Bomet East        Bukacha secondary school               Paul Ndungu Goi             728083007         Day       125              [email protected]
  74. Bomet Bomet East        KAPORUSO SECONDARY SCHOOL               YONAH OMAO NYAKOE 0726087010       Mixed Boarding and Day              428        [email protected]
  75. Bomet Bomet east        Kongotik mixed day        Korir Erick              725892009         Day       220        [email protected]
  76. Bomet Bomet east        mogoma secondary school               Moses Njoroge 0722670940       Day       520              [email protected]
  77. Bomet Bomet East        Menet Secondary School               Samuel kosgey  0722118994       Mixed Boarding 224              [email protected]
  78. Bomet Bomet East        Kiptulwa sec school        James Rotich   0712476387       Day       300        Box 39 –20402 Longisa
  79. Bomet Chebalungu       Kyogong girls sec school Eddah Langat  54721E+11      Mixed Boarding 213              [email protected]
  80. Bomet CHEBALUNGU   Kapsabul secondary       Kenneth Kipronoh Sigei   0722366032       Day       222              [email protected]
  81. Bomet Chepalungu       Nogirwet sec,    Gichaba. Samuel N/A       Day       230        73-20405  Sigor
  82. Bomet Chepalungu       Kapchelel Day secondary school              Kamunya F M    0720 929 197     Day       136              [email protected]
  83. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KIPSUTER MIXED DAY SEC SCHOOL              KENNEDY KINYANGI       +254723768838               Day              243        [email protected]
  84. Bomet Chepalungu       KABEMA SECONDARY SCHOOL              Caroline Dola     +254722460605               Day       137              [email protected].
  85. Bomet Chepalungu       Mengwet sec school      Kennedy Onkware            +254710785640               Mixed Boarding 482              [email protected]
  86. Bomet Chepalungu       KOIYET mixed day sec    Stanley Kipkorir Bet        0729452052       Day       150              [email protected]
  87. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    Goitabsilibwet secondary school              MAURICE LUKUYANI       0728935315       Day       445              149-20409 BOMET
  88. Bomet Chepalungu       Lelaitich secondary school              Stephen kasale Nkaasoni             0728686616       Mixed day /boarding           346        [email protected]
  89. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KAMONGIL MIXED DAY SEC SCHOOL              JULIUS NDIGWA ONYANGO         0727620352              Day       205        [email protected]
  90. Bomet Chepalungu       Kamogiboi sec school     Kimtai Chebochok Robert          0725897757       Day       161              [email protected]
  91. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    BINGWA SECONDARY SCHOOL              STANLEY K ROTICH         0724985484       Day       201              [email protected]
  92. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebaraa sec     Alfred Ombogo kuyabi  0724869011       Day       200              [email protected]
  93. Bomet Chepalungu       Kaboson Day Secondary School              Susan Koskei      0724684457       Day       360              [email protected]
  94. Bomet Chepalungu       Nyakichiwa sec  Tembai laboso W              0724449143       Day       151        [email protected]
  95. Bomet Chepalungu       Kataret secondary school              Ngeywo Henry Juma      0724201970       Mixed Boarding              191        [email protected]
  96. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    MASINDONI SEC. SCHOOL              JOSEPHAT N. MWAURA 0723168719       Day       212              [email protected]
  97. Bomet Chepalungu       Saunet Secondary School              Richard Rono     0722972189       Day       259              [email protected]
  98. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KIPRICHEIT HIGH SCHOOL              FRANCIS NJOROGE         0722438296       Day       197              [email protected]
  99. Bomet chepalungu        Chemaetany sec              Simon M. Kamarwa            0722430092       Day       238              [email protected]
  100. Bomet Chepalungu       Chepwostuiyet sec school              Joseah sigei        0722425076       Mixed day Boarding               552        [email protected]
  101. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KAMAGET SEC SCHOOL  SAMUEL NGANGA            0722319146       Mixed Boarding 491              [email protected]
  102. Bomet Chepalungu       Tebeswet Mixed Day Sec School              Fredrick Kasigane            0722221586       Day       470              [email protected]
  103. Bomet Chepalungu       Samoei Ngwonet Girls   Everlyn C Kitur      0722220434       Boarding Girls    130              [email protected]
  104. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    LUGUMEK SEC SCHOOL NICHOLAS NGETICH            0722152156       Mixed Boarding 476              [email protected]
  105. Bomet Chepalungu       Kabismba secondary school              Mrs Joyce Tonui              0721954959       Day       120              [email protected]
  106. Bomet Chepalungu       Mukenyi Secondary school              Isaac Wadede    0721880103       Day       110              [email protected]
  107. Bomet Chepalungu       St Michaels Secondary School              Christopher sitienei        0721625780       Mixed   576              [email protected]
  108. Bomet Chepalungu       Siongiroi day secondary school  Dr Peter mbera      0721226475       Day       430              [email protected]
  109. Bomet Chepalungu       Tumoi sec           Philip Maritim              0720714659       Mixed Boarding 147              [email protected]
  110. Bomet Chepalungu       Kiboson secondary         Teresa kwamboka Mayore        0713776714       Day       160              [email protected]
  111. Bomet Chepalungu       Oreiyet secondary school              Koech David      0712911709       Day       286              [email protected]
  112. Bomet Chepalungu       Kimatisio day secondary.              John kipsang Barimen    0710515159       Day       97              [email protected]
  113. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebanyiny sec Fred ngetich              0710363441       Day       442              [email protected]
  114. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebelion mixed sec school              Priscilla kilel       0706389267       Day       72              [email protected]
  115. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    CHELELACH HIGH SCHOOL              PAUL KIBET SIGEI            0720416037       Day       172              [email protected]
  116. Bomet Chepalungu       Kyegong girls secondary Eddah langa’t 0720981324       Day       220        [email protected]
  117. Bomet Chepalungu       Kimenderit         Michael cheruiyot               0727802467       Day       60              [email protected]
  118. Bomet Chepalungu       Kabisoge secondary school               Wilfred Kimaru Lagat     0723635774       Mixed   160              [email protected]
  119. Bomet Chepalungu       Kipkuror day sec              Obed Makori 0720579527       Day       191        349 Bomet
  120. Bomet Chepalungu       Roborwo sec school        Laban w. Kamau  0727935995       Mixed Boarding 456        158, Chebunyo
  121. Bomet Chepalungu       Kiriba Day sec school      Jackson Amboka Wanyungu        0725987722       Day       568              [email protected]
  122. Bomet Chepalungu       Kapoleseroi secondary school               Charles Otiso     0724137473       Mixed day/boarding               531        [email protected]
  123. Bomet Chepalungu       Kyogong Secondary school               Titus Zedekiah Obwanda             0722663774       Boys Day& Boarding             238        [email protected]
  124. Bomet Chepalungu       Kapsinendet Central       Esther Kubondo             721594476         Day       80              [email protected]
  125. Bomet Chepalungu       CHEPKOSA SEC SCHOOL               Alfred K Rotich 0720601926       Mixed Boarding 250              [email protected]
  126. Bomet       KABOLWO MIXED DAY/BOARDING SECONDARY SCHOOL     MOSONIK DAVIDDA TALAM              0711675421       Mixed day/boarding.     247              [email protected]
  127. Bomet KONOIN              KEBUMBUR SEC SCHOOL.              JULIUS NGETICH              0777788875       Day       231              [email protected]
  128. Bomet KONOIN              Kaptembwo day              Dorothy Muthoni Ikobe 0728572188       Mixed day              200
  129. Bomet Konoin  Meswondo Sec School   Eliud M Songa              0728483420       Mixed Day and Boarding             252              [email protected]
  130. Bomet KONOIN              KOROITIK SECONDARY  SCHOOL              ANTHONY CHERUIYOT   0727312822       Day       140              [email protected]
  131. Bomet Konoin  Kapchepkole Day sec sch             Peter kiptoo Bii            0726659888       Mixed Boarding 86              [email protected]
  132. Bomet KONOIN              EMBOMOS SECONDARY PAUL BII              0725506812       MIXED DAY/BOARDING 211              [email protected]
  133. Bomet Konoin  Chepkochun School        Busienei Paul              0724768506       Day       194        chepkochun sec
  134. Bomet Konoin  Boito Day secondary school        Dominic Ngeno   0724588812       Day       205              [email protected]
  135. Bomet Konoin  KOIWA PRIMARY SCHOOL           Kirui kiplangat            0723953902       Day       425              [email protected]
  136. Bomet Konoin  Kaptien secondary          Mathara isaac              0723827367       Day       100        [email protected]
  137. Bomet konoin  Kapset secondary school              Richard Kibagendi Nyagaka         0723754574       Day       478              gmail
  138. Bomet KONOIN              SEANIN SECONDARY SCHOOL              WESLY BIEGON 0723751448       Day       171              [email protected]
  139. Bomet Konoin  Siomo mixed dsy             David k koech              0723590671       Day       74              [email protected]
  140. Bomet Konoin  Chemasingi Secondary School    Anne Kavochi 0722482153       Day       289              [email protected]
  141. Bomet Konoin  Chemalal sec school       Also Nickson Odhiambo         0722297218       Day       368              [email protected]
  142. Bomet Konoin  Kipraisi Secondary School            Julius Mutai    0721889924       Day       251              [email protected]
  143. Bomet KONOIN              TEREK SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSEPH MUDAMBA        0721660601       Day       182              [email protected]
  144. Bomet Konoin  Kaproret secondary school          John Kinyanjui            0721367088       Day       300              [email protected]
  145. Bomet Konoin  Simoti sec school            Charles koech               0720911195       Day       902        simotisec
  146. Bomet KONOIN              MOGONJET        BRENDA C. LANGAT              0720469320       Mixed day          240              mogonjetsecschool@
  147. Bomet konoin  kenyagoro  Erick  langat               0720341939       mixed day          130              [email protected]
  148. Bomet KONOIN              TUIYOBEI SECONDARY SCHOOL              FRANCIS K KETER            0720341631       Day       110              [email protected]
  149. Bomet Konoin  Michira  secondary         Anne chepkirui              0715676686       Day       291              [email protected]
  150. Bomet Konoin  Kitala Mixed Day Sec. School      Kitur Isaiah    0714143408       Day       140              [email protected]
  151. Bomet Konoin  Mugenyi Secondary School         Paul K. BII              0713050038       Day       109              [email protected]
  152. Bomet Konoin  Kiptenden sec school     Kennedy orinah mogire  0710795977       Mixed day          320              [email protected]
  153. Bomet Konoin  Chepchabas Sec Paul Yegon              0710129406       Day       301        [email protected]
  154. Bomet Konoin  Bosto sec school             Dorcas Wangui Njuguna              0721223172       Day       190              [email protected]
  155. Bomet KONOIN              SOTIT GIRLS  SECONDARY SCHOOL               DiANA SANG      0714135247       Day       140              [email protected]
  156. Bomet KONOIN              Kirimose sec school        Chirchir w. Cheruiyot           0729831445       Mixed day/Boarding      198              [email protected]
  157. Bomet Konoin chebangang secondary school    Joseph Chepkwony       0725707322       Day       413              [email protected]
  158. Bomet KONOIN              CHEPTINGTING SECONDARY SCHOOL              MELILEI J K         0724559106       Day       223              [email protected]
  159. Bomet Konoin Kabiangek mixed day secondary school               Cheruiyot Ronald            0724420470       Mixed day               219        [email protected]
  160. Bomet KONOIN              Koiwa Central Day          Koech Philip    0724240061       Day       384        [email protected]
  161. Bomet Konoin Taboino Secondary School           Joseph Mukiva Ombima              722272187         Day       165              [email protected]
  162. Bomet Konoin Mariyin secondary school            George kinyanjui             721406180         Day       424              [email protected]
  163. Bomet Konoin Ngererit  sec      Ishmael cheruiyot               0722748663       Mixed Boarding 400        Box 88 mogogosiek
  164. Bomet Konoin sub-county         Kapkilaibei Secondary School95            Ezekiel Kimetoh       0723327366       Day       95              kapkilaibeihigh@
  165. Bomet Sotik      Balek A secondary school            KIRUI RICHARD            0723509264       Day       131              [email protected]
  166. Bomet Sotik      Kapchemibei Secondary School  Mibei  Julius    0723252953       Day       433        Kapchemibei Secondary [email protected]
  167. Bomet Sotik      Burgei Secondary school              Siele Michael               0728614150       Day       284              [email protected]
  168. Bomet Sotik      Kapcholyo high school   Kimutai arap Kirui              0726854456       Day       451        [email protected]
  169. Bomet Sotik      Kapkelei Secondary        Tom Siamba Makawino          726562352         Mixed day          480              [email protected]
  170. Bomet SOTIK    SOTIK DAY SECOBDARY SCHOOL JOSEPHAT OSAYO NDANYI 0725886033       Day       221              [email protected]
  171. Bomet Sotik      Kipsimbol secondary school        Leonard sang      0725843929       Day       131        Kipsimbolsecondary @
  172. Bomet Sotik      Kapchepkoro secondary school  Henry Rono     0725370828       Day       203              [email protected]
  173. Bomet Sotik      KAPCHUMBE SECONDARY           Moses Chepkwony       0725296079       Mixed Day Boarding       317              [email protected]
  174. Bomet Sotik      Kapkoitim Secondary School       Cheruiyot Nicholas             0724758555       Day       175              [email protected]
  175. Bomet Sotik      Kamirai high school        Musana Peter              0724687990       Day       645        [email protected]
  176. Bomet Sotik      St Joseph Mabwaita sec school  Richard Mutai    0724672808       Day       168              [email protected]
  177. Bomet SOTIK    TOGOMIN SECONDARY MR GABRIEL KIPKASI KOSGEY              0724224245       MIXED DAY        180              togominsec@gmail
  178. Bomet sotik      Kapkures secondary school         Zakayo K A Bett       0723804240       Day       283              [email protected]
  179. Bomet Sotik      Akshar sec school           Thomas kipkoech Soi         0723517779       Day       279        523 sotik
  180. Bomet Sotik      Kipsonoi secondary school          Kizito makoye 0722910041       Mixed Boarding 269              [email protected]
  181. Bomet Sotik      Chepkosiom High school              Eliazer Maru    0722681185       Day       400              [email protected]
  182. Bomet SOTIK    SIRONET SECONDARY SCHOOL   HARON KIPLAGAT           0722456748       MIXED DAY        200              [email protected]
  183. Bomet Sotik      Kimawit secondary school           Anne Koech   0722319579       Day       300              [email protected]
  184. Bomet Sotik      Kapkesembe secondary school   Mutai Kipsigei David    0721413574       Day       100              [email protected]
  185. Bomet Sotik      Kipsingei Secondary School         Daniel Ngisah Ondara  0721320055       Mixed Day and Boarding              771        [email protected]
  186. Bomet Sotik      Rotik Mixed Day Secondary        Amadi Alu              0721303044       Day       105        [email protected]
  187. Bomet Sotik      Chebirbelek  secondary school   Mutai Charles Kipng’enoh         0720171404       Day       563              [email protected]
  188. Bomet Sotik      Kamureito H School        Mongare p James              0719895563       Mixed Day and Boarding sec school              656        [email protected]
  189. Bomet Sotik      Chebongi secondary school        Joseph kipkurui koech  0713115925       Day       189              [email protected]
  190. Bomet sotik      kaptulwa secondary school         Eunice cheruiyot            0712281560       Day       380              [email protected]
  191. Bomet Sotik      Kagasik Girls Sec.             Catherine Kauria              0710754710       Boarding Girls    192              [email protected]
  192. Bomet Sotik      Motiret secondary School           Lawrence J.Otiso  0710569971       Day       421        [email protected]
  193. Bomet Sotik      Kisabei day secondary   Francis Chebole              0707761192       Day       145        Kisabei [email protected]
  194. Bomet Sotik      Sosur seondary school   Sigei samwel              0701216268       Day       160        [email protected]
  195. Bomet Sotik      Chebilat Mixed Day secondary school               Terer Robert Kipyegon   0743403540       Day       300              [email protected]
  196. Bomet Sotik      Ndanai Boys secondary school. Gadson Langat 0727520014       Boarding Boys   157              [email protected]
  197. Bomet SOTIK    SIGORIAN SECONDARY SCHOOL               NYANDIEKA FRED MONG’ARE     724047762         MIXED DAY               260        [email protected]
  198. Bomet Sotik      SIROIN SEC         Peter Kamoing               0720779465       Day       255        [email protected]
  199. Bomet Sotik      keronjo mixed day sec   Cheruiyot Leonard               0720610531       Day       252              [email protected]
  200. Bomet Sotik      Kinyelwet secondary school        Gladys Koech   0719158881       Day       120        kinyelwetsecondaryschool

List of all Sub County Schools in Bungoma County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Bungoma with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Bungoma Bumula Nang’eni girls sec            Lilian wekesa +254728428230               Boarding Girls    200              [email protected]
  2. Bungoma Bumula St Mary’s Mukhuma mixed sec school   Anne Ayugu Khasenye   728701054         Day       446              mukhuma@
  3. Bungoma Bumula Peters siboti Wenceslas masika              0728368519       Day       569        sibotisec. gmail
  4. Bungoma BUMULA             PAUL’S WAMUNYIRI SECONDARY      LUCAS WAMALWA KHAKINA       728327984              Day       398        [email protected]
  5. Bungoma BUMULA             KIJANA WAMALWA MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL MWOMO       DAVID SIANGU BARASA              0725668783       MIXED DAY        212              [email protected]
  6. Bungoma Bumula Paul Bunambobi mixed day sec. School  Nyango joseph  0724802838       Day       241              [email protected]
  7. Bungoma Bumula joseph’s Lumboka      Eliud Namisi  0724740905       Day       353        [email protected]
  8. Bungoma Bumula St Peters Namaika secondary School  Jentrix Nakhumicha        0724608038       Day       350              [email protected]
  9. Bungoma Bumula St Jude Muanda Sec       Muchika Philip    0724402844       Day       219        [email protected]
  10. Bungoma Bumula St  Anthony Naburereya secondary school   Irene Kiti             0722698399       Day       430              [email protected]
  11. Bungoma Bumula Nakhwana Sec. School   Stephen Oduor Aloo        722610215         Day       180              [email protected]
  12. Bungoma Bumula SA Kimatuni Sec Sch       Andrew Wamalwa           0722394243       Day       223              [email protected]
  13. Bungoma BUMULA             CHILIBA SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOHN KIPKORIR 0722375973       Day       402              [email protected]
  14. Bungoma Bumula St Pauls Miluki Girls 4     Catherine A.Olwande         0722329806       Boarding Girls    488              Stpaulsmilukigirls @
  15. Bungoma BUMULA             Mikokwe ACK Sec School              Dickens W. Lumang’ati         0721775852       Mixed Day              250        [email protected]
  16. Bungoma Bumula Bisuche ACK sec. School Edward Kavita Eboya      0721224053       Day       447              [email protected]
  17. Bungoma Bumula Machwele Secondary school              Joseph Nyongesa            0720543873       Day       423              [email protected]
  18. Bungoma BUMULA             Veronica Masuno secondary school            ANNE N. WAFULA           0720232606              Day       215        [email protected]
  19. Bungoma Bumula Mary’s Namatotoa Secondary              Judith Wangwe 0720046515       Day       197              [email protected]
  20. Bungoma Bumula Joseph’s Bukirimo     David Wekesa Masai   0718081128       Day       445              [email protected]
  21. Bungoma Bumula Elizabeth’s Bitobo Sec              Masiga Moses Wafula    0717101512       Day       468              [email protected]
  22. Bungoma BUMULA             ST PATRICK’S NETIMA SEC              WYCLIFFE NAMIANYA    0715877368       BOARDING AND DAY BOYS           322        [email protected]
  23. Bungoma Bumula Bumula Boys Secondary school              Francis Lusanya Changalwa 0713542278       Day              132        [email protected]
  24. Bungoma BUMULA             MUNGORE BOYS SEC SCH              Leonard Karani  0713395600       Day       168              [email protected]
  25. Bungoma Bumula Mwiyenga Girls High School              Judith Awino Odhiambo 0710934076       Day       143              [email protected]
  26. Bungoma Bumula St Elizabeth Lunao secondary              Gerald Ekisa Omasete    0710121334       Mixed day boarding            852        [email protected]
  27. Bungoma BUMULA             PETER’S SYEKUMULO              SOSPETER AMBETSA OCHOKO    0705133603       Day              200        [email protected]
  28. Bungoma Bumula St Jude syoya secondary school              Peter Ogwel       0701731756       Day       216              [email protected]
  29. Bungoma Bumula Marymagdalene kimatuni              Oyugi Reginald  0701309716       Day       660              [email protected]
  30. Bungoma Bumula Kizito Masielo Sec. School              Andrew Aduda  0622692230       Day       503              [email protected]
  31. Bungoma Bumula Namusasi Secondary school               Edward Situma Bikala     0723373694       Day       535              Namusasi Secondary @gmail. com
  32. Bungoma BUMULA             Anthony Tulukuyi secondary school            NDUNG’U MARY MUTHONI              0718601911       Day       219              [email protected]
  33. Bungoma Bumula BUMULA FRIENDS SECONDARY SCHOOL              Nelly M Makokha           0703547992       Girls’ Day and Boarding     260        [email protected]
  34. Bungoma BUMULA             St Mary’s Ng’oli Sec School               Wakhanu Mark David     0720320297       Day       301              [email protected]
  35. Bungoma Bumula               Anne’s Mukwa sec               Gladys Nasimiyu              O728577961      Day       239              [email protected]
  36. Bungoma Bumula               Peters Girls Mwiruti              Mildred Onyura None     Boarding Girls    327              [email protected]
  37. Bungoma Bumula               St Elizabeth Malinda Sec School   Tom  Ochola 0722 99 43 79   Day       260              [email protected]
  38. Bungoma Bumula               Friends school KISIOYI SEC               ROBERT MANGOLI          0724953028       Day       514              Kisioyisec@gmail
  39. Bungoma Bumula               Khayo mmk secondary               Barasa c kuloba               0715816188       Day       140              Khayommksec@gmail
  40. Bungoma Bumula               St Kizito Mayanja Secondary School            Mabonga Kongani           704472478              Mixed day          968        [email protected]
  41. Bungoma Bungoma  Central           Chekulo  Baptist   Secondary          Rose  Nekesa  Sikuku      0705910042       Day              186        [email protected]
  42. Bungoma Bungoma  central            Sikulu friends              Manasseh  kagasi            0722861520       Mixed Boarding              619        Manasehkagasi@gmail
  43. Bungoma Bungoma  West Mary Jennifer Yoo Adventist Secondary school Kaprot          Wangila Wanyama Bonface               0710702705       Mixed Boarding and Day              152              [email protected]
  44. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      SANANDIKI GIRLS FRIENDS SEC. SCHOOL   DORINE NAFULA WAMALWA              0727833746       GIRLS DAY AND BOARDIND         439              [email protected]
  45. Bungoma Bungoma central             Chebunyinyi Ack sec         Anthony p m wanjala     0726917815       Mixed Boarding              203        [email protected]
  46. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      MADISI SECONDARY      APOLLO KWÀMA OSANGO          0725647991              Day       356        [email protected]
  47. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Friends School Pongola Sec       Edward Wafula 0724349846       Day       271              255_ 50200
  48. Bungoma Bungoma central             Christophers  mabangagirls sec school              Mang’ ong’o M Consolata              0723094420       Boarding Girls    720        mabangagirls@
  49. Bungoma Bungoma central             kizito girls sec. Mukhweya         Everlyne Munyekenye   0722686070       Day              315        [email protected]
  50. Bungoma Bungoma central             A khatiri sec school   Ruth Flora Atsango         0722587996       Day       242              [email protected]
  51. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Chebukwa Secondary          Paul Wafula       0722243667       Mixed Boarding              402        [email protected]
  52. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      MAROBO FRIENDS BOYS HIGH SCHOOL       SITEDI LIGONO JABETH  0721448757              DAY/BOARDING BOYS    255        [email protected]
  53. Bungoma Bungoma central             Chenjeni Friends Sec sch. Vincent Juma Wekesa    0720838739       Day       160              [email protected]
  54. Bungoma bungoma central             st peter’s lurende              Lydia nabwile wanyonyi 0720565170       Mixed Boarding              322        [email protected]
  55. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Chekulo Friends Secondary School            Ndaliroh Roy      0714088648       Mixed Boarding and Day           530              [email protected]
  56. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      PETER’S CHEMWA SEC SCHOOL  MOSES K. WALELA          0714046346              Day       300        [email protected]
  57. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Micheal Nasaka Secondary          Florence Mukangula      0712546407       Day              303        [email protected]
  58. Bungoma Bungoma Central            SA Wabukhonyi Sec        Douglas Nandwa             0704389962       Day       700              [email protected]
  59. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Friends Secondary School- Kibichori             Tabitha Mwendwa M’ikiara              0724545682       Mixed day          112              [email protected] or [email protected]
  60. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Moses Wetangula Milembe Girls Secondary School        Elizabeth N. Sugura              0716281648       Day       491              [email protected]
  61. Bungoma Bungoma Central            St Anne Sec school Sirare    Jaccquelyn Wasike          0724642008       Day       315              [email protected]
  62. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      MAKHONGE FRIENDS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL  WANZALA MUSA               0710676178       Day       551              [email protected]
  63. Bungoma Bungoma East   Friends secondary Muji              Aggrey Ligami    748512186         Mixed day & boarding              600        [email protected]
  64. Bungoma Bungoma East   Friends Sec. Sch. Mikuva              Peninah Ngunde Amalemba       0727849488       Day              410        [email protected]
  65. Bungoma Bungoma East   Masindu Friends secondary school   Hudson Toli Lunani         0725898650       Day       218              [email protected]
  66. Bungoma Bungoma East   Mitukuyu friends sec sch              Georgine Onyango         0724206473       Day       457              [email protected]
  67. Bungoma Bungoma East   Friends sec Nabuyole              Nelson Indumwa            0721347195       Day       144              [email protected]
  68. Bungoma Bungoma East   Lugusi mixed secondary School  Eliud pepela       0716645737       Mixed Boarding 157              [email protected]
  69. Bungoma Bungoma east   Lugusi secondary school              Eliud pepela       0716645737       Day       200              [email protected]
  70. Bungoma BUNGOMA EAST             FRIENDS SECONDARY SCHOOL WABUKHONYI       JULIUS W. NAMAULULA              0716031971       Day       378        [email protected]
  71. Bungoma Bungoma East   Friends Makuselwa Secondary School            Everett Mukabwa           0715077017              Mixed Boarding 595        [email protected]
  72. Bungoma Bungoma East   Bakisa girls secondary School  Bernadette Kundu          0714396961       Day       123              [email protected]
  73. Bungoma Bungoma East   Friends H.S Silungai              Jescah G Amboka   0704742563       Mixed Boarding              280        [email protected]
  74. Bungoma Bungoma East   Lutacho secondary school               Elisha Nyongesa              0726339247       mixed day /boarding           709        [email protected]
  75. Bungoma BUNGOMA EAST             St Paul’s Nzoia rc secondary school webuye           Ezekiel waliaula               0714222731       Day       380              [email protected]
  76. Bungoma Bungoma East   Friends Secondary School Sinoko Fred Muchuma Kandawala          710282089         Mixed Boarding            295        [email protected]
  77. Bungoma Bungoma North St Mourice Namboko sec school   Richard W Soita 0724787212       Day       474              [email protected]
  78. Bungoma Bungoma North KEWA DEB SECONDARYSCHOOL      Franklin Kising’ani Wayelo              0724038886       Day       300        [email protected]
  79. Bungoma BUNGOMA NORTH         LUNGAI FRIENDS SECONDARY SCHOOL     NEHEMIAH OBURAH      0722362180              MIXED BOARDING/DAY 450        [email protected]
  80. Bungoma Bungoma North Friends Nakoba Secondary School  Fred Chibo  0722172669       Day       221              [email protected]
  81. Bungoma Bungoma North Nabing’eng’e Fss              Saisi Frank          0712545014       Day       450              [email protected]
  82. Bungoma Bungoma north Nabing’eng’e friends secondary school            Amugamwa Frank Saisi  0712545014              Day       410        nabing’eng’[email protected]
  83. Bungoma Bungoma North PWANI mixed secondary school. Okoyo F Mutoka             0710530625       Mixed day boarding            554        [email protected]
  84. Bungoma Bungoma North Friends Seondary School Bilibili    Fredrick Mushira             0702378699       Day       508              [email protected]
  85. Bungoma Bungoma North Friends Maliki Mixed Sec Sch        Anne KHAHENDI MASHETI          0722272595       Day              366        [email protected]
  86. Bungoma Bungoma north               Mbakalo friends girls sec               Lynnet wafula    0728937952       Boarding /day girls               613        [email protected]
  87. Bungoma Bungoma North               St Brigid’s Siumbwa Secondary School         Michael Mundia               0721630014       Mixed day and boarding              388              [email protected]
  88. Bungoma Bungoma North               Friends Musembe Secondary School            Catherine N Wasike        0712444809              Mixed Day          520        [email protected]
  89. Bungoma Bungoma Rast   Mihuu Secondary School              Jeremiah Nkomo Opeko       0724920598       Mixed Day Boarding            322        [email protected]
  90. Bungoma Bungoma south TADEOS NDENGELWA SECONDARY SCHOOL.    Wamema M Catherine  0733963897              Day       344        [email protected]
  91. Bungoma Bungoma South Namisi Secondary              Aggrey Mabonga Wafula             +254724998215              Day       384 [email protected]/[email protected]
  92. Bungoma BUNGOMA SOUTH         BUNGOMA MUSLIM SECONDARY SCHOOL   IMBUNDU M OMARI              0733849227       Mixed Day          261              [email protected]
  93. Bungoma Bungoma south John’s Lutungu sec school   Kibet Dominic    0728874082       Day       140              [email protected]
  94. Bungoma Bungoma South Nzoia Industrial Boys              Wawire Jacob Martin     0726992002       Day       150              [email protected]
  95. Bungoma Bungoma South ACK GOOD SHEPHERD KIBABII Sarah Sabwami 0726068061       Day       220              [email protected]
  96. Bungoma Bungoma South Butieli High School              Adolf N. Situma 0725142569       Day       470              [email protected]
  97. Bungoma Bungoma south Mabuusi secondary school              Kangayia B. Vitalis           0722699565       Day       670              [email protected]
  98. Bungoma Bungoma south Namachanja high school              Hellen Anyanga 0722597727       Day       1385              [email protected]
  99. Bungoma Bungoma South Namwacha Secondary School  Martin Abuti Shikono     0722231035       Day       196              [email protected]
  100. Bungoma Bungoma South Veronica Ranje secondary school.           Patrick O. Barasa            0722224322              Day Mixed          312        [email protected]
  101. Bungoma Bungoma South Friends Namaanga Secondary School            Rev Jafred W Khamala   0721770017              Day       580        [email protected]
  102. Bungoma Bungoma south josephsBulondo              Kiryongi Fred Tororey    0721739745       Mixed boarding/day    280        [email protected]
  103. Bungoma Bungoma South Paul’s Wacheka ACK Secondary School            Simon Makheti Ochwaya              0721696266       Day       240              [email protected]
  104. Bungoma BUNGOMA SOUTH         SAMOYA SECONDARY SCHOOL     DANIEL BOR       0721616805       Day              499        [email protected]
  105. Bungoma Bungoma South Starlight Secondary School Nabukhisa          Yusuf W.Machiva            0721126081       Day              275        [email protected]
  106. Bungoma Bungoma South Friends sec. Kitale              Jacobed Mkabili Lusweti              0720759647       Mixed day              545        [email protected]
  107. Bungoma Bungoma South SacredHeart Wamalwa kijanaHigh School           Kennedy Makokha Waliaula              0720248779       Day       603              [email protected]
  108. Bungoma Bungoma south Matumbufu Baptist girls              Hellen Magoslo 0715446403       Mixed Boarding 89              Non
  109. Bungoma Bungoma South Nabichakha Friends              Makana Clement             0715126333       Mixed Day              168        [email protected]
  110. Bungoma Bungoma South Friends SANGO Secondary              Bernadette Nanjali         0714726517       Day       286              [email protected]
  111. Bungoma BUNGOMA South            Friends sec. School Fuchani Alex SHIBERO    0712173514       Day       256              [email protected]
  112. Bungoma Bungoma South Bukembe SA SEC              Mabunde Ismael Namisi              0710501621       Day              697        [email protected]
  113. Bungoma Bungoma south Longinus Sec Kongoli              Mukabana W. Juma        0202315384       Day/Boarding              270        [email protected]
  114. Bungoma Bungoma south St John the Baptist Namasanda       Peter makali      0710473855       Day       144              namasandasecondary
  115. Bungoma Bungoma South               St Peter’s Musikoma high school   Robert Nabiswa               721935550              Day       1200      [email protected]
  116. Bungoma BUNGOMA SOUTH          TEMBELELA S. A SECONDARY SCHOOL     OBEDA A. ROBERT          720075089              Day       127        [email protected]
  117. Bungoma Bungoma south               Bukananachi friends Jane Nafula Murenga     0716458346       Day       198              friendsbuka2014@gmail
  118. Bungoma Bungoma south               St Teresa’s sio high school   Paul Mutimba    0713542270       Day       999              [email protected]
  119. Bungoma Bungoma south               Friends school Lwanda Boys      Wafula A. Mambo           0712512005       Boarding Boys      381        [email protected]
  120. Bungoma Bungoma south               Kenneth lusaka SA chengwali           Jane wanjala sindano     0710977606       Day              381        Chengwali [email protected]
  121. Bungoma Bungoma south               St Veronica Siritanyi secondary school           Faith Wairimu Kamau               0713970267       Day       206              [email protected]
  122. Bungoma Bungoma south subcounty         Bungoma Adult secondary Edn Centre        Antony Makio   0729929745              Day       193        [email protected]
  123. Bungoma BUNGOMA WEST            GEOFF BROWN SECONDARY SCHOOL     ROSEMARY MUTAI J       0727489291              Day       177        [email protected]
  124. Bungoma Bungoma west  Toloso secondary               Staincliffe owuor            0724627583       Mixed day and boarding             486        [email protected]
  125. Bungoma Bungoma west  Augustine Sitabicha R.c sec         Fred B.Nyongesa             0721967899       Day       227        St Augustinesitabicha
  126. Bungoma Bungoma West Kolani Girls’ secondary school   Halogo Musumba           0721239944       Day       215              [email protected]
  127. Bungoma Bungoma west  Sibumba SA Girls secondary school            Everline Ngira Dado       0720968188              Day       227        [email protected]
  128. Bungoma BUNGOMA WEST            BINYENYA S.A GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL        ATIELI MELISSA 0720731638              GIRLS DAY AND BOARDING         120              [email protected]
  129. Bungoma Bungoma west  Arcbishop wabukala              B o joshua           0714990819       Day       904              Wabukala@ gmail
  130. Bungoma Bungoma west  Malakisi Muslim High school. Savala Rosemary Kavesa              0714527201       Mixed Boarding            412        [email protected]
  131. Bungoma Bungoma west  St mary Emmaculate Mayekwe Girls  Salome katami  0712455421       Day       124              [email protected]
  132. Bungoma Bungoma West SA Mufungu      Peterson Mwaniki Gikuhi 0710763463       mixed day          198              [email protected]
  133. Bungoma BUNGOMA WEST            KABKARA SECONDARY SCHOOL     DONALD SHIKUKU LIRUH              0714115854       Mixed Boarding 623              [email protected]
  134. Bungoma Bungoma west  Friends school kulisiru secondary          David Barasa Wetiba      738443894         Day              172        Po box 35-50208 Sirisia
  135. Bungoma Bungoma West Namang’ofulo friends sec              Walumoli Walukela Musungu     0722677792       Mixed Boarding            481        [email protected]
  136. Bungoma Bungoma west Tamulega sec school               Philip Sulumbeti Rumba               0722381408       Mixed Boarding            144        TAMULEGASECONDARY @YAHOO.COM
  137. Bungoma Cheptais             St Thomas Aquinas chesikaki secondary School         Natang’a Leonard              0727912186       Mixed day boarding       347              [email protected]
  138. Bungoma Cheptais             Chepkube ACK   Joshua Ngare Ochogo   0723299457       Day       399              [email protected]
  139. Bungoma Cheptais             A Nalondo Girls Secondary          Emilly Angushi Magambo            0722696370              Day       90          [email protected]
  140. Bungoma Cheptais             Kipsis Secondary School              Josephine CK Chebonya 0716539689       Mixed Boarding              840        [email protected]
  141. Bungoma Cheptais             Mulatiwa sec school              Kironget juma patrick     0716022509       Day       245              [email protected]
  142. Bungoma Cheptais             Chesiro S.A mixed sec school   Isaac kwemoi Musani     0723039142       Day       267              [email protected]
  143. Bungoma Kimilili   Friends secondary school Chebukwabi      Jafred B. Wangusi Wamukota     54711E+11              Day       538        [email protected]
  144. Bungoma Kimilili   St Joseph’s kamusinde   Sammy Wanyonyi chesoli            0726388422       Day       417        Sammy [email protected]
  145. Bungoma Kimilili   Joseph’s Kamusinde secondary school   Chesoli Sammy wanyonyi            0726388422       Day              417        [email protected]
  146. Bungoma Kimilili   John’s Buko sec           Permenas wanjala 0726230125       Day       598        Sjbukosec@,
  147. Bungoma KIMILILI SIKHENDU MIXED SECONDARY              MICHAEL MUJIVANE      723828674         Mixed day              360        [email protected]
  148. Bungoma Kimilili   Kibingei Friends Secondary              Henry Wangila  0722958631       Mixed Boarding 698              [email protected]
  149. Bungoma KIMILILI FRIENDS MIXED SEC. SCHOOL CHESAMISI         KENNETH MUHANJI        0721396905       MIXED DAY/BOARDING GIRLS   550              [email protected]
  150. Bungoma Kimilili   Friends Kamasielo sec school              Douglas Sunguti              721289083         Mixed Boarding              560        [email protected]
  151. Bungoma Kimilili   Kamukuywa township  high school              Jaslan Asigi Angweye      0721222326       Day       250              [email protected]
  152. Bungoma Kimilili   St James ACK Mapela sec              Hudson Simiyu Barasa   0711369985       Day       514              [email protected]
  153. Bungoma Kimilili   MATILI friends sec          Okoyana homan 0711238330       Day       744              [email protected]
  154. Bungoma KIMILILI               BRIGID’S SECONDARY SCHOOL KITAYI BRENDA NABWIRE ODUOR          0721627765              Day       270        [email protected]
  155. Bungoma Kimilili – Bungoma           A LWANDA SECONDARY SCHOOL     Dismas Kituyi     0721371805       Mixed day              484        [email protected]
  156. Bungoma KIMILILI BUNGOMA        EMMANUEL’S MIRURI SECONDARY SCHOOL     MR, SIMIYU GEORGE NYARANGA              0726018824       Mixed Boarding 868              [email protected]
  157. Bungoma KIMILILI BUNGOMA        NAMBOANI FRIENDS SECONDARY SCHOOL   MOSES O. ODONGO              0724353700       MIXED DAY        65              [email protected]
  158. Bungoma Kimilili- Bungoma            Namawanga Baha’i Sec School          ADELAIDE A. BUKHALA   0724831772       Mixed Boarding / Day  602        Baha’[email protected]
  159. Bungoma Kimilili Bungoma             ACK Chelekei secondary School            Timothy Musungu           0729376378              Day       323        [email protected]
  160. Bungoma Kimilili bungoma             Bituyu friends secondary school            Justus okaka mukaka      0722895982              Day       591        [email protected]
  161. Bungoma Kimilili sub county           Kimilili adult secondary education center        Lilian Atieno Omondi               0726002982       Day       112              [email protected]
  162. Bungoma Kimilili-Bungoma             Wamalwa Kijana Friends Sec         Fred Khakina Wekesa     0729947874       Mixed day and boarding     760        [email protected]
  163. Bungoma Kopsiro CHELEBEI SECONDARY SCHOOL              ROBIN MUSANI CHEPTONGEN   0729504484       mixed day/boarding    448        [email protected]
  164. Bungoma Kopsiro Masaek secondary  school              Protus Mutoro  0726055570       Day       237              [email protected]
  165. Bungoma Kopsiro Kebee secondary school Wycliffe kisira meng’use 0723252458       Day       388              Kebeesecondary2017@
  166. Bungoma Kopsiro johns chepyuk             Patrick sikongo 0718098022       Mixed boarding/day      580              [email protected]
  167. Bungoma KOPSIRO             JUDE KAIMUGUL MIXED LYNET C.CHEMAYIEK      0704058722       Day       188              [email protected]
  168. Bungoma Mt Elgon             Kaboywo mixei  David Otieno  0722801703       Day       309        [email protected]
  169. Bungoma Mt Elgon             Kaptola sec school              Albert wakasala 0721617762       Mixed/Day Boarding              856        [email protected]
  170. Bungoma Mt elgon             Chesito sec school              Daniel mamboleo           0710133020       Day       340              [email protected]
  171. Bungoma Mt Elgon             Augustine nomorio sec school   POLINE EGOJI G               O712855436      Day       398              [email protected]
  172. Bungoma Mt Elgon             Friends kaborom secondary school            Munialo Samuel Mutoro               0720772210       Day       295              [email protected]
  173. Bungoma ELGON        ST. MARK’S KIPCHIRIA SEC SCHOOL              RONALD LIHASI 0728223018       Day       302              [email protected].
  174. Bungoma Elgon            Kaptelelio Girls sec school              Janet  Chesekut 0726993912       Day       213              [email protected]
  175. Bungoma Tongaren           465        Isaac Masolo Wanjala              0728498000       Day       465              [email protected]
  176. Bungoma Tongaren           Birunda pag secondary school   Julius kisiangani Lichuma             0727867150       Day              394        [email protected]
  177. Bungoma Tongaren           Juliana Narati secondary school            Wafula w. Julius              0724390991              Day       1108      P.o. Box 479, Kitale-30200.
  178. Bungoma Tongaren           Makololwe PAG sec. Sch.              Richard Wanyama Wekesa         0723076516       Day              431        [email protected]
  179. Bungoma Tongaren           josephs secondary school Binyenya              Henry o ogombe             0722978907              Day       325        [email protected]
  180. Bungoma Tongaren           Nyange PAG Secondary School  Elizabeth Wasike             0722692493       Day       466              N/A
  181. Bungoma Tongaren           AIC James Mwei Secondary              Boniface O. Sirima          0721616764       Mixed Day              276        [email protected]
  182. Bungoma TONGAREN        TONGAREN DEB MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     BILIAH LICHUMA MURUMBA              0721616361       Day       824        [email protected]
  183. Bungoma Tongaren           Bishop Atundo Girls’ Mabusi Esther Nasimiyu              0720546422       Boarding Girls              414        [email protected]
  184. Bungoma Tongaren           Manyasa Friends Sec School   Kennedy Anami 0716774610       Day       142              [email protected]
  185. Bungoma Tongaren           MARY’S MWIKHUPO SECONDARY SCHOOL     Kenneth Kisiang’ani        0715106883              mixed day          225        [email protected]
  186. Bungoma TONGAREN        MILIMANI S.A SEC SCHOOL              MRS . IRENE MILDRED NASIMIYU WASIKE              0721868255       Day       260        [email protected]
  187. Bungoma Tongaren            Friends secondary school kiminini               Everate Wafula wamalwa            0733560563              Day       391        Box 260 Ndalu 50212
  188. Bungoma Tongaren sub county     Tongaren Deb mixed sec school             Biliah murumba 0721616361       Day              824        [email protected]
  189. Bungoma Tongareni           Tabani Friends secondary school   Gisemba Joseph Momanyi           0701720858       Mixed day and boarding     900        [email protected]
  190. Bungoma Tongarens          Muliro sec.         Smuck machanga          0721961989       Mixed Boarding 293              [email protected]
  191. Bungoma WEBUYE WEST  ST ANDREWS MATULO SEC              JULIANA LUTOMIA MUKITANG’A              0729868481              Day       580        [email protected]
  192. Bungoma Webuye West   Michael Wamalwa Friends Secondary School-Kakimanyi      Vincent W. Muchinyi              0728386022       Day       305    
  193. Bungoma WEBUYE WEST  SIRISIA BOK        IKOBE CHARLES M        0726167298       Day       136              [email protected]
  194. Bungoma Webuye west    Mahanga            Violet lumire   0724805732       Day       788              [email protected]
  195. Bungoma Webuye West   Ngwelo Friends sec.              Neyole Ben Misiko          0722693338       Day       357              [email protected]
  196. Bungoma Webuye west    Lumonya secondary school              Patrice Gondosio            0722320098       Day       248              [email protected]
  197. Bungoma Webuye West   Misikhu RC secondary school   Stephen Oduor Ochwangu          0721433018       Day              302        [email protected]
  198. Bungoma Webuye West   Friends Secondary School Mang’ana           GETRUDE EDINA ODARI 0721280916       Mixed Day and Boarding     256        mang’[email protected]
  199. Bungoma WEBUYE WEST  SA CHEBOSI GIRLS              KATES WABOELELA        0716967255       Day       362              [email protected]
  200. Bungoma Webuye west    Miendo friends secondary school   Wataka joseck simiyu     0713746978       Day       499              [email protected]
  201. Bungoma WEBUYE WEST  MARY’S BOKOLI SECONDARY SCHOOL     BEATRICE ONYARA         0712674838              Mixed Day          405              [email protected]
  202. Bungoma Webuye west    Friends sec school kuywa              Edward Ouko Gisemba  0712009705       Day       711              [email protected]
  203. Bungoma Webuye West    Friends Secondary school Yalusi    Beatrice Akinyi Isaya      +254720206450               Day              234        [email protected]
  204. Bungoma Webuye West    Friends Secondary School Nambami           Masinde Kennedy           0716768082       Day              245        fssnambami@gmail. Com

List of all Sub County Schools in Busia County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Busia with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Busia BUNYALA            ACK Musoma Sec School               Onyango G.M. Okoth     0721257590       Mixed Day              305        [email protected]
  2. Busia Bunyala Bukoma Secondary School          Ogoma Charles Otee      0720731937       Day       112              [email protected]
  3. Busia Bunyala Osieko secondary school             Makulu k Patrick 0720571451       Mixed day          212              [email protected].
  4. Busia Bunyala Bunyala Model secondary school              Joseph Muzee Oriko       0713378032       Boys boarding and day        140        [email protected]
  5. Busia Bunyala St Triza Mundere Girls   Jerida Ayieko Wasilwa              700115870         Boarding / Day Girls        398              N/A
  6. Busia BUNYALA            SISENYE MIXED SEONDARY SCHOOL              ANDREW OKOTH            0718197688       Day              381        [email protected]
  7. Busia BUNYALA            PETER’S MAKUNDA SEC SCHOOL              FRANCIS KIGAI  0711469322       Mixed Boarding              723        [email protected]
  8. Busia Busia     Ignatius Esirisia sec   Adelaide Sakwa Makokha            0727967232       Day       400              [email protected]
  9. Busia Busia     St Peter’s Igero Secondary           Mary S Masibo O722679370      Day       100        [email protected]
  10. Busia BUSIA   ST PAUL BUSENDE SECONDARY SCHOOL              YESE  K   OJIAMBO  OUMA        0795517499       Day              443        [email protected]
  11. Busia Busia     John’s Muyafwa Secondary School              Mrs. Josephine Omoto  0735458970       Mixed day              101        [email protected]
  12. Busia busia     murende mixed day       john w makokha              0725709602       Day       727              [email protected]
  13. Busia Busia     James Nasewa Secondary School              Antony Odanga 0723476076       Mixed Day          340              [email protected]
  14. Busia Busia     Michael secondary Buyende Mr. Charles Oduor masakhalia          0722267577       Day       228              [email protected]
  15. Busia Busia     Peter’s Budokomi sec school Alexander Anekeya             722147209         Day       647              [email protected]
  16. Busia Busia     Thomas Mayenje Secondary School              Mr. Radicliffe Malumbe 0721748290       Day       318              [email protected]
  17. Busia BUSIA   Alung’oli secondary school          PATRICK MASIGA              0716383764       Mixed day          183              [email protected]
  18. Busia Busia     Mabale secondary school            PAUL OTHINA 0714844329       Mixed Day          350              [email protected]
  19. Busia Busia     patrick’s secondary school Busibwabo              Oyoma simplcius Chrispinus       07148747           Mixed Day              550        [email protected]
  20. Busia Busia     Paul’s mabunge secondary school               Kennedy kilaha 0724206231       Mixed day          877              [email protected]
  21. Busia Busia     St Jude Nangoma Sec     Makokha Michael               0722232586       Day       220              [email protected]
  22. Busia Butula   Ikonzo mixed day secondary school              Sophie majani   0727668788       Mixed Day          356              [email protected]
  23. Busia BUTULA              PETER’S BUMALA B SECONDARY SCHOOL     MAURICE OPUWA BARASA              0726895265       MIXED DAY        568              [email protected]
  24. Busia Butula   St Francis Masebula mixed          Rose Kivali              0725949379       Day       286        [email protected]
  25. Busia Butula   Peter’s Mung’abo mixed secondary school   Joseph Odhiambo Oloo 0722997233       Day       501              [email protected]
  26. Busia Butula   Elukhari Mixed Sec.School           Okello Odhiambo         0722832052       Day       270              [email protected]
  27. Busia Butula   St Aloys Buriya mixed sec. Sch.   Agnes odinah  0722237491       Day       190
  28. Busia BUTULA              BUMALA A C SECONDARY SCHOOL              ANDREW ONJORO          0722231798       Day       1052              [email protected] / [email protected]
  29. Busia Butula   Monica’s Butunyi girls secondary school              Evallyne Nyaoke              0721973806       Girls day              138        [email protected]
  30. Busia BUTULA              ESIBEMBE AC GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              EUNICE ATIENO TETI      0720839878       Day              175        [email protected]
  31. Busia Butula   C. Bulwani Mixed Secondary   Ms. Mildred Wawire              0717274981       Day       53              [email protected]
  32. Busia BUTULA              MICHAEL BUDUMA GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     PATRICIA MATITI MUNYAMASYE              0715865590       Day       256              [email protected]
  33. Busia Butula   St Austin kingandole high school              Constantine nyongesa   0714184156       Day       800              [email protected]
  34. Busia Butula   ST Paul’s Bukhuma secondary School              Bonventure Odhiambo Oduori   0711871399       Day              523        Bukhuma secondary [email protected]
  35. Busia Butula   Bishop Nicholas Stam sikoma secondary school   Charles Omondi Otiende             07233058           Day              216        0723305882
  36. Busia BUTULA              ROMANOS  TINGOLO  SEC              SYLVESTER OLOO            0721355379       Day       313              [email protected]
  37. Busia MATAYOS          St Augustine Nasira sec  ASERI PATRICK              0728157257       Day       415        nasirasec@gmail .com
  38. Busia Matayos             Peters Buyosi Mixed Secondary School   Lydia Andisi Andota        0722260149       Day       212              [email protected]
  39. Busia Nambale            St Pauls Igara secondary school              Judith Susan Aoro           0720870774ju   Day       286              [email protected]
  40. Busia Nambale            Fr Simon Sibembe Mixed Sec School  Manyala William Owinga             +254722453252              Day       346        [email protected]
  41. Busia Nambale            St James Madibo             Douglas Wafula 0742536018       Day       131              [email protected]
  42. Busia Nambale            St Charles Lwanga Emukhuyu Mixed Sec           Agnes Awindi Opurong  0724854983       Day              174        emukhuyu [email protected]
  43. Busia Nambale            Francis Lipids secondary school              Jacqueline Nabutola       0724663534       Day       390              [email protected]
  44. Busia Nambale            Mabunge R.C Secondary School              OTWANE A. ERICK           0722949889       Mixed day              213        [email protected]
  45. Busia Nambale            Katira Mixed Sec Sch      Mutanda Scalins Andrew 0722782290       Day       287              [email protected]
  46. Busia NAMBALE           Canon awori nambale AC sec school   STEPHEN MAKONJIO      0722693680       Day       401              [email protected]
  47. Busia Nambale            St Mary’s Nambale Sec School              Joseph Odhiambo Opondo         0722512102       Day              475        [email protected]
  48. Busia Nambale            St joseph musokoto       Kaunda kenneth              0721335574       Day       815              [email protected]
  49. Busia Nambale            Khayo secondary school               Florence Ogusi 0713671678       Day       194              [email protected]
  50. Busia Nambale            Francis Sikinga Secondary School              Pamela A. Mumia           0712692443       Day       477              [email protected]
  51. Busia NAMBALE           MARY’S BUYOFU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSEPH ABUCHERI ASHINDU       0710840040              Day       378        [email protected]
  52. Busia Nambale             St Paul’s Elwanikha Girls secondary              Phelyster Nanjala Shikuku           0711186720       Day              140        [email protected]
  53. Busia Nambale             Joseph’s Segero Sec School               John Okitaba      0714888220       Day       337              [email protected]
  54. Busia Samia   Namboboto Boys secondary school              Rouben Barasa  0725 768534      Boys Day and Boarding              628        [email protected]
  55. Busia Samia   St Thomas Aquinas Nanderema boys sec               Michael Ochieng Otuko 0729882524       Day and Boarding  Boys      470        [email protected]
  56. Busia Samia   Namunyweda secondary             Joseph Musikoyo Nangabo        0728792495       Day       163              [email protected]
  57. Busia Samia   Ganjala sec school          Patrick W Simiyu              0726299722       Mixed day          658        PO box 345_ 50406 Funyula.
  58. Busia SAMIA  STEPHEN BUJWANGA SEC.SCHOOL.              ODERO KENNEDY ACHUODHO.  0724929579       Day              1048      [email protected]
  59. Busia SAMIA  HAKATI SEC School          VINCENT ODHIAMBO AUMA         0724804569       Day       243              [email protected]
  60. Busia SAMIA  CLARE’S NANDEREMA GIRLS SECONDARY      EVERLYNE KHAEMBA     0723654381       GIRLS DAY &BOARDING      485        [email protected]
  61. Busia Samia   Nyakhobi secondary school        Longinus okuku wewa      0723273109       Mixed day          822              [email protected].
  62. Busia Samia   St Lukes Odiado Secondary         Josiah Ndenga 0722389546       Day       360              [email protected]
  63. Busia SAMIA  ST PETER’S BUSIBI GIRLS SECONDARY              CAROLINE BARASA         0721659845       GIRLS DAY AND BOARDING         242        [email protected]
  64. Busia Samia   St chrispine Samia girls  Janet m. Mukhovi              0720749441       Day and boarding           230              Samiagirlssecondary@gmail
  65. Busia Samia   St Mark Bukiri mixed secondary school              Carolyne Lusichi              0717123008       Day       485              [email protected]
  66. Busia Samia   St Kizito Muramba Mixed Day Secondary School  Tom M A Masibo            0714358818       Day       129              [email protected]
  67. Busia Samia   Wakhungi secondary     Tom M. Mimba              0712599037       Day       247        Box 237- Funyula.
  68. Busia SAMIA  BRIGID’S NAMUDURU GIRLS SEC SCHOOL              JULIAH KAHERA SHIHOLO            0711517521              Day       120        [email protected]
  69. Busia Samia   Nambale Rc        Lucy Anyango Odhiambo              0710289811       Mixed Boarding 158              [email protected]
  70. Busia Tesco south       Elizabeth okatekok secondary school   Raymond khasabuli Amos            0726603193       Day              122        [email protected]
  71. Busia TESO NORTH     BENARD KAKURIKIT SEC.SCHOOL.5   FREDMAX OMODING BARASA    0714318728st              Day       567        st. benard kakurikiit [email protected]
  72. Busia Teso North         Albert Ekirapa sec school              Fred wanyonyi  +254735255991               Day       572              [email protected]
  73. Busia TESO NORTH     SA ADANYA BOYS            EVANS GOR      +254723483449               Day       176              [email protected]
  74. Busia Teso North         Paul’s kokare sec. School              Osiel Antony Okisai        0729224857       Mixed day              320        [email protected]
  75. Busia Teso North         St Augustine Kamolo Secondary School  Musasia Benson Madahana        0724725844       Day              586        [email protected]
  76. Busia TESO NORTH     ST PAUL’S KAKEMER       ROSEMARY ONDECHE           0723336339       Day       259              [email protected]
  77. Busia Teso North         Achiya Echakara High School,Kamuriai.             John Purege Etyang’a     0722693757              Mixed day& boarding    821              [email protected]
  78. Busia Teso North         St Martin’s Mwari Sec school               David Amoke     0722237366       Mixed Day          142              [email protected]
  79. Busia TESO NORTH     SA AEDOMORU JAPHETH MBWANGA        0720531614       Day       110              [email protected]
  80. Busia Teso north         APOKOR  HIGH SCHOOL JUDITH  YAITE    0720018603       Day       200        [email protected]
  81. Busia TESO NORTH     JOHN KAJEI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MR. JOANES ODUOR AYUNGO    0719462870              Day       325        [email protected]
  82. Busia TESO NORTH     ST ANTHONY AKOBWAIT CHA SEC SCHOOL              AGGREY MACHISHI         0713588747       Day              104        O BOX 97 MALAKISI
  83. Busia Teso North         Chamasiri Secondary School              Fred Liyayi Asievukwa    711782009         Mixed Day & Boarding            550        [email protected]
  84. Busia Teso North         Jude Onyunyur Secondary School  George Oria Etyang’       0705552079       Day       275              [email protected]
  85. Busia TESO NORTH     KEKALET SECONDARY SCHOOL              TITUS MAYABI ODINGA 0700645081       Day       166              [email protected]
  86. Busia Teso North         Korisai Girls Secondary Mary Akinyi Ogolla     0728172912       Day       85              [email protected]
  87. Busia Teso North         Katanyu secondary school               Vincent Chore Mukonye              727648854         Day              372        [email protected]
  88. Busia Teso North         St Elizabeth Kabukui secondary school   Augustine A Orupia        0724147412       Day       154              [email protected]
  89. Busia Teso North         Bishop Kingoo okuleu secondary school   Florence Atieno Oloo     0723568183       Day       279              [email protected]
  90. Busia Teso North         Teresa’s Malaba Mixed Secondary school            Kennedy Luvindi Shavanga               0727516349       Mixed day          324              [email protected]
  91. Busia Teso North subcounty   ACK Changara secondary              Evelyn Malenya 0714177677       Day       223              [email protected]
  92. Busia TESO NORTH SUB-COUNTY          Stephen’s Kengatuny mixed Sec School      MACDONALD OMUSE OMUNA               0725747535       Day       432        [email protected]
  93. Busia Teso South         Peter’s Aterait Sec School              Dishon Shihundu            ±254722436004               Day              658        [email protected]
  94. Busia Teso South         Pius Katelenyang Secondary              Joseph Mulongo Wafula              +254722376351              Day       274        [email protected]
  95. Busia Teso south         St Anne Angorom Girls Sec Sch              Christine Amoit Mirulo  +254721824988               Day              296        [email protected]
  96. Busia Teso South         Marks Amongura  Secondary              Jackson Muchuma          0725512329       Day       237              [email protected]
  97. Busia Teso South         St John’s Alupe Sec school              Yambo William Odongo 0725024569       Day       546              [email protected]
  98. Busia Teso south         St Marks Ngelechom secondary              Peter wafula wamalwa  0724563408       Day       224              [email protected]
  99. Busia Teso south         ACK st mark Machakusi secondary schy      Oliambo Amalla Reubeno    0723479124       Day              584        [email protected]
  100. Busia Teso south         St james kwang,amor High School              Alfred Sisela Opicho       0722902032       Day       622              [email protected]
  101. Busia Teso south         Asinge mixed day secondary school              elizabeth masanganjira 0722580396       Mixed day              342        [email protected]
  102. Busia Teso south         Apokor sec         Litunda              0722577915       Day       508        Box 34 Amukura
  103. Busia Teso South         St Jacobs Kaliwa secondary              George O Ochago           0722446930       Day Mixed              769        [email protected]
  104. Busia TESO SOUTH      BUSIA TOWNSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL              SYLVESTER MAKAMU     0722382755       Day              435        [email protected]
  105. Busia Teso South         St Peter’s Kotur Secondary School              Mrs Joyce Kageha Mugalitsi        0720768279       Mixed Boarding            139        [email protected]
  106. Busia Teso south         St Peter’s Ojaamong Sec              Sam OKELO        0720759070       Mixed day          250              [email protected]
  107. Busia Teso South         Francis Okame Secondary      Dr. Joseph O Mukolwe         0714715873       Day       222              [email protected]
  108. Busia Teso south         St michael Apatit sec      Caroline Nyongesa           0714431711       Mixed day          300              [email protected]
  109. Busia TESO SOUTH      JOSEPH’S CHAKOL      MAASE DAVID  0710899267       Day       1128              [email protected]
  110. Busia TESO SOUTH      JOHN’S AKOBWAIT SECONDARY SCHOOL              PATRICK JUMA SITUBANI             0707189721              MIXED DAY        184        [email protected]
  111. Busia TESO SOUTH      OKODOI MIXED SEC SCH               John Martin Ouma          0721454654       Day       842        Fr. [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Elgeyo Marakwet County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Elgeyo Marakwet with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo  North      Kapkoi secondary school   Samuel Cbebet  0722434028       Day       154              Kapkoisecondary
  2. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo  South       Teber  St  benedict mixed day sec school     James  MBOYA Awino    0722450930              Day       169        awinomboya@gmail
  3. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Paul sec,sch.Kapkessum         Selina Kurui        07201087743     Mixed Boarding            200        Not active
  4. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Chebonet sec school   Enock chebii Kimutai      0724700635       Day       380              [email protected]
  5. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Korkitony Mixed Day/Boarding Girls Secondary    Moses Kigen      0722648251              Day and Boarding           320              [email protected]
  6. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Kapchelal Mixed secondary School            Gilbert Kisang    0724469223       Mixed Boarding            188        [email protected]
  7. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Chelingwa sec school   David Kandie Cheburet  0722490103       Day       213              Box 436 Iten
  8. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Siroch mixed sec school   Bramwel Serede              0722270174       Day       151              [email protected]
  9. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Holy Rosary Kapkong’a Secondary     Peter O Opere   0722250962       Day              256        [email protected]
  10. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Kessup mixed day secondary school            Stanley K. C. Amdany     0722154559              Day       301        [email protected]
  11. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo north        Peter’s Iten day              Francis kimuge  0712227255       Day       562              [email protected]
  12. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       AIC Anin Day secondary school            Maurice Komen 0722216396       Day       50              [email protected]
  13. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO NORTH    ST PAUL’S MUNO MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL             FESTUS SANYA              0700231683       Boarding Girls    125              [email protected]
  14. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       St Peter’s kibargoiyet secondary   Emily K Munandi             0722261328              Day       46          [email protected]
  15. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       St Andrew Chegilet Secondary School            Stanley Kibowen             0722665097              Mixed Day and Boarding              409              [email protected]
  16. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North Sub county Bugar Day Secondary School            Emily Tanui        0726436945       Day              618        [email protected]
  17. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH    KOMBATICH MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL             ROSELYN ACHIENG              0723373928       Day       363        [email protected]
  18. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH    ST GREGORY KIPKABUS DOWNS SEC  WESLEY CHEMUTE CHEBON              0722698741       Day       110              [email protected]
  19. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Kaptilol secondary               Sylvester Rotich 0722442041       Day       274              [email protected]
  20. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South       Tugumoi Mixed Day Secondary Henry K Tumo   0722378880       Day       500              [email protected]
  21. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South       THOMAS KAPCHORWA     YATICH KIPROTICH          0722161865       Day              447        N/A
  22. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Kapleting mixed day        Tanui k. Francis 0721851675       Mixed Boarding 565              Kapleting [email protected]
  23. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Chepsamo mixed day secondary school     Joseph k sang    0712944387       Day              272        [email protected]
  24. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Muskut mixed day secondary          Henry Ngetich   0721159091       Day       198              [email protected]
  25. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH    CHANGACH BARAK SECONDARY SCHOOL     JOHN LIMO CHEBOI        0724875848              MIXED DAY        97          [email protected]
  26. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Ketigoi mixed day secondary          Wycliffe Rotich  0722691169       Day       198              [email protected]
  27. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South       Patrick’s Kabirirsus Mixed Day Secondary Aggrey Shichet  0722358821              Day       85          [email protected]
  28. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South        Biwott mixed day secondary school 333     Willy korio          0720866613       Day              333        Biwottmixeddaysecondaryschool2007@gmail
  29. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South        Lolgarini  Mixed Day Secondary school    Edwin Kiprop Kosgei       0722689878              Day       225        [email protected]
  30. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South        Turesia mixed day sec         Catherine Amwoso         0719715274       Day       221              [email protected]
  31. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH     KAPCHEBELEL MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL             ELIAKIM MASABIRU               0715152957       Day       155              [email protected]
  32. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East  Queen of peace mixed day chesongoch. Mary kipmosiom             0790539876              Mixed Boarding 300        [email protected]
  33. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East  Ismael chelanga secondary          William k. Kanda             0726688467       Day              162        [email protected]
  34. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East  KAPTICH GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     Grace Kipyekomen         0724744752              Boarding Girls    140        [email protected]
  35. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East  St Mary’s kapkuto mixed day          Florence Jepkemboi Kipchumba               0722551082       Day       100        [email protected]
  36. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East  Mogil secondary              Sabinah komen 0720288435       Mixed Boarding 257              Mogilsecondary@gmail.
  37. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East St Augustine Kapyego Sec      Sikinyi Caleb Lutsili         0724136511       Mixed Boarding            94          [email protected]
  38. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East Lukuget Hill Mixed Day/Boarding secondary             Venerandah kanali Enane               0720818616       Mixed Boarding 168              [email protected]
  39. Elgeyo marakwet MARAKWET EAST            ST MARY’S MON BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL             MR KOMEN WILLIAM              0713885466       Boarding Boys   70              [email protected]
  40. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Kapterit secondary school   Elius koech         0729955304       Day       120              [email protected]
  41. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West Jemunada Secondary School            Moses Kandie    0729665355       Mixed Day/Boarding    143        O Box 8520 -30100 Eldoret
  42. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Kamoi secondary school   James sambasi  0726835071       Mixed day and boarding              430        [email protected]
  43. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Kasubwa mixed day secondary   Simion kipkoech kipsamo            0722338720              Day       106        Kasubwa secondary school &
  44. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Barsumbat Day sec school   Anthony Keino  0722330149       Day       407              [email protected]
  45. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west St Benedicts Arror Girls sec              Lucy Anne okumu           0722249916       Boarding Girls      112        [email protected]
  46. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West Francis Korongoi mixed day       Charles Kipsambu Yegon              0721480040       Day       36          [email protected]
  47. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West St Stephen Koitugum secondary school        Mark Ndungu    0721452570              Day       160        [email protected]
  48. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Kaptabuk mixed day sec George Korir      0720303486       Day       372              [email protected]
  49. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Kondabilet mixed              Joseph Yator      0720071755       Mixed Boarding 410              Kondabiletsecschool@gmail .com.
  50. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West               Aic Cheles mixed day          Toroitich Ishmael            0723647817       Day              195        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Embu County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Embu with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Embu Embu  east         Ugweri  day sec school   Joyce  Nzambi  Muli     0717314724       Day       273              [email protected]
  2. Embu Embu  west        Embu county mixed secondary school   Mrs  masaku flora           0724997416       Mixed day              415        [email protected]
  3. Embu EMBU EAST        ACK NDUMARI SEC SCHOOL              Albert Njeru       0727490126       Day       177              ackndumari @gmail. com
  4. Embu Embu East          Anthony Kivuria Day Sec School              Rosemary W. Mugo        0724808489       Day       127              [email protected]
  5. Embu Embu East          Gatumbi Baptist Mixed Day Sec               Lucy Wangui Kahuthu    0723939045       Day       246              gatumbi baptist sec @
  6. Embu Embu east          Muragari sec      Anne g mwo ngera              0723784350       Day       167        Agacheria 6@gmail
  7. Embu Embu East          DEB Kithunguthia sec     Albert munene Nyaga  0723619677       Day       158              [email protected]
  8. Embu Embu East          NICA kanduri sec school Rose wawira nyaga    0723311112       Day       101              [email protected]
  9. Embu Embu East          ACk Nyagari day mixed sec school              Ephantus kimani Njugi   0722997355       Day       60              [email protected]
  10. Embu EMBU EAST        ACK KAGAARI MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     ELIZABETH WANGITHI NDWIGA              0722580005       Day       310        [email protected]
  11. Embu Embu East          St John Fishers Mbuinjeru              Mary Mutiso      0722251671       Day       350              [email protected]
  12. Embu Embu East          Macumo day secondary School              Stephen Kavuvu Makau 0722231426       Day       225              [email protected]
  13. Embu Embu east          EAPC kariru mixed day sec              Cecilia mbambu 0721230125       Day       85              eapckarirusec@gmail
  14. Embu Embu East          St Thomas Aquinas Nthagaiya Day second school    Charles Maina Kimani.   0720948939       Day              100        Box 155 Runyenjes.
  15. Embu Embu East          Mary’s Kigaa mixed day sec               Nicholas Murianki Laaru              0720900357       Mixed Boarding            320        [email protected]
  16. Embu Embu East          Ciamanda Mixed Day Sec              Josephine Kimathi           0720142540       Day       234              [email protected]
  17. Embu Embu East          NICA MUGANJUKI Day sec              Junius kariuki mbogo     0715018252       Day       131              [email protected]
  18. Embu EMBU EAST        ST FRANCIS KANJA SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOHN IRERI SAMUEL       0713268389       Mixed day and boarding     220        [email protected]
  19. Embu Embu East          St Marks Ena Secondary Njue Benson Njiru      0713129004       Day       325              [email protected]
  20. Embu Embu East          Ack kathanjuri secondary school              Njiru   0711862927       Day       184              [email protected]
  21. Embu Embu East          Sa Gikuuri          Lucy m. Hezron              0728409850       Day       250              [email protected]
  22. Embu Embu east          St Getrude Kinthithe      Nancy kathambi mugira             0720248451       Mixed day          354              [email protected]
  23. Embu Embu East          Gakwegori Day Secondary School              Teresia C. Ireri   0711217534       Day       108              [email protected]
  24. Embu Embu East          A. Nduuri sec Daniel Ngere               0721384211       Day       209        [email protected]
  25. Embu Embu East          Kasafari secondary school               Alice Wangari Ngunyi Mwangi    703737477         Day       64              [email protected]
  26. Embu Embu East          SA Mukuria sec school   Kaiberia Ephraim Gitonga             0715861814       Day       95              [email protected]
  27. Embu Embu North       Ack St Mary’s Secondary School – Mukangu            Chomba B. Karuri            0723 30 94 71   Day       62              [email protected]
  28. Embu EMBU NORTH   KIRIARI DAY SECONDARY  SCHOOL               PAUL N MUGO  0717061824p    Day       397              [email protected]
  29. Embu Embu North       St Benedict’s secondary school karau    Margaret Nyiha Gakobo +254725313783               Day              230        [email protected]
  30. Embu Embu North       Gituri sec school             Teresina Ithiga    0727776237       Day       148        [email protected]
  31. Embu Embu North       C.K Kamviu Mixed Sec School              Gitu Peter Stanley Maina             0726232863       Day              284        [email protected]
  32. Embu EMBU NORTH   Kithunguriri mixed day secondary              Gabriel Njiru Mbogoh    0725586283       Day       155              [email protected]
  33. Embu EMBU NORTH   KIANJOKOMA DAY SEC SCHOOL              ISAAC NDERI      0724176495       Day       301              [email protected]
  34. Embu Embu North       St Joseph the worker kathuniri              James Kirimi Arithi          0723016363       Day       172              [email protected]
  35. Embu Embu North       Alphonse secondary  Susan W. Njanja   0722669315       Day       299              [email protected]
  36. Embu EMBU NORTH   A MANYATTA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     ALICE KABIRU MWIANDI              0722643285       MIXED DAY        215              [email protected]
  37. Embu Embu north       DEB Kavutiri day sec       Newton Nyaga Kinyua    0721798363       Day       337              [email protected]
  38. Embu Embu North       DEB Kairuri         Rosemary K Aburi              0721784851       Day       174        [email protected]
  39. Embu embu north       kagumori secondary school              NYAMU      0721461669       Day       198              [email protected]
  40. Embu EMBU NORTH   Divine mercy Rugumu sec sch               MARY MUTHONI NJUKI  0711322052       Day       166              [email protected]
  41. Embu Embu North       All Saints  kigari  day sec sch.               Rosalind  Muthoni  kiura              724203426         Day              333        [email protected]
  42. Embu Embu North       Kirigi day sec      Margaret Wanja Njue      712978744         Day       258        [email protected]
  43. Embu Embu North.      St Martha Day Secondary school.              Catherine Muthoni Nyaga.          715145431         Day              221        [email protected].
  44. Embu Embu north.      Muvandori day secondary school.               justus mbae miriti           702829717         Day       531              [email protected]
  45. Embu Embu West        St Michael Kevote sec school              Teresia Wachuka Kiraki  0757925072       Day       422              [email protected]
  46. Embu Embu West        Embu Urban Integrated sec sch              Phinius M. Rinkanya       0740428379       Day       204              [email protected]
  47. Embu Embu west         Rukira day secondary.   Joseph m kiriamburi          0728763334       Day       218              [email protected]
  48. Embu Embu west         Gatunduri mixed day secondary School  Muriungi G Mukiri          0724559423       Day       468              [email protected]
  49. Embu EMBU WEST      ACK GATONDO SECONDARY SCHOOL              CHARITY  NYAMBURA MAINA     0723422993              Day       209        [email protected]
  50. Embu Embu west         Christopher mixed day secondary school            James Kariuki Gathumbi 0722892711              Day       425        [email protected]
  51. Embu Embu West        St benedict kithimu secondary school   Monica Munyi   0722643214       Day       420              [email protected]
  52. Embu Embu west         St Francis Ngoire sec school               Rose Ann Karimi Kathuri              0720809319       Day              193        Stfrancisngoire
  53. Embu Embu West        Peter’s Gatituri          Lenick Murithi Charles 0720610172       Day       140              [email protected]
  54. Embu Embu West        Nthambo mixed day sec Hesbon Njogu    0720019005       Day       173              [email protected]
  55. Embu Embu west         Kimangaru mixed            Lewis Rwinu   0712132100       Day       343        [email protected]
  56. Embu Embu west         Itabua secondary            Kamuti musili    0710655995       Day       400        [email protected]
  57. Embu Embu west         Kamiu day secondary     Njeru s njagi      0707437315       Day       180        [email protected]
  58. Embu Embu west         St Luke’s day secondary school karurina              Kamwea Alabina Wanjiku            0110089914              Day       310        [email protected]
  59. Embu Embu West        Kithegi Mixed Day Secondary school   Antonina Gauku Mugambi          0720428621       Day              268        [email protected]
  60. Embu Embu west         DEB Kangaru sec school               Beth Njoki kamande       o726689099      Day       163              Box 51_60100 Embu
  61. Embu Embu West        St Michael Municipality Francis G Mwaniki             0725784241       Day       160              [email protected]
  62. Embu Embu-north       Kenga day secondary school               Festo mbogo mugo         0723 603974     Day       127              [email protected]
  63. Embu Mbeere North   Kivue secondary school Beatrice Ncekei Nkonge  0729459056       Mixed day          204              [email protected]
  64. Embu MBEERE NORTH              S A MUTHANTHARA SEC              BENSON NYAGA MUGO 0728730150       Day       112              [email protected]
  65. Embu Mbeere North   Michegethiu sec sch       Joyce Magochi             0726532152       Day       70          16 siakago
  66. Embu Mbeere north   A itiira sec       Mbiti E.Njeru              0725771553       Day       230        Mbitinjeru [email protected]
  67. Embu Mbeere North   St Joseph’s Gitiburi Secondary  School  Maina James Kabura      0725270978       Mixed day and Girls boarding   114        [email protected]
  68. Embu Mbeere North   KUNE SEC SCH   MAGIRI D.M              0725234680       Mixed Boarding/Day      189              [email protected]
  69. Embu Mbeere North   ACK Kamigua secondary School              Muriithi Danson Githinji 0724907054       Day       45              [email protected]
  70. Embu Mbeere North   Mbarwari sec. Sch.         Jeremiah maingi mugambi             0723871068       Day       95              [email protected]
  71. Embu Mbeere North   St Johns Karigiri sec.       Munyi A. Njue      0722942847       Day       120        [email protected]
  72. Embu Mbeere north   luke              Alexander muchiri kathuri           0722595003              Day/mixed/boarding      182              [email protected]
  73. Embu Mbeere North   All Saints Karambari Sec. School              Ayub Ndung’u Mutitu    0722455139       Day       177              [email protected]
  74. Embu Mbeere north   Ack Emmanuel cianthia sec school              Zarbanson Mwaniki        0721872242       Day       112              [email protected]
  75. Embu Mbeere North   Kirigo Secondary school Gitobu L.Mutwiri           0721826828       Day       188              [email protected]
  76. Embu Mbeere North   Kathigagaceru sec           Charles ireri bundi          0721759909       Day       103              [email protected]
  77. Embu Mbeere North   Cieria sec school             Idah I. Njagi     0721419498       Day       127              [email protected]
  78. Embu Mbeere North   Ndutori secondary school              Alex Karani Nyaga           0721411898       Day       44              [email protected]
  79. Embu Mbeere north   St Andrews kogari sec    Nicholas muriuki 0721290718       Mixed Boarding 85          Nicholas muriuki7@gmail
  80. Embu Mbeere North   Kiathambu secondary school              Albert N Mati    0721289937       Mixed day          46              [email protected]
  81. Embu Mbeere North   Anthony Siakago sec.schhol.              Judith M. Kamau             0721136217       Day       546              [email protected]
  82. Embu Mbeere North   DEB KARUARI SECONDARY              ThiruaineT Silas 0720847976       Day       149              [email protected]
  83. Embu Mbeere north   Ack kamutu sec Mary ndiritu              0720810889       Mixed day and boarding              454              [email protected]
  84. Embu Mbeere North   A Gikuyari Secondary School              Mrs. Mbogo Rosemary  0717703819       Mixed Day/Boarding    238        [email protected]
  85. Embu Mbeere North   St john the baptist kirie sec              John Mugambi  0713941216       Mixed Boarding 385              [email protected]
  86. Embu Mbeere North   St John XXIII Gwakaithi secondary school   Mung’athia Stanley         0712278380       Mixed day              331        [email protected]
  87. Embu Mbeere North   Ack st lukes Ciangera Day sec school   Beth Wanjiru Njuguna   0722432448       Day       166              [email protected]
  88. Embu MBEERE NORTH              E.B MUCHONOKE SECONDARY SCHOOL     TABITHA WANJIRU         0722357828              Day       167        [email protected]
  89. Embu Mbeere North   Deb kabachi mixed day sec              Agatha Gichuku kinyua 0728286145       Day       179              gicukuagatha@gmail
  90. Embu Mbeere North   Mathew kathagutari sec school               Salesio Gitonga Abwima              727150700         Day              147        [email protected]
  91. Embu Mbeere north    St Andrew’s ngoce sec school               Julius Mwangi wanyoike              722347094         Mixed day               221        [email protected]
  92. Embu Mbeere North   ACK St Barnabas Kavengero sec sch               Charles Mbuko 0721166979       Mixed Boarding 199              Box 82-60102 Ishiara
  93. Embu Mbeere North   St Timothy’s Kianjeru Secondary               Patricia Mwendwa          +254716726936               Mixed day and boarding     215        [email protected]
  94. Embu MBEERE SOITH  KANYONGA SECONDARY               WILFRED NYAGA KAMURU          0714814040       Day              155        [email protected]
  95. Embu Mbeere south   YODER KARWIGI SEC      ANTHONY AMBALE KEVOGO           +254721755353               Day       294              [email protected]
  96. Embu Mbeere south   charles lwanga-mwanyani mixed sec         Kingesi john mutinda     0728882493       Day       262              [email protected]
  97. Embu MBEERE SOUTH WANGO AIC SEC SCHOOL              STEPHEN MURITU MURUGAMI  0728051468       Day              459        [email protected]
  98. Embu MBEERE SOUTH MUTUS MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              NYAGA M. ROSE              0727674118       Mixed day & Boarding        307        [email protected]
  99. Embu Mbeere South   Makima Mixed Secondary School              Francis Mutema Munyithya        0725395995       Mixed day              515        mutema@gmail
  100. Embu Mbeere South   C.K ST JOSEPH GIKIIRO SECONDARY      Simon Gachanja Muchiri              0724396690              Day/mixed boarding      91          [email protected]
  101. Embu Mbeere south   Maviani mixed              Mweu m.julius  0724248973       Day       46              [email protected]
  102. Embu Mbeere South   St Paul Karura Sec School              Ann Karuru Ntaari           0723538245       Day       206              [email protected]
  103. Embu Mbeere South   Gacabari secondary school              Peter Ireri Duncan          0722910676       Day       139              [email protected]
  104. Embu MBEERE SOUTH MBONZUKI SECONDARY              Paul kinuthia wanyoike  0722866059       Day       209              [email protected]
  105. Embu MBEERE SOUTH AIC NTHINGINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              JAMES KAMUNYA MATHENGE   0722557186              Mixed day          63          [email protected]
  106. Embu Mbeere south   St Mary Nyangwa Girls   Rachel k Nderi    0722422114       Mixed Boarding 282        Nyangwa girls school@gmail ,com
  107. Embu Mbeere south   Kiambere mixed sec school              Anthony N Njogu            0722263761       Mixed Boarding              336        [email protected]
  108. Embu Mbeere south   Mashamba sec  Samuel vengi              0722210947       Mixed Boarding 229              [email protected]
  109. Embu MBEERE SOUTH DEB KABURURI SEC SCH ROSEMARY G M’ETHIRU       0721886456       Day       193              [email protected]
  110. Embu Mbeere South   Kerwa Sec Sch   Pauline Njeru              0721739575       Day       151        [email protected]
  111. Embu Mbeere south   St Mary’s Gataka Secondary              Njue Norman njeru         0721672483       Mixed day              138        [email protected]
  112. Embu Mbeere South   Joseph secondary-Kitololoni              Ndegwa Isaac Ndungu   721603414         Day       246              [email protected]
  113. Embu Mbeere south   St Joseph’s mixed day sec sch Iriamurai            Patrick Mburugu Riungu              0720572435              Day       250        [email protected]
  114. Embu Mbeere South   St Thomas Aquinas Igumori secondary          Paul Ireri Mwaniki          0720405317       Mixed Boarding            545        [email protected]
  115. Embu MBEERE SOUTH NGIORI INTEGRATED      MANYARA JOSPHAT KOBIA 0716415595       Day       149              [email protected]
  116. Embu MBEERE SOUTH RUGOGWE MIXED DAY SEC              ALBERT M NJOKA            0714326428       Day       151              [email protected]
  117. Embu Mbeere South   Mbita secondary school Michael Ngari     0714082249       Mixed Day/Boarding      119              [email protected]
  118. Embu MBEERE SOUTH AIC NDUNE MIXED SECONDARY              MERCY KATHONI MUTHURI        0712739090       Day       32              [email protected]
  119. Embu MBEERE SOUTH KABUGURI MIXED SEC SCHOOL              IMANENE SILAS MWIRIGI            0711528100       Day              176        [email protected]
  120. Embu Mbeere south   Munyori             Muchiri GA              0707867166       Mixed Boarding 89              [email protected]
  121. Embu MBEERE SOUTH Machang’a secondary school              HENRY MACHATHA        0701265873       Boarding girls/mixed day 294        [email protected]
  122. Embu Mbeere south   ST BARNABAS SEC SCH GATIRARI               Rose P mutunga              0720424248       Day       114              [email protected]
  123. Embu Mbeere South   Iria Itune Sec School       Esther Munyiri               0785812510       Day       168              [email protected]
  124. Embu MBEERE SOUTH               KIKUMINI MIXED SECONDARY      MERCY W. BARU             0722655483       Day              268        [email protected]
  125. Embu MBEERE SOUTH               Kamunyange sec               MURIKINYI M’IKIGU        0726764049       Day       199              kamunyangesecondaŕ[email protected]
  126. Embu Mbeere South   Kamweli sec       Kirimi Mberia Muguongo         0722555910       Day       137              [email protected]
  127. Embu Mbeere South   Kangungi mixed secondary school               Albert Ngari       0721722554       Day       83              [email protected]
  128. Embu Mbeere South   Mutuobare Secondary School              David Muriuki Ireri          0722855314       Day       240              [email protected]
  129. Embu Mbeere south sub county           Ntharawe secondary school            Ngare.          0722273956       Day       60              Box 40,Kiritiri.
  130. Embu Mbeere south.  AcK Malikini secondary school.              Manderi Stephen murage.          722451382         Mixed day and boarding.   93          [email protected]
  131. Embu Mbere North     Kambaru secondary       Jane p w Mwangi              0713976986       Day       207              [email protected]
  132. Embu Mbere south      At Luke’s Kirima mixed sec school               Lynus M Murungi            795106010         Boarding and day              402        [email protected]
  133. Embu Runyenjes          st barnabus kathari        Rosalind mumbi thiaka    +254721266524               Day       224              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Garissa County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Garissa with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Garissa Balambala subcounty Rahole girls secondary school   Amina Wakaro  0729654611       Day       76              [email protected]
  2. Garissa Dadaab Kulan boys secondary Mohamed idle haret     0717342320       Boarding Boys   115              Mohamedharet15@gmail com
  3. Garissa FAFI SHILL SECONDARY SCHOOL         CHARLES JUMA MAKUNJA             0721806551       Boarding Boys   120              [email protected]
  4. Garissa Fafi Bura secondary School  Ismail dahir abdi              0721740197       Day boarding     175              [email protected]
  5. Garissa Fafi Galmagala secondary     Mukhtar Dekow Dahir    0721211545       Mixed Boarding 230              [email protected]
  6. Garissa Garissa Nanighi secondary school           Abdullahi Osman Duntow               0723581362       Boarding Boys   76              nanighisecondary@gmail
  7. Garissa Garissa Boystown secondary school Stephen ouma ochieng   0771281561       Day       1158              [email protected]
  8. Garissa Garissa Umu Salama Girls Sec School, Garissa Adow Adan G    0725606960       Day       771              [email protected]
  9. Garissa Garissa Iftin Girls Secondary Maryan Gedi               0720734613       Day       600        [email protected]
  10. Garissa Garissa Sub county Tumani Boys Secondary School   Ahmed Aden Noor          0743145539       Day       540              [email protected]
  11. Garissa GARISSATOWNSHIP Yathrib girls sec school7              Issack salat kassim          0721678501       Day       755              [email protected]
  12. Garissa Ijara County Council sec school           Ibrahim Mohamud Hilowle          0716776178       Day       413              [email protected]
  13. Garissa IJARA IJARA SECONDARY SCHOOL               MOHAMED DUBAT ABDI             0723208519       Day              148        [email protected]
  14. Garissa LAGDERA SHANTABAQ SEC SCHOOL              ABDIRAHMAN NUR         0722950553       Mixed Boarding              240        [email protected]
  15. Garissa Lagdera Modogashe Girls Day Secondary School Mohamed Haret             0717433316       Day       170              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Homa Bay County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Homa Bay with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Homa Bay Dhiwa   Patrick’s mixed secondary school Ogango  Komo Onyango Julius     0721279835       Mixed Boarding            256        Ogango mixed
  2. Homa Bay Homa bay           Gogo Katuma mixed Secondary          Ezekiel Odhiambo  Okumu          0725808881              Day       150        [email protected]
  3. Homa Bay Homa Bay           Ruga Mixed Sec School              Walter Odede Otie         0722690678       Day       134              [email protected]
  4. Homa Bay Homa Bay           Langoromo Mixed Secondary          Dickson Oyoo Abong’o   0721990711       Mixed Day              147        [email protected]
  5. Homa Bay Homa Bay           St Camilus Ojunge Mixed              Lynnette Olonde             0720582566       Day       130              [email protected]
  6. Homa Bay Homa Bay           Riwa Mixed Secondary school   Emily Adhiambo Owuor               0729871162       Day       85              Riwa2019@gmail
  7. Homa Bay HOMA BAY TOWN          MAGUTI MIXED SEC        JACTONE OWUOR OGAGA           0710719147       Day       71              None
  8. Homa Bay HOMA BAY TOWN          NGERE MIXED SECONDARY      Epaineto Otieno Onyango           0723579474              Day       366        [email protected]
  9. Homa Bay HomaBay           Mbai Mixed Secondary               Mary Awuor Kionge        0720739637       Day       145              [email protected]
  10. Homa Bay Homabay           Nyagidha Mixed Secondary School  George Morara Onduso 0711687313       Day       85              [email protected]
  11. Homa Bay Homabay           St Theresas Nyauu Girls’              Jaon A.Owino    0711502886       Day       109              [email protected]
  12. Homa Bay Homabay            Pap Ndege secondary school   Paul Ndiewo      0724491006       Day       40              papndegesecondaryschool
  13. Homa Bay Homabay Town Wiobiero Secondary              John Otieno Ogwayo      0724362277       Mixed Day              1368      [email protected]
  14. Homa Bay Homabay town Bishop ochiel otaro mixed sec school          Omonge Naphtaly okoth             0721759345              Mixed day          155        [email protected]
  15. Homa Bay Homabay Town Stt Dominic Wiga Mixed Secondary School.          Javans Ochieng Osuga   0721566676              Mixed Boarding and Day.            379              Wigastdominic@gmailcom.
  16. Homa Bay Homabay Town Pala Masogo Mixed Secondary school            Felix Asero Abwao          0720347460              Day       299        [email protected]
  17. Homa Bay Homabay town Ogande mixed sec               Dinah Moraa Ondieki     726861944         Mixed day and boarding             366        [email protected]
  18. Homa Bay Homabay town pius Ndiru mixed secondary school            John Okoth ONDOLO      0720401573              Mixed day          120        [email protected]
  19. Homa Bay Mbita    Stephens kirindo secondary              Simeon T.W. Ochieng     0722250755       Day       189              [email protected]
  20. Homa Bay Mbita    Usao Mixed Sec school  Maurice Oulo Okendo     0710427907       Day       86              [email protected]
  21. Homa Bay MBITA  TILLEN MIXED SECONDARY              MARTIN OPERE ODHIAMBO       0723601447       Day              662        [email protected]
  22. Homa Bay MBITA  OTIENO KAJWANG-NYAMAJI SEC. SCHOOL              THOMAS OGONDA         0718195199       Day              150        [email protected]
  23. Homa Bay Mbita    Williams Osodo secondary              Josephat Moibi Ondara 0718017128       Day       225              [email protected]
  24. Homa Bay MBITA  NGODHE SECONDARY SCHOOL              LAZARUS ALUM 0711212999       Day       170              [email protected]
  25. Homa Bay MBITA  WANDIJI MIXED SECONDARY              AMOS OCHIENG PANDE 0723727459       Mixed Boarding              325        O BOX 196-40300 HOMA-BAY
  26. Homa Bay Mbita    Michael’s Nyasumbi Mixed Sec Sch        Benard Onyango Ochieng            0722656887       Day       74              [email protected]
  27. Homa Bay Mbita    Prof Karega Mutahi Sec John Calvins Owino Ogutu      723775817         Day       96              [email protected]
  28. Homa Bay Mbita    Kamato mixed sec           Onyancha  Ronald Kodheks               0722379132       Day       135              Kamatosecondary@gmail
  29. Homa Bay Mbita    Waware mixed secondary               0714525520       0714525520       Day       575              [email protected]
  30. Homa Bay NDHIWA             NYARONGI MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     PAUL ONYANGO DANGA              +254726583496               Day       150              [email protected]
  31. Homa Bay NDHIWA             OKOK MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL.             STELLA AJWANG             0725992017       MIXED BOARDING AND DAY      399        [email protected]
  32. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Mbani Mixed Secondary              Paul Morebu Angwenyi 0725557498       Day       146              [email protected]
  33. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Felix Nyarath              Caroline Ong’ayo              0722561135       Day       149              [email protected]
  34. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Okota Mixed Secondary School              Achieng Z. Okoth     0722474939       Day       348              [email protected]
  35. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Abura Mixed Secondary School              Andrew Mbogo Wigwa  0721255313       Day       140              [email protected]
  36. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Jabagre mixed sec           Joshua Akodhe 0720957280       Day       260        [email protected]
  37. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Got Kojowi secondary school      Mr Simeon Ratego Orwa     0720801686       Mixed Boarding 547              [email protected]
  38. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Rapedhi Mixed sec.        Jackson Odongo Nyawara            0720801144       Mixed Day & Boarding              360        [email protected]
  39. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Mary’s Wachara Sec.School              George Sewe     0715079717       Mixed Boarding 367              [email protected]
  40. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Andiwo mixed   Daniel Waga Osanya 0713374349       Mixed Boarding 321              [email protected]
  41. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Alara Mixed Secondary Rose Inda              0706637316       Mixed Boarding 158              [email protected]
  42. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Kome Mixed Secondary School              Kerry Obura       0734515999       Day       120              [email protected]
  43. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Apuoche mixed secondary school              Samuel Akello Ouko              0728037945       Day              142        [email protected]
  44. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Oridi Girls           Lydia M. Bureza               0726583471       Girls Boarding/day         340              [email protected]
  45. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Osure Mixed Secondary Ouma Richad Okech    724121953         Day       117              [email protected]
  46. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Ndisi mixed sec school   Owens Oyiengo Ogola  722,768,149       Day       173              [email protected]
  47. Homa Bay Ndhiwa NICANCIOUS MARANYONA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL       Gladys Nyakerario Onsongo              0720823487       Mixed boarding and day              178              [email protected]
  48. Homa Bay NDHIWA             ALUOR MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              MUHANDO GEOFFREY   0707390466       Mixed Day/Boarding    513        [email protected]
  49. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Ongako mixed   Isaac Ochola              0701504016       Day       165              [email protected]
  50. Homa Bay NDHIWA             SIGAMA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAOKO JAMES PHILLIP    0702602599              MIXED DAY        102        [email protected]
  51. Homa Bay Ndhiwa               Hon Joshua Ojode Ndere Mixed   Katherine Ofumbo Opar               0727656378       mixed day              151        [email protected]
  52. Homa Bay Ndhiwa               Ototo mixed secondary               Clement Obare Otula     721255312         Mixed Boarding              740        [email protected]
  53. Homa Bay Rachuonyo  East              Orinde Lutheran Sec School          Hellen A Omollo              0722439262       Day              342        [email protected]
  54. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          PONGE LUTHERAN SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAIRUS ONCHOKE            0729011840              Day       400        [email protected]
  55. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East St Linus Umai sec.              Elijah Ochomba 0728890590       Mixed Boarding 117              [email protected]
  56. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Paul Oriang mixed Secondary School            Ouma Willy Mahulo       0725030305              Day       325        [email protected]
  57. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Mary’s Anding’o Girls Sec Sch Evelyn Oginga    0722618815       Boarding Girls    124              [email protected]
  58. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kojwach High School              Justus Okoth Ojuok        0722450311       Mixed Day and Boarding            450        [email protected]
  59. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Got Rateng Mixed Sec School  Johanes Kenyatta Ochiewo         0721215915       Mixed day              834        [email protected]
  60. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Otondo mixed secondary              Edward Otieno Kujah     0720340211       Day       130              [email protected]
  61. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          ATEMO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     PHILIP AYOO            0714357527              Mixed Boarding 814        P.O.BOX 5-40222 OYUGIS
  62. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kotienditi Mixed Secondary School            Thomas Onyango            0712381830              Day       324        [email protected]
  63. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          NYASORE MIXED SEC SCHOOL      PAUL OPOLLOH 0710343147       Day       72              [email protected]
  64. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kadie Mixed Secondary School  Odoyo Tubman Gary Brian          0710160339       Day       90              [email protected]
  65. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Nyamwaga Elck mixed sec school   Stellah Mwango              O722699395n    Mixed day              250        [email protected]
  66. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Atela Mixed sec school              Millicent A. Ogutu           +254721246695               Day              518        [email protected]
  67. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Dislaus Nyawango              Charles Ogada   0726586770       Mixed Boarding 204              Stdanslaussec@gmail
  68. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Ogilo Mixed Secondary School  Samuel Singei Oloo         0725445048       Day       426              samuelsingei@gmail
  69. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kolweny kingsway high school   Joash ojwang awuor       0722289385       Day       376              [email protected]
  70. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Apondo Secondary school              Esther Odhiambo           0713845059       Day       167              [email protected]
  71. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Owiro mixed Secondary              Walter Obonyo Akach    0711696552       Day       177              [email protected]
  72. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Orera mixed secondary              George O O Mukodo      0710691700       Mixed Boarding              271        N/A
  73. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Gideon’s mixed secondary school   Benson Oketch Osambo 0708103711       Mixed Boarding              232        [email protected]
  74. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kokwanyo Mixed secondary school            Fred Onono       0701678454       Day              320        Omondi [email protected]
  75. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Phillip’s Nyabondo sec               Mark Olonde     0721572133       Mixed Boarding 371              [email protected]
  76. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Kakelo secondary School              George Sitati             0722234897       Mixed day              179        [email protected]
  77. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East               Harambee mixed Secondary school            OMINDE MICHAEL NYALIK               0722267281       Day       83              [email protected]
  78. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          OTEL MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     FREDRICK   OLUOCH   0714898242              Day       140        [email protected]
  79. Homa Bay Rachuonyo east               Pala mixed secondary school            Julius Napali       0722279172       Day              138        [email protected]
  80. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          KANDEGWA LUTHERAN SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOHN JUMA MODI               711619537         Day       301              [email protected]
  81. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East               St Peter’s God Agak secondary school   Pamella Bonareri orori   0710218496              Day       208        [email protected]
  82. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East subcounty         ST TERESA’S OPANGA SECONDARY SCHOOL              George owino odero   0729047425       Mixed Day          228              [email protected]
  83. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East.             Gangre Mixed Secondary.         Oguk manasseh gogo.    0720929993       Day       70              [email protected]
  84. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            George Agola Owuor Secondary school             Koyįer Danish    0720 325414              Day       184        [email protected]
  85. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Nyakech Mixed              Kennedy J Moturi            +254722680641               Day              165        [email protected]
  86. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            St mary’s Nyakango           Christopher omwega     0726298701       Day              222        [email protected]
  87. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Masogo Mixed Secondary          Daniel W. Andaye           0722855000       Day              136        [email protected]
  88. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            KAMSER mixed sec              Jared Otema Ochieng     0722683008       Day       191              otema
  89. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     JOHN SEKA MIXED SEC. SCHOOL       HESBORNE OMBUYA NYAKONGO               0721333337       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       126              [email protected]
  90. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Lieta Mixed secondary School            Anastasia Osogo             0720950918              Mixed boarding and day              108              [email protected]
  91. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     Martin’s Oluti Mixed Secondary School              MARK ORIGA     +254703409790              Day       209        [email protected]
  92. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     KOBILA SECONDARY      PAUL OUKO ONYORE     0728892716       Mixed Boarding            549        [email protected]
  93. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     OMINDI MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAPHETH ODHIAMBO KOYIER               0727342572       Day       151              [email protected]
  94. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kodhoch Mixed sec school   Nangira Debora 0727115370       Day       146              [email protected]
  95. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Wikondiek sec school   Robert Ogoti Mikuro      0723827079       Mixed day&boarding   179        [email protected]
  96. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     KANAM MIXED SEC SCHOOL              OMAMBIA THOMAS MONG’ARE 0722909811              Day       281        [email protected]
  97. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kamolo mixed secondary school            Belia Onjala       0722870837       Day              102        [email protected]
  98. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Koredo mixed sec school   Edwin otieno     0722867747       Day       154              Koredo@gmail
  99. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Omboga High School  Ogolla David      0722393315       Mixed Boarding 484              [email protected]
  100. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Ngeta Mixed secondary school            Millicent Anyango owino              0716799733       Mixed Boarding 189        ngeta Mixed secondary school@gmail
  101. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Adiedo mixed              Onono Philip      0725498523       Mixed Boarding 484              [email protected]
  102. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Osodo mixed sec school   Daniel gaya onyango      721467540         Day       216              [email protected]
  103. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kandiege Mixed Secondary school.           Philip Okongo    0720173882       Mixed Boarding            417        [email protected]
  104. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Oyombe mixed sec school   Ogombo Walter 0725735390       Day       65              [email protected]
  105. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            St Benards Otaro High school        Erick Okoth Amuti           728917497         Mixed Boarding            645        [email protected]
  106. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kowuor mixed secondary          Tom Ojwang Ogola         0724815752       Mixed Boarding            420        [email protected]
  107. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Akwakra mixed secondary school            Charles Owenga Odede 0723143703              Mixed Boarding 350        [email protected]
  108. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH      ALARU CENTRAL MIXED SEC SCHOOL        Daniel Makaya  0720259128       Day              213        [email protected]
  109. Homa Bay Rachuonyo sourh            Mithui mixed school4 Charles ouma alila          0722616881       Day       400              Mithui [email protected]
  110. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      AGORO SARE MIXED DAY SECONDARY              JOSEPH AYIEKO 0724955976              Day       751        [email protected]
  111. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      KALANDING MIXED SECONDARY  SCHOOL    MOSES NYABENDE AWUOR.              0723927410       Day       200              [email protected]
  112. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Nyangiela Mixed Secondary School            Vincent Omenjo              0723589944              Mixed Day and Boarding             446              [email protected]
  113. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            God Agulu Secondary School            Isaac Ongaro Oyugi         0723400739              Day       104        [email protected]
  114. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Kachieng’ Sec.School          Andrew Ondiek Achola  0722475478       Day              181        [email protected]
  115. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            Buoye mixed secondary School            Jared ogweno    0721358624       Day              276        [email protected]
  116. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Nyalenda Mixed Sec Schoo           Jared Mwalo      0720641449       Mixed Boarding              560        [email protected]
  117. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            DOL SECONDARY              Johnstone Osoro Oguda 0728745438       Day       224              [email protected]
  118. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            NYANDIWA MIXED DEB SECONDARY SCHOOL            Rose Otieno       0722842070              Mixed Boarding 221        [email protected]
  119. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            Kwoyo Oyugis Secondary          Peter Muhiri      0722670835       Mixed day and boarding            454        [email protected]
  120. Homa Bay Rachuonyo south            Saye mixed secondary school            Adongo Thomas              0722665022              Mixed Boarding 503        [email protected]
  121. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Mititi Mixed Secondary School            Moses Opel Oningu        0722447580              Mixed day/ boarding     312        [email protected]
  122. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Nyabola Mixed Secondary          Tom Barongo Obachi     0720714629       Day              286        [email protected]
  123. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            Peters Kotieno              Bibiana Ocar Shimoli      0711890041       Mixed Boarding              425        [email protected]
  124. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH              NYAKIYAMIXEDSECONDARY SCHOOL      ODERA WYCLIFE OTIENO 0723674470       Day       57              [email protected]
  125. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      NYAFARE MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     DAVID ERASTUS KABAKA              0721770458       Mixed Boarding 114              [email protected]
  126. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      SINO SDA MIXED SECONDARY       MABEL MINAYO ALUDIRA            0722948383              Mixed Boarding 236        [email protected]
  127. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH      KOSELE MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     PAMELA AWUOR RARI   0722630648              Day       261        [email protected]
  128. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SOUTH.     AOLO GIRLS SECONDARY.     MEREZA KUNGU.             0721278594       Day              110        [email protected]
  129. Homa Bay Rachuonyo Southu         Kaditonge Mixed Secondary          John Ochieng’ Migot       0722408255       Mixed Day              20          Box 64 Oyugis
  130. Homa Bay RACHUONYO SUOTH      NYAKIYA MIXED DAY SECONDARY            WYCLIFE OTIENO ODERA             072374470              Day       57          [email protected]
  131. Homa Bay Rachwonyo  East             Lwanda Lutheran mixed sec sch    PONTI JAMES OTWERE  0717343200       Mixed Boarding            108        [email protected]
  132. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyawita Mixed Secondary              George Olweya 0723902118       Mixed Boarding and Day              381        [email protected]
  133. Homa Bay Rangwe St Albert Chiepe Mixed Sec.              Martin Wanyonyi            0722312896       Mixed day and boarding            279        [email protected]
  134. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyandema Mixed           Mr  John Ayieko  0722297596       Day       213              [email protected]
  135. Homa Bay Rangwe Olare Secondary school Omwenga james    0725803292       Mixed Boarding 472        179-40300
  136. Homa Bay Rangwe OLUSO MIXED   Meshack Omondi              0793566154       Mixed day and Boarding              184              [email protected]
  137. Homa Bay Rangwe Achego Mixed Sec School              Anthony R. Singombe    0729258258       Mixed Boarding              410        [email protected]
  138. Homa Bay RANGWE            LWAHO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     JOSINTER A WADEYA     0728312285              Day       201        [email protected]
  139. Homa Bay Rangwe Ongeti mixed secondary school              Medrine kasoha libaiga 0728116510       Day       157              [email protected]
  140. Homa Bay RANGWE            STEPHEN’S ANG’IRO MIXED SECONDARY        MARY ATIENO OTIENO  0725518695              MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       175              [email protected]
  141. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyandiwa Mixed Secondary School              Gordon Matengo            0724741436       Day       261              [email protected]
  142. Homa Bay RANGWE            ST ALBERT’S SINOGO MIXED SEC SCHOOL        ALBERT OTIENO NAKHUNGU              0722904163       Day       88              [email protected]
  143. Homa Bay Rangwe John’s Got Kabok Mixed          Paul Abonyo      0722621106       Day       77              none
  144. Homa Bay Rangwe Francis Andingo sec  Fredrick O. Ouma   0722441694       Day       117              [email protected]
  145. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyandera secondary      John Ayieko  0722297596       Day       230        [email protected]
  146. Homa Bay Rangwe Nyajanja Mixed Sec . School              Dennis Odhiambo Achieng          0720328741       Mixed Boarding            313        [email protected]
  147. Homa Bay Rangwe Omoche mixed sec         Benson Kutola Makokha              0710448846       Day       250              [email protected]
  148. Homa Bay Rangwe Paul’s Aochmuga Mixed Secondary School            Ocholi Albert Akech        0722674414              Day       508        [email protected]
  149. Homa Bay Rangwe Gul Kagembe sec school               Jack Otieno Ogeda          721749189         Day       192              [email protected]
  150. Homa Bay Rangwe Rangwe Girls Secondary school               Millicent Otieno              0715000892       Boarding/Day Girls               360        [email protected]
  151. Homa Bay Rangwe Marienga secondary school               James Mosomi  0713249084       Day       69              [email protected]
  152. Homa Bay RANGWE            WIKOTENG MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     OKEYO MALACHI OKECH               0721243060       Mixed Boarding 465              [email protected]
  153. Homa Bay Rangwe               Manga Mixed Secondary School   Festus Onyango               0721357351       Mixed Boarding              169        [email protected]
  154. Homa Bay Rangwe               God Marera Mixed SEC school   Ngare Calleb      721209305         Day       450              [email protected]
  155. Homa Bay Rangwe sub county        Nyakwadha mixed secondary          Iasiah Odiwuor Okoto    724784748         Mixed day              147        [email protected]
  156. Homa Bay Rangwe subcou ty           Odienya secondary School  Othieno Laurian              0708324466       Day       75              [email protected]
  157. Homa Bay              Bondo mixed secondary school. Joshua momanyi ogeto. 710368947         Day       258              [email protected].
  158. Homa Bay SUBA     NYADENDA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              ODHIAMBO ALPHONSE O722289613      Day              340        Nyadendaschool@yahoo
  159. Homa Bay Suba     John Mbadi Koyombe Mixed Secondary School.          Nyamolo Simeon Adundo              0722292633       Day       128              [email protected]
  160. Homa Bay Suba     Nyatambe Secondary School              Odingo John      0721644675       Mixed Day and Boarding              357        [email protected]
  161. Homa Bay SUBA     MAGUNGA TOWNSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL     KENNEDY MARTIN ODHIAMBO              0721628207       Day       147              [email protected]
  162. Homa Bay Suba     Ragwe Mixed Secondary School               Paul O. Mbara   0721213442       Mixed Day          224              [email protected]
  163. Homa Bay Suba     Msare Mixed Sec School.              Joyce Bitutu Nyaramba 0726 875379      Day       300              [email protected]
  164. Homa Bay Suba     Gregory’s Obanga Sec.School              K’Abonyo peter Odhiambo         0725317180       Mixed Boarding            497        [email protected]
  165. Homa Bay SUBA     JOSEPH OLANDO SEC. SCHOOL              VICTOR ONYANGO OLANG’O      0721894896       Day              110        [email protected]
  166. Homa Bay Suba     Charles Wiga Secondary School.              George Ochieng Otieno 0721100595       Mixed Boarding              320        stcharleswigasecondary
  167. Homa Bay SUBA     KIABUYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              PHILIP ABWAO EDIONYI      0717286654              Mixed Day and Boarding             320              [email protected]
  168. Homa Bay Suba     Kisaku mixed Secondary school               paul mumbo      0729735255       Mixed Boarding and Day               150        [email protected]
  169. Homa Bay SUBA     Nyabera Girls Secondary School              Oraya Jane Akech            0723393481       Boarding Girls              320        [email protected]
  170. Homa Bay Suba      John Mbadi Ligongo secondary               OMOLLO Maurice Ochieng          0722474022       Day       67              [email protected]
  171. Homa Bay Suba North        Kayanja Mixed secondary school   Joseph O.Awach              +254725303194               Day              269        [email protected]
  172. Homa Bay SUBA NORTH     KASWANGA GIRLS SECONDARY      JANE OBEL         0721492601       Boarding Girls              164        [email protected]
  173. Homa Bay Suba south         Kianyumba mixed sec school   v.akinyi     0722936685       Day       132              [email protected]
  174. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     SINDO MIXED DAY SEC. SCHOOL              MOSE O. BEN     0720899376       Day       221              [email protected]
  175. Homa Bay Suba South        St Marcellin Kigoto Mixed Secondary School            Mark Orwa Otieno          0729937865              Mixed Day and Boarding             173              [email protected]
  176. Homa Bay Suba South        Rowo mixed      Pamela Omego 0722618456       Day       57          Rowomixed@gmail .com
  177. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     NYATOTO MIXED SEC SCHOOL              HENRY MAIKO   0710314344       Mixed day and boarding            178        [email protected]
  178. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     ONYWERA BOYS SECONDARY      ANDREW AKOTO             0710107586       Boys Boarding & Day 120        [email protected]
  179. Homa Bay Suba South        Mark Matunga Kiwa mixed         Malala Martin Okoth      0704257292       Mixed Day and Boarding     102        [email protected]
  180. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     NYAKIYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     SAMWEL GOGO               724806033              Day       162        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Isiolo County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Isiolo with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Isiolo Garbatulla          Algani Girls’ Day sec school              Adan mero Ali   0719809468       Day       130              [email protected]
  2. Isiolo Garbatulla          Gafarsa mixed day secondary school   Hassan Ilalo boru            0716880147       Day       141              [email protected]
  3. Isiolo ISIOLO  LABARISHEREKI SECONDARY       LEGUUTO NTEIYE ANGELINE           0728385216       Mixed Boarding 82              [email protected]/[email protected]
  4. Isiolo Isiolo     Bulampya day mixed sec school Kiambi stephen              0724282739       Mixed   228              [email protected]
  5. Isiolo isiolo     St Paul’s kiwanjani secondary     Bridget baariu   0723952077       Day       802              [email protected]
  6. Isiolo Isiolo     Kambi Garba Mixed Day Sec School              Abdi A. Guyo     0721886352       Day       25              [email protected]
  7. Isiolo Isiolo     Isiolo Barracks Secondary School              Fredrick Gitonga Bundi  0714926557       Day       506              [email protected]
  8. Isiolo Isiolo     Waso Secondary School               Halima Sadia Godana    0721922822       Mixed Boarding 470              [email protected]
  9. Isiolo Isiolo north        Leparua mixed secondary school              Elmoge adam ali              0725220622       Mixed day              120        [email protected]
  10. Isiolo Merti    Biliqo day sec sch            Mustafa Toney Dabaso 0723290333       Day       65              [email protected]
  11. Isiolo MERTI   KORBESA MIXED DAY SECONDARY               Boru Charfi         0724326471       Day       103              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kajiado County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kajiado with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kajiado Isinya Ereteti mixed     Regina M kasusya              O729672081      Day       201          [email protected]
  2. Kajiado Isinya Isinya boys secondary    Robert Mokamba Mose    0721 832 925     Boys Boarding and Mixed Day    365              [email protected]
  3. Kajiado Isinya Kisaju Dipak secondary school.   Agneter Omusulah          0720364407/+254 724 463600   Boarding Girls              161        [email protected]
  4. Kajiado Isinya Olooltepes secondary school      Rosemary Ngota    0720212520       Mixed day and boarding              242              [email protected]
  5. Kajiado Isinya Ilpolosat secondary School          Mautha Lazarus Matolo 0711144069       Mixed Boarding 161              [email protected]
  6. Kajiado ISINYA KISAJU DIPAK SECONDARY SCHOOL               Agnetter Were Omusula              0724463600       Boarding Girls      200        [email protected]
  7. Kajiado Isinya Oloosirkon Sec school    ANNE W, PAUL              0723363218       Day       109        [email protected]
  8. Kajiado ISINYA OLTURUTO SEC SCHOOL              JOSEPH MUEMA              0722932197       Day       175              [email protected]
  9. Kajiado KAJIADO CENTRAL PCEA GRACE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL- LETOIRE           WINNIFRED NTHENYA    0774745876              Boarding Girls    183              [email protected]
  10. Kajiado Kajiado central Nalepo taegong girls secondary school   Pauline kilimi     0729470440       Boarding Girls    282              [email protected]
  11. Kajiado Kajiado central Ilmarba secondary school               Ben Nyakango          0722710565       Mixed Boarding              177        [email protected]
  12. Kajiado KAJIADO CENTRAL KAJIADO TOWNSHIP MIXED DAY SEC MR SIMON NDERITU WATUTHU 0722645714              Day       500        [email protected]
  13. Kajiado Kajiado central Gen joseph Nkaissery high school              Anthony m.Gikandi        0722314902       Mixed Boarding              177        [email protected]
  14. Kajiado KAJIADO CENTRAL Namanga Mixed Sec School               TERESA BARU    0722365182       Day       273              [email protected]
  15. Kajiado Kajiado Central Senior Chief Rissa Oloosuyian Sec school Dionisio Namu Mwaniki       0710360082       Mixed day/boarding    292        [email protected]
  16. Kajiado Kajiado norrth Destiny Ngong hills academy              James Gitonga   0720771862       Day       200              Pastajaymo30@
  17. Kajiado Kajiado North Olkeri Secondary             Simon Muchina             0727993346       Day       366              [email protected]
  18. Kajiado Kajiado North Nalepa primary Moses L Sayialel              0727089415       Day       313        [email protected]
  19. Kajiado Kajiado North Kiserian mixed day secondary school   Gladys Onyancha            0725745179       Day       592              Kiserian mixed
  20. Kajiado Kajiado North C.E.A Ngong Hills Secondary School  Esther .G. Gakuu             0722617819       Day       454              [email protected]
  21. Kajiado Kajiado North NKAIMURUNYA secondarysch              Kamau peter kimani       0722497984       Mixed Boarding              696        [email protected]
  22. Kajiado Kajiado North Catholic Diocese Ngong Township secondary          Simon Nderitu Watuthu 0722489420       Day              443        [email protected]
  23. Kajiado Kajiado North Upper matasia primary school              Andambi Gladys              0722385741       Day       367              alemagladys
  24. Kajiado KAJIADO NORTH NKOROI MIXED DAY SEC SCHOOL              ELISHEPA WAMBURA NDUNA     0722381740              Day       409        [email protected]
  25. Kajiado Kajiado north Olekasasi mixed day secondary              Johnson Gitau   0721406367       Day       550              [email protected]
  26. Kajiado Kajiado North Brother Beausang Catholic Education Centr Anne ogallo       0720380045       Mixed Day              730        [email protected]
  27. Kajiado Kajiado North I.C Ngong Hills primary              Joshua M.Titus. 0712213059       Mixed Boarding 300              [email protected]
  28. Kajiado KAJIADO NORTH ENOOMATASIANI MIXED  SECONDARY SCHOOL     JOHN NGETHE KAMAKYA              0706081267       Day       461        [email protected]
  29. Kajiado Kajiado North Embulbul mixed day secondary school   Salome j Kiplagat             722266468         Day       361              [email protected]
  30. Kajiado Kajiado North Empakasi mixed day secondary school   Eunice Bichanga              0729403012       Day       232              [email protected]
  31. Kajiado Kajiado North Kerarapon Secondary School               Joseph Kamakia               0713166575       Day       211              [email protected]
  32. Kajiado Kajiado west Olteyani mixed day sec school              PETER MURITHI ALEXANDER       0725961258       Mixed Boarding            272        O BOX 90- 00206 kiserian
  33. Kajiado Kajiado west Naningoi mixed day and boarding secondary          Wilson wachira 0722645714       Mixed day and boarding            200        [email protected]
  34. Kajiado Kajiado west Namelok girls sec sch     Beatrice m.chege             0722333541       Boarding Girls    5            NamelokG
  35. Kajiado Kajiado West Olooseos Mixed Day Sec               Joyce Pere Nderitu         0723365164       Day       248              [email protected]
  36. Kajiado Kajiado West Oldonyonyokie Girls secondary               Grace kimani     722462971         Boarding Girls    111              [email protected]
  37. Kajiado Kajiado west Oloika secondary school               Rhoda Kosgey    0722449214       Mixed Boarding 66              [email protected]
  38. Kajiado Kajiado West Inkiito Manoh Secondary School               Justus Koin Tonkei          0722425676       Mixed Boarding              168        [email protected]
  39. Kajiado Loitokitok Christ the King sec          Mboya Charles 0725470221       Mixed Boarding 200              [email protected]
  40. Kajiado Loitokitok Iltilal day &boarding secondary              Samson  Laitete 0723739953       Mixed Day& boarding                106        [email protected]
  41. Kajiado Loitokitok Illasit Secondary School Ezekiel Ngoci Kariuki     0722914375       Day       660              [email protected]
  42. Kajiado Loitokitok Olmapitet Manhae secondary school   Mungori K Naftary          0722872594       Mixed Boarding              276        [email protected]
  43. Kajiado LOITOKITOK AMBOSELI LEWIS SEC SCHOOL              PETER M. KIAMA             0722497170       Mixed Boarding 13              Box 393-00209 LOITOKITOK
  44. Kajiado Loitokitok Olchorro Secondary school               Gichuki J.G.        0721750600       Day       546        Olchorro [email protected].
  45. Kajiado Loitoktok Kikelelwa secondary school              Mugo severino Gitari     0725626072       Day       467              [email protected]
  46. Kajiado Loitoktok Entarara mixed secondary school               Stephen Oseur Lekasi     0792183149 /0727 732683               Day       628        [email protected]
  47. Kajiado Loitoktok Kuku secondary               Dr patrick wambua             0711426321       Day       247              [email protected]
  48. Kajiado Mashuru Thomas fish sec               Robert  kipkorir               0722620180       Mixed day and Boarding               100        thomasfish154@yahoo
  49. Kajiado Mashuuru Merrueshi Maasai High school              Augustine Mutua            0721463007       Mixed Boarding              280        [email protected]
  50. Kajiado Mashuuru Erankau sec       Kimuli JN              0721410405       Mixed day/boarding      141              erankausecondary@gmail
  51. Kajiado Mashuuru Masimba sec School       Daniel Nyagaka Chieki 0722864572       Mixed Boarding 106              [email protected]
  52. Kajiado Oloitoktok Oloirien secondary school               Jackson kasaine               0720706397       Boarding Boys              251        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kakamega County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kakamega with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kakamega Butere  Ibokolo mixed sec           Hilary Ojera    0795110755/ 0724369417obokolo          Mixed Day              503        [email protected]
  2. Kakamega Butere  St Cecilia Lufumbo girls sec school              Janet Minayo     0726 292659      Day/Boarding girls              408        [email protected]
  3. Kakamega BUTERE SHINAMWENYULI SEC SCH              SAMUEL OGOLA              0737227796       Day       464              [email protected]
  4. Kakamega Butere  Masaba Mixed Secondary School              Rose Kageha Luvembe   0726481514       Day       258              [email protected]
  5. Kakamega Butere  Benedict Mukoye Girls              Miss Chibole Leah Were 0724889516       Day and Boarding Girls      147        [email protected]
  6. Kakamega Butere  St Stephens shiatsala secondary school   Gadd ojala         0724761291       Mixed day          814              Shiatsala [email protected]
  7. Kakamega Butere  IMANGA SEC SCHOOL    Peter Were    0723328878       Day       310        [email protected]
  8. Kakamega Butere  Bukolwe sec school        Patrick o Shikanda            0722446639       Mixed Boarding 554              [email protected]
  9. Kakamega Butere  Eshitari Secondary school              Emmanuel  cheloti sanya             0722402641       Mixed Day and Boarding     411        [email protected]
  10. Kakamega Butere  Manyala Secondary School              Hesbon Mango 0722289302       Mixed Boarding 754              [email protected]
  11. Kakamega BUTERE ESHIKOMERE GIRLS SEC SCHOOL              FEMINA MWANDIHI       0721929770       GIRLS BOARDING AND DAY            180        [email protected]
  12. Kakamega Butere  Ituti sec. School Edwin K. Amariati              0719816238       Day       275        [email protected]
  13. Kakamega Butere  St Peters Muyundi Girls sec.              Jane I. Musungu                            Day       151              [email protected]
  14. Kakamega BUTERE               SHIBEMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL              WILBERFORCE BWIRE           0723509172              Day       230        [email protected]
  15. Kakamega Butere St  Marks  Bulanda  mixed  secondary          AKIRUGA  KISSINGER  Hudson     0722966869              Day       211        [email protected]
  16. Kakamega Butere Shitsitswi Secondary school               Joseph Inganga Asakaniah           0713526862       Day              603        [email protected]
  17. Kakamega Kakamega  Central          Mwangaza  Secondary          Dorry W Ndombi             0724039689       Mixed Day              350        [email protected]
  18. Kakamega Kakamega  East Friends  secondary  school-  Handidi Stephen  wafula              0725347206       Mixed  Day/Boarding    593        [email protected]
  19. Kakamega Kakamega  East               Friends Secondary school- Likhovero            Mary Alambo     0722688984       Day              130        [email protected]
  20. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CENTRAL     SHIEYWE SECONDARY      KEFA ATSOBWA +254722476960               Day              750        [email protected]/[email protected]
  21. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Augustin Rosterman Secondary School     Mary Bwate Mushira              0799848294       Day       350              [email protected]
  22. Kakamega Kakamega central           lukes Shisango Girls Secondary school   Dorice Mbuni    0722975392       Day              157        [email protected]
  23. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CENTRAL     KAKAMEGA TOWNSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL             AGGREY SICHERE              0721846714       Day       527              [email protected]
  24. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CENTRAL     PATRICK’S IKONYERO SEC SCH         ROSELYNE NAMUSENDE              0720777061       MIXED DAY        1261              [email protected]
  25. Kakamega Kakamega central           Francis Xavier Shikoti mixed sec sch     Barisecha Wilfred           0712780751              Day       471        [email protected]
  26. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Indangalasia C/ G Secondary School            Eunice Juma      0706369088       Day              476        [email protected]
  27. Kakamega Kakamega Central           St Thomas Aquinas Secondary Eshisiru         Edna S.Shiramba             0701116132              Mixed Boarding 550        [email protected]
  28. Kakamega Kakamega central           KILIMO GIRLS SECONDARY       Rachel Okaro     0712056866       Boarding Girls              675        none
  29. Kakamega Kakamega central           Mwiyala mixed Day secondary school    Jacqueline k. Tambasi    O724583029              Day       373        [email protected]
  30. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Ibinzo girls secondary school            Janet A. Otieno 0715138142       Day and boarding             425        [email protected]
  31. Kakamega Kakamega east  Friends mixed shilalyo sec school   Shiashia Carolyne           0728345025       Day       211              [email protected]
  32. Kakamega Kakamega East  Shamiloli secondary              Zachariah Musumba      0724761422       Day       110              [email protected]
  33. Kakamega Kakamega East  SHIDODO SECONDARY SCHOOL              Joyce Ambutsi   722629875         Day Mixed              650        [email protected]
  34. Kakamega Kakamega East  St Monica lubao sec school              Echessa Peter    0722577100       Mixed day sec school              700        [email protected]
  35. Kakamega Kakamega east  Holy cross injira sec              Peter Ogejo        0722286676       Day       270              [email protected]
  36. Kakamega Kakamega East  Lugala secondary School              Okwara Oliver   0722268050       Mixed Day          518              [email protected]
  37. Kakamega Kakamega East  Kwirenyi high school              James amalemba            0721589927       Boarding Girls              389        [email protected]
  38. Kakamega KAKAMEGA EAST            JOSEPH INGOLOMOSIO SEC         MICHAEL WANYONYI OKURO              0718708956       Day       284              [email protected]
  39. Kakamega Kakamega East  Musingu Day Mixed sec school   Achonga Dalmas Wandera          0714808568       Day              140        [email protected]
  40. Kakamega KAKAMEGA EAST            SOLYO SECONDARY SCHOOL     RUKIAH MOHAMMED    0712890948              Day       358        [email protected]
  41. Kakamega Kakamega East  PAG Magale Secondary School  John Lusamamba            0712253594       Day       385        27 Kambiri
  42. Kakamega Kakamega East  St Joseph’s Mukulusu Sec School  Alianda Bwire    0711517002       Day       350              [email protected]
  43. Kakamega Kakamega East  Shiswa Secondary              Elkana Galileo    0701971530       Day       100              Shiswasecondary08@gmail
  44. Kakamega Kakamega East  SA Ivakale secondary               Jacktone Indimuli            0797466421       Day       250              [email protected]
  45. Kakamega Kakamega east  St Joseph’s malimili              Andole kizito     0724021907       Day       512        Andole kizito8@gmail
  46. Kakamega Kakamega East  Mukhonje Sec School               Marina MULAMA            0722882276       Day       170              [email protected]
  47. Kakamega Kakamega East  Bukhaywa Secondary School  Amukowa  0722 382785      Day       739              [email protected]
  48. Kakamega Kakamega East Friends Bulovi Secondary school   Jaafar Omar       0710149825, 0719691926           Day              133        [email protected]
  49. Kakamega Kakamega East St Geralds Shanjero sec              Kizito Ingabi       0722880011       Day       512              [email protected]
  50. Kakamega Kakamega east Lwanda secondary school               Ferdinand Mbiti              0722441344       Mixed day               625        [email protected]
  51. Kakamega Kakamega East St Theresa Isecheno               George Masinde              0721654393       Day       85              [email protected]
  52. Kakamega Kakamega north              Friends secondary-shirugu Sammy k chemey            0728838212       Day       130              Friendssecondaryshirugu@gmail
  53. Kakamega Kakamega North             Shiandiche secondary school            Dinah Nakhungu wekesa              0727023795       Mixed boarding and day              481              [email protected]
  54. Kakamega Kakamega North             Shivanga sec School  Jotham Shitanda             0724879068       Mixed Day              359        none
  55. Kakamega Kakamega North             Friends High School Samitsi   Dan Lutomia Masitsa     0723862927       Boys boarding/Day    420        [email protected]
  56. Kakamega Kakamega North             Namushiya              Benard Mikangi Kalama 0722564355       Mixed Day              212        [email protected]
  57. Kakamega Kakamega North             St Teresa Isanjiro girls       Kivayiru Mary Luvanda  0722479353       Day       351        33-50103 Malava
  58. Kakamega Kakamega North             Chegulo Sec School              SHIKUKU NEHEMIAH      0720758825       Mixed Day              210        [email protected]
  59. Kakamega Kakamega North             MAVUSI SECONDARY SCHOOL     PHOEBE A.CHILUYI         0719410714              Mixed day/boarding      432              [email protected]
  60. Kakamega KAKAMEGA NORTH        LWANDETI SEC SCHOOL              JACOB F. WEMISIKO       0716049410       Mixed Boarding            961        [email protected]
  61. Kakamega KAKAMEGA NORTH        NAMAGARA SECONDARY      KENNEDY M. NYAMOLO 0723816426       Day              750        [email protected]
  62. Kakamega Kakamega North             Monica Girls Namatala Secondary school        Flora Ligwilu Runaku      722669054              Day       151        [email protected]
  63. Kakamega Kakamega North             Namanja sec school   Kharemwa John Wafula               725749821         Day              601        [email protected]
  64. Kakamega Kakamega North             Friends Secondary school Mutsuma             Daniel Wanami 0722265921       Day              239        [email protected]
  65. Kakamega Kakamega south             Our lady of assumption Shitoli          Adelaide Baraza O727574809      Day              145        [email protected]
  66. Kakamega Kakamega south             james Shisesia              Kennedy musumba        9720547478       Mixed Boarding              100        [email protected]
  67. Kakamega Kakamega South             St Joseph’s Shichinji Secondary School          Cassius Lumwamu Khatachi              0728992710       Mixed Day          408              [email protected]
  68. Kakamega Kakamega south             Shiduha sec school              Joan kikechi       0725639410       Day       373              [email protected]
  69. Kakamega Kakamega South             Imbale Secondary school   Joseph Momanyi Ochenge          0722775783       Mixed day and boarding     547        [email protected]
  70. Kakamega KAKAMEGA SOUTH         FRIENDS SCHOOL LIRHEMBE          MILDRED O ATITI            0721223007       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL             351              [email protected]
  71. Kakamega Kakamega South             Musali Secondary              Edward Chole Mwanzi   0720286510       Day       240              [email protected]
  72. Kakamega Kakamega South             Our Lady Queen of Peace Shikondi Girls       Violet Musotsi   0705077362       Day              400        shikondigirls1@gmail.
  73. Kakamega Kakamega south             Friends secondary school shivagala              Peter liguyani khamalishi              0723794337       Mixed Boarding 243        Box 1829 kakamega
  74. Kakamega Kakamega South             Joseph Ortner Girls Secondary School  Mrs. Isabella Munyasa   0722273628              Day       160        [email protected]
  75. Kakamega Kakamega South             FRIENDS SCHOOL LUSIOLA              Chrispinus Sunguti          728617088         Day              520        [email protected]
  76. Kakamega Kakamega south              St Thomas, Shikumu sec school        Adika George     0725823980       Day              183        [email protected]
  77. Kakamega Kakamega South             Shimanyiro sec School   Kosasia Amos Jackson    724303779         Day       310              [email protected]
  78. Kakamega Kakamega South.            Shiveye Secondary school. Fredrick M. Munialo       0721340427       Day       427              [email protected]
  79. Kakamega Kakamega-East Museno Secondary School              Margret Tabu    0708768384       Day       383              [email protected]
  80. Kakamega KHWISERO         EMUTSASA GIRLS SEC. SCHOOL              JUDITH LUNA KAGOT     +254720227825              Day       150        [email protected]
  81. Kakamega Khwisero            Ack St. Pauls Mushinaaka mixed sec sch    Francis Mugalo Semele  +254710875874              Mixed day          137        [email protected]
  82. Kakamega Khwisero            St Stephen’s Mulwanda Secondary          Francis Khaemba            0743920177       Day              773        ststiphensmulwanda@gmail,com
  83. Kakamega Khwisero            Mathews Ikomero  sec.              Jasfesy Emodoi Oridi      0725147910       Mixed day               591        [email protected]
  84. Kakamega Khwisero            Emwiru Mixed Day sec school   Judith Achieng Omwony              0723830256       Day              623        [email protected]
  85. Kakamega Khwisero            Dennis Munjiti sec school   Masinde Alex     0722936580       Day       325              [email protected]
  86. Kakamega Khwisero            St Dennis Munjiti              Masinde Alex     0722936580       Day       327              [email protected]
  87. Kakamega Khwisero            Eshinutsa Secondary              Joseph Kibet Kosgei        0722895124       Day       600              [email protected]
  88. Kakamega Khwisero            St  Anne’s Dudi Girls Secondary School            Linet KUYA Abwao          0722691997              Day       121        [email protected]
  89. Kakamega Khwisero            Eshibinga k secondary              Odera Bernard k              0722683775       Mixed day/boarding    740        [email protected]
  90. Kakamega KHWISERO         MUNDAHA SECONDARY              KENNEDY N SIKUKU        0722449118       Day       208              [email protected]
  91. Kakamega Khwisero            Mwihila Girls High School              Mary Ambasa Mudengeya          0720128662       Girls day              118        [email protected]
  92. Kakamega Khwisero            Shiongo secondary school              Achoki Reuben 071885911         Mixed Boarding 621              achokireuben1970@gmail
  93. Kakamega Khwisero            Ekatsombero secondary school   Nambaka P. Ngala           728598050         Mixed Day              258        [email protected]
  94. Kakamega Khwisero            Ekambuli sec school              Kefa Nyarigoti mogere   0725826337       Mixed day and boarding            326        [email protected]/ [email protected]
  95. Kakamega Khwisero            ST JOSEPH’S SHIROTSA SEC SCHOOL              Rosemary N SHIUNDU    0724347076       Day              263        [email protected]
  96. Kakamega Khwisero            Lwanda Dudi Secondary               Dr Elizabeth Waseka       0720299157       Mixed Boarding              399        281-40610 Yala
  97. Kakamega KHWISERO         SHIRALI SECONDARY               MANOAH MALENYA       0712699564       MIXED DAY              298        [email protected]
  98. Kakamega Kskamega North              St Gerald Mayuge Secondary School            Zachariah Jacob Mulievi Mmasi              0721386043       Day       237              [email protected]
  99. Kakamega Likuyani              Eshikulu Girls Secondary              Josephine Mwavali         0728346067       Boarding and Day  Girls      571        [email protected]
  100. Kakamega Likuyani              Joseph’s Nyorotis Secondary          Sylvia Akissa Etyang        0727730226       Mixed Day              281        [email protected]
  101. Kakamega Likuyani              Augustine’s Soysambu secondary          Nelson Mulongo Mutonyi            0722570035              Day       724        [email protected]
  102. Kakamega LIKUYANI            HENRY’S SAISI WABUGE BOYS SEC            MUHANGANI ALFRED ATSANGO 0722449106              Boarding Boys   360        P.O. BOX 852. MOI’S BRIDGE.
  103. Kakamega Likuyani              Aligula sec. school              Alfayo  Sindani  Mikisi    0722295079       Day       320    
  104. Kakamega likuyani Friends secondary school matisi              wilson okonjo oriato      0721313141       Day       217              Box 8 matunda
  105. Kakamega Likuyani              St Teresa mukunga sec              Moses wm wabwire       0720954014       Day       605              [email protected]
  106. Kakamega Likuyani              Friends Secondary School Kongoni              Protus Wasike Wekesa  0720113218       Mixed Boarding            537        [email protected]
  107. Kakamega Likuyani              Francis Kisigame Secondary          Mrs. Mise Catherine       0717813337       Day              190        [email protected]
  108. Kakamega Likuyani              Mwiba S.A.Secondary School  Masika Isaac      0713690775       Day       402              [email protected]
  109. Kakamega Likuyani              ST BENEDICT LUGULU SEC SCHOOL              Jacquiline Nasimiyu Wangila       722285618              Mixed Boarding 340        [email protected]
  110. Kakamega Likuyani              Veronica Mirembe Girls Sec school          Adika Immaculate Sikuku             0722241944              Day       198        [email protected]
  111. Kakamega Likuyani              St joseph secondary lumino  Mr Matekwa Danstone 0722959161       Day       245              Mdanstone @Yahoo. Com
  112. Kakamega Likuyani              St Joseph’s Kogo secondary               Jackline Nabwile watitwa             0798008921       Day              668        [email protected]
  113. Kakamega Likuyani              St John secondary school Mtoni    Joan osotsi BWIRE           729704622         Day       360              mtonisecondary2015@g
  114. Kakamega Likuyani              Friends  sec school Binyenya            Johnstone Barasa Wasari             0729093737              Day       573        [email protected]
  115. Kakamega LIKUYANI            PETERS’ MOI’S BRIDGE GIRLS SEC SCHOOL          Monica Adhiambo          0721308679              Girls day and boarding   460              [email protected]
  116. Kakamega LIKUYANI            ST JUDE SEREGEYA SECONDARY       Daniel O. Obongo            0720346712       Day              429        [email protected]
  117. Kakamega LUGARI MUKUYU GIRLS PHILICE AYAKO NANDUKULE      0725 282833      Boarding Girls    254              mukuyugirlssecondary@yahoo
  118. Kakamega Lugari   St Augustine’s Mlimani  Ferdinand Musi     0712 996260      Day       890        [email protected]
  119. Kakamega Lugari   Friends  School Mukonge Secondary          Joseph Wekesa Simiyu   0727207361       Day              162        [email protected]
  120. Kakamega Lugari   Macho Muslim  Franciah Gekonge              0726740783       Day       148              [email protected]
  121. Kakamega Lugari   EDEN FAITH HIGH SCHOOL              Robinson mulari              0726665418       Day       200              [email protected]
  122. Kakamega Lugari   Forestal S A Secondary  David W Makokha            0726231385       Day       609              [email protected]
  123. Kakamega Lugari   Manyonyi girls Secondary School              Evaline Obodi    0725649836       Girls day and boarding              328        [email protected]
  124. Kakamega Lugari   Mwamba secondary      JANET MMULA              0723456657       Day       230              [email protected]
  125. Kakamega Lugari   Savala mixed secondary school              George king Nabibya      0722929212       Day       304              Savalasecondary school @gmail .com
  126. Kakamega LUGARI THE S.A MBAJO SECONDARY SCHOOL              EDITH M. L’LANDE   0722880013       Day              200        [email protected]
  127. Kakamega Lugari   AIC Sipande secondary  Janet K Kana     0722445636       Day       331              [email protected]
  128. Kakamega LUGARI FRANCIS MAJENGO SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOYCE MUYANDA            0722271250       Day              444        [email protected]
  129. Kakamega Lugari   Charles Lwanga Koromaiti sec              James Andanje Mayavi  0721668828       Day       415              [email protected]
  130. Kakamega Lugari   Mbaya PAG sec school   Alexina Mung’ahu          0720221842       Day       227        mbaya [email protected]
  131. Kakamega Lugari   Lumakanda township sec school              Agnes N Gikunda            0720100251       Day       400              [email protected]
  132. Kakamega LUGARI AYUB SAVULA SEC. SCHOOL              GEORGE TALLO 0714186223       Day       045              [email protected]
  133. Kakamega Lugari   Immaculate Heart sec. Sch              Wanjala Frederick wasike            0700066821       Day              377        [email protected]
  134. Kakamega Lugari   Holy Family Musembe   Obanda Chrispine Masanga         0712638184       Day       600              holyfamilysecschool@yah
  135. Kakamega Lugari   Ivona Mixed Sec school Alfred M Muyekho            791595600         Day       205              [email protected]
  136. Kakamega Lugari   Lunyito secondary school               Luka Kandie Ayabei         722278984         Day/Boarding mixed   256        O. Box 58,LUGARI
  137. Kakamega Lugari   Lwanda Lugari secondary school               Winfridah Kahigi             721397008         Day       436              [email protected]
  138. Kakamega Lugari   Lumama secondary school               Charles osoro Matundura            0710785186       Day              319        [email protected]
  139. Kakamega Matete Kulumbeni  secondary   Nechesa  Rebbah Makomeri          0725040768ne  Day       405              nechesarebbah@gmail,com
  140. Kakamega Matete Holy Family Marukusi secondsry              Margaret Bulifa 0728150904       Mixed Boarding 618              holyfamilymarukusisec@gmail,com, or margaretbulifa@gmail,com
  141. Kakamega matete Mayoyo S.A secondary school              Mrs janerose cheptai kibaba       0727978075       Mixed day              236        [email protected]
  142. Kakamega Matete Lwandeti DEB Sec.         Edwin Ariya     0725674978       Day       927        [email protected]
  143. Kakamega Matete Friends school Vuyika    Cyrus Asena   0724595996       Day       263        [email protected]
  144. Kakamega Matete Muhomo            Mwashi Igobwa              0722472358       Mixed Boarding 326              [email protected]
  145. Kakamega Matete Mukasa Girls secondary school_Chimoi  Jerioth Njeri Wageni      0722396930       Day              278        [email protected]
  146. Kakamega Matete Frirnds Mabuye Secondary School              Skipper Nyongesa           0721359978       Day       174              [email protected]
  147. Kakamega Matete Chenjeni sec school        Osundwa Benjamin            0710942027       Day       455        1615webuye
  148. Kakamega Matete Sub County         Nzoia DEB Secondary School            Fredrick S A O Onyango 0745 083 815              Mixed Boarding 412        [email protected]
  149. Kakamega Matungu            St Charles Lunganyiro Sec School  Lorna A Oguta   0714089524l      Day       389              [email protected]
  150. Kakamega Matungu            ACK ST PAUL’S MUNGORE              David Otanga Osomo     +254 771037435             Day              152        [email protected]
  151. Kakamega Matungu            peters Lubanga              Kombwayo O.A.Silas      0729032044       Mixed Boarding and Day              570        [email protected]
  152. Kakamega Matungu            Ack St Mary’s Ebusambe sec         Ongek Lucy        0727890063       Day       127              [email protected]
  153. Kakamega Matungu            Eshibanze Muslim Secondary School            Emelda Otieno  0727252774       Day              350        [email protected]
  154. Kakamega Matungu            Ngairwe sec       Agnes Nkuubi 0727047428       Day       265        Ngairwesecschool@
  155. Kakamega Matungu            ACK Koyonzo Girls’Secondary Joyce A.Were     0724440846       Day       326              [email protected]
  156. Kakamega MATUNGU         Namulungu mixed day and boarding secondary school         RICHARD RATEMO              0724431190       Mixed Boarding 397              [email protected]
  157. Kakamega Matungu            St charles khalaba secondary school            Bonface Boyi makokha  0724012110              Mixed day and boarding              573              [email protected]
  158. Kakamega Matungu            Munami mixed  Patrick Siketi     0722595516       Mixed Boarding 480              [email protected]
  159. Kakamega Matungu            ACK Emmanuel Marinda Secondary          Mathias Otieno Sewe     0722282658       Mixed Day              141        [email protected]
  160. Kakamega Matungu            St Maurice Mwira Secondary School            Leonard Avugwi Muganda              0722218487       Mixed Boarding 1008              [email protected]
  161. Kakamega Matungu            Emmanuel Lutasio sec school   David Okola Mukhwana 0721519558       Day       162              [email protected]
  162. Kakamega Matungu            St Joseph Namberekeya sec         OkutoGerald George      0721489678       Day       213              [email protected]
  163. Kakamega matungu            Busombi Muslim secondary          clives Ochanda kadima  0721431209       Mixed boarding & day 250        [email protected]
  164. Kakamega Matungu            St Joseph indangalasia secondary          Wilfred Were    0721293839       Mixed Boarding              629        [email protected]
  165. Kakamega Matungu            St Francis Shiyabo              Joyce Mukhwana Chesoli            0721238422       Day              220        [email protected]
  166. Kakamega Matungu            Namulungu Muslim secondary          Wycliffe Mutali Kisaka   0720874581       Day              208        [email protected]
  167. Kakamega Matungu            Ejinja Mixed Day Secondary School            Cornel Odhiambo Okeyo              0720306528       Day       485              [email protected]
  168. Kakamega Matungu            Mary’s Namalasire              Pitia Rombosia 0722 968 600    Day       245              [email protected]
  169. Kakamega Matungu            St Johns Mukhweya sec              Colleta were      0711428880       Mixed day          366              [email protected]
  170. Kakamega MATUNGU           MARKS IMAKALE SECONDARY       BARASA MUKOYA           0791982361       Day              247        [email protected]
  171. Kakamega Matungu            St Mary’s Namasanda Secondary          Rosemary Avoga             721290454         Day              112        Stmarysnamasandaschool
  172. Kakamega Matungu            Emanani Muslim Sec               Mustafa Rajab Mukhwandala     720426257         Day              315        [email protected]
  173. Kakamega Mumias              Musanda Sec     Otando Fredrick Were   0721211654       Day       764              [email protected]
  174. Kakamega Mumias East      Eluche sec          Richard Opiyo    +254722643935               Mixed Boarding 283              [email protected]
  175. Kakamega Mumias East      St Paul’s. Ebusia Sec school              Robert N Kasembeli        0725599685       Mixed Boarding              830        [email protected]
  176. Kakamega Mumias East      Stephen’s ACK Eshiakhulo Secondary school      Rebecca Isutsa  0724659298              Mixed Day          217        [email protected]
  177. Kakamega Mumias East      Peter’s Khaunga sec school   Memba David    0722606507       Mixed Day          446              [email protected]
  178. Kakamega Mumias East      St John’s khaimba              AGNES JUMA     0721795335       Day       196              StJohn’[email protected]
  179. Kakamega Mumias East      Makunga Mixed              Elphas Mudeheri             0721642772       Day       590              [email protected]
  180. Kakamega Mumias East      Mahola Mixed Secondary School  Patrick Mumali Were     0713557744       Day       102              [email protected]
  181. Kakamega Mumias East      Gabriel isongo               Wafula David Wmalwa  0712847823       Mixed Day and Boarding            570        [email protected]
  182. Kakamega Mumias East      St Stephen Kamashia              Gerald Ligale Luvembe  0710276661       Mixed Day              338        [email protected]
  183. Kakamega Mumias East      Ebubole secondary school              Wamalwa Macdaff         0710165133       Day       360              [email protected]
  184. Kakamega mumias east      ACK St Peter’s khabakaya sec         agneta anyango Shiundu omoto               0723446749              mixed day          324        [email protected]
  185. Kakamega Mumias East      Phillips Ebwaliro Sec. School   Kennedy Omega              0728891670       Day       102              [email protected]
  186. Kakamega Mumias East      St Teresa Eshisenye girls               Mildred Were Osore      0702741974       Day       200              [email protected]
  187. Kakamega Mumias East      Musango Secondary School               Damaris Anyanga Omwakwe Mulunda    0727594294              Mixed Day          257        [email protected]
  188. Kakamega Mumias West    Luke’s Ihonje Secondary School  Lazarus Makokha            0729411760       Day       221              [email protected]
  189. Kakamega Mumias west     St Christopher Enyapora secondary School            Nicholas Opiyo  0728996756       Day              465        [email protected] /[email protected]
  190. Kakamega Mumias West    St Teresa’s Emukhuwa girld              MrsNyamamba Anne     0715455465       Boarding and Day girls       268        0715455465
  191. Kakamega Mumias West    Ichinga Muslim sec              Murenga E. Kassim         0714219988       Mixed Day              426        [email protected]
  192. Kakamega Mumias west     Shibale ack secondary              Were Ernest Webukha  0712710698       Day       188              [email protected]
  193. Kakamega Mumias west     St joseph ugana Secondary school   Julius Owino Keya           0711968074       Day       275              [email protected]
  194. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO     Buhayi Muslim sec school              ASHA MAERO YUSUF      O718068306      Day       217              [email protected]
  195. Kakamega Navakholo         Bushili secondary              Tom Odoyo        0733539170       Day       320              [email protected]
  196. Kakamega Navakholo         Sidikho sec sch  Issa Ramadhan         0727337587       Day       870              [email protected]
  197. Kakamega Navakholo         Nang’anda secondary school   Ottawa Wycliffe              0723824986       Day       384              [email protected]
  198. Kakamega Navakholo         Nambacha Mixed Secondary School            Daniel K. Muttai              0723310039              Day       181        [email protected]
  199. Kakamega Navakholo         Caroli Lwanga Lutaso Secondary School            Zacharia Maunde Maungo              0722917581       Day       434        [email protected]
  200. Kakamega Navakholo         Raphael,s Burangasi              stephen manyasi wafula              0722671827       Mixed Boarding            413        burangasisecondary@
  201. Kakamega Navakholo         Ematiha secondary school              Onduru Godfrey Owino 0721778375       Day       350              [email protected]
  202. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO     PAUL’S EMULAKHA SECONDARY SCHOOL     EMILY MUHONJA            0721288442              MMIXED DAY/BOARDING            1085              [email protected]
  203. Kakamega Navakholo         Marys Ebutenje Secondary          Munyiri Phelgona Anyango         0711330916              Boarding Girls    230        [email protected]
  204. Kakamega Navakholo          Sirigoi Secondary               Samwel Ambrose Makokha         0722 343005      Day              294        [email protected]
  205. Kakamega Navakholo          Navakholo secondary school   Masika Natembeya         0710165728       Day Mixed              980        [email protected]
  206. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO      Friends Nderema Mixed Secondary school            ORODHO JEREMIAH ONGESSO               0793017607       Day       84          [email protected]
  207. Kakamega Navakholo          Friends sch Simuli               Lugadiru Kalemera Patricia          0724421590       Day              269        [email protected]
  208. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO      ST JOHN’S SHINOYI SECONDARY SCHOOL     Mrs WILBRODAH CHILISWA AMISI              0723996938       MIXED DAY/BOARDING 425        shinoyi 89@gmail. com
  209. Kakamega Navakholo          Teresa’s Ebumamu Secondary School            Kundu Agatha Naliaka    0721806136              Day       83          [email protected]
  210. Kakamega Navakholo          St pauls mixed sec school lwakhupa           Hedwig mukhwana Naulikha       0720410375              Mixed Day          368        [email protected]
  211. Kakamega Navakholo          St john Budonga               Peter Vikiru yayah           0724724171       Day       352              Peter vikiru@gmail .Com
  212. Kakamega Shinyalu             Gabriel Mundulu Sec.School          Michael Otieno Were     0722448274       Day       70              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kericho County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kericho with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kericho BELGUT KAPCHEBET GIRLS SEC SCHOOL LILIAN J LAGAT  0724763467       Girls day and boarding   224              [email protected]
  2. Kericho Belgut Chepkosilen       Wesley cheruiyot              0724753934       Day       528        Chepkosilensec@ gmail
  3. Kericho Belgut Kaplutiet Secondary School         Anthony Kimutai Cherogony         0723874750       Day       117              [email protected]
  4. Kericho BELGUT CHEBIRIRBEI SEC SCHOOL ERICK KEMEI   0722684447       MIXED DAY        250              [email protected]
  5. Kericho Belgut Cheptororiet Secondary School  Loice Anyango             0722671815       Day       221              [email protected].
  6. Kericho Belgut Cheribo Secondary School           Mark K Chemweno        0722562567       Day       365        [email protected]
  7. Kericho Belgut Belgut Starehe Girls center          Jane N. Ngure   0721425975       Boarding Girls    251        Belgut Starehe@gmail
  8. Kericho Belgut Kiptome sec school        Pauline Komen              0721406774       Day       241        [email protected]
  9. Kericho BELGUT BELGUT TAPTUGEN STAREHE BOYS CENTRE JOSPHAT KIPKOECH LANGAT       0721283103       Boarding Boys      207        [email protected]
  10. Kericho Belgut Chemamul mixed day sec school              Terkech Geoffrey  kipngetich      0720479735       Day              178        [email protected]
  11. Kericho Belgut Seretut secondary           Joseph kipkirui langat   0720111822       Day       267        Klangatjoseph
  12. Kericho BELGUT BORBORWET SECONDARY SCHOOL               NG’ENOH H.KIPSANG     0723546875       Day       326              borborwet [email protected]
  13. Kericho Belgut AINAPKOI Secondary School       Esther Cherono Kirui    54725E+11      Day       94              [email protected]
  14. Kericho Belgut Chebungungon Jane W. Kibiru               0721563112       Day       60          [email protected]
  15. Kericho Belgut CHERONGET Secondary school   Patrick Otwera 0721335619       Day       32              [email protected]
  16. Kericho Bureti Lalagin mixed day secondary school              Benjamin K Lagat            0720475420/0723347382              Day       162        [email protected]
  17. Kericho Bureti Kibolgong secondary School       Geofrey Ngeno   0726514631       Day       332        [email protected]
  18. Kericho Bureti Kelunet sec school          Mr Paul Kipkoech Metet   0725687266       Mixed day and boarding              243              [email protected]
  19. Kericho BURETI KAPCHELACH SECONDARY SCHOOL CLEMENT K LETING         0724601090       MIXED DAY              389        [email protected]
  20. Kericho Bureti Ngororga Secondary       Elizabeth Sawanda               0724291332       Day       124        [email protected]
  21. Kericho Bureti Kiptororgo secondary school      Richard Kiprono Rutoh   0723253023       Day       205              [email protected]
  22. Kericho BURETI CHEBITET SECONDARY SCHOOL GEORGE M MAINA 0722676830 Day       278              [email protected]
  23. Kericho Bureti Kamanamsim secondary school Koech Kipkosgei Julius 0722298375       Day       225              [email protected]
  24. Kericho Bureti Reresik Mixed Src. School            Robert K. Korir      0721827180       Day       386              [email protected]
  25. Kericho Bureti Kapkatet secondary school         Gachoka PN         0721563245       Mixed Boarding 596              [email protected]
  26. Kericho Bureti Chepkulgong secondary M/s Monicah Njenga  0721406048       Day mixed          160              Chepkulgongsecondary @ yahoo . com
  27. Kericho Bureti Litein Mixed Day Sec. Sch.           Leonard Korir      0721317377       Day       206        [email protected]
  28. Kericho Bureti Kibugat mixed day          David kiprono mutai    0720495278       Mixed day          129              [email protected]
  29. Kericho Bureti Cheptendeniet  sec         David kiplelgot langat   0720479756       Day       486              [email protected]
  30. Kericho BURETI MABASI SEC SCHOOL KINYANJUI SAMUEL              0720293871       Day       506              [email protected]
  31. Kericho BURETI ITOIK MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL PHILIP KIPLANGAT NGETICH       0720283014       Day              255        [email protected]
  32. Kericho Bureti Kaminjeiwet      Wachirah Richard Hungi              0717180459       Day       430        Kaminjeiwet mixed secondary school.
  33. Kericho Bureti Tiriitab Moita Secondary             John C Sang      0715519783       Day       123              [email protected]
  34. Kericho Bureti Kapsogeruk sec school   Galatia lemurt              0712139127       Day       501        [email protected]
  35. Kericho Bureti KABITUNGU SECONDARY SCHOOL              Jonathan C. Langat         0710869084       Day       463              [email protected]
  36. Kericho Bureti Kabusienduk     Mr Augustine Raguli              0710583179       Day       203        [email protected]
  37. Kericho Bureti Kaptele sec school          Chelule Kiprono              0705636567       Day       507        [email protected]
  38. Kericho Bureti Nelson Mandela High School      Philip Cheruiyot Korir 0724264022       Day       194              [email protected]
  39. Kericho Bureti Kapkarin sec school        David kirui              0721658209       Day       281        [email protected]
  40. Kericho Bureti Tepkutwet Secondary School      Muruguru, S.K.Peter             0721461183       Day       235              [email protected]
  41. Kericho Bureti Kiptobon Secondary School         Hellen Rutoh     0702508851       Day       134              [email protected]
  42. Kericho Bureti Buttik high school           Nyolei Thomas               722654369         Day       113        [email protected]
  43. Kericho Bureti Siongi secondary school               Kipkebut Rotich   721339312         Day       165        [email protected]
  44. Kericho Buteti Masubeti Girls’ High school         Eunice Cheruiyot           0715250700       Day       241              [email protected]
  45. Kericho Kericho Keongo Sec School Joseph Ronoh               O726229744      Day       397              [email protected]
  46. Kericho KERICHO Sumeiyon Day Sec School              OBURU JAMES  0724318542       Day       248    
  47. Kericho Kericho Ainamoi secondary Geoffrey Rono              0723429323       Mixed Boarding 547              [email protected]
  48. Kericho Kericho Kapsoit Secondary School David Ochieng              0722915543       Mixed Day and Boarding              1019      [email protected]
  49. Kericho KERICHO CHEPKOIYO SECONDARY              LYDIA WERE       0722432069       Day       425              [email protected]
  50. Kericho KERICHO KABOLOIN SECONDARY SCHOOL              PETER NDUACI MBUGUA             0722430844       Day              311        [email protected]
  51. Kericho Kericho Buchenge Day Secondary Wilson Koech   0721529225       Day       106        [email protected]
  52. Kericho KERICHO KETITU SECONDARY SCHOOL              SAMUEL KIMELI 0721216776       Day       386              [email protected]
  53. Kericho Kericho Matobo secondary Korir Kiplangat David    0711859163       Day       320        Box 278 Kericho
  54. Kericho KERICHO KENEGUT DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL.             RICHARD . K . TONUI       0722912513       Day              273        [email protected]
  55. Kericho Kericho Kaptebeswet secondary  school Thomas terer     0723494923       Day       426        [email protected]
  56. Kericho Kericho Kenegut girls      Jeniffer Cherotich Lelgo     721218985         Boarding Girls    263              [email protected]
  57. Kericho Kericho Kericho Day       Koros kenneth              721824592         Day       722        [email protected]
  58. Kericho KERICHO KERICHO TOWNSHIP      Benina Soy              0713339526       Day       466              [email protected]
  59. Kericho Kericho Kapkiam secondary school               Paul Langat        0727364450       Day       378              [email protected]
  60. Kericho Kericho Poiywek secondary school               Sammy Rotich   722690089         Day       868              [email protected]
  61. Kericho KERICHO LALIAT SECONDARY SCHOOL               LANGAT  ANDREW KIBET             0722680147       Day              180        [email protected]
  62. Kericho Kericho Manyoror secondary school               Joseph Tanui     722283339         Day       322              [email protected]
  63. Kericho Kericho moi Sitotwet Sec             David Bii              0720818609       Mixed day boarding        472              [email protected]
  64. Kericho Kericho Chepngobob secondary school               Jotham Mwanje M’masi               0720405069       Day              341        Mwanjemmasi1
  65. Kericho KERICHO EAST KAPNGETUNY SEC SCHOOL               HESBON ATALI   0722606985       Day       210              [email protected]
  66. Kericho Kericho Sub County Maso Secondary School               Benard Mukuria Josephat           0727098143       Day              219        [email protected]
  67. Kericho Kipkelion Sereng Secondary School              Kennedy Angwenyi         0728125726       Mixed Boarding              320        [email protected]
  68. Kericho kipkelion kunyak   secondary school              Washington Motari        +254722240136               Mixed Boarding            530        [email protected]
  69. Kericho Kipkelion Kamarus secondary        Truphena olipha okemwa 0729287831       Mixed day          150              [email protected]
  70. Kericho Kipkelion simotwet secondary school              Tito kioni            0728881681       Day       29              [email protected]
  71. Kericho Kipkelion Chemogoch secondary   Willy ruto              0726822714       Day       216        [email protected]
  72. Kericho Kipkelion Tulwapmoi Mixed Day Secondary              Eunice Akoth Amwono  0726210415       Day       181              [email protected]
  73. Kericho KIPKELION SIWOTSECONDARY        PHILIPH SIELE     0725736479       Day       110              [email protected]
  74. Kericho Kipkelion Cherara Mixed Day School              Danvas Onsomu Ogwoka             0725308711       Day       78              [email protected]
  75. Kericho Kipkelion Murao Secondary School              Francis Mugo     0724287287       Day       376              [email protected]
  76. Kericho kipkelion AGCLILLOCH      makokha  khalonyere        0724124082       Day       290              [email protected]
  77. Kericho Kipkelion Tunnel mixed day secondary              Paul Cheruiyot Sang       0723216191       Day       230              [email protected]
  78. Kericho Kipkelion Kipchorian Day Secondary School              Nicholas Tanui  0722593352       Day       150              [email protected]
  79. Kericho Kipkelion Nyairobi secondary        Moses Ogeto Omagwa 0722363809       Day       484              [email protected]
  80. Kericho KIPKELION TUIYOBEI            JOB ACHOKI              0722291657       Mixed Boarding 428              [email protected]
  81. Kericho Kipkelion Sugutek secondary         Hellen Chebet 0721810946       Day       110              suguteksecondaryschool@gmail. com
  82. Kericho Kipkelion Kapias secondary school              David Sitienei    0721552917       Day       225              [email protected]
  83. Kericho Kipkelion Kapkwen Secondary School              James Bill Agola 0721511533       Day       99              [email protected]
  84. Kericho Kipkelion Kokwet secondary school              Kibiwott Thomas likoi     721326114         Mixed day and Boarding            415        [email protected]
  85. Kericho Kipkelion Siret day secondary        James k. Kiprono 0720906723       Day       468        [email protected]
  86. Kericho Kipkelion LESIRWO  SCHOOL Charles Ngeno kipkurui 0720586687       Mixed  day boarding      696              [email protected]
  87. Kericho Kipkelion Magire Secondary School              Richard Mosiori 0711723051       Day       400              [email protected]
  88. Kericho Kipkelion Kimologit sec school       Paul K Koech   0720352891       Day       191        [email protected]
  89. Kericho Kipkelion Koisagat sec school         Chirchir kibet Andrew    O721979961      Mixed Boarding 344              [email protected]
  90. Kericho Kipkelion Kaplelit secondary school               Paul Oweke       722268473         Day       138              [email protected]
  91. Kericho Kipkelion Kipsegi secondary school               Joel Rotich         0725776068       Day       203              [email protected]
  92. Kericho KIPKELION KASHEEN SECONDARY SCHOOL               PETER OGUTU   0724454535       Day       231        BOX 123-20202 KIPKELION
  93. Kericho Kipkelion Kiptenden  secondary school               Kipngeno  Chelal             0722937125       Day       79              [email protected]
  94. Kericho kipkelion west kalyet sec school             leonard kirui      0723498598       Mixed Boarding 460        113 londiani
  95. Kericho Londiani Sitian secondary school Mrs Ednah C. Chirchir          0740415139       Day       280              [email protected]
  96. Kericho Londiani KILETIEN MIXED SEC       Monica Saga      0729621025       Day       138        [email protected]
  97. Kericho Londiani Jagoror Secondary. School              Samuel N Mwangi           0729432671       Day       125              [email protected]
  98. Kericho LONDIANI LONDIANI TOWNSHIP SEC              WILSON SAMOEI             0726960994       Day       402              [email protected]
  99. Kericho LONDIANI KEDOWA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              EUNICE LABO     0726383090       Day       189              [email protected]
  100. Kericho Londiani United Soy sec   David Koross              0724832784       Day       226        [email protected].
  101. Kericho LONDIANI CHEPCHOLIET SECONDARY SCHOOL              NGETICH BERNARD KIPYEGON    0724103245       Day              200        N/A
  102. Kericho Londiani Kapseger secondary       Hellen nyakoa mulanda             0723799841       Day       63              [email protected]
  103. Kericho LONDIANI TESTAI DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL               CALEB EGUNZA LUGALI 0722762183       Day       115              [email protected]
  104. Kericho Londiani Saramek secondary        Samson k tuitoek  0722578804       Day       182              [email protected]
  105. Kericho Londiani Chepseon Complex Sec. Sch.              Wesley Kirui       0722497993       Day       398              [email protected]
  106. Kericho Londiani Momoniat Secondary school              Joseph Kibet Yegon        0722453312       Day       428              [email protected]
  107. Kericho Londiani Chebewor secondary school              Wellington kamau kabiru            0722340517       Day              330        [email protected]
  108. Kericho londiani kisabo secondary school              jimmy maina thamu       0722269245       Day       29              [email protected]
  109. Kericho Londiani Tulwap kipsigis secondary               Kigen cosmas    0721933360       Day       195              [email protected]
  110. Kericho Londiani Tendeno Secondary School              Cheruiyot Kipkoech        0721745400       Day       485              [email protected]
  111. Kericho Londiani Kimugul day secondary School              David k Mosonik             0721447877       Day       110              [email protected]
  112. Kericho LONDIANI MASAITA SECONDARY SCHOOL              RONALD NYAUNGA MOKUA       0720797836       Day              298        [email protected]
  113. Kericho Londiani Moi Sorget SEC Kennedy ongwae mongare            0720381412       Day       335              [email protected]
  114. Kericho Londiani Simboiyon mixed day secondary school   Khaita Beatrice 0726810311       Day       370              khaitabeatrice [email protected]
  115. Kericho LONDIANI CHERES SECONDARY SCHOOL               WESLEY KIGEN 0720860867       Mixed day, Boarding Girls               486        [email protected]
  116. Kericho Londiani Baraka Sec School           Jackson Mutai    722858429         Day       492        [email protected]
  117. Kericho LONDIANI KIPRENGWE SECONDARY SCHOOL               EMMANUEL MURSI        0722637786       Day       232              [email protected]
  118. Kericho LONDIANI JUBILEE SEC SCHOOL      MONICA NGETICH             0722605559       Day       113              [email protected]
  119. Kericho Londiani Chepseon mixed day secondary               Jane w Mwangi 0722567513       Day       180              [email protected]
  120. Kericho Londiani Tugunon sec sch              David K Towett 0722472032       Day       350        [email protected]
  121. Kericho Londiani Kapkondor sec school    Richard k.mitei 0721971302       Day       250        [email protected]
  122. Kericho Londiani KAPSENDA sec_ldi           Joel Tonui               0721838801       Day       109        [email protected]
  123. Kericho LONDIANI SETEK HILL SECONDARY SCHOOL               GEOFFREY W SITOKO     0720583458       Day       115              [email protected]
  124. Kericho LONDIANI KIPSIRICHET SECONDARY SCHOOL               ALICE KORIR       0720511853       Mixed Day          234              [email protected]
  125. Kericho sigoin sigowet KAPTEBENGWO  SCHOOL              GEORGE WANDERI KARANJA      0722495724       Day              226        [email protected]
  126. Kericho Sigowet/Soin Kaitui sec school               Christopher k Mibei        0722610989       Mixed day/boarding     297        [email protected]
  127. Kericho Soin /Sigowet KEBENETI SECONDARY SCHOOL               JOEL KIPROTICH MUTAI 722114023         Day       711              [email protected]
  128. Kericho SOIN SiGOWET NYABERI SECONDARY    MARITIM MARTHA            0728689487       Day       95              [email protected]
  129. Kericho Soin sigowet Cheptuiyet Girls sec school               Selina Muboka Asmani  0728314039       Boarding Girls              604        [email protected]
  130. Kericho Soin Sigowet Ngeny Koiborot secondary School              Kemei Saul         0725042338       Day       159              [email protected]
  131. Kericho Soin/Sigowet Kipsamoi School              Augustine Rono     0723119610       Day       428              [email protected]
  132. Kericho SOIN/SIGOWET MOTERO SECONDARY SCHOOL HUMPHREY C CHEPKWONY        0722925794       Day              166        [email protected]
  133. Kericho Soin/Sigowet Kipsitet Day Sec School  Fredrick Onyango           0722432591       Day       390              [email protected] or [email protected]
  134. Kericho SOIN/SIGOWET AIC KAKIBEI Girls sec school ESTHER KORIR   0720924414       Boarding Girls    201              [email protected]
  135. Kericho Soin/Sigowet Sondu secondary School              Willy Chepkangor           0720832835       Day       331              [email protected]
  137. Kericho Soin/Sigowet Iraa girls              Phyllis kimeli              0726216336       Boarding Girls    177              [email protected]
  138. Kericho Soin/Sigowet Marumbasi sec Evaline Chumba               0724002344       Day       250        [email protected]
  139. Kericho Soin/sigowet Kalyongwet secondary school               Charles wanjohi gachara              0722629641       Day              282        [email protected]
  140. Kericho SOIN/SIGOWET KAPSOROK SECONDARY SCHOOL GERTRUDE JEPKOECH MAINA     0722322087       Day              128        [email protected]
  141. Kericho Soin-sogowet Kabokyek sec     Simeon Tenai              0701440286       Day       211              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kiambu County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kiambu with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kiambu GATUNDU GATITU HIGH SCHOOL               ZACCHAEUS KINUTHIA MACHARIA           722441926              Mixed Boarding 316        [email protected]
  2. Kiambu Gatundu North Immaculate Heart of mary kairi girls       Alice mugure     O728996120      Boarding Girls    285              [email protected]
  3. Kiambu Gatundu North Kamwirigi secondary school              Philomena         +254723387325               Day       201              [email protected]
  4. Kiambu GATUNDU NORTH ST STEPHEN NDIKO SECONDARY SCHOOL     EZEKIEL KURIA KIGATHI 0729829324              Day       210        [email protected]
  5. Kiambu Gatundu North Kiangunu Secondary School              Ephantus Weru Maina   0723239073       Mixed Boarding              593        [email protected]
  6. Kiambu Gatundu north Kaibere secondary          Luke kinyua  0722943205       Day       66          [email protected]
  7. Kiambu Gatundu North St joseph the worker      Rose Waweru             0722930546       Day       582              [email protected]
  8. Kiambu Gatundu north mutuma sec school        Joseph Muchomba kanyingi       0722915544       Day       516              kanyingijoe@gmail. com
  9. Kiambu Gatundu North Igegania Secondary school               Sophia N Owenga 0722729581       Mixed Day              372        [email protected]
  10. Kiambu Gatundu North Maria ini mixed day secondary school   Daniel Gichinga Kahoro 0722620051       Girls boarding mixed day          227        [email protected]
  11. Kiambu GATUNDU NORTH MBICHI SEC. SCHOOL              MWAURA HARRISON                0722574329       Day              153        [email protected]
  12. Kiambu GATUNDU NORTH C.E.A MUKUYU-INI              JANE MWANGI  0722460342       Day       200              [email protected]
  13. Kiambu Gatundu north Njahi secondary school  Vickshad mwai waigwa    0722442777       Mixed Boarding 379              [email protected]
  14. Kiambu Gatundu North Gakoe mixed secondary school              Sammy Njagi      0722380630       Day       245              gakoemixedsecondary
  15. Kiambu Gatundu North Ngethu Secondary School              Teresa Nderitu  0722367607       Boarding gilrs/ mixed day              290        [email protected]
  16. Kiambu Gatundu North Holy kamwangi sec school              Githaiga E. Mugweru     0722365186       Day       130              [email protected]
  17. Kiambu Gatundu North Gatei Sec sch     Bernard Waithaka              0722299062       Day       202              [email protected]
  18. Kiambu Gatundu North Gacege secondary school              Boya paul Halake(Mr).   0721808276       Mixed day secondary school            311        [email protected]
  19. Kiambu Gatundu North Kiriko Mixed Day Sec      Janet Mwaniki             0721358703       Day       140              [email protected]
  20. Kiambu Gatundu north Mitero sec school           Tabitha wangui wainaina             0721264573       Day       162              Miteroschool@gmail .com
  21. Kiambu Gatundu North Kanjuku secondary School              John K. Gakuya 0721250857       Day       335              [email protected]
  22. Kiambu Gatundu north Rumwe sec        Jane n.nganga              0712271852       Day       212        [email protected]
  23. Kiambu Gatundu north Mukurwe secondary       Assumpta Wanjihia             0722863750       Day       190              [email protected]
  24. Kiambu Gatundu north Nyamangara sec James mwaura Thuku 0722460968       Day       320              [email protected]
  25. Kiambu Gatundu North Ndekei secondary school               Jemarose Makishe kamau           0722802142       Day              530
  26. Kiambu Gatundu NORTH Iruri secondary school               Mwaniki Wanjohi            0722242776       Day       245              [email protected]
  27. Kiambu Gatundu north Mwea secondary school Mwangi Mburu 0717241861       Day       219              [email protected]
  28. Kiambu Gatundu North Nyamathumbi secondary school Geoffrey Gitimu              0717044408       Day       354              [email protected]
  29. Kiambu Gatundu North. peter Barigitu sec. Kamau Isaac.    0722649993       Day       69              [email protected]
  30. Kiambu Gatundu south KAMUTUA SECONDARY SCHOOL              Maina Moses     +254722655394               Mixed Boarding              272        [email protected]
  31. Kiambu GATUNDU SOUTH NDUNDU HIGH SCHOOL              JOSEPH CHEGE GICHAU 0729717692       Mixed Boarding              288        [email protected]
  32. Kiambu Gatundu south Gathuri secondary          Mwathi c k              0724795683       Boarding Boys   236              [email protected]
  33. Kiambu Gatundu South Gikure secondary            David k kanyingi              0724497303       Mixed Boarding 592              [email protected]
  34. Kiambu Gatundu south Muthurumbi secondary John m Gituanja             0723059228       Day       215              [email protected]
  35. Kiambu Gatundu South Wamwangi Secondary school              Hellen W.Muchira          0722656794       Day       561              [email protected]
  36. Kiambu Gatundu south Ikuma   Daniel Mburu              0722630553       Day       300              ikumasecondaryschool@gmail
  37. Kiambu Gatundu south Kiganjo secondary school              Phylis w.kamau 0722396452       Day       167              [email protected]
  38. Kiambu Gatundu South Gitare secondary school Lawrence Wambugu          0721550701       Boarding Boys   175        gitare [email protected]
  39. Kiambu Gatundu south Gachika sec sch Mbuthia F N              0721352632       Mixed Boarding 360              [email protected]
  40. Kiambu GATUNDU SOUTH GITHUYA SECONDARY SCHOOL              JULIUS P NJOROGE         0721262251       Day              141        [email protected]
  41. Kiambu Gatundu south Kiamwangi secondary    Alice  muchiri               0721215503       Mixed day, boys  boarding              483        [email protected]
  42. Kiambu Gatundu south Gachoka Secondary school              Peter G. Kamau 0720625212       Mixed day          472              [email protected]
  43. Kiambu Gatundu south Ng’enda sec       Asenath  Nguru              0700276007       Mixed Day/Boarding      484              [email protected]
  44. Kiambu GATUNDU SOUTH. MUNYU-INI SEC SCHOOL              FRANCIS NJERU KIRII      0720414193       Day       350              [email protected]
  45. Kiambu Githunguri Gathaithi sec school       Muruga David Gachuguma (Mr) 0733909770       Day       240              [email protected]
  46. Kiambu Githunguri Thuita            Kimani k chege    0727570263       Day       161              [email protected]
  47. Kiambu Githunguri Vincent Lioki secondary              Mburu Stephen 0725750885       Mixed day          390              [email protected]
  48. Kiambu Githunguri PCEA karia sec school     George mugiira 0725022994       Day       182        [email protected]
  49. Kiambu Githunguri Githunguri technical and secondary school   Robert Kabau    0724266201       Day       405              [email protected]
  50. Kiambu Githunguri Kanjai Secondary School              Watson Maina Muriithi 0724055840       Day       271              667 Githunguri
  51. Kiambu Githunguri Kiawairia secondary school              Margaret W. Karuri        0723698540       Day       202              [email protected]
  52. Kiambu Githunguri Gikang’a Kagece Secondary School              Catherine Wambui Kahu              0723442543       Day              506        [email protected]
  53. Kiambu Githunguri Miiri secondary Virginia Irungu              0723252850       Day       198        [email protected]
  54. Kiambu Githunguri Pcea mitahato   Nancy m mbutu              0722657554       Day       209        [email protected]
  55. Kiambu Githunguri Ndireti secondary school              Maurice kinyanjui mbugua          0722454871       Day       98              mkmbugua66@gmail
  56. Kiambu Githunguri Mukua secondary school              Jamleck Stephen Kiai      0722451668       Girls boarding and day mixed          237        [email protected]
  57. Kiambu Githunguri Kahunira secondary.      John Njenga  0722382894       Day       520              [email protected]
  58. Kiambu GITHUNGURI GITIHA SEC. SCHOOL      JOSEPH MUIRURI            0722243653       Day       215              [email protected]
  59. Kiambu Githunguri Miguta secondary           Mary Macharia            0721906185       Day       250              [email protected]
  60. Kiambu Githunguri Kiairia Secondary School              Irene Kinyanjui  0721796673       Day       210              [email protected]
  61. Kiambu Githunguri Matuguta sec school      Stephen M Muturi  0721576959       Day       363              [email protected]
  62. Kiambu Githunguri Kamondo sec school      Virginia Muli      0715349938       Day       406              [email protected]
  63. Kiambu GITHUNGURI Kagema Secondary School              Noah Mwangi           0721 368449     Day       340              kagema [email protected]
  64. Kiambu GITHUNGURI WILLIAM NG’IRU GITAU SEC. SCHOOL              DANIEL G. NDUNG’U      0702 139083     Day              600        [email protected]
  65. Kiambu Juja Theta Secondary School Kamau B. Mwangi              0721971098       Day       456        [email protected]
  66. Kiambu Juja Murera sec school          Paul murere              07oo182341      Day       974              [email protected]
  67. Kiambu Juja GACHORORO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL               Esther wanjiku Gachuru               0715 802318      Mixed day              627        [email protected]
  68. Kiambu Juja Kitamaiyu sec sch            Janet kamiru               0769039313       Day       205        [email protected]
  69. Kiambu Juja Blessed Mugutha sec     Joseph Njoroge muriuki 0722996890       Mixed day          412        Jose muriuki 177
  70. Kiambu Juja FRANCIS NYACABA SEC SCHOOL              Omollo Roselyne             0722879728       Day       574              [email protected]
  71. Kiambu Juja Ndururumo Sec School  Esther Kuria              0722417236       Day       171              [email protected]
  72. Kiambu Juja Juja Farm secondary school         Wilson Ndungu Irungu 0722259957       Day       519              [email protected]
  73. Kiambu Kabete Kibiku High School          Lydia Wambura Njeru    +254 722869969             Day       150              [email protected]
  74. Kiambu Kabete Gathiga sec        Mambo Tabitha              0724619952       Day       319        [email protected]
  75. Kiambu Kabete Muguga wagatonye sec RAHAB NDORO              0723449739       Day       602              com
  76. Kiambu Kabete Rungiri secondary school             M.Gakuu               723331574         Day       1171      [email protected]
  77. Kiambu kabete Kanyariri High School     Ms Teresa Mwangi               0723114437       Day       372        [email protected]
  78. Kiambu Kabete Cura secondary school   Njoroge J. W              0722642078       Day       185        [email protected]
  79. Kiambu KIAMBAA THIMBIGUA SECONDARY SCHOOL              KELLEN WAIRIMU THUKU            0748050539       Day              362        [email protected]
  80. Kiambu Kiambaa Gacharage high sch        Peter kinguri Ndungu 0722899263       Day       323              [email protected]
  81. Kiambu Kiambaa Muongoiya Secondary   Nyandusi Ombati 722893659         Day       647              [email protected]
  82. Kiambu Kiambaa Joseph High School___Gathanga       Onorata W. Mwaniki      0721661063              Day       284        [email protected]
  83. Kiambu Kiambaa Muchatha high school   Muniu mbatia  0721284880       Day       195              [email protected]
  84. Kiambu Kiambaa ACK KARURA SEC school Nancy Wanja Njiru        0720927082       Day       429              [email protected]
  85. Kiambu Kiambaa St Andrews Ndenderu Sec School              Mrs Beatrice Wairimu Njenga     0713155011       Mixed day school   321        [email protected]
  86. Kiambu Kiambaa Cianda high school         WINFRED KIRIUNGI            +254727111400               Day       459              [email protected]
  87. Kiambu kiambaa kihara secondary school               Mbugua Peter  m            0789228753       Day       637              [email protected]
  88. Kiambu KIAMBU KIAMBURURU SECONDARY SCHOOL              Moses Gichuhi 0732298614       Mixed day boys boarding             223        [email protected]
  89. Kiambu Kiambu Kasarini Secondary Sch Teresia Njoroge              0722992515       Day       352              [email protected]
  90. Kiambu KIAMBU ANN AND JOAKIM SECONDARY SCHOOL – KANGOYA             JOHN MUCHIRI NYINGI              0722928787       Day       168              [email protected]
  91. Kiambu Kiambu ACK Kiu River Secondary Anne  Kahiga   0722640253       Day       330              [email protected]
  92. Kiambu KIAMBU HGM TING’ANG’A SECONDARY SCHOOL              KIMANI S. NG’ANG’A      0721806348       Day              307        [email protected]
  93. Kiambu Kiambu Kiambu Township Secondary school Florence S.N. Omusula   0721698164       Day       553              [email protected]
  94. Kiambu Kiambu Riara secondary school Anthony Ngotho              0713200242       Day       590        [email protected]
  95. Kiambu Kiambu Joseph Riabai Secondary School Ireri Festus         0712043309       Day       340              [email protected]
  96. Kiambu Kiambu St Peter’s High school Ndumberi               John Gathinji     0726339316       Day       398              [email protected]
  97. Kiambu Kiambu municipality Ting’ang’a secondary school   Allan Gathu        0717522007       Day       562              [email protected]
  98. Kiambu KIKUYU MAMA NGINA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NELLY W MWANGI         0722736653       Day       361              [email protected]
  99. Kiambu Kikuyu Kerwasecondaryschool Andrew Muthee Gatimu 0722760931       Day       412              [email protected]
  100. Kiambu Kikuyu C.E.A KARAI MIXED SECONDARY              PETER GITHUKU MWANGI           0722640205       Mixed Boarding            548        [email protected]
  101. Kiambu Kikuyu Muhu secondary             J K Mwangi              0722633492       Mixed Boarding 489              [email protected]
  102. Kiambu Kikuyu Nachu secondary            Esther mwaura              0722552731       Day       200              [email protected]
  103. Kiambu Kikuyu Fr kevin kelly      Mr Gitau S K              0721296700       Day       289        frkevinkellyhigh@gmail
  104. Kiambu KIKUYU RENGUTI HIGH SCHOOL KARANJA MARTIN KAHINGA 0720802496       Mixed Boarding 258              [email protected]
  105. Kiambu Kikuyu Nderi Sec school             Kago Mary Njeri              0712880160       Day       231              [email protected]
  106. Kiambu Kikuyu PCEA Mai-a-ihii High School Joseph Kinyanjui            705582570         Day       273              [email protected]
  107. Kiambu LARI GATHAITI SECONDARY   NGUGI GK              +254 700 075407            Day       156              [email protected]
  108. Kiambu Lari Gachema High School    W. Kimani              0733604908       Day       100              [email protected]
  109. Kiambu Lari King’atua secondary school         Kennedy Nguru Njenga    0729065421       Boys Boarding and Mixed Day              185        [email protected]
  110. Kiambu Lari Kirenga boys high school             Mutua A kyalo     0727251132       Day       430        [email protected]
  111. Kiambu Lari Juvenalis Gitau Secondary School              Hannah Wangari Wanjau            0725881550       Mixed Boarding            134        [email protected]
  112. Kiambu LARI ST AUGUSTINE NYANDUMA HIGH SCHOOL              MUCHIRI GEORGE           0725257452       Day       366              [email protected]
  113. Kiambu Lari Mbauini Secondary Sch Peter Chiera              0724153018       Day       250              [email protected]
  114. Kiambu LARI KAMUCHEGE SECONDARY SCHOOL              AGNES KINGORI 0722876715       Day       156              [email protected]
  115. Kiambu Lari Kagaa High school           Bedan N Gachie              0722787254       Mixed Day + Boys Boarding         200              [email protected]
  116. Kiambu Lari Ragia Forest Sec              Ndegwa Peter M               0722690218       Day       144        [email protected]
  117. Kiambu LARI NDURIRI SECONDARY SCHOOL   HENRY ASAVA MUSASIA             0722615700       Day       103              [email protected]
  118. Kiambu LARI KARATINA TECHNICAL AND SECONDARY SCHOOL              MIRIAM NJERI GITHIOMI             0722341122              Day       79          [email protected]
  119. Kiambu Lari Gitithia girls       Jennifer Warui              0722241817       Day and boarding for girls           550              [email protected]
  120. Kiambu Lari Utugi sec            Rose Kasyoki              0721243834       Day       468        [email protected]
  121. Kiambu Lari St Patrick’s sec Nyanduma          Julia Wambui Waithaka          0720889665       Mixed day, boys boarding              145        [email protected]
  122. Kiambu LARI KAMBURU HIGH SCHOOL            PETER M.NGARI            0720151912       Day       91              [email protected]
  123. Kiambu Lari Kariguini secondary school-lari   Lawrence njoroge kamau  0718699363       Day       104    
  124. Kiambu LARI MUGIKO SECONDARY SCHOOL   SALOME KAMAU 0715259916       Day       655              [email protected]
  125. Kiambu Lari DN Kiburi Sulmac secondary       Lucy Wairimu Muraya             0702038170       Mixed Day          257              [email protected]
  126. Kiambu Lari Gachema High School    Judith Wangeci Kimani  0733604908       Day       90              [email protected]
  127. Kiambu LARI GATHIMA SECONDARY SCHOOL MIGWI KAGOTHO          0722895749       Day       160              [email protected]
  128. Kiambu Lari Kirenga girls       Mary Kariuki               0722253840       Day       371        [email protected]
  129. Kiambu Lari Magina secondary school            Muturi Samuel maina    0712554735       Day       340              [email protected]
  130. Kiambu Lari Gitithia mixed secondary school James Nyaga kibutu     0712201662       Mixed Day          893        gitithia [email protected]
  131. Kiambu Limuru Manguo Secondary school          Jonathan k Muchiri 0707203109/0733584149            Day       368              [email protected]
  132. Kiambu Limuru Nyanjega Secondary School        Nahashon Ngugi    0729797935       Day       119              [email protected]
  133. Kiambu Limuru Tigoni secondary school               Simon muriithi njeru    0724296599       Mixed   420              [email protected]
  134. Kiambu Limuru Rironi secondary             ESTHER  NG’ANG’A           0722855669       Day       330              [email protected]
  135. Kiambu Limuru Ngecha Girls High Schoo              Esthr W Kariuki  0722457658       Day       285              [email protected]
  136. Kiambu LIMURU GICHURU HIGH SCHOOL JOSEPH MWANGI NGUGI             0722255124       Day       359              [email protected]
  137. Kiambu Limuru Nguirubi mixed Secondary School              WINFRED KAMBUA WILLIAM      0720841922       Day              336        [email protected]
  138. Kiambu Limuru Mukoma Secondary school         Muniu S.K George 0711137591       Day       88              [email protected]
  139. Kiambu LIMURU KINYOGORI HIGH SCHOOL              MR PATRICK MATHU      0710891183       Day       780              [email protected]
  140. Kiambu Limuru Kamirithu sec school Muigai P. N              722299343         Day       356              [email protected]
  141. Kiambu Thika East Magogoni community school              Pamela Akinyi Okello     0722823991       Day       424              [email protected]
  142. Kiambu Thika east Komo secondary school Gitau A.W              0722663853       Day       320              [email protected]
  143. Kiambu Thika East Munyu Mixed Day Sec School              Mary Kariuki      0722431162       Day       386              [email protected]
  144. Kiambu THIKA EAST NDULA SECONDARY SCHOOL              BEATRICE N. WANJAU    0711485035       Day       251              [email protected]
  145. Kiambu Thika east Gatuanyaga mixed day secondary school   Rosemary wangui Irungu             722433985         Day              431        boscowangui@gmail’com
  146. Kiambu Thika West Kimuchu Mixed Secondary              John B.Irungu    0722339845       Day       936              [email protected]
  147. Kiambu Thika West Broadway High School              N.Waiganjo    0715208358       Day       1106              [email protected]
  148. Kiambu Thika west Karibaribi secondary school               Florence w Njenga          0726600634       Day       380              [email protected]
  149. Kiambu THIKA WEST QUEEN OF ROSARY MIXED SECONDARY       ESTHER G MAINA            0722909229       MIXED DAY              423        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kilifi County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kilifi with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kilifi Chonyi  Chasimba mixed day secondary School              Charles Chitsunyu Chimega         0722936279       Day              180        [email protected]
  2. Kilifi Chonyi  Mwarakaya secondary school    Katua Paul              0720147215       Day       330        mwarakayasecondary
  3. Kilifi Chonyi Bundacho secondary school        Nancy N. Ziro       0722979986       Day       240        [email protected]
  4. Kilifi Chonyi sub county          Bungu secondary school.              Jacob Njue Daniel           0722802045       Day       246              916-80108
  5. Kilifi Chonyija             Paul Harris mixed secondary school              James Mwema  0728220492       Day       506              [email protected]
  6. Kilifi Ganze   Ndugumnani secondary Peter musila kimeu              0729055097       Day       297              [email protected]
  7. Kilifi Ganze   Bale mixed secondary school      Wilfred R Nzai Kombe       0726319442       Mixed boarding and day              400        [email protected]
  8. Kilifi Ganze   Shaka secondary school Johnstone Omamo              0725722393       Day       356        [email protected]
  9. Kilifi Ganze   Magogoni           Harun  M Mursal              0723265420       Mixed/day         250        magogoni [email protected]
  10. Kilifi Ganze   Bandari sec school          Emmanuel Mwango Kalu    0723229013       Mixed Boarding 747              bandarisec36atgmail com
  11. Kilifi Ganze   Vyambani secondary school               Mwanamisi kugula         0722479849       Day       644              [email protected]
  12. Kilifi Ganze   JILA secondary  Mary W Githua              0721445703       Day       406        [email protected]
  13. Kilifi Ganze   Amazon jeffah kingi secondary school              Nzai ferdinard   0721421480       Day       426              [email protected]
  14. Kilifi Ganze   Secondary School       Dume P Kai         0717130140       Day       634        [email protected]
  15. Kilifi Ganze   Midoina sec       Elvina Mnyazi Mongo              0713305909       Mixed Boarding 144              [email protected]
  16. Kilifi Kaloleni Mwareni Sec School       JANET WANJALA THOMAS            0710978059/0721894869            Mixed Day School              641        [email protected]
  17. Kilifi Kaloleni Kizurini Secondary School            Chtistine Lugusa  0734715111       Mixed   920        [email protected]
  18. Kilifi KALOLENI           MIYANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              RATIB KASSIM RAMADHAN         0729785363       Day              416        [email protected]
  19. Kilifi Kaloleni Mutsengo sec. School    Arnold Kenga Mwanyiro          0722806672       Day       385              [email protected]
  20. Kilifi kaloleni Kirumbi girls sec              Alice omuse              0722416877       Boarding Girls    285              kirumbigirls2013@gmail
  21. Kilifi KALOLENI           KINARANI SECONDARY              M.O.MARTIN            0721622633       Day mixed              269        [email protected]
  22. Kilifi Kaloleni Makomboani sec            Olenyo B Moses              0721428544       Day       229              [email protected]
  23. Kilifi Kaloleni TSANGATSINI SECOUNDARY SCHOOL      Mr MWAKESI MBOGOLI      0721238835       Day       575              [email protected]
  24. Kilifi KALOLENI           MIGUNDINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              S.Mutulis            0720411899       Day       345              [email protected]
  25. Kilifi Kaloleni Tsagwa Secondary School            Rachel Tatu Karisa         0714444580       Day       182              [email protected]
  26. Kilifi Kaloleni Mnazimwenga secondary            Fatuma SULEIMAN mwamurieni 0711637607       Mixed day school              319        [email protected]
  27. Kilifi Kaloleni Maandani sec    Yaa Samini Wilton Kenga              0706217718       Day       414        [email protected]
  28. Kilifi KALOLENI           MWIJO SECONDARY               MOHAMMED D.NDEJE   0722642428       Mixed Day              365        [email protected]
  29. Kilifi Kaloleni               Shangia sec shool            HELLEB KHAKASA KONGANI        0722340523       Day       223              [email protected]
  30. Kilifi Kauma  Mayowe secondary school          Emmanuel Kalume Mwandoro        0700062472       Day       365              [email protected]
  31. Kilifi KAUMA               PALAKUMI SECONDARY SCHOOL               SAFARI K.  NZAI 0734807667       Day       464              [email protected]
  32. Kilifi Kilifi North          Ngerenya secondary      SEIF JUMA DZILLAH              0724427174       Day       617              [email protected]
  33. Kilifi Kilifi North          Roka Secondary School  Omondi John Otieno       0722923397       Day       676              [email protected]
  34. Kilifi Kilifi North          Uyombo girls     Esther Frank Gambo 0722358007       Girls Day and Boarding  242              [email protected]
  35. Kilifi Kilifi North          Marafiki Secondary School              Gambo Rongoma Mtenzi      0721351734       Mixed Boarding            232        [email protected]
  36. Kilifi Kilifi North          Majaoni secondary         Mrs Sarah Mwawato          0720062428       Day       880              [email protected]
  37. Kilifi Kilifi North          Fumbini Secondary         Faith Waithaka           713420417         Day       573              [email protected]
  38. Kilifi Kilifi north          Mdzongoloni secondary school               Simon ochieng aboll       0712868700       Mixed day              528        [email protected]
  39. Kilifi Kilifi North          Kiwandani Secondary School              MASHUDI Grace Mumbi 0779 570813      Mixed Day              351        [email protected]
  40. Kilifi Kilifi North          Katana Ngala Secondary School               Kapanga Shuma               0721936689       Day       632              [email protected]
  41. Kilifi Kilifi south          Vipingo secondary School              Kiema mulumbi augustus            0729927262       Day              469        [email protected]
  42. Kilifi Kilifi South          Mnarani secondary school              Hamisi Said Mada           0722926868       Day       458              [email protected]
  43. Kilifi kilifi south          Mtomondoni Secondary School              Agneta Mwambela         0722440218       Mixed day              450        [email protected]
  44. Kilifi kilifi South          Mtepeni Secondary        Gabriel Ngao Mbaji        0722342719       Day       420              [email protected]
  45. Kilifi Kilifi south          Msumarini secondary school.              Bornface Alfred Karisa   0720990756       Mixed day              670        [email protected]
  46. Kilifi Kilifi south          M’buyuni sec school       Grace ngure mwadime              0720987651       Day       131              M’[email protected]
  47. Kilifi Kilifi South          Majajani Secondary School.              James M. Mwarumba    0720611896       Day       240              majajanisecondary@
  48. Kilifi KILIFI SOUTH      KP SENIOR SEC. SCHOOL.              SIMON KIKUVI   0722950188k     Day       968              [email protected]
  49. Kilifi Magarini             GSLANA GIRLS H. SCHOOL              LUCY MUTHOKI NDUVA 0798361231       Girls day              208        [email protected]
  50. Kilifi Magarini             Ngomeni Secondary School              Twaha Mwatsahu           0780334403       Mixed day and boarding            598        [email protected]
  51. Kilifi Magarini             Ramada mixed secondary school              Paul Bandika     0749101717       Day       396              [email protected]
  52. Kilifi MAGARINI         Magarini Hill Sec School              CHISHAMBO C JINDWA  0726815636       Day       256              [email protected]
  53. Kilifi Magarini             Garashi Yeya Ali 0724487981              Day       600        [email protected]
  54. Kilifi Magarini             Fundiissa Secondary School              James Kaingu Karisa       0724264499       Day       347              [email protected]
  55. Kilifi Magarini             Mjanaheri sec    Jonas Ngala              0722668043       Day       976              [email protected]
  56. Kilifi MAGARINI         SHOMELA SECONDARY  SHUNGU F KILONGA            0722572501       Day       274              [email protected]
  57. Kilifi Magarini             Marereni secondary       Lilian Mwalekwa         0721542179       Day       1700              [email protected]
  58. Kilifi Magarini             MAJENJENI SECONDARY David Kihenjo 0721540274       Day       507        [email protected]
  59. Kilifi Magarini             Baricho secondary School              Peter Mwangi Gichohi   0715699321       Day       158              [email protected]
  60. Kilifi Magarini             Kaembeni           Enosh katana nguma  0714243763       Day       471              [email protected]
  61. Kilifi MAGARINI          WAKALA GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              HELLEN SALAMA NDURYA           0759951513              Day       98          [email protected]
  62. Kilifi MAGARINI          MAGARINI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              CAROLINE ZOKA              0724757237       Boarding Girls      480        [email protected]
  63. Kilifi Magarini             Kurawa school   Barasa Johnstone              722471816         Day       281        Kurawaschool@gmail. Com
  64. Kilifi Magarini             Shujaa Mekatilili secondary               Robert Shume Muzungu              0720487880       Mixed Day               383        [email protected]
  65. Kilifi Magarini Subcounty       Mohamed Tsuma Mwameri           Mohamed Tsuma Mwameri        0721363193              Day       140        [email protected]
  66. Kilifi MALINDI             KIJIWETANGA SEC.          CAROLINE GEGE    0796779749       Day       879        1434 – 80200 MALINDI
  67. Kilifi MALINDI             KIBOKONI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MWANGI P C     0775152900       Mixed Boarding 823              [email protected]
  68. Kilifi Malindi Madunguni secondary school     Jemimmah Mutethya kivuu 0754675899       Day       202              [email protected]
  69. Kilifi Malindi Mida secondary school  Zome Adam Salim              0728245912       Day       310              [email protected]
  70. Kilifi Malindi Bishop Baldacchino sec school   Stephen Nyamai 0727667122       Day       250              [email protected]
  71. Kilifi MALINDI             MAZIWANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              GICHUHI JAMES NJIHIA  0725342450       Day       327              [email protected]
  72. Kilifi Malindi Langobaya Secondary School      John Mungoma Benjamin       0723802022       Day       542              [email protected]
  73. Kilifi MALINDI             B TUUVA MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL     PHILLIP PATTA   0722877246       Day              525        [email protected]
  74. Kilifi Malindi Barani secondary            Emmanuel Kitsao              0722806668       Day       2135              [email protected]
  75. Kilifi Malindi Ganda Secondary School             Jacob Shuma  0722739035       Day       463              [email protected]
  76. Kilifi Malindi Muyeye secondary school           Francis Kazungu             0722433407       Mixed day          1377              [email protected]
  77. Kilifi Malindi Sosobora secondary school         Jones mwakulomba    0722234031       Day       245              [email protected]
  78. Kilifi Malindi ACK BISHOP KALU SECONDARY  JOSEPHINE A. ODHIAMBO   0721824082       Day       323              [email protected]
  79. Kilifi Malindi Jimba Gede secondary school     Abraham Kariuki  0721403592       Day       358        [email protected]
  80. Kilifi Malindi Ack Canon Mweri Secondary School              Kakui Daudi       0720859807       Day mixed school              759        [email protected]
  81. Kilifi MALINDI             CHAKAMA SECONDARY SCHOOL              KAREKO M.JOHN             0712997728       Day       250              [email protected]
  82. Kilifi Malindi Majivuni Secondary School         Shaban Hamisi Viaka      0712005168       Mixed day school            673              [email protected]
  83. Kilifi Malindi Menyhart secondary      Mwawato Madzundu Benzi             0710919882       Day       311              [email protected]
  84. Kilifi Malindi Mongotini     Yunus Mambo              0700509722       Day       150              [email protected]
  85. Kilifi Malindi               Mbarakachembe secondary school               Kibinu Paul kamau          0723852426       Day       185              [email protected]
  86. Kilifi RABAI   BOFU SECONDARY          ROSE S WANDERA              0722758944       MIXED DAY        502              [email protected]
  87. Kilifi Rabai    Mwandodo Secondary School    Fred Obare Ouma   0729072957       Day       356              [email protected]
  88. Kilifi Rabai    Kawala secondary school             Janet kilingi    0722947434       Mixed day          211              [email protected]
  89. Kilifi Rabai    Kajiwe Sec. School          Killian Deche              0722669609       Day       462        [email protected]
  90. Kilifi Rabai    Chiferi secondary school             Ndilo Benjamen Fwaru             0722416533       Mixed day          309              [email protected]
  91. Kilifi Rabai    Canon Kuri Memorial Secondary               Harambee Charo Thoya 0722233822       Mixes day              431        [email protected]
  92. Kilifi Rabai    Mbararani Sec School    Jacob Muringi              0721303592       Mixed Boarding 197              [email protected]
  93. Kilifi Rabai    Chang’ombe sec school Fredrick kiprotich              0720683785       Day       560              [email protected]
  94. Kilifi RABAI   KASIDI SECONDARY SCHOOL       LUCAS MGUTE MWAGWABI     0702496334       MIXED DAY WITH GIRLS BOARDING         655        [email protected]
  95. Kilifi RABAI   KAMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL      PATIENCE VWIKO CHIVILA               0728734451       Day       293              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kirinyaga County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kirinyaga with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kirinyaga Central Kiamaina            Gladys Karoki ngutiku               0721659701       Day       152              [email protected]
  2. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga            Gacatha sec.      Wabuiya p w           0724733682       Day       502              [email protected]
  3. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga  central            KIANDERI  sec school   Bridget njiru mugambi   0727996616       Day       451              [email protected]
  4. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             Kiaga secondary school   Jerushah Murugi Kiara   0723 397 888     Day       453              [email protected]
  5. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Gatuto mixed secondary school            Paul Njogu Nduati           0721662526pa              Day       312        Paul Njogu [email protected]
  6. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Mutitu secondary School  David K.Muigai  +254748031195               Mixed day              374        [email protected]
  7. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Canon Numbi Mutira day seconfary     Waigi Rose wamuyu       0726274827              Day       145        waigirose@gmail. Com.
  8. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA CENTRAL      GITWE MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     ROSE WANGARI MATHARA              0725358252       Day       137              [email protected]
  9. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             Kirigo Secondary              Stanley Ndirangu            0723713783       Day       207              [email protected]
  10. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA CENTRAL      GATHUTHUMA SEC SCHOOL              BILHA MUTHONI KIBIRU 0722894259       Day              107        [email protected]
  11. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Mukinduri secondary school            Kagunda James Kamau  0722849195              Day       187        [email protected]
  12. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             St joseph kerugoya secondary          Anne Ndirangu  0722328462       Day       125              [email protected]
  13. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Gatwe mixed secondary school            Mr Gikonyo        0721288540       Day              270        [email protected]
  14. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             St John’s Thaita sec school   Ireri V M             0720312002       Day       310              [email protected]
  15. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             Kirimunge mixed day secondary   Seleno Muriuki  0702404181       Day       225              [email protected]
  16. Kirinyaga kirinyaga central             kiabarikiri sec              Caroline Maganjo           0202019185       Day       130              N/A
  17. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Kiamutuira sec school   Nicholas K Rwimbo         0725789079       Day       288              [email protected]
  18. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Kiarugu mixed sec               Gachari Antony 0722560423       Day       110        thaigachari @gmail. Com
  19. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             Mutuma Trinity Secondary          Mugweru M Michael      0720858289       Day              200        [email protected]
  20. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Kiamuruga sec school   Kariuki Bosco chege        O722263305      Day       341              [email protected]
  21. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             St james kiaritha              Mwau s Munyasya          0726830233       Day       749              Box 1326,Kerugoya
  22. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             Mugwandi mixed Secondary          Macharia Winfred Ndunguri       0720825285              Day       59          [email protected]
  23. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Kianyambo Mixed Day Secondary School            Ann Kagwiria Mwebia    0720564520              Day       143        [email protected]
  24. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Rukenya Mixed day sec              Wanjau            0757223709       Day       696              [email protected]
  25. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA EAST              KIAMICIRI SEC SCHOOL              BANCY WAWIRA MUTUAH          0727130460              Mixed Boarding 405        0727130460
  26. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Kiaumbui mixed sec school by          Ndungu  Patrick 0725917919       Day       140              [email protected]
  27. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA EAST                MARY MAGDALENE GITHAGE SECONDARY SCHOOL       AGNES WANJIRU              0725176150       Day       118        [email protected]
  28. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Gaciongo Sec school              Geoffrey Gichuru            0725016153       Day       114              [email protected]
  29. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Kavote Day Sec  Ikiara J.K.              0723544603       Day       420        [email protected]
  30. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Githure sec school              Timothy Gituthi Kamau 0722664388       Day       95              [email protected]
  31. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Kimunye Secondary              Samuel Gitahi    0722473171       Day       130              [email protected]
  32. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Mucagara           Stephen Gathitu Ndirangu            0722316610       Mixed Boarding 280              [email protected]
  33. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA EAST              Ngariama secondary School            Joel mwangi      0714895253       Day              230        Ngariamasecondaryschool@ Gmail .com
  34. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga east    KiandaiSec school              TumboEdward GACIABU              O722420827      Day mixed              100        [email protected]
  35. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Kiamwathi secondary school   Agnes k. Mutungi            725638829         Day       471              [email protected]
  36. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    St Louis Nyagithuci Sec               David Lairang’i K.K          0725238427       Day       93              [email protected]
  37. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    Mwanianjau Sec Sch               Mary  Njenga             0723332058       Day       102              [email protected]
  38. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Kathaka mixed  Chege D M              0741608923       Day       284        Kathakasecondaryschool@
  39. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga West  GAKINDU Sec School              Kinyua G Waiyaki            0729280505       Day       162              [email protected]
  40. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Kiangai sec         Jerusha wawira wachira 0727848663       Day       349              [email protected]
  41. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga West  Mathia sec sch  Patrick Gatonye             0722566425       Day       147              [email protected]
  42. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Getuya sec         Jane n. Wachira              0722352157       Day       137              [email protected]
  43. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga West  Karimaini            Ruth wanjiru Edward 0722268480       Mixed Boarding 200              [email protected]
  44. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Kianjege west mixed day sec school          A.Gichimu Kamshere           0722254160              Mixed Boarding 498        [email protected]
  45. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga West  St John secondary School-kinyakiiru           Charles Ngotho Githinji  0721579930       Day              245        [email protected]
  46. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Kiine mixed        Keziah mwangi 0721251226       Day       185        [email protected]
  47. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   johns kiburu  Jane Ndirangu            0720218549       Day       159              [email protected]
  48. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga West St Peter’s Gatuthiini               Jane m Gahoki   724591378         Day       263              [email protected]
  49. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA WEST            THUMAITA WEST SEC        JANE KITHIRA KIMATHI 0721899707       Day       343              [email protected]
  50. Kirinyaga Mwea   Nguka   Meaura 072042116              Day       230        N/a
  51. Kirinyaga Mwea East         Mugamba ciura mixed day sec school          Margaret Wangeci Kaharu          0780553663              Day       145        [email protected]
  52. Kirinyaga Mwea East         Gathigiriri secondary              Gitau Mathu      0725687589       Day       591              [email protected]
  53. Kirinyaga mwea east         Kiarukungu mixed day sec school   Thuo G. Iregi      0723662393       Day       183        276-10304 Kutus
  54. Kirinyaga Mwea East         Tebere secondary school              Mwangi J Irungu             0722938538       Mixed Boarding              371        [email protected]
  55. Kirinyaga Mwea East         St Marys Kiumbu sec              James Njiiri        0722588897       Day       152              [email protected]
  56. Kirinyaga Mwea East         Mumbuini secondary              Kiguru N. Stephen           0722555620       Day       220              [email protected]
  57. Kirinyaga Mwea east         Kiorugari mixed sec school              Lydia w. Maina  0721364442       Day       219              [email protected]
  58. Kirinyaga Mwea East         Murinduko secondary              Virginia .w. kariuki          0701251117       Boys day/boarding              343        [email protected]
  59. Kirinyaga Mwea East         ST PETERS DIFATHAS SECONDARY SCHOOL     JOYCE WARURU              0722444105              Day       210        [email protected]
  60. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Thiba mixed secondary              Sammy Kariuki  742940698         Mixed day          496              [email protected]
  61. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Kangai secondary              Edward Mbogo 0724405678       Day       548              [email protected]
  62. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Ngothi Day mixed secondary school            Gakinya Wangui T.          0722665770              Day       132        [email protected].
  63. Kirinyaga mwea west        Nyaga secondary               Karanja M A       0722636780       Day       263              [email protected]
  64. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Kombuini sec     John wamweya          0722248689       Mixed Boarding 241              [email protected]
  65. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Nyaikungu day mixed secondary          Maina Gitonga  0722242927       Day       171              [email protected]
  66. Kirinyaga Mwea West       Kiragu Stephen sec school   Benard I Mwangi             0721375660       Day       218              [email protected]
  67. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Kiandegwa secondary               Jane wachira     0720674023       Day       114              [email protected]
  68. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Kangure sec sch Rose karimi  laichena 0720074136       Day       236              [email protected]
  69. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Nganga sec        Jackson Wamweya haron            0710641757       Day       238              [email protected]
  70. Kirinyaga MWEA WEST     KIRWARA SECONDARY SCHOOL              OLIVE NYAWIRA MURIUKI           0726166896              Day       147        [email protected]
  71. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Rurii secondary school               Gichangi Ndege               0722352742       Day       276              Rurii2019 @
  72. Kirinyaga Mwea west        Good Samaritan               Charles Macharia Wanderi          721345471         Mixed Day              561        [email protected]
  73. Kirinyaga Mwea West       Gitoo-ini sec      Gilbert n kamwaria           713157230         Day       215              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kisii County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kisii with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kisii ETAGO  LINUS ETAGO D.O.K GIRLS      Rose Josephine Atieno            +254724082156               Boarding Girls              167        [email protected]
  2. Kisii Etago    Riagumo secondary school          David morang’a oyugi +254721438311               Mixed Boarding 235              [email protected]
  3. Kisii Etago    Moticho              Catherine wanjohi              0728918369       Girls day and boarding   72              [email protected]
  4. Kisii Etago    St Peter’s nyangweta DOK sec school              Vincent OMBETA            0727716282       Mixed day/boarding    235        [email protected]
  5. Kisii Etago    Mesocho secondary School         JAPHETH  ONGWENYI  OMAO        0725826384       Day       201        –
  6. Kisii Etago    Maroo Esinde sec school             David kipkemoi  Rono 0725417154       Mix day 369              [email protected]
  7. Kisii Etago    Fabian Makara DOK   Mulupi Beneah              0722693712       Day       125        [email protected]
  8. Kisii Etago    Ndonyo mix school.        Jason M. Onyango              0722600531       Mixed boarding/day      816              [email protected]
  9. Kisii Etago    Nyaimera ELCK secondary school              Paul Korir           0721298123       Mixed Boarding 318              Box 2699 Kisii
  10. Kisii Etago    Nyasasa SDA Mixed Secondary School              Moseti Nyakundi             0720582424       Mixed Boarding              250        [email protected]
  11. Kisii Etago    Ayora Mixed Secondary School  Nyatera Vincent Ogwora              0720036177       Mixed day and Boarding              652        [email protected]
  12. Kisii Etago    Kiendege secondary School         Brion Mang’erere        0717215680       Day       221              [email protected]
  13. Kisii Etago    Bogichoncho Secondary Obora Malachi              0715033564       Mixed day & Boarding   198              [email protected]
  14. Kisii Etago    Nyabine ceb mixed secondary    Tom Okenye Nyandoro          0713118300       mixed day/boarding              295        [email protected]
  15. Kisii ETAGO  NYATWONI SDA               WILLIAM K. LANGAT              0712205052       Day       224              [email protected]
  16. Kisii ETAGO  NCHORO SDA SEC.          ZACHARIA N KIAGE              0710965952       MIXED DAY        136              [email protected]
  17. Kisii Etago    Muma Mixed     Paul Omollo               0710225950       Mixed Boarding 168              [email protected]
  18. Kisii Etago    Mariwa mixed Secondary school               Luke Agumba Apiyo        0724737154       Mixed Boarding/Day    319        [email protected]
  19. Kisii ETAGO Nyamondo secondary school      Monica Auma Nyajowi   721943576         Mixed Day          289              [email protected]
  20. Kisii Gucha   Maroba Sec. School        Evans  Ogeto Nyabero             0726805672       Day       240              [email protected]
  21. Kisii Gucha   St Camillus Nyamoronga secondary school               Duke Ondieki     0725897246       Mixed day and boarding               173        [email protected]
  22. Kisii Gucha   Nyataro secondary         Ruth N Obaga              0724052999       Mixed Boarding 313        nyataro@gmail. com.
  23. Kisii Gucha   Gakero ELCK      Kariko Malachi Omondi               0723596987       Mixed Boarding 496              [email protected]
  24. Kisii GUCHA BOMBABA SECONDARY SCHOOL               BENARD O. ORWA          0722238439       Mixed Boarding              330        [email protected]
  25. Kisii Gucha   Buyonge Secondary        Charles Omondi              0721315737       Mixed Boarding 215              [email protected]
  26. Kisii Gucha   Kineni pefa mixed sec.   Awiti William               0720823487       Mixed Boarding 167        Kinenipefa@g or [email protected]
  27. Kisii Gucha   Machongo PAG sec school          Richard nyabayo             0710751951       Mixed Boarding 650              [email protected]
  28. Kisii Gucha   Kebere mixed sda secondary      Susan chepkairor          722940488         Day       58          Not available
  29. Kisii Gucha South      Nyakorere PAG Sec School              Elijah Otieno Odak          0727639813       Day       150              [email protected]
  30. Kisii Gucha South      Amaiko sda secondary school              Anyona Benson 0727458615       Mixed day and boarding              802        [email protected]
  31. Kisii Gucha south      Gotichaki e.l.c.k.secondary school              Joseph orangi    0726367127       Day       232              [email protected]
  32. Kisii Gucha South      Giasobera SDA high school              Frederick okombo maobe           0725579666       Day              205        [email protected]
  33. Kisii Gucha south      Nyachenge ELCK secondary              Nahason Okemwa  Moreka         0725011740       Mixed day/ boarding            213        [email protected]
  34. Kisii Gucha south      Nyakembene SDA mixed               Zachariah Rioba 0722623766       Mixed Boarding 240              [email protected]
  35. Kisii GUCHA SOUTH ST JOSEPH’S KIORORI SEC SCHOOL               JOSEPH OCHIENG NDHUNE         0722345361       Day              153        [email protected]
  36. Kisii Gucha South      Tabaka Township Mixed Secondary School   Pius Olang’o Amata        0714714446       Day       99              [email protected]
  37. Kisii Gucha south      ST Mary’s nyabigena girls               Beatrice Buyaki ontita    0727630236       Day /boarding girls               413        [email protected]
  38. Kisii Gucha south      Nyamue secondary         Nixon S Sabwa   0723406784       Mixed Boarding 230              [email protected]
  39. Kisii Gucha South      Marongo PAG mixed sec school               PATRICK MAINA WANGOMBE_ 722666010         Mixed Boarding            114        [email protected]
  40. Kisii Gucha sub-county           Getuki mixed sec               Sarah chepngeno tesot 0711529286       Mixed Boarding              305        Getukisec@gmail.
  41. Kisii   Nyagenke Deb sec school.           Vincent Oronyi Gwako.  721973361         Day       271              [email protected].
  42. Kisii Kenyenya           Rianyanchabera Sec school              Nyanchiri Dishon Onsoti              0725931884       Day              107        N/A
  43. Kisii Kenyenya           St Francis Metembe Sec sch               Christopher Morangi Onkomba 0725912693       Day              140        [email protected]
  44. Kisii Kenyenya           Magenge SDA mixed secondary              Stellah mariera 0724488768       Mixed day and boarding              848        [email protected]
  45. Kisii Kenyenya           Mochorwa sec. school   Richard Ondati  0724380733       Mixed Boarding 407              [email protected]
  46. Kisii KENYENYA          NYANGETI MIXED SEC.SCHOOL              JACKSON M OKEYO         0722398061       Mixed day              126        [email protected]
  47. Kisii Kenyenya           Gekongo11deb sec school              Nyamari enock nyakundi             0722326272       Day              126        Gekongo11deb
  48. Kisii Kenyenya           Nyaibate COG Secondary School              Evans Nyandoro Machuka    0714726716       Day              170        –
  49. Kisii Kenyenya           Endereti mixed secondary school              Richard Owino Okoth     0712701930       Day       124              [email protected]
  50. Kisii Kenyenya           Ritembu Sec school        Rose Maroko               0710358919       Mixed day          201              [email protected]
  51. Kisii Kenyenya           Gesabakwa SDA mixed  Evans michira Onchiri 071714550         Day       167              [email protected]
  52. Kisii Kenyenya           St Joseph’s Etono mixed secondary               James kinanga   725805776         Day       180        St Joseph’s [email protected]
  53. Kisii Kenyenya           Mesabakwa Sec school Alfred Maosa Nyangau              0725654553       Mixed Boarding 335              [email protected]
  54. Kisii Kenyenya           Mobirona secondary school               Damaris Nyariki               0715160297       mixed day and boarding             189        [email protected]
  55. Kisii Kisii       Nyakeyo mixed secondary          John N.Sendora          0710901294n/a Mixed Boarding 245        N/A
  56. Kisii Kisii central        Ibeno cog secondary school              David R.Mainya 0725727093       Mixed Boarding 306              [email protected]
  57. Kisii Kisii central        Gianchere friends sec.    Kennedy onchiri  0724569299       Mixed day          788              [email protected]
  58. Kisii Kisii central        Amariba mixed sec         Joseph korir      0724331431       Mixed Day Boarding       513              [email protected]
  59. Kisii Kisii central        Nyaura DEB  Andrew c Langat  0723680010       Day       308        [email protected]
  60. Kisii Kisii central        Nyamemiso mixed              Peter Simba Mwoma     0723529513       Day       152              [email protected]
  61. Kisii Kisii Central        Boronyi Mixed Secondary School              Truphena Mageka          0722375696       Day       110              [email protected]
  62. Kisii Kisii central        Nyataro cog sec School  Yobesh Matara Girango 0721987370       Day       164              [email protected]
  63. Kisii Kisii Central        Vincent De Paul Nyanko Secondary School            Pius Olang Oyugi             0721780061              Mixed Day and Boarding             176              [email protected]
  64. Kisii Kisii Central        Nyankororo SDA Mixed Secondary               William Nyang’ara          0720638210       Day       106              [email protected]
  65. Kisii KISII CENTRAL    KEOKE FRIENDS SECONDARY              OPINGO PETER N.           0715111673       Day       131              [email protected]
  66. Kisii KISII CENTRAl     STEPHEN’S NYAMWARE SECONDARY SCHOOL     WILLIAM OMBATI           0710103804              Mixed day and boarding              438              [email protected]
  67. Kisii Kisii Central        Gianchere Friends High School               David Onoka Obonyo     0729852662       Mixed Boarding              783        [email protected]
  68. Kisii KISII CENTRAL    BORUMA SECONDARY SCHOOL               PETER OGENDI ONDIEKI               0726971191       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING              121        [email protected]
  69. Kisii Kisii central        Bobaracho mixed sec school               Mwambo Joash               0721578649       Mxed day boarding               400        mwambojoash7@gmail
  70. Kisii Kisii Central        Nyaguta sec school         Okeyo G.G. Ondari O722457423      Mixed Day and Boarding              524              [email protected]
  71. Kisii Kisii Central        Masongo Mixed               Richard langat   0723878437       Day       467              [email protected]
  72. Kisii Kisii South          Bitare SDA Mixed Secondary School  Auta Justus        0728936206       Mixed day/Boarding              121        [email protected]
  73. Kisii Kisii south          Sugunana sec    Dinah obigwa              0726773312       Day       268        [email protected]
  74. Kisii Kisii south          St Francis Nyasagati secondary              Ondiekie Alice Ayega      0724907792       Mixed day and boarding            562        [email protected]
  75. Kisii Kisii south          charles lwanga gesero sec school              Charles nyarigoti             0722409479       Mixed Boarding              979        [email protected]
  76. Kisii Kisii South          Mosando SDA Sec School              Reuben C. Chepkwony   0722350112       Day       121              [email protected]
  77. Kisii Kisii South          Andrew’s Mogumo Secondary              Bonaventure Madala Odongo    0713249242       Day              392        [email protected]
  78. Kisii Kisii South          Nyabimwa mixed sec. School              Enock Omwoyo Nyaumah           0710884801       Day              124        [email protected]
  79. Kisii Kisii south          Bogitaa Elck mixed secondary school   Daniel Ngonche 0725622019       Mixed day and boarding              333        [email protected]
  80. Kisii Kisii south          Bonyaoro girls secondary school              Tabitha marube 0712328892       Mixed day          125              [email protected]
  81. Kisii Kisii South          St Raphael Nyangena Secondary School   Mugeni Ekaka    0714118653       Day       121              [email protected]
  82. Kisii Kisii South            Theresa’s Bogiakumu Sec School   Zablon K.  Moseti            0721257919       Mixed Day               426        [email protected]
  83. Kisii Kisii South          Riamonting’a               Opar Joseph       0714521394       Day       273              riamontingas2019 @gmail
  84. Kisii Kisii South Sub County   St Lawrence Nyabieyo secondary school            Mark Munialo Maloba   0728093846              Day       123        [email protected]
  85. Kisii KisiiCentral         Alexander Nyamecheo              Onsabwa Richard            0725848717       Day       220        25-40212 Keumbu
  86. Kisii Kisiii south         Genga Dok sec school    Nathan mokbi   722,982,059       Day       185        gengadokseco@gmail
  87. Kisii Kitutu    Darajambili mixed sec school      LUCIAH GWARO              0719743837       Day       762              [email protected]
  88. Kisii kitutu centrai     St Luke’s kanunda mixed sec. Sch              Peter Machuki Nyamoti 0722445270       Day       577              4161
  89. Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL             AMBROSE NYAORE SECONDARY SCHOOL     TOM MONGARE BARAKE              0725826511       Mixed Day          230              [email protected]
  90. Kisii Kitutu Central    Queen Of Apostles,Kanyimbo Mixed Sec. Sch. Gertrude Laboso             0724829613       Day              354        [email protected]
  91. Kisii Kitutu central    Nyagisai mixed secondary school              Raymond Omboga Nyangoto      0724161861       Day              125        [email protected]
  92. Kisii Kitutu Central    Nyamatuta mixed sec school              John Osida Ongidi 0723 0723576733       Day       203              [email protected]
  93. Kisii Kitutu Central    Philip’s Matieko sec school              Pitus Oeri Otiso 0722465843       Day       152              [email protected]
  94. Kisii Kitutu Central    Bogeka PAG Sec.School James Obae     0721653238       Day       245        [email protected]
  95. Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL             Nyakeogiro Secondary School  Fredrick Okoth  0714445684       Day       218              [email protected]
  96. Kisii Kitutu Central    Raganga Secondary        Wanyonyi Silas      0711211869       Mixed Day          89              [email protected]
  97. Kisii Kitutu central    Lawrence kiong’ongi sec school              Mr. Oteki James Mirera 0704555034       Day       123              [email protected]
  98. Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL             KIOGO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              ORINA RICHARD OGARI 0710160326       Day              304        [email protected]
  99. Kisii Kitutu Central    Riotero SDA Sec school Rose  A Omolo 0              0710868576r     Mixed day          488              [email protected]
  100. Kisii Kitutu Central    Getembe Sec school       Wilfrida Kemuma Momanyi         0720453793       Day       368              [email protected]
  101. Kisii Kitutu Central    Keore Secondary school               Everlyne Chetambe        707039652         Day       240              [email protected]
  102. Kisii Kitutu central    Patrick’s day sec Mosocho               Kajwang Jacob   0721279             Day       833              [email protected]
  103. Kisii KKISII CENTRAL KEOKE FRIENDS MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     PETER N OPINGO            0715111673              Day       131        com
  104. Kisii Marani Nyakoora Secondary School        Henry  Alomba 0722952989       Mixed day          319              [email protected]
  105. Kisii Marani Tambacha C.O.G Secondary school              Amos Maroria   O721216393      Mived day and boarding              543        [email protected]
  106. Kisii MARANI             MESARIA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              EDWIN OMBUI GWACHI 0721848436/ 0720175506              Day       183        [email protected]
  107. Kisii Marani Nyabworoba mixed        Zephaniah Onsembe Chweya           0713626916nya               Day       150              [email protected]
  108. Kisii Marani Nyagonyi Elck mixed      Joseph Aroni Moriasi +254728977673               Day       344              [email protected]
  109. Kisii MARANI             ENGOTO P.A.G SECONDARY SCHOOL              ALOICE OCHIENG            +254722272183              Day       192        [email protected]
  110. Kisii Marani Geturi mixed secondary school  Gilbert Nyabuto Magucha          0729204003       Day       500              [email protected]
  111. Kisii MARANI             JORAM ASANYO MOTONTO MIXED SECONDARY       COSMAS O. NYANGAU   0728969462       Day              186        [email protected]
  112. Kisii Marani Nyasore SDA Mixed Day/Boarding Secondary          Lameck Ombati Mariera 0727518476       Mixed Day Boarding            430        [email protected]
  113. Kisii Marani paul’s Nyankanda       Kennedy Mongare Nyachiro             0726577775       Mixed Boarding 310              [email protected].
  114. Kisii Marani Kiareni ELCK Secondary School   Moraa Juma     0725245284       Mixed Day          441              [email protected]
  115. Kisii MARANI             NYAKEYO C.O.G SECONDARY SCHOOL              MILLICENT ANYANGO OPIYO      0722392493              Day       233        [email protected]
  116. Kisii Marani Nyakome Friends Secondary      Pascal Okuche 0721431226       Mixed day and boarding              215              [email protected]
  117. Kisii Marani Nyagoto Secondary School          Isaac Nyasani Atemba              0721419721       Mixed day          220              [email protected]
  118. Kisii Marani Masakwe p.a.g sec. School          Mark Makori 0720013669       Day       96              [email protected]
  119. Kisii Marani Gamba SDA Mixed Secondary School              Sylvester Nyageo Mochengo       0712714675       Day              352        [email protected]
  120. Kisii Marani ENTANDA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              Nancy Achieng Odhiambo           0710738772       Day              794        [email protected]
  121. Kisii Marani Nyagesenda secondary school    Okemwa Kennedy ogeto 0722483602       Day       408              [email protected]
  122. Kisii Marani Sensi mixed sec school  Mary Wangari Njuguna              0726669062       Day       137              [email protected]
  123. Kisii Marani St Mary’s Ng’enyi Girls sec school               Christine Omboto           0721351146       Boarding Girls              223        [email protected]
  124. Kisii Marani John’s Metembe    Ayieko  Christopher Kjolen          0722279360       Day       264              [email protected]
  125. Kisii Masaba south   Nyamesocho SDA secondary school               Raymond Ouma Amollo 0725317679/0733535415              Mixed day secondary school.      180        300- Keroka
  126. Kisii Masaba south   Peters Chironge              Zaccheaus Orori Osoro  0733341763       Mixed Boarding              324        [email protected]
  127. Kisii Masaba south   Getare Girls Secondary School              Miriam Ogega   0725948040       Day and boarding Girls              192        [email protected]
  128. Kisii MASABA SOUTH              SOSERA SDA SECONDARY SCHOOL              THOMAS OPONDO OYAMO        0723932971              Mixed Boarding 249        [email protected]
  129. Kisii Masaba south   Nyamagesa c.o.g mixed seconday school   Christopher Rang’ondi Onserio 0722938359       Mixed Boarding            330        nyamagesasec@ yahoo. com
  130. Kisii Masaba South   Nyankononi Secondary School              Charles Ombogo Odhiambo       0721705080       Day              175        [email protected]
  131. Kisii Masaba south   Masabo secondary school              Evans Nyantari  0721593697       Mixed day          192        o 16-40201, Gesusu.
  132. Kisii Masaba south   Matibo girls day and boarding secondary School            Redemptor Gesare Moseti              0719549354       Boarding Girls    107              [email protected]
  133. Kisii Masaba South   Gekonge DEB sec School.              Onyiego Albert  0711390652       Day       140        N/A
  134. Kisii Masaba South   Joseph Mukasa Matibo Mixed Secondary          Makuli Wamwatila          0729349811       Day              207        [email protected]
  135. Kisii Masaba South   Ikorongo Mixed SDA sec sch               Hezron Sanganyi             724899537         Day       132              [email protected]
  136. Kisii Masaba South   Nyamagesa Deb sec sch.              Alice Adhiambo Olando 0722472384       Day       268              aliceadhiambo23@gmail
  137. Kisii Masaba South   Luke’s Ekware Secondary School               David Ochwang’i Ogata 0722440910       Day       120              [email protected]
  138. Kisii Nyamache          Thomas Turwa Secondary              George O. Omondi         O722683989      Mixed Boarding              310        [email protected]
  139. Kisii Nyamache          Naikuru PAG Secondary school              Zachary Keronche           0724343421       Mixed day and boarding            703        [email protected]
  140. Kisii NYAMACHE       NYABITE DOK SECONDARY SCHOOL              AWITI KEVIS ODUOR      0722694022       Mixed Boarding              309        [email protected]
  141. Kisii Nyamache          St Josephs Nyachenge    Samuel Onchangu M      0722612159       Day       126              [email protected]
  142. Kisii Nyamache          Ebigogo Secondary school              Eric K Chepkwony           0722561671       Day       130              [email protected]
  143. Kisii Nyamache          Simiti SDA secondary     James Ondari  0721568409       Day       126        [email protected]
  144. Kisii Nyamache          Rogongo secondary school              Esther Ombasa 0721559135       Mixed Boarding 187              [email protected]
  145. Kisii Nyamache          Mogonga PAG sec school              Patrick kipyegon Kirui    0720891095       Day /boarding              393        N/A
  146. Kisii Nyamache          Nyamakorobo FAM secondary              Abugah Mokaya              0714114561       Day       250              None
  147. Kisii Nyamache          Borangi pag secondary school              Pamela Ameka  0728268136       Day       214              [email protected]
  148. Kisii Nyamache          Kionduso PAG secondary school               Richard C Korir 726902902         Day       185              korirrichard20@gmail
  149. Kisii Nyamache          Sacred Heart of Jesus Ekeonga sec sch        Milton Nyaoko 0723450779       Day       115              [email protected]
  150. Kisii Nyamache          St Joseph’s Sugubo sec school               ONYANGO FRANCIS          0720862479       Day              314        [email protected]
  151. Kisii Nyamache          Getai SDA Mixed Secondary School               George Ondiege Othino               0720336082       Mixed Day              100        [email protected]
  152. Kisii Nyamache          Nyoera sec school           Alfred Okemwa Ndege               07486303           Day       91          Nyoera sec school
  153. Kisii Nyamache sub_ county Nyabisia DEB mixed secondary school            Samuel Mokaya Kegoro 0725863322              Day       139        Nyabisiadebsecondary @
  154. Kisii Sameta Riobara secondary school            Lydia Mike Oeri       N/A       Day       90          [email protected]
  155. Kisii Sameta Kenyoro Mixed DOK Secondary  Richard A. Nyakundi            +254725200110               Day       120              [email protected]
  156. Kisii Sameta Rianchore mixed secondary school              Louise Ntabo     0727856706       Day       63              [email protected]
  157. Kisii Sameta Nyamonema Mixed Secondary School              Julius M. Orina  0725843336       Mixed Day          191              [email protected]
  158. Kisii SAMETA             NYAGIKI MIXED SECONDARY      Mr George Nyandusi Mose 0724340692       MIXED DAY        102              [email protected]
  159. Kisii Sameta Kenyerere mixed secondary school              Martines odhiambo       0722375718       Day       146              [email protected]
  160. Kisii sameta 189        ELKANAH OBWAYA NYANDIKA              0722286130       Day       189        [email protected]
  161. Kisii SAMETA             ST DOMINIC RUSINGA SEC.              BABU CAPIS OTIENO      0721306775       MIXED DAY              186        [email protected]
  162. Kisii Sameta Sameta Mixed Secondary School              Francis Weke     0720974431       Day       320              [email protected]
  163. Kisii Sameta St Peter’s Rianyachuba secondary              John Mongare Manoti   0710103819       Day       102              [email protected]
  164. Kisii Sameta Nyabonge secondary school       Pamela kemunto kiage  0725826249       Day       368              [email protected]
  165. Kisii Sameta GESURE SDA SECONDARY SCHOOL               STEPHEN ONDIEKI OMACHE        0720639034       Mixed Boarding            171        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kisumu County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kisumu with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kisumu KISUMU West Usare sec School             Akute Daniel   0722488767       Day       188        [email protected]
  2. Kisumu NYAKACH mbugra mixed secondary school              ABEL ODHIAMBO SIANG’ANI      0722571658       Day              273        [email protected]
  3. Kisumu Kisumu Kobongo primary school Eliaha O. Opiyo    0798434839       Day       260        [email protected]
  4. Kisumu Kisumu Bishop Abiero Shaurimoyo Dinnah Oboro   0202422599       Day       809              [email protected]
  5. Kisumu Kisumu central Victory Christian High School              Francis Ager       0780009635       Mixed day and boarding              122        [email protected]
  6. Kisumu Kisumu Central John Chrisostom Kudho Secondary School Onyango Rabet Abidha  0722875739              Day       627        [email protected]
  7. Kisumu Kisumu Central Ken Obura Secondary School Mary Oruko       0722690391       Day       663              [email protected]
  8. Kisumu Kisumu central Bishop Abiero shaurimoyo secondary school            Dinnah Oboro   0721544752       Day              805        [email protected]
  9. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL HIGHWAY HIGH SCHOOL              STEPHEN AJODE              0711778464       Day       108              [email protected]
  10. Kisumu Kisumu central St ignatius loyola magadi              Desmond odongo           0706295542       Mixed day              886        [email protected]
  11. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL LIONS HIGH SCHOOL              EUDIA OYIER      0703244663       Day       1431              [email protected]
  12. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL JOEL OMINO      RICHARD NYAYAL 722621949         Day       544        [email protected]
  13. Kisumu KISUMU CENTRAL IGNATIUS LOYOLA SECONDARY-MAGADI    ODONGO DESMOND OTIENO              0721698918       Day       886              [email protected]
  14. Kisumu Kisumu central Peter’s Nanga secondary school Lilian Christine Kwena    0724545691       Mixed Day              387        [email protected]
  15. Kisumu Kisumu East Orongo Mixed Secondary              Gilbert Otieno Ndolo      0713940233/ 0715899921              Mixed Day          360        Box 644 _40100 KISUMU
  16. Kisumu Kisumu East Dominic Bukna Secondary school   Bando Julius      +25476175997  Day       343              [email protected]
  17. Kisumu Kisumu East Nyamasaria Sec School  Sarah Obewa 0722887210       Day       720              [email protected]
  18. Kisumu Kisumu east Renja mixed secondary Hellen A Origa     0722426503       Day       254        3128- 40100
  19. Kisumu Kisumu East St Aloys Mayenya Secondary School  Judith Atieno     0721745217       Day       321              [email protected]
  20. Kisumu Kisumu East Got Nyabondo Secondary              Kennedy Jagila Onyango              0721219438       Day              149        [email protected]
  21. Kisumu Kisumu East Obwolo Mixed Secondary School              Rose Omondi    0717176458       Day       657              [email protected]
  22. Kisumu Kisumu East St Albert Angira secondary              Peter Wafula Asmani     0713394666       Day       345              [email protected]
  23. Kisumu Kisumu East Kibos Secondary School Emmanuel Otieno Okwama              0707070271       Day       625              [email protected]
  24. Kisumu Kisumu East Nyalunya Secondary       Douglas Otieno Omollo  O572505704      Day       404              [email protected]
  25. Kisumu Kisumu East P.Owiti Chiga Sec        Paul Roche Agalo    0721943621       Day       192        [email protected]
  26. Kisumu KISUMU EAST KASAGAM SECONDARY SCHOOL               GEORGE OPINDE             +254721717221               Mixed Boarding            927        [email protected]/ [email protected]
  27. Kisumu Kisumu East Peter’s Kindu Secondary School               Walter Otieno Atieno     721249698         Day       220              108-40100 Kisumu
  28. Kisumu Kisumu East Okok mixed sec               Douglas Musa Namatsi   0726701639       Day       432              [email protected]
  29. Kisumu Kisumu West Kisian Secondary School Bernard Auma   + 254 733 858 563          Mixed Day          620              [email protected]
  30. Kisumu Kisumu west Maliera mixed secondary              Paulyne Otieno 0790691256       Mixed Boarding 33              [email protected]
  31. Kisumu Kisumu West Obede mixed secondary school              Millicent Odhiambo       0724203948       Day       250              None
  32. Kisumu Kisumu west Tieng’re mixed sec          Zablon Otieno  0723108036       Mixed Boarding 523        Box 908 – 40100 Kisumu
  33. Kisumu KISUMU WEST BAR KORUMBA SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARY AMKE      0722764407       Mixed Boarding              113        [email protected]
  34. Kisumu Kisumu West Ongalo secondary           Linnet Odhiambo         0722645138       Day       415              [email protected]
  35. Kisumu Kisumu west St Mary Gorrety Oluowa              Isaya Mung’oma             0722634632       Day       195              [email protected]
  36. Kisumu Kisumu west Bar union secondary school               Betty Asioya Oyuga        0722272138       Day       825              [email protected]
  37. Kisumu kisumu west Wachara mixed sec sch  Emily Awuor Okello    0722223402       Day       356              [email protected]
  38. Kisumu KISUMU WEST ULALO SECONDARY SCHOOL              SILAS ODHIAMBO OMULO          0721476513       Day              227        [email protected]
  39. Kisumu Kisumu West AIC Olago Aluoch Alara Girls               Opiti A.O. Agneta            0720840267       Boarding Girls              300        [email protected]
  40. Kisumu Kisumu West Osiri secondary school   MILLICENT Okoth   0720390673       Mixed Boarding 315              [email protected]
  41. Kisumu KISUMU WEST NYANG’INJA SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSEPH OKAKA OPANDE              0720236693       Day              147        [email protected]
  42. Kisumu Kisumu West Kawino Secondary school              Mrs Mildred Amina Kisia              0711868360       Day              160        [email protected]
  43. Kisumu Kisumu West Antony Dago Kokore Secondary              Kennedy N. Nyabuto      0711115654       Day       550              [email protected]
  44. Kisumu KISUMU WEST SABEMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL              GERSON NYAMOLO        0700775296       Day       134              [email protected]
  45. Kisumu Kisumu West Gombe Kokulo Secondary School              Oyombo Josephine         0722295673       Day       184              [email protected]
  46. Kisumu KISUMU WEST KANYAMEDHA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              LYDIAH OPIYO   0724710388       MIXED DAY SCHOOL              802        [email protected]
  47. Kisumu Kisumu West Kirembe Seconday School              Aluoch Mary Jenipher    0722223669       Day       380              [email protected]
  48. Kisumu Kisumu west Dagothim secondary      Hobson Nyangau             0721252975       Mixed Boarding 196              [email protected]
  49. Kisumu KISUMU WEST GABRIEL BAR ANDING’O MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     VITALIS OGOLLA              0722983734              Mixed Day          186        NA
  50. Kisumu Kisumu West Eluhobe Mixed Secondary school               Joel Odongo olielo          0722571967       Day       252              [email protected]
  51. Kisumu KISUMU WEST SUNGA  SECONDARY SCHOOL              MILLICENT ABUNGU       0722421423       MIXED DAY              147        [email protected]
  52. Kisumu Kisumu West Kuoyo Mixed Secondary school               Pauline Oluoch Ooro      721785552         Day       588              Mkuoyo
  53. Kisumu Kisumu West George’s Sianda Mixed Secondary          Alexius Ochieng Omenda             0711760811              Day       402        [email protected]
  54. Kisumu Kisumu west. Ogal mixed secondary.  Daniel owenga ojuok.  722932185         Day       122              [email protected].
  55. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyatao Primary School  Timothy Lelmengit Selem              0732 666307.    Day       566              [email protected]
  56. Kisumu Muhoroni St Josephs Ngula Primary              Isaac Mbeche Adede      0722 566 909     Day       168              [email protected]
  57. Kisumu Muhoroni Gul Primary       Lawrence O. Vitalis              +254 733 52 50 70          Day       325              [email protected]
  58. Kisumu MUHORONI Kango Primary School    WILLY G.ODHIAMBO OWIDI     +254720384347               Day       540              [email protected]
  59. Kisumu MUHORONI MINYANGE PRIMARY SCHOOL              ALEX OTIENO WAKALA   +254716870614               MIXED DAY              279        [email protected]
  60. Kisumu Muhoroni Olik Oliero Primary School              Michael Opondo             0733472919       Day       660              [email protected]
  61. Kisumu Muhoroni Our lady of peace Muhoroni secondary School            Nixon Odalloh   0728293142       Mixed Boarding            481        [email protected]
  62. Kisumu Muhoroni Mutwala Girls    Mary Atieno Ochola  0727809516       Day girls              185              [email protected]
  63. Kisumu Muhoroni Yawo Primary School      Michael Omwoso            0727576208       Day       429              [email protected]
  64. Kisumu Muhoroni Oginga Odinga Tamu Mixed secondary          Susan M Akinyi  0727271899       Day       243              [email protected]
  65. Kisumu Muhoroni St John’s lwala mixed secondary School  Peter Odhiala Maranya 0727079515       Day       91              [email protected]
  66. Kisumu Muhoroni Omanyi primary              Hezbon Ogowe  0727033662       Mixed Day          137              [email protected]
  67. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyando mixed sec school              Namunguba wanjala      0726445731       Day       378              nyandomixed2017@gmail
  68. Kisumu Muhoroni Muhoroni Primary School              Charles Abonyo 0726436335       Day       739              [email protected]
  69. Kisumu Muhoroni Chemelil factory              Peter pande   0726150015       Day       590        Nil
  70. Kisumu MUHORONI GOD NYITHINDO PRIMARY              ALICE ANGURA  0725967327       Day       142              [email protected]
  71. Kisumu Muhoroni Bacho primary  Awelo Charles              0725932732       Day       171        [email protected]
  72. Kisumu Muhoroni George Wuok  Primary School              Paul  Muna        0725586576       Day       428              [email protected]
  73. Kisumu MUHORONI KORE PRIMARY SCHOOL ALPHAS ANEYA  0725529505       Day       226        [email protected]
  74. Kisumu MUHORONI Mutwala primary            Gravira Athembo            0725293928       Day       531        Box 65, _40107 Muhoroni
  75. Kisumu MUHORONI KANDEGE PRIMARY SCHOOL              JOHN CHERUIYOT BYEGON          0724821017       Day              330        [email protected]
  76. Kisumu Muhoroni Okwach Hezron oindo              0724373222       Day       510        [email protected]
  77. Kisumu muhoroni Nyadundo primary         kenneth were     0724300235       Mixed day          367              Kennethabuora@gmaildotcom
  78. Kisumu Muhoroni Jagir Singh primary         Albert Abira     0723844976       Day       258        Jagir [email protected]
  79. Kisumu Muhoroni Osiri_Migere primary on              Peter Otieno Meso         723842664         Mixed primary              513        [email protected]
  80. Kisumu Muhoroni Wagai primary school    FELIX Ngesa Waganda              0723788634       Day       350        Pwagai [email protected]
  81. Kisumu Muhoroni Ngeny sec school            Dalmas Mbati    0723701067       Mixed day          237              [email protected]
  82. Kisumu Muhoroni Osembe  primary  school              Barnabas  Ouma  Opuko              0723245147       Mixed  Day              230        [email protected]
  83. Kisumu Muhoroni Songhor Secondary School              Barnaba tindo  Aduke    0722945097       Day       230        94 songhor
  84. Kisumu Muhoroni Rita Ramula Girls        Truphena               0722934853       Boarding Girls    256              [email protected]
  85. Kisumu MUHORONI KORU ST.JOHNS PRIMARY              NEREAH ATIENO ADUL   0722660616       MIXED DAY              438        [email protected]
  86. Kisumu Muhoroni Patrick’s Oduwo Sec school               Cosmas Ochieng Ochanyo           0722634143       Mixed Day               280        [email protected]
  87. Kisumu Muhoroni Achuodho primary         Charles Odhiambo Onditi            0722612131       Mixed Day          357              [email protected]
  88. Kisumu Muhoroni Tamu Primary    Francis Owino Oduma 0722593356       Day       457        Tamu Primary School
  89. Kisumu Muhoroni Sugar Research Sec school              Damaris Auma Abiero    0722576685       Day       112              [email protected]
  90. Kisumu Muhoroni Archbishop Okoth Ochoria              Raphael muga   0722365454       Mixed day/boarding              170        [email protected]
  91. Kisumu Muhoroni Osengteti primary          Barrack Owinga 0722218674       Day       228        Nil
  92. Kisumu Muhoroni Kibigori Mixed Secondary School              Benard Odhiambo Sirama           0721943663       Day              360        [email protected]
  93. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyangoma Primary School              Patrick Otieno Okuku     0721913392       Day       399              [email protected]
  94. Kisumu Muhoroni Obiayo primary Hulder Okuto              0721845155       Day       270              [email protected]
  95. Kisumu Muhoroni Padre Pio Masogo Girls  Pamela Mgangai             0721823235       Girls day             118              [email protected]
  96. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyarenda Primary           Mrs Jecynter Olang  0721744038       Day       234              [email protected]
  97. Kisumu Muhoroni Ombeyi primary              Mr Damanus Olang 0721619625       Day       654              [email protected]
  98. Kisumu Muhoroni Ngere kagoro mixed       Wilson Obengo 0721517520       Day       425              [email protected]
  99. Kisumu Muhoroni Kolang Primary School              CHRISPINUS OTIENO ADUWA     0721288803       Mixed Day              217        [email protected]
  100. Kisumu Muhoroni St Andrew’s masara mixed sec              Polo Francis       0720903340       Day       170        St Andrew’s [email protected]
  101. Kisumu MUHORONI MARIWA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              WYCLIFFE ANGATIA        0720803782       Day              122        [email protected]
  102. Kisumu Muhoroni Olik Oliero Mixed Secondary.              Evance Isanya.  0720747699       Day       216              [email protected].
  103. Kisumu Muhoroni Mariwa Primary school  George Julius Omondi    0720485964       Day       356              Mariwaprimaryschool
  104. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyany primary school              Ambrose Oluoch Omange     0720058224       Day              287        [email protected]
  105. Kisumu MUHORONI ODUWO PRIMARY          TOBIAS MIRITO 0718628103       Day       536              [email protected]
  106. Kisumu Muhoroni Homalime Primary School              Benter M.A.Oduor          0714547484       Day       328              [email protected]
  107. Kisumu Muhoroni Ogwodo primary school Dominic A.Miruka            0712155389       Mixed day          573              [email protected]
  108. Kisumu Muhoroni Ramula Richard  Arina  Defe              0711671185       Day       296        [email protected]
  109. Kisumu MUHORONI AUGUSTINE’S R.C KANDEGE SECONDARY      JAMES G. MABEYA          0705850818       Mixed Boarding            1043      [email protected]
  110. Kisumu Muhoroni Rang’ombe        Dickson Adede              078369062         Day       456        [email protected]
  111. Kisumu Muhoroni Jaber primary school      Rose Demesi Muguzu              072023667         Day       167              [email protected]
  112. Kisumu Muhoroni Kware Primary school    Martin Owino   0726987044       Day       230              [email protected]
  113. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyakoko secondary        George Ouma Ombok    0728149906       Mixed Day/Boarding      1024              [email protected]
  114. Kisumu MUHORONI Ogilo Primary    WILLIAM OTIENO OGEDA 0727649934       Day       350        ogiloprimary2019@g
  115. Kisumu Muhoroni Omanyi Sec.School         Stephen Arodi Athembo Tsc  247105        0726219687       Day       150              [email protected]
  116. Kisumu Muhoroni Lwala primary school     Paulus Otieno Okuku    0722424770       Day       248              [email protected]
  117. Kisumu MUHORONI GOT RUKE PRIMAY SCHOOL              BEATRICE AUMA OUKO 0721741860       Day       194              [email protected]
  118. Kisumu Muhoroni Kiliti primary school        Robert Oyugi Onono     712228291         Day       703        Kiliti primary
  119. Kisumu Muhoroni Keyo primary     John omoyi               O711753680      Day       343              [email protected].
  120. Kisumu Muhoroni Kibigori main primary school               Nelson Odhiambo Adwek            None     Day       305              None
  121. Kisumu Muhoroni Yago primary     Rose A.Nyalik    NA               Day       226        Yagoprimaryschool @Yahoo. com.
  122. Kisumu MUHORONI Ombeyi mixed sec          Soita Muhuyi               0728630394       Mixed Boarding 1120              [email protected]
  123. Kisumu Muhoroni Gatundu Primary School               Charles Owino Osiro       0726375200       Day       46              [email protected]
  124. Kisumu MUHORONI AYIECHO OBUMBA SEC               EDWIN OMONDI AGERE               0722245535       Day              596        [email protected]
  125. Kisumu Muhoroni St Cornelius Nyangoto mixed secondary school            Vincent Abong’o Ochich               0722221793       Day       258              [email protected]
  126. Kisumu Muhoroni Ngeny Integrated Primary               obedy  osotsi imbukwa  0721971915       Day       340              [email protected]
  127. Kisumu Muhoroni St Boniface Magare Sec School               Muyekho Maurice Makokha.      711810002         Day              183        [email protected]
  128. Kisumu Muhoroni OBUMBA PRIMARY         HENRY ONYANGO ODERA           0710701909       Day       757        Obumba primary
  129. Kisumu Muhoroni Makindu Primary            Owich Sylvester M.Ochieng      0708164877       Mixed Boarding 413              [email protected]
  130. Kisumu Muhoroni Benedict’s  Nyangoma  sec. School   Margaret Omoto             0704726557       Day       455              [email protected]
  131. Kisumu Muhoroni Sub County Ayiecho Nyatao Secondary School  Julius Kibisu Engafu        0722983670       Day       655              [email protected]
  132. Kisumu Nyakach Kabuya Primary Maurice Mola Obungu +254723930806               Day       320              [email protected]
  133. Kisumu Nyakach Miriu Mixed sec school  Paul Okello              +254720582714               Day       157              [email protected]
  134. Kisumu Nyakach St Jeromo Andingo Olasi primary school   Nathaniel Otieno Guya  +254712785938               Day              200        [email protected]
  135. Kisumu Nyakach Agai primary school        William Otieno Auma     0729577637       Day       940        Not available
  136. Kisumu NYAKACH William Booth secondary              JAMES OUMA ADEYA     0728032763       Day       86              [email protected]
  137. Kisumu NYAKACH CHACHI PRIMARY            OGONGO PETER OMONDI 0727940061       Day       320        [email protected]
  138. Kisumu NYAKACH CHERWA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              JARED OLUOCH NGESO  0727882068       Day       248              [email protected]
  139. Kisumu Nyakach Sondu union primary     Josephat Mouti   0726654001       Day       567        Sonduunionps@yahoo com
  140. Kisumu Nyakach Andingo Opanga sec school              Joseph Gisiri Boroyi        0726446046       Day       310              [email protected]
  141. Kisumu Nyakach Ngope Primary  Julia A. Ondiek              0725381268       Day       142        [email protected]
  142. Kisumu Nyakach Bodi Mixed Secondary School              Mrs Wanyona Murunga 0725214240       Mixed Boarding              320        [email protected]
  143. Kisumu Nyakach Charles Lwanga Ndori Sec              Mabuka Wafula George 0724997379       Day       174              [email protected]
  144. Kisumu Nyakach Kachan Primary school  Richard O.Ngesa              0724928030       Day       447              [email protected]
  145. Kisumu NYAKACH NG’OMO PRIMARY         SOSPETER KEGERA MANG’ERA        0724726609       Day       557              [email protected]
  146. Kisumu Nyakach Paul’s Abwao mixed sec school.              Petronilla khachiti Mabya            0724702884       Day              469        [email protected]
  147. Kisumu Nyakach Ragen aic secondry school               Henry angaya    0724146286       Day       132              [email protected]
  148. Kisumu NYAKACH MORO MIXED SEC SGHOOL              NASSER OPE      0723914366       Mixed Boarding 310              morosecondary@
  149. Kisumu Nyakach Hillary kajimbo            JOSEPH YIMBO ALWENGE           0723089675       Day       156              [email protected]
  150. Kisumu Nyakach Sango Buru Mixed secondary school   George Opiyo Nyangwe 0722563059       Mixed Boarding              415        [email protected]
  151. Kisumu NYAKACH APONDO KASAYE SECONDARY SCHOOL              Gordon Kayo Dulo          0722443419       Day              217        [email protected]
  152. Kisumu Nyakach Aloys Gem secondary school               John muroki      0722300431       Mixed Boarding 414              [email protected]
  153. Kisumu Nyakach OLWALO MIXED              Aggrey Onyango Mbori 0722226139       Day       63              [email protected]
  154. Kisumu Nyakach Bishop N.K Ngala             Agai O. Jacob    0721848806       Day       206              [email protected]
  155. Kisumu Nyakach Siany Mixed Sec.School Beatrice Achieng Apiyo   0721780250       A small boarding             169              [email protected]
  156. Kisumu Nyakach St Patrick’s Obange Mixed Secondary School            Dorothy Makotsi Lukulu 0720758872              Day       100        [email protected]
  157. Kisumu NYAKACH LAWRENCE KOGOLA JUDITH MUKASA             0720686961       Day       230              [email protected]
  158. Kisumu Nyakach Lwanda High School       Thomas Okeyo Ogutu     0720678256       Day       140              [email protected]
  159. Kisumu NYAKACH OCHWADO PRIMARY SCHOOL              GEORGE OKUTO GUDA  0720202879       Day       213              [email protected]
  160. Kisumu Nyakach Urudi mixed secondary school              Lazarus Otieno Opondo 0720038496       Mixed day secondary school            602        [email protected]
  161. Kisumu Nyakach Onego Primary  CHRISTOPHER OKECH NYIKUONG’A       0718458671       Day       480        no email address
  162. Kisumu Nyakach Naki Mixed Secondary School              Margaret Wasilwa          0715391791       Mixed Boarding              351        [email protected]
  163. Kisumu Nyakach Mbora Mixed secondary School              Soita Muzengeli Mulati  0713789799       Day       83              [email protected]
  164. Kisumu NYAKACH HILARIUS NYABONDO SECONDARY SCHOOL     JAPHARY OMARY NYANGWESO              0712299041       Day       418        [email protected]
  165. Kisumu Nyakach Guu Mixed Sec School    Stephen Riat Otiaro         0711378194       Mixed Boarding 431              [email protected]
  166. Kisumu nyakach kandaria secondary school              martin mito ogodo         0710969289       Day       128              [email protected]
  167. Kisumu NYAKACH ANTONY’S SECONDARY SCHOOL-KAJIMBO          LUMUMBA NYASIMI      0710937301              MIXED BOARDING AND DAY.      320              [email protected]
  168. Kisumu NYAKACH MARY’S NYAMARIMBA GIRLS SECONDARY School        MORNICA AKINYI OMBOGO              0710312049       DAY/BOARDING 320              [email protected]
  169. Kisumu Nyakach Maraba Primary              Amos otieno Awendo 0704952475       Day       228              [email protected]
  170. Kisumu nyakach Kawili prmar      silvester makori michieka             0702554806       Day       221        Kailiprimary @gmail .com
  171. Kisumu Nyakach Agai Mixed Secondary School               Odongo Nelly          0722794592       Mixed Day and Boarding             1864      [email protected]
  172. Kisumu Nyakach Nyadina Mixed Secondary School               Jacob Onyango Owiti      0715077597       Mixed day and boarding             186        [email protected]
  173. Kisumu Nyakach Oremo Mixe      Mildred  J Ngore              0727662237       Mixed  Day         150        Mildredngore
  174. Kisumu Nyakach Sang’oro Primary School               Leo Amolo         0724727952       Day       320              [email protected]
  175. Kisumu Nyakach Nyong’ong’a Secondary Maxwell Odhiambo          0723478092       Mixed Day and Boarding               352        [email protected]
  176. Kisumu Nyakach Abwao primary Elijah Owino Maira              0713522810       Day       163              [email protected]
  177. Kisumu Nyakach Nyabola Mixed sec school               Elly Okello Oluoch           0711890299       Day       150              [email protected]
  178. Kisumu Nyakach Anding’o Bware primary school               Peter Odhiambo Onditi 725378323         Day       140              anding’[email protected]
  179. Kisumu Nyakach Kabete primary Jared Rwenyo obaita   0723794322       Day       330              [email protected]
  180. Kisumu Nyakach Holo mixed Sec school   Nyaundi Kenneth Y.A       0723701393       Day       148              [email protected]
  181. Kisumu Nyakach Pawtenge sec school      Rebecca Omany 0722631231       Day       438        [email protected]
  182. Kisumu Nyakach Cornelius Ramula Odowa Sec               Kizito Ongeso Awori       0708677989       Day       483              [email protected]
  183. Kisumu Nyakach sub county Rakwaro sec. school              Peter Maina       0725219675       Mixed day and boarding              362        [email protected]
  184. Kisumu Nyando Nyalenda Girls Secondary School Joyce Adhiambo Omondi Otieno              +254726815923              Day       155        [email protected]
  185. Kisumu Nyando Alendu Secondary School Juma Moses  +254722455153               Day       548              [email protected]/[email protected]
  186. Kisumu NYANDO RANJIRA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              SOLOMON KOKIRO         0733419577       Day       410              [email protected]
  187. Kisumu Nyando Kobura girls secondary School JANE NYABATE NYANDORO    0729984490       Day       142              [email protected]
  188. Kisumu Nyando Lela mixed secondary school A.Madungu            0729948302       Day       1155              [email protected]
  189. Kisumu Nyando Ongeche mixed secondary Odero Jack Peppard             0728666946       Day       227              [email protected]
  190. Kisumu NYANDO KANYANG’ORO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARGARET A. MOHAMMED      0727813247              Day       89          [email protected]
  191. Kisumu Nyando Kanyangoro mixed secondary school Margaret A Mohammed              0727813247       Day       89              [email protected] or [email protected]
  192. Kisumu Nyando Kolal mixed secondary Damar Mama Akinyi okuom    0722689992       Day       102        kolal mixed [email protected]
  193. Kisumu Nyando Disi Secondary School Beatrice Owano Ayanga 0722580285       Day       147        [email protected]
  194. Kisumu Nyando Kowuor Okumu Dolores 0722243789 Day       102        [email protected]
  195. Kisumu Nyando St Teresa’s Wawidhi mixed Jael ogonji              0721990756       Day       62          Jael [email protected]
  196. Kisumu Nyando Michael Wanganga sec school Albert Aboth      0721794981       Day       141              [email protected]
  197. Kisumu NYANDO NDRU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              MBOYA PETER OLOO      0721740129       Day       105              [email protected]
  198. Kisumu Nyando Odienya Secondary school James Juma Okewa      0721454172       Day       164              [email protected]
  199. Kisumu Nyando Charles Lwanga Nyamkebe Rose Agosa Ogama 0721430261       Mixed Boarding 140              [email protected]
  200. Kisumu Nyando Peter’s konim secondary school Edward Iraya lubanga    0721141445       Day       196              [email protected]
  201. Kisumu Nyando Karanda Mixed secondary Jessica M  Musee  0720986945       Day       664        Karanda [email protected]
  202. Kisumu Nyando Apondo mixed sec Amunga Nicholas mwinnai             0720046490       Day       196              [email protected]
  203. Kisumu Nyando Reru AIC Sec School Millicent Adhiambo Acholla           0718077583       Day       440              [email protected]
  204. Kisumu Nyando Arombo Mixed Secondary School Ojwang’ Charles Sialo     0717651664       Mixed Day              158        [email protected]
  205. Kisumu Nyando Kanyagwal Mixed Sec. School Kotieno E.R. Ouma          0715646119       Day       226              [email protected]
  206. Kisumu Nyando Awasi PAG Girls Sec. PHOEBE WENDO              0712830796       Girls Boarding and Day  200              [email protected]
  207. Kisumu Nyando St Christopher Ayweyo mixed sec school Koko oums         0712766685       Day       286              [email protected]
  208. Kisumu NYANDO PALA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              CHARLES             0722 213315      Day       305              [email protected]
  209. Kisumu Nyando OKANJA mixed sec          Riselyn A Ogolla   0722602038       Mixed Day          250              [email protected]
  210. Kisumu Nyando Onjiko Kobongo Mixed secondary              Omondi Nyanjom           0721272678       Day       41              [email protected]
  211. Kisumu Nyando Kandaria Secondary school- Nyando               Dorothy Osino- Ogolla   0722949267       Mixed- day               193        [email protected]
  212. Kisumu Nyando Vispa Emmanuel high school 96              Philip Odhiambo Ouda  715279028         Mixed Boarding 96              [email protected]
  213. Kisumu Nyando Bunde Mixed secondary school              Jael Akinyi Onyango        0721443710       Mixed Day and boarding             446        [email protected]
  214. Kisumu Ombaka Mixed Sec School.              James Motachi Momanyi.           0720400171       Day              124        [email protected]
  215. Kisumu seme Manywanda mixed sec school    Chrispine omondi otieno  0724042531       Mixed day          122              chrispineomondi [email protected]
  216. Kisumu Seme Engineer Owiti Abol Girls’ Secondary              Silpa Akoth Ongori          0723842670       Day Girls              164        [email protected]
  217. Kisumu Seme Orando Secondary School           Hippolitus Omondi Ochieng             0723800349       Day       637              [email protected]
  218. Kisumu Seme Bonde secondary school              James Franc Abonyo    0723494851       Day       753              [email protected]
  219. Kisumu Seme Ranen Girls        Alice Otieno              0723166120       Boarding Girls    144              [email protected]
  220. Kisumu Seme St Paul’s Barkorwa Mixed Sec     George Ombewa            0723130436       Day       204              [email protected]
  221. Kisumu SEME BISHOP OKOTH MIRANGA SECONDARY              PETER VICTOR ODUNDO              0722942940       MIXED DAY & BOARDING     326        [email protected]
  222. Kisumu Seme St Peter’s Kajulu mixed sec school              Margery sitawa waluchio            0722628321       Day              571        [email protected]
  223. Kisumu Seme Prof Anyang Nyongo sec              Nyaata Omoni  0722490752       Day       123        [email protected]
  224. Kisumu Seme Omuya Mixed Sec Sch    Odunga Olayo              0722250756       Day       218           [email protected]
  225. Kisumu Seme Nyawanga mixed secondary School              Samuel Mboga Ageng’o 0721546586       Day       88              [email protected]
  226. Kisumu Seme ALUNGO MIXED         Jacton Juma Amolo      0721447155       Day       236              [email protected]
  227. Kisumu Seme Alwala Mixed Secondary school Samuel Gombe Ingutia 0721445563       Mixed day and boarding              322        [email protected]
  228. Kisumu Seme Kit mikayi mixed secondary school              Alfred Edward ochiel      0721266741       Day       476              [email protected]
  229. Kisumu Seme Diemo secondary school              Lucy Achieno              0720401502       Day       546              [email protected]
  230. Kisumu Seme Korwenje Secondary      Hellen Akoth Otieno  0720306223       Day       76              [email protected]
  231. Kisumu seme Asol mixed secondary school      Joshua Otieno Nyatuoro             0720175197       Day       324              asolschool16
  232. Kisumu SEME RATTA mixed Sec            Rev ROSEMARY ONGALO OTIENO            0712718090       Day       724              rattamixed@gmail,com
  233. Kisumu Seme Nyatigo mixed sec school            Kennedy odhiambo oguta             0711633461       Day       350              [email protected]
  234. Kisumu Seme Mariwa mixed secondary school Ochieng Dick kaligaye      0710261160       Day       364              [email protected]
  235. Kisumu Seme St John’s ngutu sec         David Michael               722881569         Day       267              [email protected]
  236. Kisumu Seme Rapogi secondary school             Nyakech Erick      722270676         Mixed Boarding 509        Rapsec@gmail.
  237. Kisumu Seme BISHOP ABIERO ORUGA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     Kennedy P Ochieng Ojero               0722683885       Day       260              [email protected]
  238. Kisumu Seme NDURU KADERO GIRLS   PAMELLAH ACHIENG AWILI               0722642091       Day       66          BOX 57, AKALA
  239. Kisumu seme kadero sunrise ndong’a Judith   722438318              Day       134        [email protected]
  240. Kisumu Seme Mayieka mixed secondary school               Lucas Oyugi John            0718564758       Day       200              [email protected]
  241. Kisumu Sene Aduong Monge sec         Kepher Nyagaka.              0720640379       Day       205              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kitui County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kitui with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kitui Ikutha   Maluma sec       Imonye james k              0729876764       Day       147        [email protected]
  2. Kitui Ikutha   James ndonyi memorial              Josphat n muli   0729655752       Day       265        James ndonyi [email protected]
  3. Kitui IKUTHA SIMISI SEC          NICHOLAS M. KISUKE              0725910105       Mixed Boarding 398              [email protected]
  4. Kitui Ikutha   MWAATHE SECONDARY SCHOOL              Johnstone M. Makau.    0724537857       Day       126              [email protected]
  5. Kitui Ikutha   Kalivu Secondary School              Margaret Nduku Mwendwa           0722869489       Mixed day and Boarding              204        [email protected]
  6. Kitui Ikutha   Kilawa Mixed Secondary School Humphrey Mutuiri Mbaka  0721692103       Day       103              [email protected]
  7. Kitui IKUTHA MWANIANGA SEC SCHOOL         DAVID MWATU MBATHA           0721583570       Day       130              [email protected]
  8. Kitui Ikutha   Nzaini   Margaret Mikwa              0712593810       Mixed day          100              [email protected]
  9. Kitui IKUTHA ABC Kimweli secondary school   dickson maingi  0711922477       Day       114        [email protected]
  10. Kitui Ikutha   ILENGI SECONDARY SCHOOL       IBRAHIM ISSAK HASSAN   0711195000       Mixed Boarding 210              [email protected]
  11. Kitui Ikutha   Kiangu sec school            Ndolo  Patrick              0723012199       Day       64          [email protected]
  12. Kitui Ikutha   CBM Timboni    Joseph M. Munge               0726152707       Day       168        [email protected]
  13. Kitui Ikutha   Kituti  secondary             Mary  K Mwangangi        0721272654       Mixed Boarding 418              [email protected]
  14. Kitui Katulani              Yumbisye Secondary School              Elizabeth Njeri Chege     +254 740 307 087           Mixed day               1000      [email protected]
  15. Kitui Katulani              Kavuta sec sch   Boniface M Nzivo              0791441086       Day       80          [email protected]
  16. Kitui Katulani              Wii secondary   Kyallah elijah mwanzia            0727713917       Mixed Boarding 80              [email protected]
  17. Kitui Katulani              Ikave mixed secondary school              Mativo Sanmatias M      0723570854       Day       134              [email protected]
  18. Kitui Katulani              St Patrick’s Ithimani sec Agnes Kasyoka              0722904806       Day       169              [email protected]
  19. Kitui Katulani              Yakalia Mixed Day Secondary School   Paul Makau Mathooko  0722670326       Day       183              [email protected]
  20. Kitui Katulani              Kwa Mukasa mixed sec sch              Grace Wandiri Kangovio 0722627067       Day       77              Kwa Mukasa [email protected]
  21. Kitui KATULANI           MAVINDINI  SEC SCHOOL              BENSON  MALINDA   0721612293       Day       184              [email protected]
  22. Kitui katulani Kangalu mixed secondary            Mwilu Gabriel 0721480563       Day       156        [email protected]
  23. Kitui Katulani              Kaumba Sec school         Hilary Kyeva Mutua     +254721858230               Day       110              [email protected]
  24. Kitui KATULANI           MALUNGU SECONDARY SCHOOL               AGNES K JOSHUA            712206811         Day       190              [email protected]
  25. Kitui Kisasi    Katwala Mixed secondary           Daniel Munguti              +254721745517               Mixed Boarding 468              [email protected]
  26. Kitui Kisasi    Mukameni mixed day    John m makenga              728159495         Day       220              [email protected]
  27. Kitui KISASI   MBITINI COMPLEX HIGH SCHOOL              LABAN KAMAU  0728102120       Day       115              [email protected]
  28. Kitui Kisasi    Mosa sec school              Augustine Mutembei          0722643462       Mixed Boarding 466              [email protected]
  29. Kitui Kisasi    Ung’aatu mixed day sec. School Cleophas k. Mbithi             0722295852       Day       160              [email protected]
  30. Kitui Kisasi    KISASI MIXED SECONDARY          Elizabeth mutinda             0722260207       Mixed Boarding 766              [email protected]
  31. Kitui Kisasi    Maangani mixed secondary        Catherine k kangethe         0722220057       Day       234        36-90214  Mbitini
  32. Kitui Kisasi    KANZAU SEC SCHOOL     Wambua m. Joseph  0721757106       Mixed day school            172        None
  33. Kitui Kisasi    Ngangani mixed day sec               Mr Muli Geoffrey             0715636273       Day       203              [email protected]
  34. Kitui Kisasi    Kimuuni Mixed Secondary School              January Kyalo Mutua      0712193175       Day       89              [email protected]
  35. Kitui Kisasi     Hon Charles Nyamai _Kasevi       Berita Syombua Ngumbau        0721514798       Day       137              [email protected]
  36. Kitui Kisasi subcounty             Kitungati mixed secondary school   Geoffrey M. Munyao     0721962550       Mixed Boarding              400        [email protected]
  37. Kitui KITUI CENTRAL  ENGINEER NGILU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     BENJAMIN V. MUATINE +254704020997              Day       368        [email protected]
  38. Kitui Kitui Central      Ngiini  Day Mixed Sec School              Bridget Kiema    0729606858       Day       158              [email protected]
  39. Kitui Kitui Central      Our lady of protection museve sec school   John kioko mulei             0727931269       Day       121              [email protected]
  40. Kitui Kitui central       Kyamathyaka mixed secondary school   Sarah Muthami 0722923264       Day       172              [email protected]
  41. Kitui Kitui central       St Stephen kaveta mixed day sec school   Patrick m wambua         0722631680       Day       182              [email protected]
  42. Kitui Kitui Central      Ithiani mixed day school              Raphael Kamau Murage 0722432074       Day       127              [email protected]
  43. Kitui Kitui central       Kaliakakya sec school              Christopher kiaro            0722288401       Day       241              [email protected]
  44. Kitui Kitui central       Mutukya sec      John ireri njuki              0722248985       Mixed day/boarding      300              [email protected]
  45. Kitui Kitui central       Kwa muema sec school Francis kioko makau      0721417301       Day       107              [email protected]
  46. Kitui Kitui central       Kiviu sec sch      Musyoki, Benson M           0714184487       Day       140        NA
  47. Kitui Kitui Central      Katyethoka secondary school              Munyoki Margaret Kamundi       0713873664       Mixed day              106        [email protected]
  48. Kitui Kitui central       Vinda secondary school               Mercy Mainga   0721669564       Day       83              [email protected]
  49. Kitui Kitui Central       Aic miambani Sec school               Rose  Musewa -Kioko     C/o 0720633616              Day              142        [email protected]
  50. Kitui KITUI CENTRAL KABAA DAY MIXED SEC SCHOOL               MARY WAMBUI KIMEU 0722482403       Day       97              [email protected]
  51. Kitui Kitui West          Kalinditi mixed day secondary school   Monica N. Kithua            0722278050       Mixed day          87              [email protected]
  52. Kitui Kitui west           Mutanda Mixed Day school              David Muthengi 0721385019       Day       185              [email protected]
  53. Kitui Kitui West          Archbishop Lele Sec- Mang’elu              Alex Malei          0720948039       Day       160              [email protected]
  54. Kitui KITUI WEST        KIAMANI Sec      JUSTUS MUTUA              0715274894       Mixed day          170              [email protected]
  55. Kitui KITUI WEST        KANGII MIXED SECONDARY              Moses M Wambua         0713873556       Day       279              [email protected]
  56. Kitui KITUI WEST        USIANI MIXED DAY SEC  JULIA M. MUGAMBI         0713111867       Day       156              [email protected]
  57. Kitui Kitui west           Muthamo mixed sec school.              SYLVIA MUTHONI PAULINO         0711802860       Day              154        [email protected] you
  58. Kitui Kitui west           Kakeani secondary school               Paul m nzuki      0727293348       Mixed Boarding 200              [email protected]
  59. Kitui Kitui west           Kyondoni Mixed Day school               Grace Mwende Muanzi 0722594501       Day       188              [email protected]
  60. Kitui Kitui-west           Mary’s Kavalo secondary school              Margaret Nzei   0726427462       Day       226              [email protected]
  61. Kitui Kyuso    Kandwia secondary        John Kimwele Musee  0723904203       Day       125              [email protected]
  62. Kitui Kyuso    Kalwa Mixed Secondary School  Patrick Munguti.            0712424546       Day       100              [email protected]
  63. Kitui Lower yatta        Kawongo secondary School              Fredrick muthami kilonzo            0728752691       Day              382        [email protected]
  64. Kitui Lower Yatta       Iiani Mixed Day Sec School              Hezron Toma Munyao   0727394221       Day       72              [email protected]
  65. Kitui Lower Yatta       Matu Mixed Secondary School              Cleophas Mwangangi     0721451512       Mixed Boarding              281        [email protected]
  66. Kitui Lower yatta        Tanganyika   Agnes Mutuku 0713658795       Mixed Boarding 178              [email protected]
  67. Kitui Lower Yatta       Kathome mixed sec school              Amos mutua katumo     0712126583       Day       122              [email protected]
  68. Kitui Lower yatta        Muselele township mixed day school   Ruth makili mutua          0712119608       Day       154              [email protected]
  69. Kitui Lower Yatta       Masaani Mixed Day Secondary School  Robert Musyoka Musia 0712023028       Day       168              [email protected]
  70. Kitui Lower yatta        Sacred heart of jesus sec school Kanyongonyo    Simon mumo     0721370550       Day       188              [email protected]
  71. Kitui Lower yatta        Kwakilui mixed Sec Sch Mumo Pauline Mwikali               0725872732       Day       163              [email protected]
  72. Kitui MATINYANI       AIC KITUNDUNI AGNES MUENI MWANGANGI   0726378150       Day       79              aickitundunisecsç[email protected]
  73. Kitui Matinyani          joseph musosya sec   Janefaith Mwongela          0722913577       Day       160              [email protected]
  74. Kitui Matinyani          St Benedicts sec.Kwa. Mutonga              Thiba M.. Kirira 0721738172       Day       207              [email protected]
  75. Kitui Matinyani          Matinyani mixed sec school              Martin Kithome Kimongo            721687404         Day              350        [email protected]
  76. Kitui Matinyani          Mithiikwani mixed day secondary              Daniel mwanzia kithuku 0713266481       Day       130              [email protected]
  77. Kitui Matinyani          I.c Kitunduni Secondary               Agnes Mwangangi          0726378150       Day       80              [email protected]
  78. Kitui Migwani             Nzalae Sec          Musee V.W              0820919108       Day       169              [email protected]
  79. Kitui Migwani             Aic Ithambwangao Sec school              Sammy muchiri 0726515198       Day       157              [email protected]
  80. Kitui Migwani             Kakululo Secondary        Samuel K. Musau  0725793269       Day       107        [email protected]
  81. Kitui Migwani             Itoloni Mixed Day Sec. School              Joseph Kimeu Mutua     0725762782       Day       140              [email protected]
  82. Kitui MIGWANI          Mary’s Sec.School- Ngongoni              MICHAEL M. MAKOVU   0721438032       Day       135              [email protected]
  83. Kitui Migwani             KAVAINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Muturia David karau      0720427840       Mixed Boarding              277        [email protected]
  84. Kitui Migwani             Kikiini secondary school Morris M David    0716590833       Day       165        [email protected]
  85. Kitui Migwani             Winzyeei secondary school              Paul Kavivya      0714660750       Day       114              [email protected]
  86. Kitui migwani             kasavani highland secondary school   francisca kioko  0728887887       Day       167              [email protected]
  87. Kitui MIGWANI/MWINGI-WEST          KITULANI SEC. SCHOOL.             Charles N. Kiiti   0721521187       Day       102              [email protected]
  88. Kitui Mumoni             Kasyalani Mixed Day secondary              Titus Musyoki Musila     0721260336       Day       184              kasyalanisec@gmail
  89. Kitui Mumoni             Kambusu mixed day sec sch              Nzangi Jepthah Musyoki              0720455504       Day              101        [email protected]
  90. Kitui Mumoni             Katooni Mixed Secondary School              Alexander Mbaka            0710480011       Day       98              [email protected]
  91. Kitui MUTITO              ITHANGATHI GIRLS SEC SCHOOL               VERONICAH KIOKO         0726365221       Boarding Girls              230        [email protected]
  92. Kitui Mutito  KIKUU MIXED DAY SEC SCHOOL STEPHEN MUASYA MUTUNGA       0712844590       Day       215              [email protected]
  93. Kitui Mutito Malatani mixed day secondary   Julius Mailu    722263406         Day       117              [email protected]
  94. Kitui MUTITU              Zombe day/ Boarding sec school              BENEDICT M.MWAMBUA            0725361319       Mixed Boarding            387        [email protected]
  95. Kitui Mutitu  St IGNATIUS SECSCHOOL-ENDAU              Fredrick k Musyoka        0722295558       Mixed Boarding              228        [email protected]
  96. Kitui Mutitu  Malalani mixed sec school           Ezekiel K Malombe           0721557668       Mixed Boarding 185              [email protected]
  97. Kitui Mutitu  Muthungue Secondary school    John M. Kiema   0720545239       Mixed Boarding 131              [email protected]
  98. Kitui Mutitu  Mwitika mixed sec school            Mbiwa Gibson Mweu    0720367668       Mixed Boarding 446              [email protected]
  99. Kitui MUTITU              Makongo mixed boarding/day secondary School            NTHEI SAMUEL  0713572210       Mixed day/ boarding            180        [email protected]
  100. Kitui Mutitu  Kyamatu secondary school          Josphat Thini     0712718961       Day       114        [email protected]
  101. Kitui Mutitu  Ngungi secondary school             BERNARD MUTUA NGANDA            725635549         Mixed Day and boarding               204        [email protected]
  102. Kitui Mutitu north     Itiko mixed day secondary school              Josphat njoroge kimani  0721269421       Day       80              [email protected]
  103. Kitui              HON.MULUVI(KALALANI) GIRLS SEC.SCHOOL      BEATRICE K MUTIE.        0710362296       BOARDING AND DAY GIRLS SEC. SCHOOL.    122        [email protected]
  104. Kitui Mutomo             Makele mixed day secondary School  Jelina Kalekye Musango O727990604      Day       229              [email protected]
  105. Kitui Mutomo             Kisayani sec school         Jackson K. Munuve              0728858366       Mixed Day and Boarding              130        Kisayanisec 2014 @gmail
  106. Kitui Mutomo             St Louis Mathima secondary school              Macdonald Mutuku Musango    0727892432       Mixed day and boarding     235        [email protected]
  107. Kitui Mutomo             Chief Makau Mixed Sec.School              Mbaluka Francis Maingi 0727414242       Day       155              [email protected]
  108. Kitui Mutomo             Kenze secondary school Matheka charles kalii        0722920877       Day       160              [email protected]
  109. Kitui Mutomo             Mulumba Nduluni      Julius Mutahi 0722687006       Day       85          [email protected]
  110. Kitui Mutomo             Kiangwa Secondary School              K. Muia            0722483445       Day       130              [email protected]
  111. Kitui MUTOMO          KIBWEA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              DAVID K MUTHUI            0717539552       Day       129              [email protected]
  112. Kitui Mutomo             Nzoani sec sch   John mutia muli              0710936761       Day       204        [email protected]
  113. Kitui mutomo             Enzou sec school             mutuku kioko     0710207415       Mixed Boarding 150        N/A
  114. Kitui Mutomo             josephs mixed day and boarding secondary.         Eunice malyunga.           0728262686       Mixed Boarding            191        St.josephs sec
  115. Kitui Mutomo             St Peter’s sec school – Nduundune               Geoffrey Mutuku Mbithi              0712142527       Mixed day & boarding         180        [email protected]
  116. Kitui mwingi central  kiviu sec              Felistus mwende musing 0728272083       Day       130        felistusmusingi@gmail
  117. Kitui Mwingi central  Wikithuki sec     Mbaluto p k              0722610385       Day       150              [email protected]
  118. Kitui Mwingi central  Kathonzweni secondary Reuben Kioko Muteti      0721664854       Day       205              [email protected]
  119. Kitui Mwingi central  Ndithi secondary school Mwende mbuvi   0711851006       Day       84              [email protected]
  120. Kitui Mwingi Central ENZIU SEC SCHOOL         Michael Mutuvi 0721877101       Mixed Day and Boarding              179              [email protected]
  121. Kitui Mwingi central sub county          Mutwaathi sec, school   Annah kamene muli       0726535719       Day       233              Mutwaathi sec @ gmail .com
  122. Kitui Mwingi East       Muthuka sec school       Jonathan K Muli      +2547290258     Day       306              [email protected]
  123. Kitui MWINGI EAST   AIC MWASUMA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PATRICK IRUNGU            0755575560       Day       97              [email protected]
  124. Kitui Mwingi East       Kavisu Secondary School              Joel Kavandi Kimanzi      0726591817       Day       83              [email protected]
  125. Kitui Mwingi East       Ngaani Mixed Secondary School              Japheth Muthengi          0726215113       Mixed Day          70              [email protected]
  126. Kitui Mwingi East       Michael Ngungi Sec.School              Darius K. Muasya            0722226920       Day       183              [email protected]
  127. Kitui MWINGI EAST   LUNDI DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              OLIVE KOLI THYAKA        0721784020       MIXED DAY              177        [email protected]
  128. Kitui MWINGI EAST   MWAMBIU MIXED SECONDARY              PETER M. MUINDI           0721565419       Day       206              [email protected]
  129. Kitui Mwingi east       Aic Yumbu sec   Joel Mwenda Lintari   0720662225       Day       83          [email protected]
  130. Kitui MWINGI EAST   IVUUSYA SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOYCE MUSAU   0720378415       Day       42          ivuusya Secondary [email protected]
  131. Kitui Mwingi East       Mulinde  day sec school Milcah koki Mutunga    0720053112       Day       125              [email protected]
  132. Kitui MWINGI EAST   YATWA SECONDARY       SIMON K MULALA             0718611256       Mixed day/boarding      146              [email protected]
  133. Kitui MWINGI EAST   UKASI BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL              KIMAMO JOHN WAMBUGU        0714937082       Day              112        [email protected]
  134. Kitui Mwingi East       Masavi boys       Maluku samuel              0714835077       Day       130              [email protected]
  135. Kitui Mwingi East       Nyaani secondary school              Mwanza Mutuku             0708044633       Day       157              [email protected]
  136. Kitui Mwingi East       Kalanga mixed day secondary school   Annastacia mutie            0721914402       Day       136              Kalangasec@gmail com
  137. Kitui Mwingi East       MUTYANGOME sec         Kisavi DM               0722343117       Day       110        [email protected]
  138. Kitui Mwingi East       Wamaiyu Secondary School               Mary M. Kitheka              0721470057       Day       144              [email protected]
  139. Kitui Mwingi East       Muangeni secondary school               Julius N Luka      0721239397       Day       228              [email protected]
  140. Kitui Mwingi East       AIC Munyuni mixed day Sec sch               Caroline Macharia           0724627837       Day       141              [email protected]
  141. Kitui MWINGI EAST   AIC KATHANZE SECONDARY               Miriti peter        710424184         Day       100              [email protected]
  142. Kitui Nzambani          Major Muluvi Kangweni              k.Mutuva             O717106321      Day       272              Major [email protected]
  143. Kitui Nzambani          Kyanika Secondary School              Michael Mativo 0727759855       Day       274              [email protected]
  144. Kitui Nzambani          AIC Kitho Sec     Mary Muinde              0722638567       Day       90          252-90200
  145. Kitui Nzambani          Katumbu mixed secondary school              Mutonga Arthur              0722498545       Day       120              [email protected]
  146. Kitui Nzambani          Kilonzo secondary school               Francis Muteti   0721475630       Day       211              [email protected]
  147. Kitui Nzambani          Kanguu sec school          Muia N. Francis  0712094282       Mixed day/boarding      140              [email protected]
  148. Kitui Nzambani          AIC Kamale secondary   Pascalina M. Mutua           0704242733       Day       98          1324–200
  149. Kitui NZAMBANI         Ikuyuni mixed    JOSEPH KARIMI              0702767890       Day       135              [email protected]
  150. Kitui Nzambani          Kanduti Secondary school.              Robert N. Munyalo.        0721555294       Mixed Boarding              231        [email protected].
  151. Kitui Thagicu Katama Sec School          Fredrick Mutinda Nzui      0712250631       Day       164        [email protected]
  152. Kitui Tseikuru             Mwangea sec school      Peter mutuku mwambu           0729821964       Mixed day and boarding              265        [email protected]
  153. Kitui Tseikuru             Mulangoni sec.  Muatha, Mwasi               0728177359       Mixed Boarding 171              [email protected]
  154. Kitui Tseikuru             Ngalange mixed day secondary school   Fabiano Gitonga Kanamba          0726816859       Day       75              [email protected]/[email protected]
  155. Kitui TSEIKURU           KATUMBI SECONDARY SCHOOL              DOMINIC KINYUA KIVULI             0724542613       Day              128        [email protected]
  156. Kitui Tseikuru             Kalimbui mixed day sec school              Miriam D Nguta Kathurima         0722866769       Day              205        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Kwale County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kwale with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Kwale KINANGO           MTAA SECONDARY SCHOOL              SHEHI NYAE SHEHI          0726988573       Day       240              [email protected]
  2. Kwale Kinango              Nzovuni sec school         Ndaro Hamisi H             0722685405       Day       390              [email protected]
  3. Kwale KINANGO           TSUNZA MIXED DAY       KASSIM MWINGO JEGO 0718756507       Mixed Day          317              [email protected]
  4. Kwale KINANGO           VIGURUNGANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              BONFACE MWAMBINGU KIFUSO              0713810898       Mixed Day/ Boarding     279              [email protected]
  5. Kwale Kinango sub county        Bofu sec              Kanyoe mwaboza           0721380215       Day       312        bozabozap@gmail. Com
  6. Kwale Kwale    Balozi A.M jorori             Richard Muia               0721279489       Day       155        [email protected]
  7. Kwale Kwale/Matuga  Mbuguni secondary school         Mr Ali  Mwakunena         0701699669       mixed day          215              mbugunisecondary@mail
  8. Kwale Lunga Lunga      Makwenyeni Sec             Ubao Omar    0799 855251      Day       177              [email protected]
  9. Kwale Lunga lunga       Majoreni secondary school              Paul Mukee Joshua        0736974872       Day       97              [email protected]
  10. Kwale Lunga lunga       Lunga lunga sec sch        Nixon K. Mbaga  0733151301       Day       732              [email protected]
  11. Kwale Lunga Lunga      Khatib Mwashetani Sec.School              Juma Mganda Peter07   0726402008       Day       206              [email protected]
  12. Kwale Lunga Lunga      Magombani       Kavita Stephen              0724400471       Mixed day.         109              [email protected]
  13. Kwale LUNGA LUNGA  JUMA BOY SECONDARY SCHOOL              Lucy Gichinga    0708050696       Day       233              [email protected]
  14. Kwale Lunga Lunga      Gugu secondary School Joseph Katina Odiyo      0724156130       Day       328        Katjoseph70 @gmail. com
  15. Kwale LUNGALUNGA   MWANANYAMALA SECONDARY SCHOOL              BERNARD KIMANI MBURU          0729980123              Day       326        [email protected]
  16. Kwale Lungalunga        Shimoni Secondary School              MutambukiK Mulatya    0722979207       Boys are Day              415        [email protected]
  17. Kwale LUNGALUNGA   MWERENI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MORRIS M.MUTHOKA   0722454530       Mixed day/Partial girls boarding    773        [email protected]
  18. Kwale Lungalunga        Ngozi girls high school   Peninah Wangithi Mwangi           0721270262       Boarding Girls    521              [email protected]
  19. Kwale Lungalunga        Menzamwenye Secondary School              Onyango N. Opiyo          0713422434       Day for boys.              342        [email protected]
  20. Kwale Lungalunga        Kiruku mixed secondary school               Mullu peter Ngei             0721582515       Day       79              [email protected]
  21. Kwale Lungalunga        SHIRAZI BOYS SEC SCHOOL               Swalehe Abdalla Majuto              0721387863       Boarding Boys      325        [email protected]
  22. Kwale Lungalunga        Tswaka Secondary School               Emily Nyaboke Chweya +254722998781               Day              173        [email protected]
  23. Kwale MATUGA            AMBASSADOR MWAKWERE HIGH              JOSEPH ELIJAH MAGANA             0722 271 349     Mixed Boarding            404        [email protected]
  24. Kwale Matuga Mkongani Secondary      Chitwa Absalom              +254722426588               Mixed Boarding 282              [email protected]
  25. Kwale Matuga Ng’ombeni Secondary School     Indimuli Dishon  0731555554       Mixed Day/Boys boarding           534              ng’[email protected]
  26. Kwale Matuga Mwaluphamba Sec School           Jackson Kalume Nzzai     0727057458       Boys Boarding /Day        497              [email protected]
  27. Kwale MATUGA            MANGAWANI SEC SCHOOL               NGANA K. ROCHA           0722625660       Mixed Boarding              216        [email protected]
  28. Kwale Matuga Kiteje mixed secondary school   Joseph njoroge 0722620098       Mixed day          108              [email protected]
  29. Kwale Matuga KOMBANI  SECONDARY SCHOOL              JUMA NJEMA AURA        0722165595       Day       534              [email protected]
  30. Kwale MATUGA            MBEGANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              SAIDI A. MWAJIRANI      0721499405       Day       148              [email protected]
  31. Kwale Matuga GOLINI SECONDARY SCHOOL      Mathias Mwakule            0721316386       Mixed day and boarding               520        [email protected]
  32. Kwale Matuga KIREWE SECONDARY      NJAGI PETER              0721250574       Mixed Boarding 268              [email protected]
  33. Kwale Matuga Tserezani High school    Kibe Isaac              0715959965       Day       142        [email protected]
  34. Kwale Matuga Stephen kanja secondary            Dismas  osalo     0712396950       Day       350              [email protected]
  35. Kwale Matuga Mwaluvanga Mixed secondary   Kivure Regina Mwaka  0712096804       Day       250              [email protected]
  36. Kwale Matuga Mtsamviani Secondary  Mohamed Saidi              0704450692       Mixed-day         187              [email protected]
  37. Kwale Matuga               Tumaini Secondary         Ahmed B. Kale       0746959942/0754602602            Mixed Boarding 226              [email protected]
  38. Kwale MATUGA            TIWI GIRLS SEC SCHOOL               RACHAEL GICHIMU             0723653379       Day              445        [email protected]
  39. Kwale Msambweni      Ramisi sec school            Ruga John Macharia            0726721312       Mixed Boarding 790              [email protected]
  40. Kwale MSAMBWENI    BONGWE SECONDARY SCHOOL              ATHUMAN M MWALIMU            0726523634       Day              259        [email protected]
  41. Kwale Msambweni      Ukunda Secondary School              Gathege M. S.    0722740048       Day       336              [email protected]
  42. Kwale Msambweni      Magaoni secondary school              Felix Kitonga Daniel        0722692697       Day       351              [email protected]
  43. Kwale MSAMBWENI    JUHUDI SECONDARY      WAHOME J. NDEGWA        0721286386       Mixed Day          128              [email protected]
  44. Kwale MSAMBWENI    MUHAKA SECONDARY SCHOOL              LUCHEMO PAMELA          0720754053       Day              142        [email protected]
  45. Kwale Msambweni      MVINDENI SECONDARY Kibui John k            0729356297       Mixed day          603              [email protected]
  46. Kwale Msambweni      Kinondo sec school         Omari Mwijo Kulonda 0718148283       Boarding/Day/mixed     850              [email protected]
  47. Kwale Msambweni       Dori Girls secondary school               Prisca Nasambu Luvisia 722732583         Boarding Girls              334        [email protected]
  48. Kwale Msambweni       Mkwakwani secondary school               Riziki Juma Ndegwa        0722642857       Mixed Boarding              309        [email protected]
  49. Kwale      Kiranga         James Baya.    711451437         Day       313              [email protected]/[email protected]
  50. Kwale Samburu            Mwavumbo secondary  Price Sifa Mbaru  0727456624       Mixed day          879        Mwavumbosec@
  51. Kwale SAMBURU          MWABILA SECONDARY SCHOOL              EMMANUEL M.MUSYA  0722879226       Day       190              [email protected]
  52. Kwale Samburu            Makamini secondary school              Felix N Wachira 0721262459       Mixed day and boarding              249        [email protected]
  53. Kwale Samburu            Kinagoni secondary        Dorothy M. Wanje           0717153747       Mixed Boarding 380              com
  54. Kwale Samburu            Salim Mvurya Secondary               Andrew M Monyi            703534393         Day       253              [email protected]
  55. Kwale Samburu             Matumbi Secondary       Sami S Sami      0724795763       Day       236        [email protected]
  56. Kwale Samburu             Samburu sec      Ngome Malidzo               0722592101       Day       699              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Laikipia County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Laikipia with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Laikipia LAIKIPIA CENTRAL MUHONIA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCH             JAMES K KIRAGU              0722431933(PRINCIPAL’S)           Day       133              [email protected]
  2. Laikipia Laikipia central Mwituria sec.    Irungu john mwangi 0726157729       Day       125              [email protected]
  3. Laikipia Laikipia Central Wiyumiririe secondary Peter K. Gitonga 0722768416       Day       489        [email protected]
  4. Laikipia Laikipia Central Mathenya Sec. Francis Mbaabu Ngiti 0721582975       Day       281        [email protected]
  5. Laikipia Laikipia central Imenti secondary school              Stephen Mwangi             0721574611       Day       231              [email protected]
  6. Laikipia Laikipia central Wathituga secondary school              Wambugu Ngatia            0721278152       Day       350              [email protected]
  7. Laikipia LAIKIPIA CENTRAL WITHARE SECONDARY              Maina P.K           0721178605       Day       167              [email protected]
  8. Laikipia LAIKIPIA CENTRAL KARIGUINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Joyce Kaniu        0720666835       Mixed day              153        [email protected]
  9. Laikipia LAIKIPIA CENTRAL LECHUGU SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARTIN MUNGAI           0720242964       Day              208        Lechugu [email protected]
  10. Laikipia laikipia central Nyakio day secondary school              samwel kamau muturi   0711311387       Day       95              nyakiosecschool@gmail. com
  11. Laikipia Laikipia Central Tharua secondary Ruth Wairimu Kihiuria             0721473151       Day       188              [email protected]
  12. Laikipia Laikipia Central Kihato Mixed Secondary School Hellen Wanyoike             0723735738       Day       84          [email protected]\wanyoikehellenwanyoike@gmail
  13. Laikipia Laikipia central Oltaffeta secondary George Mutwiri Along’o              07203   Day       174        0720351436
  14. Laikipia Laikipia Central Waguthiru secondary school Evans Ondieki Mageto   0720848934       Day       424              [email protected]
  15. Laikipia Laikipia East Naibor secondary           Koina peter     0722934260       Day       270        [email protected]
  16. Laikipia Laikipia East Bingwa secondary          Kiragu Godfrey Mbogo 0726318312       Day       328              [email protected]
  17. Laikipia Laikipia East KALALU SECONDARY SCHOOL              Jonathan Njuguna           0722451080       Day       280              [email protected]
  18. Laikipia Laikipia East Ngenia Secondary School              Julius Maina Mbanya     0722339600       Mixed Day              251        [email protected]
  19. Laikipia Laikipia East Murungai mixed day      Peninah wanjiru mwangi 0721871613       Day       246              [email protected]
  20. Laikipia Laikipia east Nyariginu sec     Stephen Rono              0710164798       Day       188              [email protected]
  21. Laikipia Laikipia east Muramati sec    Janet muriuki              0703767001       Mixed Boarding 233              [email protected]
  22. Laikipia Laikipia east Ethi mixed sec   Kibandi james              0722943390       Day       61          [email protected]
  23. Laikipia Laikipia East Nanyuki Garisson secondary               Justin Mugambi Mutuma             0721711735       Mixed Day and Boarding     280        [email protected]
  24. Laikipia Laikipia East Daiga Mixed Sec School Karau Leonard              0720864216       Day       83              daigamixedsecschool@yahoo
  25. Laikipia Laikipia East Mukima sec       Reuben kimetto              0717410796       Mixed Boarding 67              [email protected]
  26. Laikipia Laikipia East Likii Mixed Day Sec. Sch Margaret Kangai Kirimu    0712818449       Day       236              [email protected]
  27. Laikipia LAIKIPIA East Ndemu secondary school               Steven mathenge            0722551275       Mixed Day               285        [email protected]
  28. Laikipia Laikipia East Thingithu Boys Secondary               Moses Murai     0720420227       Boys day             431              [email protected]
  29. Laikipia LAIKIPIA NORTH 140        KIMANI MWANGI              0724908124       Day       140        [email protected]
  30. Laikipia Laikipia North Chumvi Mixed Secondary School              Agnes Munguti  0721771503       Day       187              [email protected]
  31. Laikipia Laikipia North Ewaso Mixed Day & Boarding Secondary          Mwaura Ephraim            0721295973       Mixed Boarding            130        [email protected]
  32. Laikipia Laikipia North Kimanjo Secondary         Herman Ndungu 0721273373       Mixed Boarding 205              [email protected] the
  33. Laikipia Laikipia West Sipili Secondary School  Muiru NG              0726 337 472     Mixed Boarding 371              [email protected]
  34. Laikipia Laikipia West Chereta Secondary         MWANGI B.M.      0726736144       Day       373        [email protected]
  35. Laikipia Laikipia west Lariak day secondary school              Nancy njogu      0725953954       Mixed day secondary school   565        [email protected]
  36. Laikipia Laikipia west Rumuruti day secondary              Mundia Kamau 0725665414       Mixed day          539              [email protected]
  37. Laikipia Laikipia west Mutara sec school          John Gateri   0724136958       Day       202        [email protected]
  38. Laikipia Laikipia West Olmoran secondary school              Kimathi John     0722922356       Mixed Boarding 722              [email protected]
  39. Laikipia Laikipia west Limunga secondary        Paul Njoroge Mutoru              0722643077       Day       270              [email protected]
  40. Laikipia Laikipia west Githima sec school         Joyce Nyambura Kamau           0722298882       Day       86              githimaschool@
  41. Laikipia Laikipia west Dr wachira Secondary school-kiamariga           Maigua L W Susan          0721213102       Day              250        [email protected]
  42. Laikipia Laikipia West Kio Mixed Day Sec School              Kairu Mary W    720977245         Day       318              [email protected]
  43. Laikipia Laikipia West Mutamaiyu Sec. School Millicent Matu     0720811312       Day       150        [email protected]
  44. Laikipia Laikipia West Ndurumo Day Sec           Henry M. Mwangi              0720688523       Day       172              hm413170@gmail,com
  45. Laikipia Laikipia west Majani mixed day sec     David kariuki ndegwa 0718410868       Day       68              [email protected]
  46. Laikipia Laikipia West Makutano Mixed Day Secondary              Netter Kariuki    0714397670       Day       212              [email protected]
  47. Laikipia Laikipia west Gatundia Sec sch             Raphael kiambati             0711222592       Day       423              [email protected]
  48. Laikipia LAIKIPIA WEST THOME SECONDARY SCHOOL              IRUNGU MWANGI          0710105698       Day       274              [email protected]
  49. Laikipia LAIKIPIA WEST KARABA SECONDARY SCHOOL              MWATHI GITUKU NYAMU           0723702400       Day              220        [email protected]
  50. Laikipia Laikipia West Kite        Gakuu Simon              0725678351       Day       318        gakuusm351@gmail com.
  51. Laikipia Laikipia west Tetu sec              Samuel Kimondo               722921432         Day       198              [email protected]
  52. Laikipia Laikipia West Kabati Secondary School               Leonard Domenic Kojuri              0710528128       Day              219        [email protected]
  53. Laikipia Laikipia West Emgwen Mixed Day Sec. Sch              Joseph Macharia  Maina              0705102131       Day              149        Box 8—20321, Rumuruti.
  54. Laikipia Laikipia west Olarinyiro secondary school               Chege Nancy      0720316900/0741942363            Day              490        [email protected]
  55. Laikipia Nanyuki east Nkando Secondary         Roman Ngugi    0720445032       Mixed Boarding 160              [email protected]
  56. Laikipia Nyahururu Gatero mixed day secondary school   Charles Muriithi  Ruchuiya           O722239689      Day              434        [email protected]
  57. Laikipia Nyahururu Starehe  Secondary School               Stella Muluvi     0789907944/0721391273            Day              300        [email protected]
  58. Laikipia Nyahururu Muthengera sec school Samuel muraya muthechi           0724928770m   Day       308              [email protected]
  59. Laikipia NYAHURURU KARANDI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MR D. RURU      0727943830       Day       270              [email protected]
  60. Laikipia Nyahururu Salama sec         Mwika Barnabas              0725177602       Mixed day and boarding              142              [email protected]
  61. Laikipia Nyahururu Nyahururu Munyaka secondary school   Jane w mwangi 0724944702       Day       697    
  62. Laikipia Nyahururu Ndindika sec school        Kennedy Bosire   0723705391       Day       372        ndindika [email protected]
  63. Laikipia NYAHURURU NYAKINYUA SECONDARY SCHOOL               JOHN KAHORA  0722551761       Day       156              [email protected]
  64. Laikipia Nyahururu Bishop Louis Ngarenaro Sec              James K Muriithi             0722438512       Day       610              [email protected]
  65. Laikipia Nyahururu Shamanei sec school      Peter kimani  0722358795       Mixed Boarding 370              [email protected]
  66. Laikipia Nyahururu Umoja day secondary school              Kamau j. Mwenja            0722328169       Day       495              [email protected]
  67. Laikipia Nyahururu Huhoini Mixed Day Secondary              Teresia Njeri Ndung’u    0722277894       Day       149              [email protected]
  68. Laikipia Nyahururu Milimani sec school        Josphat N Kuria     0722119656       Day       275              [email protected]
  69. Laikipia Nyahururu Matuiku secondary school              John kairu Ngure             0721757433       Mixed Day              309        [email protected]
  70. Laikipia Nyahururu G kinamba secondary school              Njagah Mwaura 0721309202       Day       428              [email protected]
  71. Laikipia Nyahururu Kiwanja Day secondary  Jane Njuguna              0721279974       Mixed   326              Kiwanjasecondary@
  72. Laikipia NYAHURURU MURUKU SECONDARY SCHOOL              RIUNGI MICHAEL KIARIE 0720954488       MIXED DAY /BOARDING       371        [email protected]
  73. Laikipia Nyahururu Kundarilla sec    Charles M Ndegwa              0720894484       Day       243        [email protected]
  74. Laikipia Nyahururu Gituamba mixed day secondary school   Dominic Gakere King’athia          0720789764       Day              230        [email protected]
  75. Laikipia Nyahururu Olngarua secondary school              Paulson N .Ngugi             0720285234       Mixed day and boarding.           645        [email protected]
  76. Laikipia Nyahururu Thiru secondary school  Mercy wangari Ochieng             0717622314       Day       654              [email protected]
  77. Laikipia Nyahururu Pesi Secondary School   Paul Mwangi Gichaga             0711500771       Day       295              [email protected]
  78. Laikipia Nyahururu UASONAROK MIXED DAY secondary school            Grace Maitha kaimenyi  0726172580              Day       115        [email protected]
  79. Laikipia nyahururu Brethren secondary       Nancy mutahi 0725643517       Day       405              [email protected]
  80. Laikipia Nyahururu Tandare secondary school               Njeri Kamau            0722567948       Day       408              [email protected]
  81. Laikipia Nyahururu Mungetho          Bibianah Gicheru               0722332620       Day       229              [email protected]
  82. Laikipia Nyuhururu Thigio Mixed Day Secondary School              Patricia W Mugweru      0713840375       Day       195              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Lamu County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Lamu with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Lamu Lamu central     Matondoni secondary school              Kazungu Kapombe Chara             0724007229       Mixed day              133        [email protected]
  2. Lamu Lamu central     Bright Girls Shella Secondary School  Rukia Ali Anwar 0722123703       Day       262              [email protected]
  3. Lamu LAMU CENTRAL HINDI SEC. SCHOOL        MSHOTE NARCIS 0713559265       Day       322        [email protected]
  4. Lamu Lamu central     Mokowe Mixed day/boardimg              Thaddeus Morara Mogute          0712099710       Mokowe Mixed day/boarsing       410        [email protected]
  5. Lamu LAMU CENTRAL WIYONI SECONDARY SCHOOL              RITA KOFA BALAGHA      0728654295       Day       349              [email protected]
  6. Lamu LAMU EAST        SIYU SECONDARY            PETER GUCHU 0722816539       Day       144        [email protected]
  7. Lamu Lamu East          Kiunga secondary school             Ali Mohamed Ahmed          0720103225       Day       180              [email protected]
  8. Lamu LAMU EAST        Kizingitini Secondary school              MR HENRY THOYA          0714703035       Day       280              [email protected]
  9. Lamu Lamu East          Patte Girls Secondary School              Alice Mlale Mwakazi      0713459509       Day       55              [email protected]
  10. Lamu Lamu west         Witu secondary school  Kakunde Tembo  0728722666       Mixed day and boarding              305              [email protected]
  11. Lamu Lamu west         Uziwa secondary             Kanyo isaac     0728413039       Mixed/day         245        Uziwa secondary [email protected]
  12. Lamu Lamu west         Witu mjini sec. School    Josphat wainaina Nene  0727458446       Day       660              [email protected]
  13. Lamu Lamu west         MKUNUMBI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARTHA KIMINZA          0723590014       Mixed day and boarding( girls). 102        mkunumbisecondary2008@gmail@gmail .com
  14. Lamu Lamu west         Manda Airport secondary School              James Muhia Kimemia   0723174703       Day       44              [email protected]
  15. Lamu lamu west          Kiongwe mixed day sec  waihumbu gitau     0721770142       Day       315              [email protected]
  16. Lamu Lamu West         MAJEMBENI SEC. SCHOOL              Kiarie J. Mugo    0720732788       Day       350              [email protected]
  17. Lamu Lamu West         Moa secondary Erasmus Wanjohi Kamau  0713542750       Mixed Boarding 74              [email protected]
  18. Lamu LAMU WEST      BAHARI SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSEPH MUCHEMI          0705506831       Day       292              [email protected]
  19. Lamu Lamu west         Mpeketoni girls high school               Lucy  Mbugua    0720580429       Day       84              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Machakos County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Machakos with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Machakos ATHI RIVER        EMPAKASI SEC SCHOOL              PETER MUASYA 0726855749       Mixed Boarding 210              [email protected]
  2. Machakos Athi River           Ndovoini Secondary School              Dorothy Kagendo Njagi  0725772644       Mixed   110              [email protected]
  3. Machakos Athi River           kyumbi mixed secondary school   Lois Musyoka    0717039672       Mixed Boarding 330              [email protected]
  4. Machakos Athi river            Katani sec school            Ni canor Arum       0710201698       Mixed boarding and day              431        1965nick arum@ gmail. Com
  5. Machakos Athiriver             Kinanie high school              HENRY ODHEK   0733897748       Day       308              [email protected]
  6. Machakos Athiriver             Augustine Mlolongo High School        Andrew Kwale   0727254386       Day       924              [email protected]
  7. Machakos ATHI-RIVER        MAVOKO BOYS SCHOOL              WAMBUA SK      0720297107       Day and boarding boys              640        [email protected]
  8. Machakos Athiriver             Athiriver SECONDARY school   Stephen kariuki               0721932156       Day       472              [email protected]
  9. Machakos Athiriver             Ngalalya secondary school               Nicholas  mwanza           0720897727       Day       277              Non
  10. Machakos Kalama Katumani Secondary      Justus Kinyae Muia      O721890824      Day       115              [email protected]
  11. Machakos Kalama Mulaani secondary School              Justus K. Munyao            0790464305/0721645431              Mixed Boarding 182        [email protected]
  12. Machakos KALAMA             KINOI SEC SCHOOL              ANDREW GITHINJI KABACIA        0727-00 91 00   MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 121        [email protected]
  13. Machakos KALAMA             MAKAKOI SEC SCHOOL              MUTINDA  K KASYOKA   0725261616       Day       135              Makakoisecondary16 @
  14. Machakos KALAMA             KYANZASU SECONDARY              GEOFFREY S. MBALUTO 0724237231       Day       144              [email protected]
  15. Machakos Kalama MUTUYU SECONDARY SCHOOL               Patricia kavita Muoki      0722619252       Day       104              [email protected]
  16. Machakos Kalama Kamweleni Secondary School              Joyce Ndinda Kyalo         0722618093       Girls boarding & mixed day          88          [email protected]
  17. Machakos Kalama Miwani secondary school              Gerald Kioko Muia          0722581178       Mixed day and boarding            373        [email protected]
  18. Machakos Kalama Kyaviti Secondary           Mutua J.Ndolo 0721842753       Mixed Boarding 119        kyavitiss@gmail
  19. Machakos KALAMA             IIYUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              MUENI KOMU   0721818939       Mixed day and boarding            220        [email protected]
  20. Machakos Kalama Kiatuni secondary scjool              Millicent wanjohi            0721811333       Mixed day              150        No0721811333
  21. Machakos Kalama Katanga secondary         Franklin Maingi Mutua   0721561912       Mixed Boarding 180              [email protected]
  22. Machakos Kalama MASAANI GIRLS’              John Felista Mawia    0721276558       Day and Boarding Girls  160              [email protected]
  23. Machakos Kalama Kivandini sec school       Benson m. Meni     0721239879       Day       182        Kivandini sec [email protected]
  24. Machakos kalama Baraka SA Kavyuni secondary school   Zipporah mbithe makau 0717473677       Day       92              [email protected]
  25. Machakos Kalama I CAN FLY HIGH SCHOOL Ruth Mutua  0711157097       Boarding Girls    135              [email protected]
  26. Machakos KALAMA             NZAINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Hamienny Minoo Nzyima            0710523686              Day       63          [email protected]
  27. Machakos KALAMA             ABC KANYONGO SECONDARY SCHOOL     BENEDETTA MUTHINI GICHURU               0722271627       Day       163              [email protected]
  28. Machakos Kalama Kiatuni sec sch  Millicent waihiga wanjohi 0721811333       Day       131        [email protected]
  29. Machakos Kalama Kikumbo sec sch              Johnson m kieti       0714693798       Mixed day and girls boarding      294              Kikumbosec@yahoo
  30. Machakos KALAMA             KWAKAVOO SECONDARY SCHOOL              PIUS NGILA        0727077005       Day       131              [email protected]
  31. Machakos Kangudo             Kathaana deb secondary              Nzioka Benjamin             0724076309       Day       307              Kaathaanas
  32. Machakos Kangundo          AIC Matithini sec               David M. Kariuki              0726 272 989     Day       77              [email protected]
  33. Machakos Kangundo          ABC ksthithyamaa sec              Mrs margaret m musyoka           0726001896       Day              673        [email protected]
  34. Machakos KANGUNDO       MIU ABC KIAMBA SECONDARY SCHOOL     MONICA MATU 0725368563       Day              150        [email protected]
  35. Machakos Kangundo          DEB Kangundo Integrated Secondary School            Frederick Kaindi Kasyoka              0721353156       Day       300              [email protected]
  36. Machakos Kangundo          Kyevaluki secondary school              Mwaniki C Njiru 0721212130       Mixed Day and Boarding              370        [email protected]
  37. Machakos Kangundo          A Katheini sec Regina M Kivai      0720441067       Day       200              sakatheinisecschool@gmail com
  38. Machakos Kangundo          ST MICHAEL UNYUANI SECONDARY S    JACKSON ITIRIKIA            0718872086       Day              308        [email protected]
  39. Machakos Kangundo          Kamanzi ABC secondary               Kaula N wambua             0716920717       Day       275              [email protected]
  40. Machakos Kangundo          The S. A. Imjlini Sec.              Pius M. Mwanza             0715274231       Mixed day, girls boarding            415        [email protected]
  41. Machakos Kangundo          St Mary’s Mukunike               David Nzioka Mbuvi       0710490723       Day       320              stmary’[email protected]
  42. Machakos Kangundo          Aic kakuyuni      Mr Charles Nzioka kavili       0700810705       Mixed day and boarding              268        [email protected]
  43. Machakos KANGUNDO       KAVILINGUNI HIGH SCHOOL              PETRONILA MULI            0722631007       Day              225        [email protected]
  44. Machakos Kangundo           Kwakathule secondary school   Damaris Musau               0727795997       Mixed Boarding              210        [email protected]
  45. Machakos Kangundo           Mukuyuni SA Secondary               Wilson K. Kamina            0722769788       Day       194              [email protected]
  46. Machakos KANGUNDO       KAWAUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOHN MWANGI KARANU             0721515958              Mixed Boarding 387        [email protected]
  47. Machakos Kathiani              Kaiani Secondary school              Maingi Kombo   Not available     Day       205              [email protected]
  48. Machakos Kathiani              Benedict secondary school-kituli       Benedict njogu murage 0705471144/0724654394              Day       250        [email protected]
  49. Machakos Kathiani              Mbuuni sec        Titus manthi kamuya 0790967662       Mixed Boarding 373        Mbuuni
  50. Machakos Kathiani              Kauti Secondary              Raphael Mutuku Mutua 0728260177       Day       206              [email protected]
  51. Machakos Kathiani              Nthunguni seondary              Shadrack M Muthu         0727413524       Day       220              [email protected]
  52. Machakos Kathiani              Ikoleni seondary schoo              Patrick maingi kitavi       0726580185       Day       153              Ikolenisecondaryschool@gmail
  53. Machakos Kathiani              St Vincent imilini secondary          Francisca .k.king’oo        0725953543       Mixed Boarding            242        [email protected]
  54. Machakos Kathiani              Mbee secondary              Isabella mangera            0725145791       Day/ boarding              415        Mbeesecondary@gmail
  55. Machakos Kathiani              Ngoleni sec school              Margaret Mutie 0724157608       Mixed day and boarding              504        [email protected]
  56. Machakos Kathiani              Kaewa secondary school              Erustus Nzia Mua            0722644164       Mixed Boarding              415        [email protected]
  57. Machakos Kathiani              ABC Kwangengi Sammy Masila  0722494793       Day       102              [email protected]
  58. Machakos KATHIANI           KING’ONG’OI SECONDARY SCHOOL              IRENE WAGUAMA MWAI             0722269167              Day       250        [email protected]
  59. Machakos Kathiani              Thinu sec. School              Joshua kathau   0721454463       Day       149              [email protected]
  60. Machakos KATHIANI           ABC MITABONI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     THUO MARY NYAMBURA(Mrs NJUGUNA)               0721270569       Boarding Girls    613              [email protected]
  61. Machakos Kathiani              Kisovo Sec.School.              Doris Karimi Kinyua        0721231473       Day       310              N/A
  62. Machakos KATHIANI           KATHIANI SLOPES SECONDARY SCHOOL     RODAH MUENI MUTUNGA              0720792870       Day / boarding 45              [email protected]
  63. Machakos Kathiani              St Catherine girl’s high school   Josephine Nyamu            720386564         Boarding Girls              260        St Catherine girl’s
  64. Machakos Kathiani              Lumbwa Secondary School              Florence Wandii Mutuku             0718873292       Day              261        [email protected]
  65. Machakos Kathiani              Kalikya Mixed Secondary School  Bernard Orina Rori         0713459828       Day       333              [email protected]
  66. Machakos Kathiani              Kitie secondary school              Charles KINYANJUI          0711686262       Mixed Boarding              447        [email protected]
  67. Machakos Kathiani              Ngiini sec            Jacob mbwiria              0706967734       Day       539              [email protected]
  68. Machakos Kathiani              Martin’s kithunguini sec              Angeline Mutisya            0722445791       Mixed Boarding              539        [email protected]
  69. Machakos Kathiani              Miumbuni Secondary               Benedict musee              O726809302      Mixed Boarding              273        [email protected]
  70. Machakos Kathiani              Kathuni secondary school               Elizabeth  Amakobe  Mboya        0722446481       Day              181        [email protected]
  71. Machakos Kathiani              Rev Kitonyi Memorial High School   Robert Mutua Koinange 0721470518       Day       212              [email protected]
  72. Machakos Kathiani              Kinyau sec school               Fred Mwongela               0717574266       Day       368              [email protected]
  73. Machakos Machackos        St bernards makyau secondary          Lena Kasyoka     0726373973       Day       136              [email protected]
  74. Machakos Machakos          Kasinga secondary School              Johnbosco kioko             0722232393 or 0751119970              Day       459        [email protected]
  75. Machakos MACHAKOS       KITULU DAY SECONDARY              JEREMIAH KIOKO JOHN  +254713739594               Day              225        [email protected]
  76. Machakos MACHAKOS       KAMUTHANGA S.A SECONDARY SCHOOL     RICHARD MITAMBO 0759655222              Mixed Boarding 340        [email protected]
  77. Machakos Machakos          Kiteini secondary school              Dominic Mutemi             0733371655       Day       185              [email protected]
  78. Machakos Machakos          Kyambuko secondary              Kimiti Benjamin Kilonzo 0726515077       Mixed Boarding              288        [email protected]
  79. Machakos Machakos          Kyasila secondary school              Jeremiah nzangi muyanga           0725324299       Day       62              [email protected]
  80. Machakos machakos          mua farm secondary school   Benedict M. Ivongo        0724179276       Mixed Boarding              169        [email protected]
  81. Machakos MACHAKOS       KATHUKINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              SUSAN MUSYOKA MWONI          0722695528              MIXED DAY        267        [email protected]
  82. Machakos Machakos          Keaa ABC            Dorothy Muthini 0722651724       Day       270              [email protected]
  83. Machakos Machakos          Ngomeni secondary school              Josephine Sila    0722642253       Day       314              [email protected]
  84. Machakos machakos          Machakos baptist secondary school            Benjamin Kyalo N            0721571314              Moxed day         426        [email protected]
  85. Machakos Machakos          Upper kitanga sec              Henry Yelo Paul 0721429572       Day       104        Upper kitanga sec [email protected]
  86. Machakos Machakos          Katheka kai        Margaret owaka  0721323703       Day mixed          425              [email protected]
  87. Machakos machakos          Miwongoni mixed day sec              Benrodgers Musili           0721211593       Day       78              [email protected]
  88. Machakos Machakos          Vota Secondary School              Goretti Waeni Mutyota 0720892170       Day       196              [email protected]
  89. Machakos Machakos          MUTITUNI SEV.              Daniel Mwilu     0720224527       Day       116              [email protected]
  90. Machakos Machakos          Machakos Glorious Girls sec         Gibson Nzioka   0718273672       Day and boarding girls private  98          Machakosgloriousgirls
  91. Machakos Machakos          St Patrick’s Metuma              Ndunda Boniface Makau             0717895360       Day              183        stpatrick’s [email protected]
  92. Machakos MACHAKOS       KITHIMA ABC SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSPHAT NGUMBI          0713874537       Day              182        [email protected]
  93. Machakos Machakos          Kyaani secondary              Raphael kioli      0713331550       Girls boarding   167              Kyaani secondary 17@gmail .com
  94. Machakos Machakos          AIC KIIMAKIMWE SEC              Koti Paul Muia   0702524051       Day       120              [email protected]
  95. Machakos Machakos           Mung’ala sec school              Jeremiah Kimanzi Muthangya     +254723240779              Day       216        mung’[email protected]
  96. Machakos Machakos           Kyemutheke sec school              Jonathan kivuva Matu    0725641007       Day       176              [email protected]
  97. Machakos Machakos           Kiseveni Secondary  School               Mrs Betta Mutuku          +254711906937               Mixed Day and Boarding     197        [email protected]
  98. Machakos Machakos           Iluvya secondary               Veronica Nduku Mwikya              0725080691       Day              150        [email protected]
  99. Machakos Machakos           Benedict Munywoki Ivongo               M. Ivongo      0724179276       Mixed Boarding 169              muafarmss@gmail.
  100. Machakos MASINGA           IIANI MIXED SEC.              DONALD MUTHEMBWA ,0722908680/0727087574              Mixed Boarding 296        [email protected]
  101. Machakos MASINGA           KASEVE SECONDARY SCHOOL              JONATHAN MUEMA JAMES         0797791914              Mixed day & boarding   371        [email protected]
  102. Machakos Masinga             Kamunyu secondary school              Florence Maingi- Musyoka          0729721083       Day              101        [email protected]
  103. Machakos Masinga             Peter Musingini sec              Naomi Muthiani              0728914494       Mixed Boarding              290        [email protected]
  104. Machakos Masinga             St john’s-Iiani sec School              Felix Musyoka   0727416324       Day       272              [email protected]
  105. Machakos Masinga             Kyondoni sec     Joseph musau  0726907342       Day       235        [email protected]
  106. Machakos Masinga             Kithoni Mixed Secondary School  Patrick Muli Ngula          0725727129       Day       104              [email protected]
  107. Machakos Masinga             Kasuvilo mixed day sec sch              Jane Nyaga         0725047442       Day       82              [email protected]
  108. Machakos masinga              Kikomba secondary              Jairus muthoka 0724067319       Day       156              [email protected]
  109. Machakos MASINGA           B.C KATHINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              BONIFACE MBITHI NZYOKA         0723631455              MIXED DAY & BOARDING            195              [email protected]
  110. Machakos MASINGA           MUKUSU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JANET K MALULU            0722950298       Day              146        [email protected]
  111. Machakos Masinga             St Stephen Musumaa sec school   Pachomius Wambugu    0722341422       Day       133              [email protected]
  112. Machakos Masinga             Kathui Secondary              Peter M Nganga              0722260217       Day       96              [email protected]
  113. Machakos Masinga             Mutwamwaki secondary school   Patrick maingi Nzyoki     721905662         Mixed day              145        Mutwamwakisec@
  114. Machakos Masinga             Iuuma secondary school              Francis mbithi   0721653384       Day       163              [email protected]
  115. Machakos Masinga             Kikumini mixed day secondary          Benjamin N. Muthui       0721402325       Day              199        [email protected]
  116. Machakos Masinga             Kyeeteni sec school              Kamau Robert   0720859539       Day       144              [email protected]
  117. Machakos Masinga             St Michael Secondary School   Isaac Ngwili        0720790712       Mixed Boarding 274              [email protected]
  118. Machakos Masinga             Muthembwa Mixed Day Secondary School            Monicah Mwalavu 0720717572              Day       124        [email protected]
  119. Machakos Masinga             Kituneni              Josiah munyoki 0712593785       Mixed Boarding 204              [email protected]
  120. Machakos Masinga             Ikatini sec school              Malonza mwikali             0711845526       Mixed Boarding              396        Ikatini sec2019@gmail
  121. Machakos Masinga             Muthesya Seconary School              James S W Mungai          0711431659       Day       201              [email protected]
  122. Machakos Masinga             Martin Kaewa Secondary School            Stanley Mawira 0710831226       Mixed Day & Boarding        473        [email protected]
  123. Machakos Masinga             Ielanthi mixed secondary school   Caleb Muthangya Kimwele          0710172073       Day              179        [email protected]
  124. Machakos Masinga             Wamboo Sec School              Daniel Kilonzo Mutemi  0704869554       Mixed Day/Boarding    145        [email protected]
  125. Machakos Masinga             Kikule mixed day secondary school            Peter makasi     0700078033       Day              275        [email protected]
  126. Machakos MASINGA           ULUTYA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     CLAPPERTON M. MWANGANGI  071132440              Day       140        [email protected]
  127. Machakos Masinga             Kiseuni secondary school              Kamami jb nthiwa                         Day       263              [email protected]
  128. Machakos Masinga             Mikuyuni mixed day sec               Paul k.muriuki   0728539291       Day       191              Paulkabunga65@gmail
  129. Machakos Masinga             Murifarm secondary school               Gerald kioko musau        0705535746       Day       412              [email protected]
  130. Machakos Masinga             Eendei sec school              Peter kamwana katiso   0727634888       Mixed day              133        [email protected]
  131. Machakos Masinga              Martin De porres Ekalakala boys sec          Paul M Ndunda 0717599147       Mixed Boarding            230        [email protected]
  132. Machakos Masinga              Mananja sec school               Wilson Githiaya               722294589         Mixed Boarding              315        MananjaSecondary [email protected]
  133. Machakos Masinga              Kwawanzilu sec Patrick G.Rinkanya         0722176451       Mixed Boarding 657              [email protected]
  134. Machakos Matungulu         John katulye secondary              Joe kitavi m        0727710840       Day       477              [email protected]
  135. Machakos Matungulu         Francis of Assisi Kwatombe sec   Mwania Isaac M.             0725995047       Day              310        [email protected]
  136. Machakos Matungulu         Kyeleni Secondary School              Joseph Ndungu Mwangi 0722251603       Day       507              [email protected]
  137. Machakos Matungulu         Joseph Kikuyuni Secondary School            Nganga Nthia    0721954001       Day              218        [email protected]
  138. Machakos Matungulu         Ack mukengesya sec              Christine busolo              0711670996       Day       350              [email protected]
  139. Machakos MATUNGULU    KAYATTA SEC SCHOOL              Michael kyusya malombe            0701720140       Day              120        [email protected]
  140. Machakos Matungulu         Syanthi sec         Peter Mutinda Mutie 0742178779/0721961861           Day       255              [email protected]
  141. Machakos Matungulu         Mukalwa Secondary school               Victoria N Raphael          0728552463       Day       181              [email protected]
  142. Machakos Mwala  Kiuukuni secondary        Peter s kitheka 0729491717       Day       109        [email protected]
  143. Machakos Mwala  St Joseph’s kasolongo sec              Zacchaeus Mutua Muinduki        0728657266       Mixed Boarding            146        St [email protected]
  144. Machakos MWALA              MATULANI  SECONDARY              PAUL MUTUVI   0728090197       Day       102        61 -90135 IKALAASA
  145. Machakos MWALA              ST AUGUSTINE MBIUNI SECONDARY      CHRISTOPHER MULELA  0727672256       Mixed Boarding            342        [email protected]
  146. Machakos Mwala  Makaalu Secondary School              Maithya m.christine       0727055257       Day       122              None
  147. Machakos MWALA              MANGO SECONDARY              MUTAITI M MARTIN       0726992623       Mixed Boarding              360        [email protected]
  148. Machakos Mwala  Kawaa secondary school              Patrick kitonyi   0726728605       Day       145              [email protected]
  149. Machakos MWALA              KAMWALA SEC. SCHOOL              KIOKO S KYALO 0726633778       Mixed Boarding 240              [email protected]
  150. Machakos Mwala  Muusini SA Secondary   Veronica M. Kioko             0726578099       Mixed Boarding 296              [email protected]
  151. Machakos Mwala  Nyaani sec school           Scolasticah kathesya mutie 0726557628       Day       252              [email protected]
  152. Machakos Mwala  AIC Kiuanzukini Sec. School              Peninnah K. Nzioka         0726221862       Day       142              N/A
  153. Machakos Mwala  Kavumbu ABC secondary              Kennedy m kitheka         0725884036       Day       230              Kavumbu [email protected]
  154. Machakos Mwala  Mukuyuni Secondary School              Lawrence M.Munyao     0725561435       Day       170              [email protected]
  155. Machakos Mwala  St Anthony Makiliva secondary              Justus Kilembi Kimanthi 0724916505       Day       142              [email protected]
  156. Machakos Mwala  Embui Sec          Abraham M Nzioka              0724664131       Mixed Day          190              [email protected]
  157. Machakos MWALA              MUTHWANI S.A SEC              JOSEPH WAMBUA KIMANZI        0724393050       Day              160        [email protected]
  158. Machakos Mwala  Ngamba mixed day Sec school              Silvester k Munyao         0724269355       Day       270              [email protected]
  159. Machakos MWALA              ST PIUS SECONDARY SCHOOL KAITHA              DAVID KANGA   0723806981       Day              123        [email protected]
  160. Machakos Mwala  Peter’s Kwandoo Sec Sch              Gerald K. Kariuki             0723576557       Mixed Day              300        [email protected]
  161. Machakos MWALA              MISELENI MIXED DAY              MAANYA ROBERT DENNIS           0722948501       Day              275        [email protected]
  162. Machakos MWALA              KIMUUNI SEC SCHOOL              NAHASHON K WATHINJA             0722621463       Day              214        [email protected]
  163. Machakos Mwala  Kabaa mixed day sec school              Kyungu jonathan            0722560592       Mixed day              157        [email protected]
  164. Machakos MWALA              WAKAELA SEC SCHOOL              BERNARD MUITHYA       0722299245       Mixed Boarding              160        [email protected]
  165. Machakos Mwala  Stephens secondary school masii     Nicholas N Mbithi           0721847452       Day       225              [email protected]
  166. Machakos Mwala  Ukalani S.A. sec school               Abedneccoh Mweva       0721793629       Day       89              [email protected]
  167. Machakos MWALA              Kaloleni secondary school              Juliana muthoni 0721540807       Day       68              [email protected]
  168. Machakos Mwala  Kikaso Secondary School              Angela K. Mutua             0719262607       Day       166              [email protected]
  169. Machakos Mwala  Mithanga AIC Secondary              Mutia Peter Mbalaka     0717406079       Mixed Day              196        [email protected]
  170. Machakos Mwala  Mbaani sec school          Anna matheka             0717272759       Mixed day and boarding              250        [email protected]
  171. Machakos Mwala  St james Etikoni               Muteti Harrison             0715690923       Mixed day and boarding               280        Etikoniseco16
  172. Machakos MWALA              MIONDONI SEC SCHOOL              ALICE WAIRIMU MULE   0714376100       Day       100              [email protected]
  173. Machakos Mwala  Kikelenzu secondary school              Madam Dorris Mutua    0712008095       Mixed Day & Boarding            486        [email protected]
  174. Machakos Mwala  Maweli secondary school              Francisca D. M. Matee   0711150224       Mixed Boarding              306        [email protected]
  175. Machakos Mwala  St marks kundu sec. School              Richard Kiteng’e              0706447223       Day       230              [email protected]
  176. Machakos Mwala  Muthetheni mixed Day sec              Ngewa Nyamasyo           0701683203       Mixed day              302        [email protected]
  177. Machakos Mwala  Augustine ngumbau sec. School               Joel mumo         0700172401       Day       221              [email protected]
  178. Machakos Mwala  Francis Kilala secondary school              Mrs Dorothy Mwikali     0726780729       Mixed day and boarding             346        [email protected]
  179. Machakos Mwala St John’s High school Kangii               Masunga Malelu             0729787522       Mixed Boarding              150        [email protected]
  180. Machakos Mwala St George’s katheka high school               Joan Kiio             729534500         Mixed Boarding 239              [email protected]
  181. Machakos Mwala St Stephen musalaani secondary school   Sr mukanga Domitila Akinyi         0727561152       Day              350        [email protected]
  182. Machakos Mwala Martin Utithini Sec. School.               Mang’ee JM       0726406406       Mixed day          85              [email protected]
  183. Machakos MWALA              MWAASUA secondary school   Felistus Kalunda Muthengi          0724948892       Day       64              [email protected]
  184. Machakos Mwala Kyanganga S A sec sch i  Grace Gatakaa Kivuvo 719253522         Day       122        30 Mwala
  185. Machakos Mwala Muthei Sec School               E.Wambua     0716351230       Day       172              [email protected]
  186. Machakos Mwala Kitile sec school               George Wanyoike Ndungu          0712035040       Mixed Boarding 188        82-90135,ikalaasa,mwala.
  187. Machakos Yatta     Kalukuni sec school        Peter muthengi           0734558491       Mixed Boarding 384              Kalukunisecondary@gmail
  188. Machakos Yatta     peters high -ithekethini              Vincent Nzioka Ndambuki           0729933834       Mixed day              101        [email protected]
  189. Machakos Yatta     RGC Emmanuel High sch- Muusini              Anne Chepngeno Njagi  0729361992       Day       129              [email protected]
  190. Machakos Yatta     Kitheuni Sec       Catherine Kimonyi              0728870422       Mixed Boarding 303              [email protected]
  191. Machakos Yatta     Mbembani secondary    Benard musau  0728715810       Mixed Boarding 204        Mbembani [email protected]
  192. Machakos Yatta     Charles-inyanzaani sec              Kyalo kinyutu    0728460481       Mixed day and boarding              845        [email protected]
  193. Machakos Yatta     St Martin Mixed Day Secondary School  Joseph Kimeu Mutua     0728396394       Day       315              [email protected]
  194. Machakos Yatta     Kaliani sec sch   Dorothy Ndemwa              0727861877       Mixed day          102              [email protected]
  195. Machakos Yatta     Kithito secondary           Esther Ndunyu kisingu 0727772017       Day       134              Estherkisingu@gmail.
  196. Machakos Yatta     Yumbuni Sec      Florence M. Nzau              0727526501       Mixed Day and boarding             230              nzauflorence@gmail,com
  197. Machakos Yatta     Mekilingi secondary       David mutemi 0726766710       Mixed day and boarding              138              [email protected]
  198. Machakos YATTA   ST PHILIPS MATANGINI SECONDARY SCHOOL P.O BOX 63 – 90118 NDALANI         FRANCIS MUTUA MENDE 0725981175       Day       119              [email protected]
  199. Machakos Yatta     Mathingau High School  Festus Ngenga 0725907366       Day       115              [email protected]
  200. Machakos Yatta     Mukalala sec school       Rosephine Musee  0725710015       Day       278              [email protected]
  201. Machakos YATTA   IVIANI SEC. SCHOOL       MARY M. MUTUA 0725665280       Day       262              [email protected]
  202. Machakos Yatta     S A Mbingoni sec             Beth Mutunga            0725435470       Day       148        Sambingonisec
  203. Machakos Yatta     Kivingoni sec      Mwirigi Joseph Nahman             0725092724       Mixed Boarding 250              [email protected]
  204. Machakos yatta     Kiwanza secondary school              Elizabeth N Wambua     0723938046       Day       158              elizabethwambua70@gmail
  205. Machakos Yatta     Kwamwatu sec sch         Abishag Makau  0722693632       Day       90              [email protected]
  206. Machakos Yatta     Ngangani Secondary       Murigi S. W. Chira             0722577982       Mixed Boarding 125              [email protected]
  207. Machakos Yatta     Mwambathaana sec.      Stephen .m. mumo          0722484636       Day       196              [email protected]
  208. Machakos Yatta     Kwakoko sec school       David Gachuki              0721702587       Day       123              [email protected]
  209. Machakos Yatta     Stephen Kilango secondary school   Robert Kioko Mbuvi       0721652899       Day       219              [email protected]
  210. Machakos Yatta     James Ilumanthi secobdary              Joseph M. Mutangili       0721406001       Day       70              [email protected]
  211. Machakos YATTA   KAUMONI SECONDARY SCHOOL               JOSHUA TSENETA SUSA 0721315529       Day       232              [email protected]
  212. Machakos YATTA   ST CHARLES  UVOUNI  SEC               FREDRICK  M NDAMBUKI             0721234401       Day              156        [email protected]
  213. Machakos Yatta     SYOKISINGA SEC SCH      Gitonga paul      0721152919       Mixed boarding and mixed day  296              [email protected]
  214. Machakos Yatta     Kavingo sec school          Joseph M. Kimanzi 0720948327       Day       129        josephmasilakimanzi@
  215. Machakos Yatta     Maiuni sec school           Josphat musau  0720442762       Mixed boarding and day              280              [email protected]
  216. Machakos Yatta     Kwakitema sec  Betty musyoki              0720268684       Day       158        Kwakitemasecschool2018
  217. Machakos YATTA   ST PETER MBEMBANI SEC.              ALFORNCE LUKE MALUU              0717787504       Day              135        Lukemaluu@yahol
  218. Machakos Yatta     Kaloleni sec school         Rose Wambua            0717208312       Day       129              [email protected]
  219. Machakos Yatta     Kambi ya Ndeke Secondary School              Jane G. Marete 0714020633       Mixed Boarding 435              [email protected]
  220. Machakos Yatta     Kikuyuni Secondary School              Melick Kadogo Kaluku    0712595786       Day       128              [email protected]
  221. Machakos Yatta     Kikesa sec           Eston Njoka              0712250139       Day       139        [email protected]
  222. Machakos YATTA   KINAKA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PENINNAH MAKAU         0712014464       Day       333              [email protected]
  223. Machakos Yatta     Kithendu secondary school              BERNADETTE MUSYOKA 0700002421       Day       236              [email protected]
  224. Machakos Yatta     Austin Matuu Sec Sch               Miriam Kamene Kyalo    0724 760715     Day       244              [email protected]
  225. Machakos Yatta     Kionyweni Sec school     Mutia B. Mueni   071099142         Day       125              [email protected]
  226. Machakos Yatta     Magweti sec sch               M. Ndambuki           O729849856      Mixed day               104        magwetischool @gmail. Com
  227. Machakos Yatta     Kaluluini secondary school               Francisca Mutuku           725670065         Mixed day /boarding           446        [email protected]
  228. Machakos YATTA   TINGANGA SECONDARY SCHOOL               DICKSON MUGAMBI KABARA      722474924         Day              281        [email protected]
  229. Machakos Yatta     Kyua sec             Jonathan Musau Kitavi     0722431683       Mixed day/boarding       496              [email protected]
  230. Machakos Yatta     Malatani secondary school               Kenneth muthomi Njeru              0721265135       Mixed day and boarding     182        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Makueni County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Makueni with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kavingoni secondary school   Samuel Muia Mativo      N/A       Mixed day/ boarding              386        [email protected]
  2. Makueni Kathonzweni     Augustine Itumbule Secondary School            Mr. Willie Ndung’u         +254728532838              Day       270        P.O. Box 159-90302 Kathonzweni
  3. Makueni Kathonzweni     Ignatius         Mbyulya Mutua Isaac     0733343206       Mixed day and boarding     206        [email protected]
  4. Makueni Kathonzweni     Yekanga Second School              Philip Wambua         0729463073       Day       276              N/A
  5. Makueni Kathonzweni     Yekanga Secondary School              Philip Wambua         0729463073       Day       276              N/A
  6. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kiuuku mixed sec              Mukungu j keli 0727860357       Mixed Boarding 401              Box 284-90302 kathonzweni
  7. Makueni KATHONZWENI IIANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              ISAIAH M. MURIITHI       0725435489       Day       205              [email protected]
  8. Makueni kathonzweni     kanthuni secondary school              urbanus N Muli 0723821799       Day       253              [email protected]
  9. Makueni kathonzweni     ST josephs ikaasu sec              Kyengo michael 0723821075       Mixed day/boarding              354        [email protected]
  10. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kanthiitu sec      David musavi 0722585606       Mixed Boarding 186              [email protected]
  11. Makueni Kathonzweni     Mbuvo Secondary              Bernard Mutinda Muthuku         0722550660       Mixed Boarding            608        [email protected]
  12. Makueni Kathonzweni     Munathi secondary school              Katinda Nguli     0722299804       Day       103              [email protected]
  13. Makueni Kathonzweni     Yemulwa sec school              Nicholas musembi nzioki             0721355190       Mixed Boarding            234        [email protected]
  14. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kwakavisi mixed secondary              Stephen  Kioko  720809271         Day       83              [email protected]
  15. Makueni Kathonzweni     Matheani secondary school   Mathias Musyoka Makula           0717117429       Mixed Boarding            218        O. BOX 21(90303), KITISE
  16. Makueni kathonzweni     FRANCIS MANZANI Sec              REGINA N.KAKYEMA       0713487409       Mixed Boarding              145        [email protected]
  17. Makueni Kathonzweni     KATHAMBONI SECONDARY              Patrick Ngotho Ngoka    0712246858       Mixed Day & Boarding            349        [email protected]
  18. Makueni KATHONZWENI ACK ST JOSEPH’S MAAU ELI SEC SCHOOL      HARUN MWAURA           0710941375       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 481        [email protected]
  19. Makueni KATHONZWENI St Joseph Kitumbai secondary School            BENEDICT NZUKI             0707312020              Day       221        [email protected]
  20. Makueni Kathonzweni     ACK kiteei secondary School  Francis Mbulya 0726824495       Day       156              [email protected]
  21. Makueni Kathonzweni      KATANGINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Gideon Musyoki              0714439290       Mixed Boarding            355        [email protected]
  22. Makueni Kibwezi Kamulalani sec  Kaunga kioko              0727697538       Day       210    
  23. Makueni Kibwezi Ititi secondary school     Mr Kasyoka Andrew Mutula              0726407045       Mixed day and boarding            213        [email protected]
  24. Makueni KIBWEZI              NTHONGONI SECONDARY SCHOOL              EUNICE  LOKO  MUKULA              0726304984              Day       350        [email protected]
  25. Makueni Kibwezi St Peter’s Thange Boys   Henry Matata Mwali    0725230469       Boys Day & Boarding      208              [email protected]
  26. Makueni Kibwezi Kiuani secondary            Joseph muia kinyanzii   0724888467       Mixed Boarding 297              [email protected]
  27. Makueni Kibwezi Muthingiini Girls              Pascalia Ndunge Mutuku             0724212225              Day/Boarding Girls         273              [email protected]
  28. Makueni KIBWEZI              NGAIKINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSHUA MASOO             0723913805       Day              187        [email protected]
  29. Makueni Kibwezi Canaan secondary school              Mike Musyimi Reuben   0723791116       Day       171              [email protected]
  30. Makueni Kibwezi Ivingoni secondary         Charles kathuli  0723511487       Mixed day and boarding              200              [email protected]
  31. Makueni Kibwezi Martin Maikuu secondary              Daniel kariuki mundati  0722669206       Mixed Boarding              320        [email protected]
  32. Makueni Kibwezi St Simon mbui Nzau       Roselyn Ndunge john      0722666700       Day       202              [email protected]
  33. Makueni Kibwezi Ngwata Secondary         Chengo              0722292547       Mixed Boarding 328              [email protected]
  34. Makueni kibwezi Ulilinzi High School         Stephen Musau Silingi     0721550699       mixed day and boarding 375              [email protected]
  35. Makueni Kibwezi Tsavo West secondary school              Mithumbi Nicholas Kiteme          0721491667       Day              115        [email protected]
  36. Makueni KIBWEZI              NGOKOLANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Michael Njoroge              0721459104       Day       80              ngokolanisecschool@gmail [email protected]
  37. Makueni Kibwezi Kiaoni Sec School            Philip Mutuku Nzomo 0721360400       Mixed Day and Boarding              319 [email protected]//[email protected]
  38. Makueni Kibwezi Prof kaloki muthungue sec              Kioko Raphael   0721320681       Day       420              [email protected]
  39. Makueni Kibwezi Masongaleni sec             Richard musyoka            0721233529       Mixed   459              [email protected]
  40. Makueni Kibwezi Mbeetwani secondary school              Mutui peter       0720690302       Mixed day          120              [email protected]
  41. Makueni Kibwezi Kisayani Girls secondary school              Jane loko Mbaluka          714096117         Girls day and boarding            106        [email protected]
  42. Makueni kibwezi kyanguli sec       peter muthui              0712833079       Mixed Boarding 194        Box 73-90136 nzeeka
  43. Makueni Kibwezi Matulani Secondary School              Moffat Munyao 0712310647       Mixed Boarding 360              Matulani secondary School@gmail
  44. Makueni Kibwezi Kiundwani secondary     Dorothy mutanu mutie   0712296335       Day       200              [email protected]
  45. Makueni Kibwezi Kyusyani secondary School              Mary Muthoki   0710624698       Day       148        kyusyani [email protected]
  46. Makueni Kibwezi Kyaani sec          Mwaula simon              0710538572       Mixed Boarding 440              [email protected]
  47. Makueni Kibwezi Kithasyu seconday          Annastasia N Musau            0703554300       Mixed day and partial boarding              310        [email protected]
  48. Makueni Kibwezi Silanga secondary school               Benson Musili Maithya  0711587688       Day       327              [email protected]
  49. Makueni kibwezi               Kalungu sec school               eliphas miriti kaburu              0703690940/0721629404              Mixed Boarding 309        [email protected]
  50. Makueni Kibwezi               Yumbuni sec school kibwezi               Nicholas Nthenge mwania           0724050528              Mixed Day and Boarding              411              [email protected]
  51. Makueni Kibwezi               Kivuthini sec school               George Macharia            723380322         Mixed day /boarding           713        [email protected]
  52. Makueni Kibwezi               Yikitaa sec school               Timothy Mutie kakomo 0721410805       Mixed day and boarding             324        [email protected]
  53. Makueni Kibwezi               Masaku Ndogo Secondary school   Florence Ndisya     0721382050       Mixed Boarding              229        [email protected]
  54. Makueni Kibwezi               Mwitasyano Secondary school   Simon Kioko Mwololo    0721364893       Day       391              [email protected]
  55. Makueni Kibwezi east      Mavindini secondary school   Elizabeth muthuiba        0742254629       mixed day and boarding            260        [email protected]
  56. Makueni Kibwezi sub-county        Makutano secondary school            Josephine Mutisya          0702063339              Mixed boarding and day school 450              [email protected]
  57. Makueni Kilungu Kisyulya sec school         JORRUM MWEI MUTISO  0727661151       Day       361        Kisyulya [email protected]
  58. Makueni Kilungu Ikalyoni secondary schoo              Dorcas Nyakundi             0721929860       Mixed Boarding              235        [email protected]
  59. Makueni Kilungu Patrick’s kyamatheka sec school              John Kariuki Zabron        0721666763       Mixed day              148        [email protected]
  60. Makueni kilungu Ack kithangathini secondary              Stephen M Muasya        0717639483       mixed day and boarding            243        [email protected]
  61. Makueni Kilungu Kyakatoni secondary school              Paul Meja Kalwale          0714095077       Day       235              [email protected]
  62. Makueni Kilungu Kyamuoso central secondary              Jeremiah k. Muanga       0712864434       Mixed day              280        [email protected]
  63. Makueni Kilungu Paul’s kyang’a secondary school              Jeffery Makau Mutiso    0703611833       Day       203              [email protected]
  64. Makueni Kilungu Isovya secondary             Bonface mutua   724463822         Mixed day boarding       597              [email protected]
  65. Makueni Kilungu Monica Wautu Secondary school   Bernard Kiamba Ndalalu              0722176799       Day Mixed               110        Box 9 – 90130 Nunguni
  66. Makueni MAKINDU           KALII SEC SCHOOL              EMILY K. MAINGI             NONE    Day       13              [email protected]
  67. Makueni Makindu             Ngakaa secondary school              John njoroge kiarie         …0721385346              Mixed day and boarding              200              [email protected]
  68. Makueni Makindu             Katulani sec. School              Simon M. Mutunga         +254720491289               Day       58              [email protected]
  69. Makueni Makindu             Mukameni mixed sec school   Stephen matheka           0727749349       Mixed day and boarding            667        [email protected]
  70. Makueni Makindu             Nguumo sec School              Raphael Wathome          0726295499       Mixed Boarding              441        [email protected]
  71. Makueni Makindu             Kamboo sec.      Ruth kivuva   0725435014       Day mixed          127              [email protected]
  72. Makueni MAKINDU           Ndindi kitavi sec school              Muema Henry Kiswii      0724724899       Day       21              [email protected]
  73. Makueni Makindu             Kangii Sec School              Joshua Kaganda Kapesa 0722886908       Day       71              O.Box 191 Makindu
  74. Makueni Makindu             Mutantheeu Mixed Day Secondary school            Joseph Njoroge 0722448752       Mixed Day              40          165-90138 Makindu
  75. Makueni Makindu             Ngomano sec     Ben   jvia ngondi  0722250729       Mixed Boarding 115        179_90138
  76. Makueni Makindu             KISINGO SECONDARY              Phoebe Muiva mrs         0721553726       Mixed day/Boarding    279        kissingo [email protected]
  77. Makueni MAKINDU           BAKHITA MAKUSU SECONDARY SCHOOL     LENNAH MUSYA              0721417541              Both day and boarding  150              [email protected]
  78. Makueni Makindu             Francis of Assisi Kaunguni Secondary School        Mrs.Susan Kioko              0721351093       Day       430        [email protected]
  79. Makueni Makindu             Salama Secondary School_Makin&u            Paul N.Kiamba  0720499390       Day              345        [email protected]
  80. Makueni Makindu             Mumbe boys high school              TONENI Erick     0720172276       Boarding Boys   103              [email protected]
  81. Makueni Makindu             Yimwaa secondary               Julius K Miwa     721988836         Day       149        yimwaa [email protected]
  82. Makueni Makindu             Syumile secondary school               Stephen Tuva    0714660224       Mixed day and boarding.               335        Box 48-90137 kibwezi
  83. Makueni Makindu             Masalani Makindu secondary school            Nicholas Musiu Nzioki    742544360              Day       113        [email protected]
  84. Makueni Makindu             Kanaani sec school               Annah Mutua    722330883         Day       65              [email protected]
  85. Makueni MAKUENI           NTHANGU MIXED DAY/BOARDING SEC.SCHOOL     MAGDALENE M.NGUMUTA              +254 722868690             MIXED DAY/BOARDING 350              [email protected]
  86. Makueni MAKUENI           NGULUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              KYULE  MUTHYOI    0740932273       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING              365        [email protected]
  87. Makueni Makueni             Mukuyuni secondary              Reuben k Musyoki          0734648936       Mixed Boarding              508        [email protected]
  88. Makueni Makueni             St Peters Makongo secondary          Titus M Kavevo 0729879258       Day       102              [email protected]
  89. Makueni MAKUENI           MAKULI ACK SECONDARY SCHOOL              MUNYWOKI KAVUTAI          0729267517              Day       75          [email protected]
  90. Makueni Makueni             I.C Mutulani   Eunice Mutuku 0728408857       Day       430        [email protected]
  91. Makueni MAKUENI           ST FRANCIS KIUUKUNI SECONDARY      JACINTA NDUNGE RAYMOND     0728093614              Day       133
  92. Makueni MAKUENI           Public    WILLIAM NJOGHOLO MWANDIGHA           0727702603       Day       72              [email protected]
  93. Makueni Makueni             Iuani secondary school              Mary K.Kikuvi    0727683662       Mixed day and boarding              253        [email protected]
  94. Makueni makueni             St peters Kyau secondary              Patrick mbithi    0727481152       mixed day          135              [email protected]
  95. Makueni Makueni             Kithoni Secondary              Esther Mwia Kimwele    0726085889       Day       154              school@ gmail
  96. Makueni Makueni             Muiu secondary School              Jamlick nyaga    0725623663       Day       200              [email protected]
  97. Makueni Makueni             Kitandi Sec school              Augustus Musee             0722926056       Day       315              Kitandi [email protected]
  98. Makueni Makueni             Senda mixed day sec school   Jacob Waweru kahato   0722694977       Mixed Boarding              150        [email protected]
  99. Makueni MAKUENI           KIMUUMO SECONDARY SCHOOL              DAMARIS NZILANI KINGOO         0722536373              Day       198        [email protected]
  100. Makueni Makueni             Mutulani sec School              Julius Mutwii     0722424460       Day       320              [email protected]
  101. Makueni Makueni             Kivani sec school               John kitema       0721851419       Mixed day          562              [email protected]
  102. Makueni MAKUENI           MUNYUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              BERNARD M MUTISYA   0721313686       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 389        [email protected]
  103. Makueni Makueni             Mwea Mixed Secondary School   Evans Kamau     0721226513       Day       139              [email protected]
  104. Makueni Makueni             MUTHWANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Peter Munyithya Mututa             0720789841              Mixed Day and boarding             311        o.Box 34-90127,Mbumbuni.
  105. Makueni MAKUENI           MANDOI SECONDARY              STEPHEN W MUIRURI    0716441311       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         161        [email protected]
  106. Makueni Makueni             Kambi mawe secondary school   Urbanus M Ndunda        714660128         Mixed Boarding              341        [email protected]
  107. Makueni Makueni             Kyumu Secondary school              Dorcas S.P. Kilonzo         0712844557       Day       387        [email protected]
  108. Makueni Makueni             Kyumu secondary              Dorcas Syombua P. Kilonzo         0712844557       Day              386        [email protected]
  109. Makueni Makueni             Kee S.A sec         Alice Muendo             0712594403       Day       127              [email protected]
  110. Makueni Makueni             SIA SECONDARY SCHOOL              Wilbourne Daudi Kanyaa             0710895365       Mixed day              83          [email protected]
  111. Makueni Makueni             Kitonyoni sec     Joseph musyoka            0703497474       Mixed day and Boarding              255        [email protected]
  112. Makueni Makueni             Nthukula abc sec.              Godwin mwatu 0701194400       Mixed Boarding 148              [email protected]
  113. Makueni Makueni             Kasunguni sec    Daniel k. Mutua  0700043717       Mixed day & boarding   310              [email protected]
  114. Makueni Makueni             AIC IUANI SEC    David Mutuku Musyimi            0735275244       Mixed Day & Boarding              147        [email protected]
  115. Makueni Makueni             AIC muthyoi sec Teresiah mutua   0725171342       Mixed day & boarding   283              [email protected]
  116. Makueni Makueni             Kambi Mawe boys sec. School  Jackson Mutuku              0715534422       Mixed Boarding              263        Kambimaweboys
  117. Makueni Makueni             Ack Ukia mixed secondary               Ruth Muia          0725225649       Mixed day          245              [email protected]
  118. Makueni Makueni             Mary’s Girls Kola              Victoria Mumbua Nduva              0721437475       Boarding Girls      135        StmarysgirlsKola@gmail
  119. Makueni makueni             muambani secondary school   Mary  m kisoi     0718287795       Day       168              [email protected]
  120. Makueni MBOONI – EAST CHEMCHEMI     CHARLES K. NGOLOMA  +254703132797               MIXED DAY              102        [email protected]
  121. Makueni Mbooni East      Mukimwani secondary              Kikanywa Joseph Kiilu    0733369768       Mixed Boarding              368        [email protected]
  122. Makueni Mbooni east      Nganwa sec sch Urbanus Muli Nthumo     0727237378       Day       206              [email protected]
  123. Makueni Mbooni East      Miangeni sec school              Joseph Maweu  0726486905       Mixed day/boarding              171        [email protected]
  124. Makueni Mbooni East      Kathulumbi sec school              Esther Nthenya Mbeva  0726416357       Mixed day              199        [email protected]
  125. Makueni Mbooni east      Mutembuku mixed secondary School            Patrick kimani mwangi   0723323172              Day       150        Mutembuku [email protected]
  126. Makueni Mbooni East      Kikuswi secondary School              Shadrack mule katundu 0722973670       Day       106              [email protected]
  127. Makueni Mbooni East      WATUKA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     NICHOLAS MBITHI MAKAU              0722447420       Day       87              [email protected]
  128. Makueni Mbooni east      Wambiti secondary              NEBERT KASHA  0721696136       Day       83              [email protected]
  129. Makueni Mbooni East      Kaketi secondary school              Ndumwa phythias nzue 0720863692       Day       176              [email protected]
  130. Makueni MBOONI EAST   AIC NDITHINI MIXED SEC              ALOISE MUTUNGI.          0720701298       Day       190              [email protected]
  131. Makueni Mbooni East      Ndumbi Mixed Secondary School  Maluku Benjamin           0720539294       Day       269              [email protected]
  132. Makueni Mbooni east      Mukuku              Joseph manduu             0716251679       Day       174              [email protected]
  133. Makueni Mbooni East      Kathamba secondary school   Joseph Muthui Kalekye  0715433422       Mixed Day              141        [email protected]
  134. Makueni mbooni east      mbimbini secondary              Peter Mutungi   0714428251       Day       118              [email protected]
  135. Makueni MBOONI EAST   MIAU SECONDARY               PAUL MURIUKI KARANJA             0713243615       Mixed Boarding            243        [email protected]
  136. Makueni Mbooni East      Mituvu sec school              Prisca k mutisya 0712474883       Day       214              [email protected]
  137. Makueni Mbooni East      Kyome mixed secondary              Musango Innocent         0711934852       Day       50              [email protected]
  138. Makueni MBOONI EAST   ITULU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              STEPHEN K MATILU        0711380028       Day              149        [email protected]
  139. Makueni Mbooni East      Iviani secondary              Muthiani Kiswili 0703553797       Day       120              ivianisecondary [email protected].
  140. Makueni Mbooni east      Yangua mixed secondary              Constantine kameti        0110003406       Day       144              [email protected]
  141. Makueni Mbooni East      Ngungi mixed day secondary          Justus wakanyumu         0718753931       Day              250        [email protected]
  142. Makueni Mbooni East      Utuneni sec school              Isaac komoni     0792323696       Mixed day boarding              254        Utunenisecschòoi@
  143. Makueni Mbooni East      Barnabas Thwake secondary          Alfonce Ndunda              728362331         Day              224        [email protected]
  144. Makueni Mbooni East      Ngaa mixed day secondary               Lilian kituli          0723359948       Day       158              [email protected]
  145. Makueni MBOONI EAST   KYANGONDU SEC SCHOOL               TABITHA KISING’U           0710864334       Day       576              [email protected]
  146. Makueni Mbooni East      Ngunini secondary school               Margaret Mawia Mutia 0728963152       Mixed Boarding              195        [email protected]
  147. Makueni Mbooni East      Usalala secondary school               Francis M. Mutuku          0726502122       Day       121              [email protected]
  148. Makueni Mbooni East      Ndauni mixed day secondary school            Philip N Kisilu     0723121029       Day              242        [email protected]
  149. Makueni Mbooni East      Lung’u secondary school               David S Mutunga             0722441227       Mixed Boarding              236        [email protected]
  150. Makueni MBOONI EAST   MBUKONI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Ndungwa N.Muchiri       0718666454       Day              233        [email protected]
  151. Makueni mbooni west     Itetani Girls secondary school   Muthembwa k.mwikali  0790859287       Boarding Girls              188        [email protected]
  152. Makueni Mbooni west     Uvaani mixed day secondary school            Ruth Mutuku     0729576800       Mixes day school   159        [email protected]
  153. Makueni Mbooni west     Kyamithenge secondary School  Peter Mweu Ivongo        0729427726       Day       178              [email protected]
  154. Makueni mbooni west     syathani secondary school              elijah kamuti musyimi    0727692041       Day       86              [email protected]
  155. Makueni MBOONI WEST SYILUNI SECONDARY              JAMES MUTHAMA          0727338410       Mixed Boarding              217        [email protected]
  156. Makueni Mbooni west     Ack st.josephs kyandote sec         Dorcas Kaleke    0727237804       Day       149              [email protected]
  157. Makueni Mbooni West    Ngai HGM secondary School  Benedict Nzioki 0726550931       Mixed day and Boarding              392        [email protected]
  158. Makueni MBOONI WEST KIKIINI SEC SCHOOL              SUSAN K. MUNYAO        0725910168       Day       310              [email protected]
  159. Makueni Mbooni West    Kitundu Secondary School              Elizabeth N. Mati             0725486662       day and girls’ boarding            309        [email protected]
  160. Makueni MBOONI WEST WANZAUNI SECONDARY              LILLIAN GITONGA MUTIE             0725070275       Day              154        [email protected]
  161. Makueni MBOONI WEST KITHUNGO SEC SCHOOL              SULEIMAN IRUNGU MACHARIA 0722939782       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 248        [email protected]
  162. Makueni Mbooni west     Utumoni mixed day secondary school            Njema sila kiilu  0722923831       Day              142        [email protected]
  163. Makueni Mbooni West    Mukaatini secondary              Kimali S. Ngumbi             0722499752       Mixed Day and Boarding            181        com
  164. Makueni MBOONI WEST MUMANI HIGH SCHOOL              M. NGUGI       0722458300       Day       194              [email protected]
  165. Makueni Mbooni west     Kilyungi secondary School              Peter M. Musema           0721973139       Day       327              [email protected]
  166. Makueni Mbooni west     Kwaithi secondary school              MWANIA MICHAEL KYULE    0721711452       Day              193        [email protected]
  167. Makueni MBOONI WEST MAVINDU SEC SCHOOL              BENSON MUTINDA NGEWA        0721403441       Mixed Boarding            388        [email protected]
  168. Makueni MBOONI WEST ACK ST STEPHEN KATHEMBONI SECONDARY         MUENI MUTUKU              0720248355       Day       184              [email protected]
  169. Makueni Mbooni west     Ndoo Secondary School              Nzau Francis Mutua       0719237834       Mixed Boarding              261        [email protected]
  170. Makueni Mbooni West    Ititu AIC secondary school              Justus musyoka kilonzi   0717548320       Day       141              [email protected]
  171. Makueni Mbooni west     Snr chief munguti secondary          Ng’ole, NM         0711905615       Mixed day              185        nicomuendo@
  172. Makueni MBOONI WEST KYANGUMA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     WILFRED M. MITATU     0705018527              Day       489        [email protected]
  173. Makueni MBOONI WEST UVUU SECONDARY SCHOOL              COSMAS M. WAMBUA   0704543700       Day              100        BOX 13-90125 KIKIMA
  174. Makueni MBOONI WEST MALAA SECONDARY SCHOOL              TIMOTHY  M KITIVA        0727443766       Mixed Boarding            330        0 box 66 -90133 TAWA
  175. Makueni MBOONI WEST KITOO ABC SECONDARY SCHOOL              ESTHER NTHOKI KALUKU             0713277186              MIXED DAY AND BOARDING SECONDARY             437              [email protected]
  176. Makueni MBOONI WEST UKALA AIC SECONDARY SCHOOL              KCHORTSON MUTISO KOTI          0726834249              Day       284        [email protected]
  177. Makueni Mbooni West    Kinyee Secondary school               Nicholas K  Nthenge       0721431478       Day       222              Kinyee Secondary school
  178. Makueni Mbooni-east     Kavumbu secondary school              Patrick Nthaku 0726388226       Mixed day and bording              204        [email protected]
  179. Makueni Mukaa  Regina Kiou Secondary              Kimeu, Jones W.              0722875829/0742816414              Mixed Day          82          [email protected]/ [email protected]
  180. Makueni MUKAA MUMELA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PETER M. MUTHENYA    0715 676617      Day       121              petermuthenya124@
  181. Makueni Mukaa  Muani Secondary School              Damaris sila       0797973959       Mixed Boarding 167              Muani [email protected]
  182. Makueni Mukaa  Kiu secondary school              Christopher N Katumo   0729675409       Mixed Boarding              435        [email protected]
  183. Makueni MUKAA ACK ST STEPHEN’S KIMA SECONDARY      JOSEPH KIILU     0729246852       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         366        [email protected]
  184. Makueni MUKAA Kilome  SA Sec.  MUTUNGA HENRY KIOKO   0728579674       Mixed Boarding 260              [email protected]
  185. Makueni MUKAA KITHEINI Secondary        VERONICA M. NZIOKI           0727884798       Mixed day and boarding              152        veronicanzyoki @ g.
  186. Makueni MUKAA ST MARTIN’S DEPORES MALILI SEC SCHOOL              JULIUS MBINDU MULWA             0727508471              Day       79          [email protected]
  187. Makueni MUKAA ABC NGAAMBA SEC SCHOOL              BONIFACE M. MBWANG’A          0725455001       Day              131        [email protected]
  188. Makueni mukaa  kamuthini secondary school              Benson Solomon Katambo          0723823903       mixed day and boarding     387        [email protected]
  189. Makueni Mukaa  Bishop Ngala secondary school.              Elizabeth Kahuthu          0722636782       Mixed Boarding              251        [email protected]
  190. Makueni Mukaa  St . Augustine Mulumini secondary              Nzuki J. Kisoi      0722232287       Mixed Boarding 250              [email protected]
  191. Makueni Mukaa  Kiimakiu Sec School        Kyenze Benard David     0721785511       Mixed Boarding 176              [email protected]
  192. Makueni MUKAA MASOKANI SEC. SCHOOL.              PAUL THUO KAMAU       0721561104       MIXED DAY & BOARDING.        268        [email protected]
  193. Makueni Mukaa  ABC kayata girls sec        Musee Evelyn Kathini    0721554306       Boarding Girls    160              [email protected]
  194. Makueni MUKAA ULU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JULIUS KITONGA             0721471561       Day       201              [email protected]
  195. Makueni Mukaa  Kwakiketi Secondary School              Karweria Agnes Nthambi             0721237461       Day              241        [email protected]
  196. Makueni Mukaa  Uvunye Sec School         Michael Maua    0720572513       Day       160              [email protected]
  197. Makueni mukaa  Aic matiani girls mary m muteti              0720269741       Mixed Boarding 201        Box34nunguni
  198. Makueni MUKAA KWOTHITHU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOYCE N. MUIA  0717754218       Mixed Boarding 213              [email protected]
  199. Makueni Mukaa  Ack St Luke’s Marwa sec              Patrick M wambua         0711718924       Day and boarding              151        Box 72 Yoani
  200. Makueni Mukaa  Kandolo Secondary         Jisephine K. Mwania          0710696593       Mixed Day          104              [email protected]
  201. Makueni Mukaa  Muangini sec     Kituu, p.n.w              0721333375       Day       227        [email protected]
  202. Makueni Mukaa  AIC SULTAN HAMUD SECONDARY SCHOOL              Alexander Kimweli          0710397725       Mixed Day              211        [email protected]
  203. Makueni Mukaa  ABC KITONGUNI Sec School              Jackline K Muthama       0720008315       Mixed Boarding              410        [email protected]
  204. Makueni Mukaa Uthini Girls Secondary school              Janet N. Ndeti          0799087211/ 0718557426              Boarding Girls    192        [email protected]
  205. Makueni Mukaa Musaani secondary school               Mary Musyoki   0712595004       Day       249              [email protected]
  206. Makueni Mukaa ABC MUUA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              GIDRAPH GACHUHI MBOGO       0706507025              Day       187        [email protected]
  207. Makueni Mukas  Lumu secondary school Florence N Nguli     0721665728       Day       190        [email protected]
  208. Makueni Nzaui    Mutaiti boys sec              Monchoi Nina      0794198327       Boys day/boarding         429              [email protected]
  209. Makueni Nzaui    Kawala secondary School              Jennifer Maweu              0729176928       Mixed Boarding              235        [email protected]
  210. Makueni Nzaui    St joseph high school-Tutini              John ngati          0728492494       Mixed Boarding 294              [email protected]
  211. Makueni Nzaui    Kalamba Secondary School              Marietah Mulwa             0726108295       Mixed day & Boarding            125        [email protected]
  212. Makueni Nzaui    Mii secondary schools   Mary Mutua  0725311502       Mixed Boarding 232              [email protected]
  213. Makueni Nzaui    St Mary’s Ndovea secondary              Pere s. Kipeen   0724972476       Mixed day and boarding              352        [email protected]
  214. Makueni Nzaui    Masue high school          Luciana M Njeru    0723724420       Mixed day and boarding              175              573- 90132 sultan Hamund
  215. Makueni NZAUI   Kyangwasi secondary school              BERNARD M. KAMENDI 0722803391       Day       70              [email protected]
  216. Makueni Nzaui    Kyemundu sec sch          James K Ngugi    0722561368       Mixed Boarding 183        Kyemundu sec [email protected]
  217. Makueni Nzaui    Nduundune secondary school              Nicholas makunu            0722336013       Mixed day and boarding            410        [email protected]
  218. Makueni Nzaui    Serena Williams Wee Secondary School  Philip Wambua 0722306639       Mixed Boarding 189              Serena [email protected]
  219. Makueni Nzaui    Manooni secondary school              Joseph Matayo  0721758636       Mixed Boarding 514              [email protected]
  220. Makueni Nzaui    Kavuthu mixed day and boarding sec.       Fredrick kioko jonnes     0721635908       Mixed day and boarding            167        [email protected]
  221. Makueni Nzaui    Mbuthani sec    Willimina ojwang              0721574581       Mixed Boarding 270              [email protected]
  222. Makueni NZAUI   FRANCIS OF ASSISI SEC SCH KALIINI NICHOLAS K MUANGE    0721277703       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         235        [email protected]
  223. Makueni Nzaui    Serena Williams Matooni              Muoki Misheck 0715272141       Mixed Boarding 174              [email protected]
  224. Makueni Nzaui    ABC KALUMBI SECONDARY              Eunice k Titus    0712155880       Mixed day and boarding              218        [email protected]
  225. Makueni Nzaui    Mungyani-Secondary     Charles Kasinga Mwendwa         0711993165       Mixed Boarding 150              [email protected]
  226. Makueni NZAUI   ST ANTHONY ITIANI SECONDARY              JOHN M KAMAU              0711434939       Mixed Boarding              200        [email protected]
  227. Makueni Nzaui    Nduumoni sec   Justus kimongo              0711379338       Day       231        Nduumonimixed @
  228. Makueni NZAUI   MATIKU SECONDARY     PATRICK NYOLO  0710493103       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       513              [email protected]
  229. Makueni Nzaui    Emalitownship sec school              Patrick ndunda ngele     0700586403       Mixed,Day and boarding             320              [email protected]
  230. Makueni Nzaui    Muangeni mixed secondary school               Agnes mutheu makenzi 727075913         Day       148              [email protected]
  231. Makueni Nzaui    Mary’s itaava sec school               Henry Njuguna 0720991330       mixed day boarding               250        [email protected]
  232. Makueni Nzaui    Matutu sec school          Muthoka Nzau     0711100552       Day       158              [email protected]
  233. Makueni Nzaui    St Theresa sec sch muuani               Nicholas m kasisi             0734508275       Mixed Boarding              232        [email protected]
  234. Makueni Nzaui    Kyumbuni sec school      Jeniffer kimeu   0728793211       Mixed Day /Boarding     236              [email protected]
  235. Makueni NZAUI   KILIKU MIXED SEC SCHOOL               PHILIP MUTUA 0722892803       Mixed Boarding 312              kilikumixedsecschool
  236. Makueni Nzaui    Muambwani sec              Elizabeth kamene Ndunguli            0721554461       Mixed Day and boarding               251        [email protected]
  237. Makueni Nzaui    Vulueni secondary school               Joseph Munywoki           720812599         Mixed Boarding              397        [email protected]
  238. Makueni Nzaui subcounty             Kithumba secondary school            Samuel kyalo Munyao   0725838227              Mixed Boarding 446        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Mandera County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Mandera with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Mandera Banisa  Banisa mixed Day secondary school              Abdikhalif Hassan Ibrahim          0720780578       Day              691        [email protected]
  2. Mandera BANISA               GUBA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              YUSSUF IBRAHIM ALI      0723342691       MIXED boarding/day    30          [email protected]
  3. Mandera Banisa   Banisa Girls Sec               Abdinasir Adan     0721857076       Boarding Girls    253              [email protected]
  4. Mandera Kiliwehiri            Chief Abdullahi Girls’ Secondary School            ALI HASSAN EDIN            0720379718              Boarding Girls    25          [email protected]
  5. Mandera Lafey     Lafey girls secondary school              Abdi diriye Mohamed    0721812890       Boarding Girls              102        [email protected]
  6. Mandera Mandera            Kamor Mixed secondary               Hassan Abdi Abdi            0721496087       Day       613              [email protected]
  7. Mandera Mandera  East   Kamor Day Girls              Adan Hussein    0724 747197      Day       169              [email protected]
  8. Mandera MANDERA CENTRAL       EL-HAGARSU MIXED DAY SECONDARY              ALIO EDA            0723472585              Day       245        [email protected]
  9. Mandera Mandera East    Shashafey Boys’ Day Secondary          Abdi A. Siyat      0720 541 561     Day       135              abdisiyat114@gmail
  10. Mandera Mandera East    Khadija Girls Day Secondary school            Ali Hassan Ali     0722148750       Day              634        [email protected]
  11. Mandera Mandera east    Duse boys          Ibrahim mohamed Abdiow          0720534165       Day       387              [email protected]
  12. Mandera Mandera East    Mandera Dimtu Girls Day Secondary          Shamsa Mohamed Rashid           0700164983              Day       150        [email protected]
  13. Mandera Mandera East    Buruburu day boys secondary          Mohamed Billow             0726899444/0722150040              Day       720        Buruburuboys@gmail
  14. Mandera Mandera North Daua River Day Secondary school   Mohamednoor Ibrahim 0726560660       Day       103              [email protected]
  15. Mandera mandera North olla Boys secondary school              Mohamed Abdikarim Hassan     0724875072       Boarding Boys      80          [email protected].
  16. Mandera MANDERA NORTH          ASHABITO BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL     AHMED YAHYA  0728363058       Boarding Boys      300        134 -70300
  17. Mandera Mandera North               Ashabito boys secondary          Ahmed Yahya    0728363058       Boarding Boys              250        [email protected]
  18. Mandera Mandera north Rhamu Day Secondary School   Adow Alim Salat              0720887558       Day       649              [email protected]
  19. Mandera Mandera South Tawakal mixed Day Sec School  ADAN MOHAMED HASSAN          0723472168/0716456564              Day       156        [email protected]
  20. Mandera MANDERA SOUTH           SHIMBIR FATUMA SECONDARY SCHOOL     MOHAMED I. HILLOW    0723571888              Day       320        [email protected]
  21. Mandera Mandera West  Gather Mixed Day/Boarding Secondary School Mohamed Abdikadir Haji              0727955510       Mixed Boarding 162              [email protected]
  22. Mandera Mandera west   Haji Yussuf Girls Day secondary school            Harun Maalim Ibrahim  0726948012              Day       65          [email protected]
  23. Mandera Mandera West  Darwed mixed secondary School  IBRAHIM SHUKRIA MOHAMED   0722541295       Day              167        [email protected]
  24. Mandera MANDERA WEST             TAKABA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL           ABDIKADIR A. MOHAMED              0722386026       Day       442              [email protected]
  25. Mandera MANDERA WEST             DANDU SECNDARY              MOHAMED M.ISMAIL    0720712743       Boarding Boys              233        [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Marsabit County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Marsabit with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Marsabit Chalbi   Maikona pry      Ibrae koke kiro              0712366034       Mixed Boarding 635              [email protected]
  2. Marsabit LAISAMIS            KORR MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     LTINGA ABDIRAHMAN ARBELE               0710888405       Day       25          [email protected]
  3. Marsabit Loyangalani       Korolle boys high school              Ntirgam zairen  0704116197       Boarding Boys   95              [email protected]
  4. Marsabit Marsabit Central             Karare Mixed Secondary School            Joseph Malmalo              0740484807              Mixed Boarding 223        [email protected]
  5. Marsabit Marsabit central              ACK ST PETERS MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL             Guyo Gale              0728808821       Mixed day          28              [email protected]
  6. Marsabit Marsabit Central             Goro Rukesa Mixed Day secondary    Adan Dadacha Roba       0725757065              Day       160        [email protected]
  7. Marsabit Marsabit Central             Badassa Mixed Secondary School            Abdub Jirmo Galle          0725756927              Day       117        [email protected]
  8. Marsabit Marsabit Central             Dibayu High – Marsabit            sara galgallo       0725746378       Mixed Boarding              235        [email protected]
  9. Marsabit Marsabit Central             Marsabit Mixed Day Secondary School    Adan Wario Boru            0722968332              Mixed Day          583        [email protected]
  10. Marsabit Marsabit central              Gadamoji high school   BORU GUYO YATTANI    0722925209       Mixed boarding/ Day       211        [email protected]
  11. Marsabit marsabit central              dakabaricha secondary school            ibrahim gerre    0723316682       Day              711        [email protected]
  12. Marsabit Moyale Dabel mixed day secondary school              Hussein H. Jillo  +254725629083               Mixed Boarding 25              [email protected]
  13. Marsabit Moyale Bori Junction mixed day & boarding sec. School      Boru Kupi Wario             0725685673              Mixed Boarding 54          [email protected]
  14. Marsabit Moyale Heilu mixed secondary school              Rob Galgallo Jillo             0725296249       Day       170        [email protected]
  15. Marsabit MOYALE             ODDA MIXED DAY SECONDARY      HASSAN ADAN JILLO       0722335728       Day              194        omdsecondary@gmail .com
  16. Marsabit Moyale Sessi sec school Abdikadir Adan kijiba     0720979641       Mixed   288        [email protected]
  17. Marsabit Moyale Manyatta Mixed moyale               Hirbo Daigo  hirbo           0728840015       Day       545              [email protected]
  18. Marsabit North Horr         Dukana High school              Adano G. Badu  0722140415       Boarding Boys   78              [email protected]
  19. Marsabit SOLOLO              WALDA COMPLEX SEC SCHOOL              HALKANO GIMBE            0726309348       Boarding Boys      130        [email protected]
  20. Marsabit Sololo   Uran secondary school Galgallo Abdub Sereka    0720256458       Day       125              [email protected]

List of all Sub County Schools in Meru County

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Meru with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

  1. Meru BUURI EAST       RUIBI MIXED DAY SCHOOL              AMINA SEBIT     0727986479       Day       48              [email protected]
  2. Meru Buuri East           james tutua secondary school              Salat godana     0725973055       Day       316              [email protected]
  3. Meru Buuri east           Buuri high school            Dr MUTWIRI  Laban murithi             0722700001       Day       300              [email protected]
  4. Meru Buuri East           Mburugiti mixed Day sec. School              Cosmas Mburugu           0722250726       Day       376              Box 50- 60201  Kibirichia
  5. Meru Buuri east           Ntumburi mixed day sec               David muriuki Nceeri      0713312457       Mixed day              165        Ntumburi day
  6. Meru Buuri East           Mucheene secondary school               Kawira Joan Flora            0726485029       Mixed Boarding 87              [email protected]
  7. Meru Buuri East           mitoone Day sec             Silas murithi Nkatho 711298761         Day       171              [email protected]
  8. Meru Buuri East Michael          MCK Michogomone sec              Michael Gichuru              0724409697       Day       209              [email protected]
  9. Meru BUURI WEST      TIMAU MIXED DAY SECONDARY              MUGUNA DANIEL KARANI           0725667005       Day              245        [email protected]
  10. Meru Buuri west          Kangaita Mixed Day Sec School              Lawrence Njuki Mati      0725632240       Day       172              [email protected]
  11. Meru BUURI WEST      KITHITHINA MIXED DAY SEC.              FREDRICK NKONGE MUTWIRI     0724750304       Day              202              [email protected]/[email protected]
  12. Meru Buuri west          ONTULILI Mixed day secondary               Shem E Nyaga   0722396699       Day       435              [email protected]
  13. Meru Buuri West         Maritati mixed day secondary school   Caroline Ngai     0721873014       Mixed Boarding 166              [email protected]
  14. Meru Buuri west          Subuiga mixed day sec sch              Jane k muriira   0721339032       Day       140              [email protected]
  15. Meru BUURI WEST      GUNDUA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              LYDIA N. MARETE            0721548370       Day              281        [email protected]
  16. Meru BUURI West       Angaine Mixed Day secondary school   Joshua Kithinji   0720796444       Day       459              [email protected]
  17. Meru Buuri west          Ngarendare sec               Kirimi Fridah Gakii        0710147666       Mixed Boarding 303              [email protected]
  18. Meru BUURIEAST        St Thomas Aquinas Kithuene               Catherine Muthoni Kariuki          0707879424       Day              158        [email protected]
  19. Meru Central Imenti   Amugaa mixed day secondary              Joyce Kagwiria RIUNGU 0721412227       Day       366              [email protected]
  20. Meru IENTI NORTH     RUNOGONE MIXED DAY SEC              JOYCE MURUNGI             0721327876       Day       162              [email protected]
  21. Meru Igembe cental   Matiandui secondary     Justin muriuki 0714290655       Mixed day and boarding              425              [email protected]
  22. Meru Igembe Central Muringene day secondary school              Kathata Bernard Kiunga 0791285134       Day       131              [email protected]
  23. Meru IGEMBE CENTRAL           THAMARE MIXED DAY SEC SCH       AGNES KAARI JULIUS      0729478735       Day       341              [email protected]
  24. Meru Igembe central  Kkaaru secondary           Edward Nteere  0728855882       Day       145        [email protected]
  25. Meru Igembe central  Ntuti mixed day sec        Michael G.Itabari             0726786609       Day       445        ntutisec@gmail,.com
  26. Meru IGEMBE CENTRAL           MATIRINE SEC SCH              PAULINE NDWIGA          0725918634       Day       200              [email protected]
  27. Meru Igembe central  Karama Antuamuo secondary school   Kiramba Ruth M Muriungi           0725451501       Day              472        [email protected]
  28. Meru IGEMBE Central MUKULULU DAY SECONDARY              MILLICENT WAWERU     0725251470       Day       314              [email protected]
  29. Meru Igembe central  Thimbili Mixed Day Secondary              Joseph Kinyua Kuura      0724026011       Day       597              [email protected]
  30. Meru Igembe Central Kieiya Mixed Day            Justin M Njuki     0723998727       Day       475        Kieiya [email protected]
  31. Meru Igembe central  MACHUNGULU secondary               Jane wanjiru      0723536236       Day       520              [email protected]
  32. Meru Igembe Central Kamiruru Secondary school              Joseph Muturia 0723242857       Day       249              [email protected]
  33. Meru Igembe central  Kaurine Sec sch Cyprian Kainga              0722965105       Day       627              [email protected]
  34. Meru Igembe Central Kandubai secondary school              Henry Athiri Kiunga        0722785625       Day       190              [email protected]
  35. Meru Igembe Central Kithare Day Sec Sch        Beatrice K. Mutharimi         0722548507       Day       620              [email protected]
  36. Meru Igembe Central Tuuru Day Mixed Sec      Nguru GN              0721784946       Day       80              [email protected]
  37. Meru Igembe central  Nkinyanga sec school     Timothy Chege   0721279138       Day       163        [email protected]
  38. Meru Igembe Central Kangeta Mixed Day        SABINA Mukiira 0720593280       Day       640              [email protected]
  39. Meru igembe central  Kongo kamau day sec     margaret njeri m  0720271971       Day       150        N/A
  40. Meru Igembe Central Kabukuro secondary school              Nairuti Charles  0720148633       Day       162              Kabukurosecondary2014
  41. Meru Igembe central  Murera day        Charity kariuki              0716729046       Day       236        Chartykariuki65@gmail com
  42. Meru Igembe Central Miori Mixed day              Martin Warwimbo Njoroge        0715294339       Day       100              [email protected]
  43. Meru Igembe central  Kawiru Day sec  Stanley MURUNGI              0712772080       Day       299              [email protected]
  44. Meru Igembe central  Kilimamungu mixed secondary school   KAMUI SAMUEL GITONGA           0711720919       Mixed day/boarding    131        [email protected]
  45. Meru Igembe central Kathelwa secondary school         Mr James Mutuku  Makau   0726388365       Day       604              [email protected]
  46. Meru Igembe Central Akuune day secondary school               Franklin Njeru    0720654027       Day       464              [email protected]
  47. Meru IGEMBE CENTRAL            NTHAMBIRO MIXED DAY,              PETER KINOTI NDEGWA 0712885433       Boarding Girls              137        nthambiromixeddayseconndary,
  48. Meru Igembe central Nturuba sec school         Joshua Kaberia Stanley 0721863661       Day       967        Kaberiaj0@gmail
  49. Meru IGEMBE NORTH NDOLELI MIXED DAY SEC              JAVANSON KINYUA NJERU           0798998878       Day              124        [email protected]
  50. Meru Igembe North    Nkamathi Secondary School              James Gatheru  0725713847       Day       174              [email protected]
  51. Meru Igembe North    Karichu mixed day secondary              Faith mumbi ngungi       0725667979       Day       190              Karichu sec2012@gmail
  52. Meru Igembe North    Nkanda sec        Emily Kendi              0725238570       Day       350        Nkanda@
  53. Meru Igembe north    Nairuru sec school          Fidenzio Nthiga Njuki       0722362874       Day       247              [email protected]
  54. Meru Igembe north    Mbayo secondary           Mrs margaret murithi            0721544260       Day       313              [email protected]
  55. Meru Igembe north    Linjoka day secondary   Dhillon Mugendi Kathuni            0721348221       Day       141              [email protected]
  56. Meru Igembe North    K BAITHAI SEC. SCHOOL              MUTUMA NATHAN         0720825900       Day       318              [email protected]
  57. Meru Igembe North    St Mary’s Ntanki mixed day secondary          Nancy nkatha ikiara        0720589490       Day              837        Nil
  58. Meru Igembe North    Leeta day sec     M.Kanathi              0720544061       Day       586        [email protected]
  59. Meru Igembe North    Kathatene mixed day sec              David Michubu Arianga 0716485469       Day       122              Kathatene [email protected]
  60. Meru Igembe North    Kirindara mixed day sec school              Mwitiabi sabina 0711386393       Day       241              [email protected]
  61. Meru Igembe North    Naikuriu sec school         Wilfred kimathi Linturi   0725491025       Day       465              Wkimathi74@gmail. Com
  62. Meru Igembe North    Anjalu Mixed Day Secondary School   Philip Ithai          0757275160       Day       229              [email protected]
  63. Meru Igembe north    Kithetu sec school.          Joseph Mutemi               729743999         Mixed day.         384              [email protected]
  64. Meru IGEMBE NORTH               KATHANGA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     SILAS MUNGATHIA M’IBAYA       724024971              Day       267        [email protected]
  65. Meru IGEMBE North   Miriki mixed day secondary school               Musee Alex MUE             0721706780       Day       122              [email protected] or [email protected]
  66. Meru Igembe North.   Kiani mixed day              Henry Kimani Machira   0721609530       Day       102              [email protected].
  67. Meru Igembe South    Antubochiu        Kaliunga Peter              0728516679       Day       300        Pkaliunga@yaoo,com
  68. Meru Igembe South    Gitura mixed day secondary school              Henry Kiambati M’eng’ang’a       0726480020       Day              134        [email protected]
  69. Meru Igembe south    Maua mixed day sec sch              Kobia J j              0725310716       Day       174              Johnkobia93@gmail
  70. Meru IGEMBE SOUTH AUKI SECONDARY SCHOOL              ROSE MUENI      0721841603       Day       528              [email protected]
  71. Meru Igembe south    Kilalai secondary             Cecilia N.  Mutuku 0714490204       Day       426              [email protected]
  72. Meru Igembe south    Karumaru sec school      Gladys Nkirote Kirugi    713891959         Day       696              [email protected]
  73. Meru Igembe south    Kirindine  sec school       Irene Miriti              0710928680       Day       782        [email protected]
  74. Meru Igembe south    Kindani Secondary School              Simon Kiogora   0710453228       Day       123              [email protected]
  75. Meru Igembe south    Tiira Mixed Day school   Joseph Mwika Ibiiri        0710427603       Day       200              [email protected]
  76. Meru Igembe South    Kiegoi Day Secondary school              Agnes Njoki Kinyua         0719275200       Day       370              [email protected]
  77. Meru Igembe South    Athiru Gaiti sec school   Mwenda GN Igweta          0721964142       Day       156              [email protected]
  78. Meru IGEMBE South   Ugoti Day secondary school               STEPHEN K KIGUNDU     0720960429       Day       228              [email protected]
  79. Meru IGEMBE-CENTRAL           KANJOO MIXED DAY SECONDARY      IGWETA J.MWONGERA 0725800447       Day              283        [email protected]
  80. Meru IGEMBE-NORTH MWERONGUNDU SEC SCHOOL              IRAI K. HEZRON 0702448890       Day       823              [email protected]
  81. Meru Imenti North      Thuura mixed day sec    Mwenda Kwaria  0713781576       Day       315              [email protected]
  82. Meru Imenti North      MCK Nthamiri Mixed Day Sec school   Joseph Mwobobia Makathimo   +254712221899              Day       93          [email protected]
  83. Meru Imenti North      Mbirikene Day Sec          Bundi Marete 0728535966       Day       194              [email protected]
  84. Meru Imenti north      Ccm meru township secondary  school   David nganga wambugu 0727806117       Day       159              [email protected]
  85. Meru Imenti North      Munithu mixed day sec Mrs Kimathi Margaret K        0726874069       Day       215              Munithumixsddaysecondaryschool
  86. Meru Imenti North      Bishop Lawi Imathiu Sec sch              Moses Marete   0726717702       Day       568              [email protected]
  87. Meru Imenti North      Kambiti mixed secondary school              Mukiira stella    0722516201       Day       180              [email protected]
  88. Meru Imenti North      Kathirune mixed day      Hilda Nyagah 0721826770       Day       300              [email protected]
  89. Meru IMENTI NORTH  CHUNG’ARI MIXED DAY SECONDARY      CHRISTINE KIRIINYA        0721819192       Day              149        [email protected]
  90. Meru Imenti North      Kirige day sec.   Ruth N Mutinda              0721569673       Day       387        Kirigeday [email protected]
  91. Meru Imenti North      Meru Muslim secondary School              Charles K Macharia        0721146107       Day       159              [email protected]
  92. Meru Imenti North      Ng’onyi boys high school               Moses k. Mungai             0712847003       Day       177              [email protected]
  93. Meru Imenti North      Mwithumwiru Mixed Day Secondary school            Godfrey Muthengi          0721 447468               Day       240        [email protected]
  94. Meru Imenti North      Mwiteria mixed day secondary               Jane Kimathi      0721232630       Day       267              Mwiteriasec@gmail
  95. Meru Imenti North      Mpuri mixed day secondary school               Justus Njue RUKUTHU    0710776563       Day       130              Mpurisecschool
  96. Meru Imenti south      Mbaine day sec sch        Mrs Eunice Kajuju kimathi   0729380995       Mixed Boarding 197        None
  97. Meru Imenti South      Kathanthatu secondary Chrispus Njeru Ireri          0724413750       Day       585              [email protected]
  98. Meru Imenti South      Kiune Mixed Day             Njiru Wilfred 0723919952       Day       136        [email protected]
  99. Meru Imenti south      Mweru day        Raphael Ndeke               0723672232       Day       162        [email protected]
  100. Meru imenti south      Rwompo mixed day sec school.              Felix Muriuki Njagi          0723574898       Day       193              [email protected]
  101. Meru Imenti south      Nyombayathi mixed day sec sch.              Mutuiri Iringo    0722324742       Day       120              [email protected]
  102. Meru Imenti south      Ntharene day sec sch     Zachary M Nguku   0721644721       Day       517        ntharene day
  103. Meru Imenti south      Kithakanaro day secondary              Mary K Ruteere 0721638139       Day       354              Kithakanaro [email protected]
  104. Meru Imenti South      Kithunguri Mixed Day Sec              Humphrey Mugambi      0721602138       Day       400              [email protected]
  105. Meru Imenti South      St Josephs Sec   Simon Irungu Babura 0721393762       Day       177              [email protected]
  106. Meru Imenti south      Rurama mixed day secondary              Nancy wanja nyaga         0715757836       Day       173              [email protected] t
  107. Meru Imenti south      Nkubu mixed day sec school              Danson Nyaga Ndebe     0715604479       Day       227              [email protected]
  108. Meru imenti south      mugae hill day sec school              Mutiga Jediel rugendo   0710484583       Day       88              [email protected]
  109. Meru Imenti south      Kagwampungu secondary school              Samuel m’ ikiugu mwiti  0729230997       Day       175              [email protected]
  110. Meru Imenti South      Murembu mixed secondary school               IDAH W IRERI     0721566961       Mixed Boarding 183              [email protected]
  111. Meru IMENTI SOUTH KATHIGU MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              MARGARET  NYAGA        0725172111       Day              195        [email protected]
  112. Meru Imenti South      Kothine mixed day sec school               Nahason Nguku Njeru    0721351553       Day       200              nahasonngukunjeru@gmail
  113. Meru Imenti south.     Igandene mixed day sec sch.               Dominic Mwiti Murora 0720334865       Day       168              [email protected]
  114. Meru lGEMBE NORTH LUKUNUNU MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     Elizabeth Karimi              0712732697l              Day       227        [email protected]
  115. Meru MERU   KUNENE mixed day secondary school              LYDIA K PHARES +254714677939               Day       290              [email protected]
  116. Meru Meru  Central      Bonaventure  Ruiga  Sec.  School   Lucy Wamgari  Kimani    0722646592/0742053127              Day       105        1474.60200 Meru
  117. Meru Meru central     Kithirune mixed day       Ataya c. Maingi 0795764897       Day       307        [email protected]
  118. Meru Meru central     Mugambone day             Njeru Silas              0726537187       Day       306        None
  119. Meru Meru central     Karaene mixed day         Martin Deporres mbae 0725208638       Day       183              [email protected]
  120. Meru Meru central     Gatuatine Day sec           Loyford kirugara              0724236406       Day       130              [email protected]
  121. Meru Meru Central     Gacuru Mixed Day Sec School              MUNGANIA M Robert.   0723358991       Day       187              [email protected]
  122. Meru MERU CENTRAL KIIJA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              PETER NDIRANGU           0722939491       MIXED DAY              191        [email protected]
  123. Meru Meru central     Ntonyero mixed with     Isaac Bagine  0721401435       Day       184        [email protected]
  124. Meru meru central      Ruiga mixed day sec school              AGNES NYAGA  0720595087       Day       180              [email protected]
  125. Meru Meru Central     Holy Family mixed day sec              Henry Rwanda  0717516698       Day       136              [email protected]
  126. Meru Meru Central     Kinjo Mixed Day Secondary              Lawrence T Kithaka        0708409428       Day       98              [email protected]
  127. Meru Meru central     Kathiranga day  Davida Gatoro Rukirwe              0702357946       Day       154              [email protected]
  128. Meru Meru Central     Muri mixed day secondary              John Mutwiri     0727627434       Day       110              [email protected]
  129. Meru Meru central     KIANTHUMBI MIXED SECONDARY               Haron maorwe Narua    0722849257       Day       399              [email protected]
  130. Meru Meru central     Nyweri mixed sec school               Nkonge k Grace               0712684526       Day       110              [email protected]
  131. Meru Meru central     NGUCHIA Mixed              Mwangi Samuel 0721252726       Day       78              [email protected]
  132. Meru Tiania East          Luuma sec          Lithumai pk              0723393777       Day       191        [email protected]
  133. Meru Tigania central  Mutewa day      Luke muriulki joses              0725984404       Day       370              [email protected]
  134. Meru Tigania central  Mukono mixed day sec school              Faith Ndinda Ndolo        0725672279       Day       381              [email protected]
  135. Meru Tigania Central  St Massimo Mixed Sec   Nelson Mwaura             0723958149       Day       613              [email protected]
  136. Meru Tigania Central  St Benedict mixed Day secondary school   Benson Murithi Ngungi  0722458675       Day       91              [email protected]
  137. Meru TIGANIA CENTRAL           IKANA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     CHARLES NKUMBUKU    0724925259              Day       200              [email protected]
  138. Meru Tigania Central  DEB kiguma mixed day secondary school   Lucy K Murithi   0724164382       Mixed day          143              [email protected]
  139. Meru Tigania central   Marega mixed day secondary               Charles peter kiruja        0721110220       Day       149              [email protected]
  140. Meru Tigania Central Rurii Mixed day Sec        Jackson Ireri M  0716489638       Day       133              [email protected]
  141. Meru Tigania centralw              Thuuri mixed day               Williamson muriithi        0720062917       Mixed Boarding              332        Thuurimixed [email protected]
  142. Meru Tigania East       Lailuba Sec School          Michael Nyamu Mucee   0724884382       Day       287              [email protected]
  143. Meru TIGANIA EAST    THUURIA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL              STEPHEN KARIUKI MAINA            0722920256              Day       120        [email protected]
  144. Meru Tigania East       Muthara Mixed day secondary school   HARRIET K MUNYUA       0721913598       Day       860              [email protected]
  145. Meru Tigania east       Thubuku sec school        Evanston k joses     0721660179       Day       463        [email protected] m
  146. Meru Tigania East       MCS Kirima Mixed Day Secondary              Mwirabua Andrew Kairi 0720592576       Day       322              [email protected]
  147. Meru Tigania east       Laibocha             Joshua K. Mwirichia           0720361312       Day       160              [email protected]
  148. Meru Tigania East       Nchuui mixed Day Sec Sch               Gerald K. Kamanja          0710397533       Day       636              nchuuisec@gmail. com
  149. Meru Tigania East        Antuanduru mixed day secondary school   Kairi Ituuru         0723732680       Mixed day          637              Kituuru@gmail
  150. Meru Tigania East        Mweromuthanga mixed day sec school   Grace Njeru       0701777595       Day       115              [email protected]
  151. Meru Tigania East        Ntirutu mixed Secondary school               Edward Mutuma M’imuti            0720346541       Day              180        [email protected]
  152. Meru Tigania West      Laciathuri Mixed Day Secondary              Harriet K Ntuara              0794397718       Day       91              [email protected]
  153. Meru Tigania West      St Augustine Luuria Day DAVID KABUGA. M        0733523739       Day       160              LUURIASECONDARY@gmail
  154. Meru TIGANIA WEST  KAMAROO MIXED DAY SECONDARY      ITAMUNYA JOHN MBURUNG’A  0729857461              Day       107        [email protected]
  155. Meru Tigania West      Kibiru Mixed Day secondary school              Jeremiah Mwangi Nyaga              0729303254       Day       73              [email protected]
  156. Meru Tigania West      Ntoombo Mixed Secondary              Mary Kamathi   0727728032       Day       69              [email protected]
  157. Meru Tigania West      K Lumbi Mixed Day sec              Mrs Anita Kabii  0727094506       Day       298              [email protected]
  158. Meru Tigania west      c.k Ntiba mixed Day Sec school              Kimathi j kiambi 0726064694       Day       191              [email protected]
  159. Meru Tigania west      Makandi  day sec school              Sebastian m Limberia     0725953889       Day       175              [email protected]
  160. Meru Tigania West      Lairang’i Sec school        John Warua Mwathe 0725642919       Day       57              [email protected].
  161. Meru Tigania west      Mweronkoro day sec school              Josphat Njeru Mbiti        0725349109       Day       75              [email protected]
  162. Meru Tigania west      johns nchooro secondary              Crispin  ngari     0724396072       Day       132              [email protected]
  163. Meru Tigania West      Twale Day secondary school              Samuel Thieuri M’itha    0724029582       Day       157              [email protected]
  164. Meru Tigania West      THINYAINE DAY SECONDARY              Munene Julius Njeru      0723895241       Day       562              [email protected]
  165. Meru Tigania west      Nkanga sec school          NGITUYU LICHIRA 0723705702       Day       167        [email protected]
  166. Meru Tigania West      Kamitongu mixed day sec              Bernard Thiaine Mutila  0722907432       Day       98              [email protected]
  167. Meru Tigania west      Kithiiri sec school            Samuel M Kiragu   0721739106       Mixed Boarding 414        151 meru
  168. Meru Tigania West      Urru mixed day sec school              Peter G Wathuta             0721711424       Day       132              [email protected]
  169. Meru Tigania west      Kaamu mixed day sec school              Fredrick Kirigia  07215169