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2020 List of All County Secondary Schools in Kenya, Principals, and Contacts

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Secondary (High)  Schools in Kenya. The list is arranged according to the alphabetical order of the 47 Kenya Counties. The list contains the name of school, its County, Sub-County, the total student enrolment, the name of the Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

County        Sub County        Name of School enrolment         Type of School          Status of School              Name of principal           School phone number         School email address

2020 List of County Schools in Baringo County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Baringo County.

  1. Baringo BARINGO CENTRAL TALAI SECONDARY SCHOOL              508        Mixed Boarding SILVERNO K. CHEPTARUS              0729855836       [email protected]
  2. Baringo Baringo Central Kapkawa Boys’ Secondary School 96              Boarding Boys   David Yegon      0725237688              [email protected]
  3. Baringo Baringo Central AIC Philemon Chelagat Girls Secondary School 553        Boarding Girls    Naomy Mutai    0722970988              [email protected]
  4. Baringo BARINGO central Ngetmoi girls     500        Boarding Girls      Joyce Namasaka             0721316419              [email protected]
  5. Baringo BARINGO CENTRAL Sangarau girls    96          Boarding Girls      MILKAH J KIBUSIO           0720832056              [email protected]
  6. Baringo Baringo central Aic kapkelelwa secondary 150              Mixed Boarding Edward k Rerimoi           0720815479              [email protected]
  7. Baringo Baringo North Kapkiamo Secondary School       145              Mixed Boarding Charles Langat   0792701307              [email protected]
  8. Baringo Baringo North Kipcherere secondary school      973              Mixed Boarding George Omenge Sure     0728331476              [email protected]
  9. Baringo Baringo North Keturwo Secondary School          220              Mixed Boarding Samuel S.Kenei 0722687922              [email protected]
  10. Baringo Baringo north Kapluk secondary school             180              Mixed Boarding Loice cheruiyot 0713597701              [email protected]
  11. Baringo BARINGO NORTH KASISiTGIRLS     370        Boarding Girls      MS Dollykigen   0700268647              [email protected].
  12. Baringo Baringo North Tanyileel Girls Secondary School              240        Boarding Girls    Joyce Ngenoh    0721864434              [email protected]
  13. Baringo KOIBATEK TIMBOROA SEC SCHOOL              225              Boarding Boys   KAIBOS C. MICHAEL        0796421761              [email protected]
  14. Baringo Koibatek Maji mazuri girls high school       462              Boarding Girls    Jacinta Kotut      0757853941              [email protected]
  15. Baringo Koibatek Sabatia Secondary School            178              Mixed Boarding Gladys Sum        0722622929              sabatiahigh@gmail
  16. Baringo MARIGAT KISERIAN BOYS SECONDARY       298              Boarding Boys   PAUL LOLGISOI  0723419127              [email protected]
  17. Baringo Mogotio Rosoga High School        320        Mixed Boarding            Ombui Onchoke              0724352657              [email protected]
  18. Baringo Mogotio AIC MAJIMOTO 161        Mixed Boarding              Moses Kipruto   0713796196              [email protected]
  19. Baringo Naeingo central Oinobmoi secondary school 392              Boarding Boys   Tarus C kipruto 0722405192              [email protected]
  20. Baringo TIATY EAST TANGULBEI HIGH SCHOOL           700              Mixed Boarding NYAMOKO M.PETER       +254724828643              [email protected]
  21. Baringo TIATY EAST NGINYANG GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL 237              Boarding Girls    GRACE AKINYI   0722227280              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Bomet County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Bomet County.

County        Sub County        Name of School enrolment         Type of School          Status of School              Name of principal           School phone number         School email address

  1. Bomet Bomet Central   Ndarawetta girls secondary        960              Boarding Girls    Norah Yegon     0720469015              [email protected].
  2. Bomet Bomet central   Chebonei girls   905        Boarding Girls              Jane kandie        0704412323       [email protected]
  3. Bomet Bomet Central   Kanusin Boys Secondary              317              Boarding Boys   Kirui Simon K.    0724848707              [email protected]
  4. Bomet Bomet central   Sachangwan secondary school   230              Day       Kipkemoi stanley Rotich               0720293618              [email protected]
  5. Bomet BOMET EAST     MULOT SECONDARY SCHOOL     735              Boarding Boys   KIRISWO HILLARY KIMUTAI               0723886633       [email protected]
  6. Bomet BOMET EAST     KONG’OTIK GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              689        Boarding Girls    ANNA MORAA ORWARI              0722699080       [email protected]
  7. Bomet Bomet East        Koibeiyon sec school      607        Mixed day and boarding     Wesley kiplangat Sigei    0720604536              [email protected]
  8. Bomet BOMET EAST     MENGIT MIXED SECONDARY      607              Mixed day boarding       MR STEPHEN KEBENEI              0710419290       [email protected]
  9. Bomet Bomet East        Catherine girls Tegat               470              Boarding Girls    Margaret c. Tonui           O7O7894853      [email protected]
  10. Bomet Chebalungu       Chebunyo boys high school         514              Boarding Boys   Samuel castro mabeya  0700337766              [email protected]
  11. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    Sigor Boys          292        Boarding Boys              Isaac KIPRUTO SAMBU   +254722851451              [email protected]
  12. Bomet CHEPALUNGU    KIPSUTER SECONDARY SCHOOL 605              Boarding Boys   LOUSUKU MUSA LOPIRAKAL              0729798982       [email protected]
  13. Bomet Chepalungu       Olbutyo girls      554        Boarding Girls              Phelisters Kosgei             0726443665              [email protected]
  14. Bomet Chepalungu       Makimeny- Girls              284        Boarding Boys      Caren Amuhinda             0722490571              carenamuhinda@gmail
  15. Bomet Chepalungu       Chebunyo girls secondary school              184        Boarding Girls    Margaret Gakii Mutiria               0768412002       [email protected]
  16. Bomet Chepalungu       Olbutyo boys high school             587              Boarding Boys   JOHN M MUKONGOLO 0720804964              [email protected]
  17. Bomet       Mogor high school.         384        Boarding Girls      Jacqueline Ngetich          0724735191              [email protected]
  18. Bomet Konoin  Cheptalal girls sec           493        Boarding Boys              Veronica Omiti  0727289672       [email protected]
  19. Bomet Konoin  Ruseya Girls Secondary School   100        Boarding Girls      Joyce Chepkemoi Kalya  0723961851              [email protected]
  20. Bomet Konoin  Sotit Boys secondary      230        Boarding Boys              Mutai kiprono Stephen  0723901202              [email protected]
  21. Bomet Konoin  St Monica Chebang’ang girls secondary school.              455        Boarding Girls    Betty Too           0722683002              [email protected]
  22. Bomet Konoin  Kipkorir Salat Boys’ High School 320        Boarding Boys      Richard Kibet Tonui        0720423117       [email protected]
  23. Bomet Sotik      Gelegele girls secondary school 404        Boarding Girls      Josephine onsongo         0725826248       Gelegelegirls464@ gmail. Com
  24. Bomet Sotik      Kapletundo Sec school   347        Mixed Boarding              Jackson Marutegek         0724365198              [email protected]
  25. Bomet Sotik      Tembwo Girls    398        Boarding Girls    Grace C Too       0722441390       [email protected]
  26. Bomet SOTIK    MOI MINARIET BOYS SEC. SCHOOL          591              Boarding Boys   ANTHONY TOO 0721341372              [email protected]
  27. Bomet Sotik      Gelegele boys high         205        Mixed Boarding              John Tonui         0720357310              [email protected]
  28. Bomet Sotik      GORGOR SEC SCHOOL    587        Mixed Boarding              Langat paul k     0720283037       gorgorsecschool
  29. Bomet Sotik      Chesilyot girls    650        Boarding Girls    Salome kwambai            711909069         PO box 520 20406 sotik
  30. Bomet SOTIK    LORNA LABOSO MEMORIAL GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL              892        Boarding Girls    STELLA MATARA              0702575553       [email protected]
  31. Bomet SOTIK    NGARIET BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL       312              Boarding Boys   KORIR ERICK KIPKEMOI.               722222336              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Bungoma County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Bungoma County.

County        Sub County        Name of School enrolment         Type of School          Status of School              Name of principal           School phone number         School email address

  1. Bungoma Bumula Joyvalley special primary school 260              Mixed Boarding Mutesa Edward O.Omondi              +10722674741
  2. Bungoma Bumula Jude Napara Girls’ school        385              Day and boarding girls   Florence A Okware              0726556713       [email protected]
  3. Bungoma BUMULA             BISHOP ATUNDO BOYS HIGH SCHOOL KIMAETI            525        Day/Boarding Boys         ODEBERO STEPHEN NAGERI            0723833574       [email protected]
  4. Bungoma Bumula Mungore Girls Sec school            291              Boarding Girls    Ombere Gladys 0721303515              [email protected]
  5. Bungoma Bumula               St Teresa’s Kabula boys sec school               614        Boarding Boys   Dismas Sibweche            705047707              [email protected]
  6. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      St CHARLES LWANGA BWAKE SECONDARY SCHOOL     370        Mixed day and boarding              Barnabas Omesa Abuga 0722367555              [email protected]
  7. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Khachonge Girls Secondary School   414        Boarding Girls    Grace Kinara      0721258201              [email protected]
  8. Bungoma Bungoma Central            St Stephens sikusi Boys              540        Boarding Boys   Charles Mwaria 0720766756              [email protected]
  9. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Marobo Girls secondary School  571        Girls,day/Boarding         Jane Nafula Mabonga               0716383275       [email protected]
  10. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      SICHEI FRIENDS SEC SCHOOL              577        MIXED DAY AND BOARDING              FREDERICK ORIKODI 0712885856              [email protected]
  11. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Luuya girls sec   684              Boarding Girls    Esther Nthambi wanyama              0711667384       [email protected].
  12. Bungoma Bungoma Central            Kimalewa sec School.              1050      Mixed boarding and day.             Jeremiah Wakoli Bwome 0705717343       [email protected]
  13. Bungoma Bungoma central             Kuywa Girls        525              Boarding Girls    Emily Amondi Ouko        0723709055              [email protected]
  14. Bungoma Bungoma central             St Joseph’s Nalondo boys secondary School            709        Day/boarding boys         Onyango Nicholas             0722802159       nalondo [email protected] by
  15. Bungoma Bungoma central             Namilama sec school              226        Mixed day and boarding              Hellen simwa              0722356006       [email protected]
  16. Bungoma Bungoma central             moses wetangula mikayu secondary           409        Mixed day          Moses Marango simiyu   0726501169       [email protected]
  17. Bungoma Bungoma Central            St Joseph’s Nalondo Girls               545        Girls day / boarding        Isabella Muyoka Rama               0724407804       None
  18. Bungoma Bungoma central             Busakala secondary school               643        Mixed Boarding Musa Obura       0722237464              busakalasecondaryschool@gmail,com
  19. Bungoma BUNGOMA CENTRAL      NANGWE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL              350        Mixed Boarding FRANCISCA WANZALA              0724364135       [email protected]
  20. Bungoma Bungoma East   St Francis High school Makemo              450        Boarding Girls    Rose Oyalo Wandede              0722941227       [email protected]
  21. Bungoma Bungoma East   Misemwa Sec school      364              Mixed boarding and day              Mable Shilako Nandi              0721306828       [email protected]
  22. Bungoma Bungoma North Friends school Naitiri girls              781        Boarding Girls    Isabella Nakitare              0727890116       Naitiri [email protected]
  23. Bungoma Bungoma North Makunga SA secondary 1180              Mixed Boarding and Day              Mary Manyonge              0722654075       makunga@gmail
  24. Bungoma Bungoma north Maliki boys high school 844              Boarding Boys   Geoffrey otieno 0722483344              [email protected]
  25. Bungoma Bungoma north St Patrick’s Naitiri boys  730              Boarding Boys   Stephen k Akuto              0721673418              [email protected]
  26. Bungoma Bungoma north Milima friends secondary school              710        Mixed day and boarding              Moses H. B Khaoya              0721426681              [email protected]
  27. Bungoma Bungoma North Sirakaru sec school         440              Mixed Boarding and Day              Shadrack Makhanu              0720547480       [email protected]
  28. Bungoma Bungoma North John’s Karima sec      700              Mixed Boarding Mark George Barasa      0719116166              [email protected]
  29. Bungoma Bungoma North Namawanga RGC Mixed Secondary School  372        Day       Ochola Philip Odira        0710414859              [email protected]
  30. Bungoma Bungoma North               Eluuya girls secondary school   442        Boarding Girls    Anne Nzaywa     +254701154977              [email protected]
  31. Bungoma Bungoma North               Friends Secondary School Kibisi     920        Mixed boarding and day              Busunkwi Giriama               722428964         [email protected]
  32. Bungoma Bungoma North               Mbakalo Friends Boys school   1033      Day       Henry Okusi Indimuli      0722389278       42 Naitiri
  33. Bungoma Bungoma south St Martin’s Mwibale sec 763              Mixed day and boarding              Tom Barasa Juma              0721784071       [email protected]
  34. Bungoma Bungoma South Patrick’s Kimukung’i Girls              380        Girls day & boarfing       Ebby Sogoni              0716916090       [email protected]
  35. Bungoma Bungoma South Friends School Lwanda Girls’Sec.              504        Boarding Girls    Olga Awiti Ogonya              0716444474       [email protected]
  36. Bungoma Bungoma South Martin’s Kitinda Secondary School  205        Mixed Boarding Mr. Charles Okeyo Oguta              0712474987       [email protected]
  37. Bungoma Bungoma South Friends Kimugui Boys Secondary              446        Day/Boarding Boys         Boniface Nabangi              0710378424       [email protected]
  38. Bungoma Bungoma South               Bungoma Baptist Girls               612        Boarding Girls    Wendy Magara 0722245559              [email protected]
  39. Bungoma Bungoma South               Friends Secondary School Misanga              398        Mixed Day/Boarding      Godfrey Furechi               0716716877       [email protected]
  40. Bungoma Bungoma west  Ndakaru SA Secondary school              364        Mixed Boarding George Odinga Onyango              0728426142       odingageorge [email protected]
  41. Bungoma Bungoma west  Kaptanai S.A Sec school 605              Mixed day and boarding              Onyango Dorice Akinyi              0725566694       [email protected]
  42. Bungoma Bungoma West Bukokholo girls 641        Boarding Girls      Mary Waliaula  0724429780       [email protected]
  43. Bungoma Bungoma west  Anthony’s Boys High School Sirisia    308        Boarding Boys   Eugene O Juma 0722778201              [email protected]
  44. Bungoma Bungoma west  Namwela boys  789        Boarding Boys      Simon watamba              0721590432              [email protected]
  45. Bungoma Cheptais             Kimabole Friends secondary school              661        Mixed Boarding David ogola kinyata              0728364041       [email protected]
  46. Bungoma Cheptais             The S.A. Cheptais high school              823        Boarding Boys   Jacob  m psero  0726427017              [email protected]
  47. Bungoma Cheptais             Toroso SA high school              1236      Mixed Boarding shadrack wanjala              0723546831       [email protected]
  48. Bungoma Kimilil    St Peter’s Nakalira boys 535              Boarding Boys   David Wekesamabonga 0722475242              Dwekesa@461 @gmail
  49. Bungoma Kimilili   St marys girls high school              834        Boarding Girls    Zeddy cheruiyot              0722450530       [email protected]
  50. Bungoma Kimilili St theresas girls kimilili 750              Boarding Girls    Susa cherotich   0723463876              [email protected]
  51. Bungoma Kimilili-Bungoma             Maeni girls secondary school            253        Boarding Girls    Lydia Shisima              0723155065       [email protected]
  52. Bungoma Kimililii Kimilili friends girls secondary school   540        Day/boarding girls          Asiligwa              0725395426       [email protected]
  53. Bungoma KOPSIRO             KAPKATENY  SECONDARY  SCHOOL              438        Mixed Boarding MASAYI  SOSPETER  FIDELIS              0710 163 456     [email protected]
  54. Bungoma Kopsiro St Teresa’s cheptoror     300              Boarding Girls    Florence kupsoboi          0703322745              Florenaliaka464@gmail
  55. Bungoma Mt Elgon             Moi Kaptama Boys Secondary          409        Boarding Boys   Tobias Otieno Anginya              0722223977       [email protected]
  56. Bungoma MT ELGON         CHEMWEISUS SA SECONDARY SCHOOL     500        Mixed Day and Boarding              MOSES ALI CHELUCH      0719222162              [email protected]
  57. Bungoma Mt Elgon             Kapsokwony high school               370        Boarding Boys   Joab Otieno       0726725399              [email protected]
  58. Bungoma Tongaren           Bishop Philip Anyolo secondary school kakamwe        705        Boarding Boys   John juma okello obayi       O722453065      [email protected]
  59. Bungoma Tongaren           Mitua Girls Secondary School  905        Boarding Girls    Angeline J Kosgei              0725214497       [email protected]
  60. Bungoma Tongaren           St Peters sec school Ndalu               497        Mixed day boarding       Hugo Maina              0724050276       [email protected]
  61. Bungoma Tongareni          Paul’s Secondary school- Narati    464        Mixed Boarding WYCLIFFE MATATI              0723961662       [email protected]
  62. Bungoma Webuye West   Milani Friends Secondary School  287        Mixed Boarding Kenneth Wafula Wanyela              N/A       N/A
  63. Bungoma Webuye West   Brenda Friends Girls              448        Boarding Girls    Beatrice Lukuyani              0729582220       [email protected]
  64. Bungoma Webuye West   Misikhu Friends Secondary School  330        Boarding Boys   Maurice Otunga Oyake              0718806689       [email protected]
  65. Bungoma Webuye West   KITUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              470        Mixed Boarding Florence O Mutekwa               0722645196       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Busia County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Busia County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Busia Bunyala John osogo boys secondary school               527        Day Boarding     Paul owuor obuya              +254728614896               [email protected]
  2. Busia Bunyala Cecilia Namenya Girls             391              Girls day and boarding   Margaret Sifuma              0729444467       [email protected]
  3. Busia BUNYALA            ANNE’S BUNYALA GIRLS’ SEC SCHOOL              306        Boarding Girls    CONSOLATA MANGO              0726389482       [email protected]
  4. Busia Busia     St Mathias Busia Sec school        802              Day       Titus Isogol        0723662621              [email protected]
  5. Busia Busia     Our Lady Of Mercy Girls Busia    587              Boarding/Day- Girls        Jeniffer Rono     0723378262              [email protected]
  6. Busia Butula   St Joseph Bumutiru Sec  430        Mixed Boarding            WECHULI ALFRED           0727610102              [email protected]
  7. Busia Butula   Bujumba girls secondary             250              Boarding and day girls    Jezabeth Oulo   0722501513              N/A
  8. Busia BUTULA              BUKHALALIRE SECONDARY SCHOOL              558        Day/Boarding Boys         DIDIMO I MUKATI              0720613991       [email protected]
  9. Busia Butula   Bujumba boys’ sec          524        Boarding Boys      Were Tom Clement        0718469413       Box 6, Bumala
  10. Busia Butula   Buhuyi Secondary School             472              Mixed Boarding Bwire Pecos Walter        0722285726              [email protected]
  11. Busia BUTULA              ST CLARE BUTULA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL              563        Boarding Girls    JANE AMUKOYE MMBONE 07      0701117178              [email protected]
  12. Busia Butula   LUGULU AC SEC SCHOOL             566              Mixed day and boarding              MIBEI RICHARD               0724695627       [email protected]
  13. Busia Nambale            St Thomas Aquinas madende secondary School            719        Mixed day and boarding              Clement Kudaka              0714063106              [email protected]
  14. Busia Nambale             Malanga Mixed               592        Mixed Boarding Nickson  Boyi 0722454186              boyinickson 2015@gmail
  15. Busia Teso North         Joseph’s Kocholia Secondary school   723        Mixed Boarding Fredrick Ouma Opiyo              0724834227       [email protected]
  16. Busia Teso North         SA Aboloi Sec School      630              Mixed Day and Boarding Girls     David Papa Wasike              0723025284       [email protected]
  17. Busia Teso North         Katakwa sec school        552              Day       Joseph Sirengo Wafula  0722920682              [email protected]
  18. Busia Teso North         Moding high School        620              Mixed boarding and day              Dr Tabitha Okama              0722692488       [email protected]
  19. Busia Teso North         St Thomas Amagoro Girls sec. School  715        Boarding and Day Girls  Mrs Mary N.M. Kui              0722749319       [email protected]
  20. Busia Teso South         St Mary’s Amukura girls               280        Boarding Girls    Phanice Ingasia Chisikwa               0725217220       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Elgeyo Marakwet County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       Francis Kimuron Secondary School            419        Boarding Boys   Boniface F.W Kunusia 0798673191       [email protected]
  2. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO NORTH    ANIN GIRLS SEC SCHOOL              792        Boarding Girls    ESTHER KIBOR              0724646608       [email protected]
  3. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo North       ST ALPHONSUS MUTEI GIRLS’ SEC SCHOOL          762        Boarding Girls    JENIFFER .J. KIPTUI          0722450642       [email protected]
  4. Elgeyo marakwet keiyo North        st thomas kabulwo              588        Mixed Boarding Stephen Bartoo 0721856456              [email protected]
  5. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH    AIC SOY GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCH             360        Boarding Girls    RUTH J KIPSANG              0722496896       [email protected]
  6. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Kapkitony girls secondary school            578        Boarding Girls    Koskei Dorah              0746 961533      [email protected].
  7. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo South       St Augustine Boys’ Sec. School Emseaa        380        Boarding Boys   Julius K Missik              0728370942       [email protected]
  8. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Atnas kandie secondary          162        Boarding Boys   Atwele kendagor              0718614840       [email protected]
  9. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Kiptulos sec. School  445        Mixed Boarding Nathan oguye    0713813668              [email protected]
  10. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        St Joseph’s kipsaina Girls secondary school 310        Boarding Girls    Margaret Misoi    0724629827       [email protected]
  11. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Biwott secondary               357        Mixed Boarding Peris jeruto joseph               0722579639       [email protected]
  12. Elgeyo marakwet Keiyo south        Lelboinet boys high school         510        Boarding Boys   Wesley K Chumba               722495582         [email protected]
  13. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH     Koptega sec school               345        Boarding Girls    PRISCILLA KOSKE             721548252              [email protected]
  14. Elgeyo marakwet KEIYO SOUTH     Kitany Boys secondary school            581        Boarding Boys   Godfrey Machanji               0720070806       [email protected]
  15. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet East  Kamasia mixed secondary School            285        Mixed Boarding Costa Rotich              0722875204       [email protected].
  16. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet west Chebara girls              450        Boarding Girls    Bartoo jane        0722285120              [email protected]
  17. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West Josephs Lelan Boys sec              140        Boarding Boys   Julius Kosetei              0722228276       [email protected]
  18. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West Raphael Chebiemit Boys High School        476        Boarding Boys   Kipronoh Leonard              0721947283       [email protected]
  19. Elgeyo marakwet MARAKWET WEST          Kapcherop Boys      540        Boarding Boys   AMOS k Cherono               0722308004       [email protected]
  20. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West               Chebororwa Girls Sec School      618        Boarding Girls              Jeridah Chebakasi Cheptei           0705161112              [email protected]
  21. Elgeyo marakwet Marakwet West               CHEBAI BOYS     332        Boarding Boys   Samwel  Maiyo 0722295879              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Embu County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Embu County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Embu Embu east          Gitare mixed sec school.              442        Mixed Boarding Murithi kirugua 020-2639837              Box 112- Runyenjes.
  2. Embu Embu East          SA KYENI GIRLS  310        Boarding Girls      Murage Joan W.              0726079410              [email protected]
  3. Embu Embu East          Kiangungi secondary school              364        Mixed day and boarding              Mathew Nyaga Mwatha              0725533754       [email protected]
  4. Embu Embu East          Gichiche sec school        141              Mixed Boarding Lucy Nganga      0724589246              [email protected]
  5. Embu Embu East          John Kathunguri sec. School              374        Mixed day and boarding              Muia Kioko              0723651613       [email protected]
  6. Embu EMBU EAST        Mary Magdalene Girls-Thigingi              480        Boarding Girls    Jemimah M Njeru              0721215977       [email protected]
  7. Embu Embu East          Mary Goretti Girls sec Rukuriri              289        Boarding Girls    Rael kinya kanga              0724733708       [email protected]
  8. Embu Embu Nortg       St Peter’s Kathakwa Secondary School  169        Boarding Girls and Mixed Day    Grace Muriira              0721530629       [email protected]
  9. Embu Embu north       St johns kianjuki sec school              297        Boarding Girls    Nancy mwangi  0726929467              Kianjukisec
  10. Embu EMBU WEST      JOSEPH’S SECONDARY SCHOOL M’TETU 274        MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       MR. LEONARD MUTHENGI KAMUNDI    0722610914              [email protected]
  11. Embu Mbeere North   Ack st Andrews riandu sec school              192        Mixed Boarding Njeru Jacob        0725262780              [email protected]
  12. Embu Mbeere North   ACK GITII SECONDARY SCHOOL              483        Mixed Boarding Elijah Wachira   0722850306              [email protected]
  13. Embu MBEERE NORTH              Karangare secondary school   800        Mixed Boarding NG’ANG’A BENSON KAMAU              0722640686       [email protected]
  14. Embu Mbeere North   Kamarandi secondary    346              Mixed boarding and day              Salome Murigu (Mrs)              0722214826       [email protected]
  15. Embu Mbeere North   St Thomas secondary School Kigwambiti         288        Mixed Boarding Salesio Mbogo Nathan              0714410953       [email protected]
  16. Embu Mbeere North   St Michael’s sec school kyenire               450        Mixed day and boarding              James mathenge               0722644467       Kyeniresecondary
  17. Embu Mbeere North   The Arch Angels Kanyueri high School   738        Mixed Day and Boarding              Francis Nyagah Thagicuh             727650133         [email protected]
  18. Embu Mbeere South   Clare Girls kangeta     165              Boarding Girls    Sabina kageni kaburi      0721996796              St.claresgirls1988
  19. Embu Mbeere south   Ngenge secondary school              161        Mixed Boarding John Simba        0721287393              [email protected]
  20. Embu Mbeere south   Consolata girls Gitaraka 242              Boarding Girls    MARY NICERATA WANJERU NJIRU              0726274044       [email protected]
  21. Embu MBEERE SOUTH               KIAMURINGA SECONDARY SCHOOL              206        Mixed Boarding NGEI KITUKU              0722273352       [email protected]
  22. Embu Mbeere South   Gategi Girls Secondary school              452        Boarding Girls    Magdaline Mwaura              0720466065       [email protected]
  23. Embu Mbeere South   Mbondoni secondary school               146        Mixed day /Boarding      PRESTON MUNYI               0729019518       [email protected]
  24. Embu Mbeere-South  STEPHEN KISILU SECONDARY SCHOOL              206        Mixed Day and Boarding             BENITETA MUTEMI             0723140745       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Garissa County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Garissa County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Garissa Balambala Balambala secondary School              320        Boarding and Day for boys          Abdullahi Kassim Wardere             0711997404       [email protected]
  2. Garissa Dadaab Dertu Girls secondary school 296              Boarding Girls    Noor Aden Dahir             +254725718234              [email protected]
  3. Garissa Dadaab Dadaab secondary school 455              Mixed Boarding Omar Bagas       0721789101       Box 67 code 70103
  4. Garissa Fafi Alinjugur sec school       400        Mixed Boarding            Noor Gani          0722248843              [email protected]
  5. Garissa Hulugho Hulugho girls secondary 544              Boarding Girls    Jamal Abass Jelle             0723375377              [email protected] or [email protected]
  6. Garissa Hulugho Hulugho boys secondary              256        Boarding Boys   Mohamed Hussein muhumed              0722945903       [email protected]
  7. Garissa Ijara Shurie sec school            466        Boarding Boys      Hussein Bulle     0724549844       [email protected]
  8. Garissa Lagdera Benane secondary school 130              Mixed boarding boys and day girls           Dekow Muhumed Hassan 0722104653       [email protected]
  9. Garissa Lagdera Modogashe Secondary School               245        Mixed Boarding Moses Gitahi Mathu               0721351252       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Homa Bay County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Homa Bay County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Homa Bay Homabay           St Mary’s Marindi Girls Sec              534        Boarding Girls    Mary Atieno Ongola              0715611187       [email protected]
  2. Homa Bay Homabay Town Bishop Okulu Magare Girls Sec. School         457        Boarding Girls    Anne Akinyi Omata              0721620623       [email protected]
  3. Homa Bay Kasipul Wire mixed        848        Mixed Boarding            Auma bernard   0722436033              [email protected]
  4. Homa Bay Mbita    UOZI SECONDARY SCHOOL              109        Mixed Day & Boarding   George Riwa               +254722693726               [email protected]
  5. Homa Bay Mbita    SENA MIXED SEC SCHOOL              251        Mixed Day/Boarding      Obunga Thomas              0722935974       [email protected]
  6. Homa Bay Mbita    Kakiimba Secondary School              404        Mixed boarding/day      J.A              0722810311       [email protected]
  7. Homa Bay Mbita    Senator Otieno Kajwang High School  414        Boarding Boys   Paul Were          0721357715              [email protected]
  8. Homa Bay MBITA  SENATOR OTIENO KAJWANG’ HIGH              414        Boarding Boys   PAUL WERE        0721 357 715/0723 341 787           [email protected]
  9. Homa Bay Mbita    Mauta mixed secondary School              130        Day       Sylvia Ochieng   0762587763              [email protected]
  10. Homa Bay Mbita    WASAMO GIRLS BOARDING SECONDARY      43          Boarding Girls    Florence Auma Oyoo              0712034543       [email protected]
  11. Homa Bay Mbita    Lambwe secondary school               713        Mixed Boarding Pinto Edward Arum               0723219701       [email protected]
  12. Homa Bay Mbita    Ogongo Mixed Secondary School               861        Day       Jane Atieno Opiyo           0721813663              [email protected]
  13. Homa Bay Mbita    Rusinga Girls – MBITA     150              Boarding and Day Girls  HERINE .O. ABIJAH              0721726971       [email protected]
  14. Homa Bay Mbita    Waondo secondary school               621        Mixed Boarding Willis Misare      721623830              [email protected]
  15. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Gabriels Miranga boys seconday              250        Boarding Boys   Tom Nyakwaka 0722224438              [email protected]
  16. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Obera boys sec school   485              Boarding Boys   Martin Omondi 0720391780              [email protected]
  17. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Ojode Pala Secondaryschool              640        Mixed day and boarding              George Hillary Odongo O722698370      [email protected]
  18. Homa Bay Ndhiwa St Mary’s Nyamogo hirls              370        Boarding Girls    Rose Edna          0728443488              [email protected]
  19. Homa Bay Ndhiwa Ratanga Girls     370        Boarding Girls      Mrs Alwena Rebecca      0722679468              [email protected]
  20. Homa Bay NDHIWA             Lwanda Kawuor Mixed Secondary School            486        Mixed Boarding Patricia Ragot               0723714083       [email protected]
  21. Homa Bay Ndiwa   Peter’s Rambusi Mixed Day and Boarding School              354        Mixed Day and Boarding              Jacquelyne A. Mutuba   0728354023              [email protected]
  22. Homa Bay Rachuonyo              Othoro mixed  Sec.              524        Mixed Boarding Nyaenda Hezron              0726963482_     _
  23. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          ANGINO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     398        MIXED DAY AND BOARDING              ALFRED MONGARE OMENGE      0725220174              [email protected].
  24. Homa Bay RACHUONYO EAST          GOD BER SECONDARY      628        MIXED DAY/BOARDING TOM SAMUEL MBOYA 0724551667       [email protected]
  25. Homa Bay Rachuonyo east Ringa girls’high school              528        Boarding Girls    Jane memo murigi              0722743162       [email protected]
  26. Homa Bay Rachuonyo East Danis Obara mixed secondary school            136        Mixed and boarding girls              Rosemary A. Ogola         0722289393              [email protected]
  27. Homa Bay RACHUONYO NORTH     INNOCENT JONYO MIXED SEC. SCHOOL        595        MIXED BOARDING AND DAY       MONICA A. OIMBA         0713555413              [email protected]
  28. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Kobala Mixed Secondary School            825        Mixed Day and Boarding              John Okworo Ragero      0722985082              [email protected]
  29. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Gogo Mixed Sec              391        Mixed/Day/Boarding     Hellen A Odhiambo              0722389316       [email protected]
  30. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            Siburi Mixed Sec School  377        Mixed Boarding Job Ambonya    0722298734              [email protected]
  31. Homa Bay Rachuonyo North            St Francis Nyangajo Girls   484        Boarding Girls    Victoria Achieng Omolo               721326788         [email protected]
  32. Homa Bay Rachuonyo South            KARABOK SECONDARY SCHOOL     686        Mixed Boarding James Okeno              0722429799       [email protected]
  33. Homa Bay Rangwe St paul,s Ligisa   420        Boarding Boys      Gordon onyango             0728075989              [email protected]
  34. Homa Bay Rangwe ELIZABETH KOYOO MIXED SEC               373        Mixed day and boarding              Elias Oduor               0723897307       [email protected]
  35. Homa Bay Rangwe St Josephine Bakhita girls              640        Boarding Girls    Janerose psirmoi kororia              0713982266       [email protected]
  36. Homa Bay Rangwe               Mary’s Kachar Girls Secondary School            386        Boarding and Day Girls Salome Rariwi   723448834         [email protected]
  37. Homa Bay Rangwe               St Dominic Rabango Mixed Secondary          394        Mixed Boarding and Day              Maurice Oguyo Kajwang 721930058         St Domnic Rabango Mixed@g mail. Com
  38. Homa Bay Rangwe               Luora Secondary school               321        Mixed Boarding Kennedy Onyango Omwanda               0721300086       [email protected]
  39. Homa Bay SUBA SOUTH     ST ANTONY NYANDIWA MIXED SEC. SCH-SUBA   501        MIXED DAY AND BOARDING(BOY AND GIRLS)        TOBIAS OMONDI OGALLO           0726645292              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Isiolo County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Isiolo County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Isiolo Garbatula           Sericho Mixed   344        Mixed Boarding            Huqa Ali              0726287941              [email protected]
  2. Isiolo Isiolo     Kipsing sec school           181        Mixed Boarding            Murega Geoffrey            0725643721              [email protected]
  3. Isiolo Isiolo     Ngaremara Girls sec       261        Boarding Girls      Norah Wato       0716669630       ngaremaragirls Sec [email protected]
  4. Isiolo Isiolo central      Ngaremara boys secondary school              230        Boarding Boys   Halake A. Wario 0713643632              [email protected]
  5. Isiolo Merti    Merti Secondary school 115        Boarding Boys      Nyencho Galgallo            0720908188              [email protected]
  6. Isiolo Merti    Bulesa secondary school              204              Mixed Boarding Adan boru duba              0711490545              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kajiado County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kajiado County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kajiado Kajiado central Maparasha        182        Mixed Boarding            Mr Joshua Langat            0723671856         [email protected]
  2. Kajiado Kajiado central Nkoile boys high school 407              Boarding Boys   Peter m. Mwaniki           0723378621              [email protected]
  3. Kajiado Kajiado central Enkorika secondary school              240        Boarding Boys   John Ngigi Gicheru              0723211986       [email protected]
  4. Kajiado Kajiado central Ilbissil Girls school          615              Boarding Girls    Marion Muthoni kithinji 0725874469              [email protected]
  5. Kajiado Kajiado Central METO MIXED SEC SCH 271              Mixed Boarding Kinoti H M’Inoti 0727410466              [email protected]
  6. Kajiado Kajiado central Ngatataek secondary school 171        Mixed Boarding Peter m. Gathaga            722628161              [email protected]
  7. Kajiado Kajiado central. Sajiloni girls secondary school.              323        Boarding Girls    Caroline Muthoni Riungu              0735707167       [email protected]
  8. Kajiado Kajiado west Ewuaso girls boarding sch              225        Boarding Girls    Rita Thiringi              0782100328/0722695417              [email protected]
  9. Kajiado Kajiado West Kisaju Mixed Secondary School               167        Mixed Boarding Tom Odhiambo Orwa              0722631934       [email protected]
  10. Kajiado Kajiado west PCEA kimuka girls secondary school              637        Boarding Girls    Mary Ndolo       0721547873              pceakimuka@gmail,com
  11. Kajiado Kajiado West Oloyiankalani Girls sec school              220        Boarding Girls    Gladys Nafula wakhungu              0721360812       [email protected]
  12. Kajiado KAJIADO WEST PATTERSON MEMORIAL 422              Mixed Boarding PAUL LENDONYO            0720297105              [email protected]
  13. Kajiado Kajiado West ILOODOKILANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              200        Mixed Boarding Jackson K Salaon               0723928818       [email protected]
  14. Kajiado kajiado west PCEA Ingarooj    225        Boarding Boys      Jackson karino   0722846426       pceailngarooj @Gmail
  15. Kajiado LOITOKITOK ILKISONKO SECONDARY SCHOOL              698        Boarding Boys   DANIEL M. MAKAU              0700862841       ilkisonkosecschool@gmail com
  16. Kajiado Loitokitok NAMELOK secondary.    250              Mixed  boarding and day             David Muturi               0721889521       [email protected]
  17. Kajiado Loitokitok Kimana Girls Sec.             546              Boarding Girls    Mary J Kitum     0720266420              [email protected]
  18. Kajiado Mashuuru Elerai mck girls sec. School              154        Boarding Girls    Eunice ,N. Simon              0799831179       [email protected].
  19. Kajiado Mashuuru Elerai MCK Girls Secondary School              154        Boarding Girls    Simon Eunice     0722931117              [email protected]
  20. Kajiado Mashuuru Mashuuru Boys’ Secondary School              336        Boarding Boys   Peter Githiomi   0722698628              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kakamega County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kakamega County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kakamega Butere  Buchenya Girls  579        Boarding Girls      JOSEPHINE OMAMO      0725946528              [email protected]
  2. Kakamega Butere sub county          Lunza secondary school   528        Boys boarding and day  Luke Ogola         +254 714 077619 [email protected]
  3. Kakamega Kakamega  East               Lirhanda  Girls  Secondary  School           502        Boarding Girls    Linda  M.Zalo               0722357860       [email protected]
  4. Kakamega Kakamega  North            Kakunga  Girls Sec Sch.       376        Boarding Girls    Gladys  Modoi   0722683987              [email protected]
  5. Kakamega KAKAMEGA  NORTH GLADYS KAVERE MUDAKI              SAMITSI GIRLS   725        Boarding Girls    GLADYS KAVERE MUDAKI             0727936006       [email protected]
  6. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Matende Secondary School            450        Day       Elizabeth A. Mararu              0721973241       [email protected]
  7. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CEÑTRAL     MATIOLI BOYS SECONDARY      600        Boarding Boys   Michael Musambaih              0722810388       [email protected]
  8. Kakamega Kakamega East Philip’s G.S.S Mukomari               230        Boarding Girls    Consolata Matete Sidayi               0713548985       [email protected]
  9. Kakamega Kakamega North             Friends high school Silungai boys     851        Mixed Boarding Isaac Nakwekwe Wanjusi              0733222424/0717048300              [email protected]
  10. Kakamega Kakamega North             Kiman’geti girls high       540        Boarding Girls    Rose Oriko         0724431932              [email protected]
  11. Kakamega Kakamega South             Lirhembe girls sec              272        Boarding Girls    Millicent Ouma 0726133154              lirhembegirls@
  12. Kakamega KAKAMEGA SOUTH.        SHIKOKHO SECONDARY SCHOOL.    1230      Day       MAGESO MATHEWS IDAGIZA.             721268861         [email protected]
  13. Kakamega KHIWESERO       MUNDOLI ACK GIRLS              252        Boarding Girls    ROSELINE AGENG’A              0790550258       [email protected]
  14. Kakamega Khwisero            Holy Cross Emalindi girls secondary school            595        Boarding Girls    Annette Bakari              0725989921       [email protected]
  15. Kakamega KHWISERO         Khwisero Girls   556              Boarding Girls    JACK SANDE       0721397245              [email protected]
  16. Kakamega LIKUYANI            ESHIKULU BOYS  SEC  SCHOOL              730        Boarding Boys   WYCLIFFE  NYONGESA  WALIAULA          +254722429734              [email protected]
  17. Kakamega Lugari   St cecilia girls mautuma 457              Boarding Girls    Elizabeth keror  0728237022              [email protected]
  18. Kakamega Lugari   Bishop Sulumeti Girls-Lugari              750        Boarding Girls    Temtila Nekesa Misiko              0722692428       [email protected]
  19. Kakamega Lugari   Handow sec school         638              Mixed boarding/day      Stanley muzame              0722257860       [email protected]
  20. Kakamega Lugari   Lukes Lumakanda Boys              418        Boarding Boys   Livingstone Ong’era Surumo              0718972032       [email protected]
  21. Kakamega LUGARI CHEKALINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              405        MIXED BOARDING AND DAY       JOSEPH GAVALA A.              0704784522       [email protected]
  22. Kakamega Lugari   Munyuki Mixed Sec School               711        Day       Shange Isiaho Simon      713833525              [email protected]
  23. Kakamega Matete Friends School Lukhokho               343        Boarding Girls    Josca Moraa Nyakweba               0708630444 or 0716224025       [email protected]
  24. Kakamega Matungu            St Teresa,s Itete Secondary School  1474      Mixed Day/Boarding      George W Wekesah              0724684570       [email protected]
  25. Kakamega Matungu            Koyonzo Boys Sec.              950        Boarding Boys   Boaz O.Adit        0722596426              [email protected]
  26. Kakamega Mumias East      shitoto Girls Secondary              316        Boarding Girls    Lilly Wanga Mbati              0723377968       [email protected]
  27. Kakamega MUMIAS EAST   St Paul’s Lubinu girls               480        Boarding/DAY Girls         Slessor A Ombeng               O722875021      [email protected]
  28. Kakamega MUMIAS WEST ST ELIZABETH LUREKO GIRLS    435        Boarding Girls    EVERLYNE CHEBUKATI BUKHUNI              0721410554       [email protected]
  29. Kakamega Mumias West    Mumias Boys Muslim secondary school            531        Mixed Boarding Asman Osieko              0713143706       [email protected]
  30. Kakamega Mumias west     Mumias muslim girls              285        Girls/day n boarding      Opati Jane Emisiko              0711909851       Box 1118 mumias emisikojane@,
  31. Kakamega Mumias west F  Musanda            764              Day       FREDRICK OTANDO         0721211654              [email protected]
  32. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO     ST KIZITO BOYS LUSUMU              700        Boarding Boys   MARTIN WEBBO WASWA              0721803501       [email protected]
  33. Kakamega Navakholo         Friends School Namirama Girls’     415        Boarding Girls    Granda Toto Oprong              0711927123       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kericho County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kericho County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kericho AINAMOI Chebigen Sec School      510              Mixed Boarding Mulama Dawkins Erastus              0721261103       [email protected]
  2. Kericho BELGUT Kaptebeswet girls 200        Boarding Girls      SARAH TESOT    0726916508              [email protected]
  3. Kericho Belgut Chemamul Boys secondary         491              Boarding Boys   Simon C Sigey    0726384986              [email protected]
  4. Kericho Belgut Kapmaso secondary       779              Day/Boarding    John Kirui           0722469113              [email protected]
  5. Kericho Belgut Kabianga girls high school           700              Boarding Girls    Lucie c kirui        0721840262              [email protected]
  6. Kericho Belgut Getumbe            552        Day       Peter Kinyuah 0721322623       [email protected]
  7. Kericho Belgut Kibingei Girls Secondary school  286              Boarding Girls    Mary c.Sura       0705656284              [email protected]
  8. Kericho Belgut Nyabangi sec school       450              Mixed/day/boarding      Susan Kuto         0723900264              [email protected]
  9. Kericho Belgut koiwalelach girls              482        Boarding Girls      Joan zaddy         0729992612       [email protected]
  10. Kericho Bureti Arokyet Girls Secondary School  250              Boarding Girls    Alice Rotich        0791063429              [email protected]
  11. Kericho Bureti Roret Boys         280        Boarding Boys              Julius Tallam      0729795423              [email protected]
  12. Kericho Bureti Kapsogut boys high        540        Boarding Boys      Alexander k Tanui           0724215902              [email protected]
  13. Kericho Bureti Cheborge girls sec sch    818        Boarding Girls      Jane mwiruti kipyegon   0722384079              [email protected]
  14. Kericho Bureti Kiptewit boys high school            591              Boarding Boys   Philip cheruiyot kirui      722220782              [email protected]
  15. Kericho Bureti Getarwet girls   722        Boarding Girls              Jane jelimo kemei           0728722989       ggetarwet
  16. Kericho Bureti Tulwet Boys High School              524              Boarding Boys   Richard Kenduiywo         0790624822              [email protected]
  17. Kericho BURETI NGESUMIN GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL 160        Boarding Girls    REBECCA CHERUIYOT     728976776              [email protected]
  18. Kericho Bureti Kapkisiara Girls Secondary school               975        Boarding Girls    Kalerwa Rose Christine               0721720290       [email protected]
  19. Kericho Bureti Kabartegan high school 647        Boarding Boys      Samwel Marube Abuga 0721678192              [email protected]
  20. Kericho Bureti Cheplanget boys secondary school               178        Boarding Boys   Mitei Jonathan kiprotich               0721675084       [email protected]
  21. Kericho Bureti subcounty Sosit girls secondary school.590         590        Boarding Girls    Josephine Arusei Yator 568              0721586476       Sosit [email protected]
  22. Kericho Kericho Kipchimchim Boys High School 513              Boarding Boys   Mogunde A.Innocent     0715852200              [email protected]
  23. Kericho Kericho AIC Telanet Girls              250              Boarding Girls    Agnes Karime    0727012403              [email protected]
  24. Kericho Kericho TOROR girls        375        Boarding Girls      Salome Daisy yego          0720497378              Tororgirls2015@gmail
  25. Kericho Kipkelion Lelu sec school  734        Mixed Boarding            John Osoro Mosoti         0710869379/0726522548              [email protected]
  26. Kericho Kipkelion Chilchila sec school         488              Mixed Day/Boarding      Evaline Chelangat Koech              0729323195       [email protected]
  27. Kericho Kipkelion Taita Towett High school.              310        Boarding Boys   George Steven Opiyo              0724165047       [email protected]
  28. Kericho Kipkelion Barsiele Secondary School              547        Mixed Boarding Oyaro Benson   0724025553              [email protected]
  29. Kericho KIPKELION CHEPKECHEI BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL              412        Boarding Boys   SAMWEL KIPKOECH CHEPKWONY              0722673358       [email protected]
  30. Kericho Kipkelion Kipteris Girls High School              145        Boarding Girls    Jane Omwanza 0722616752              [email protected]
  31. Kericho Kipkelion west Ndubusat Girls Secondary School              230        Boarding Girls    Eunice Lagat      0726777407              [email protected]
  32. Kericho Londiani Chepseon girls   500        Boarding Girls      Eunice Githinji   0725448433              [email protected]
  33. Kericho Londiani Kapcheplanga Secondary School              730        Mixed Day and boarding             Aggrey Ochien’g              0721395029       Box 296-20203, Londiani
  34. Kericho Londiani Kedowa Girls Secondary School              739        Boarding Girls    Christine Manyibei              0720288854       [email protected]
  35. Kericho Londiani Chagaik Secondary School              416        Mixed Boarding George Midiwo 0715095612              [email protected]
  36. Kericho Londiani Kimasian BOYS 650        Boarding Boys      John koech         0729316967       Kimasianb
  37. Kericho LONDIANI CHEPSIR BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              203        Boarding Boys   GILBERT KOECH               0722369942       [email protected]
  38. Kericho Londiani Bsrotion secondary school               263        Mixed day boarding        Thomas Methu Gatimu               0721474280       [email protected]
  39. Kericho Londiani Chesinende girls sec       250              Boarding Girls    Jacqueline Kemunto Mikuro               0721201098       [email protected]
  40. Kericho Sigowet /Soin SINGORONIK SECONDARY SCHOOL               526        Mixed day/Boarding      Edward Kibet Rono               721143885         Singoronik
  41. Kericho Soin Sigowet Kiptere Boys Secondary 260              Boarding Boys   Gilbert Kirwa     0726360263/0724753876              [email protected]
  42. Kericho SOIN/SIGOWET THOMAS BOYS SECONDARY MINDILILWET 236        Boarding Boys   STANLEY NGETICH               0729632300       [email protected]
  43. Kericho SOIN/SIGOWET KAPLELARTET SECONDARY 333        MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       BETT JOHNSTONE              0711250559       [email protected]
  44. Kericho Soin/Sigowet Musaria mixed sec.         174              Day       Simon K Koech  0710817809              [email protected]
  45. Kericho Soin-sigowet Kakibei secondary          258              Boarding/day    Joseph k kirui     0729155538              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kiambu County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kiambu County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kiambu Gatundu North kairi secondary school   803              Boarding Boys   Anthony Mwaria             0723752713              [email protected]
  2. Kiambu GATUNDU NORTH OUR LADY OF FATIMA KIRIKO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL          553        Boarding Girls              JUDY M MACHARIA        0722914689              [email protected]
  3. Kiambu Gatundu North Makwa Boys sec              760              Boarding Boys   Koome  0722536590       makwaschool@
  4. Kiambu Gatundu North Gikindu secondary school              645        Boarding Girls    Rachel Wanjiru Njuguna              0713619774       [email protected]
  5. Kiambu Gatundu North Gakoe Girls 553        Boarding Girls      Janet Matheri    0719 504 466     [email protected]
  6. Kiambu Gatundu north Gatunguru boys high school 420        Boarding Boys   Maina Samuel Zakary     721858525              [email protected]
  7. Kiambu Gatundu south Ituru high school             895              Boarding Boys   Kariuki PM          0721747710/ 0722379590              [email protected]
  8. Kiambu Gatundu south Icaciri secondary school 435              Boarding Girls    Mary w Kinuthia              781409000              [email protected]
  9. Kiambu Gatundu south St Clare girls Gatitu         459              Boarding Girls    Mrs Eunice W. Murungaru              0735577363       [email protected]
  10. Kiambu Gatundu South Kibiru Girls         515        Boarding Girls      Christine Waweru           0726596394              [email protected].
  11. Kiambu Gatundu south Mutunguru girls secondary              408        Boarding Girls    Florence Gachukia              0725596758       [email protected]
  12. Kiambu Gatundu south Gathiru high school        300              Boarding Boys   Amos Mwongera Mutema              0724868953       [email protected]
  13. Kiambu Gatundu south QUEEN OF PEACE NEMBU GIRLS               580        Mixed Boarding Nancy mwaura 0722325546              [email protected]
  14. Kiambu Gatundu south Kiamworia girls sec         549              Boarding Girls    Mukenye  Nancy             0722116388              [email protected]
  15. Kiambu Gatundu South Kahuguini secondary school              710        Boarding Boys   George Mungai 0721534366              [email protected]
  16. Kiambu Gatundu South Muthiga Girls High School              673        Boarding Girls    Cecilia M.Kimanzi              0700719282       [email protected]
  17. Kiambu Gatundu South Karinga Girls high school 536        Boarding Girls    Esther Muthoni Kamau 708128836              [email protected]
  18. Kiambu GITHUNGURI GATHIRU-INI BOYS          740              Boarding Boys   DOUGLAS KAIMENYI      0705 419982              [email protected]
  19. Kiambu GITHUNGURI KOMOTHAI BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              795        Boarding Boys   EUSTACE NJERU 0721203161              [email protected]
  20. Kiambu Githunguri Kambui girls high school              815        Boarding Girls    Lucy njeri mwangangi              0712934299       [email protected]
  21. Kiambu Githunguri Gitwe girls          860        Boarding Girls      Beatrice wairagu             0706515199              [email protected]
  22. Kiambu GITHUNGURI GATHIRIMU GIRLS TECH HIGH SCHOOL              1088      Boarding Girls    NDIRANGU L.W               0711219000       [email protected]
  23. Kiambu GITHUNGURI KOMOTHAI GIRLS TECH HIGH SCHOOL              870        Boarding Girls    PHOEBE KAMAU               0701231591       [email protected]
  24. Kiambu Kabete Kabete High school         403        Day and boarding for boys           Kambo Joseph Mwangi  +254721530127              [email protected]
  25. Kiambu Kabete Kirangari high school      877        Boarding Boys      Charles Wachira              0722885326              [email protected]
  26. Kiambu Kabete Kahuho Uhuru High School         830              Boarding Boys   Chege Kariuki    0721447336              [email protected]
  27. Kiambu Kabete Uthiru girls         762        Boarding Girls              Faith Muchiri     0714855126       [email protected]
  28. Kiambu KABETE KANJERU GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL               400        Day       RAHEL GATHONI MAKENA               0716315215       [email protected]
  29. Kiambu Kiambaa St Angelas Girls High school Karura               746        Boarding Girls    Teresa Njoki Muturia      788447550              [email protected]
  30. Kiambu Kiambu Riabai High School          424              Boarding Boys   Bedan Kigotho   0733240361              [email protected]
  31. Kiambu Kikuyu Kikuyu boys high school 400        Boarding Boys      Kimaru L. Githaiga          722670198         Kikuyu [email protected]
  32. Kiambu kikuyu Musa Gitau sec sch         718        Boarding Boys      WAMAITHA KAHINDU    0722349454              [email protected]
  33. Kiambu Kikuyu Moi girl’s kamangu         756        Boarding Girls      Wambui Njoroge             0704385590              [email protected]
  34. Kiambu Lari Kambaa Girls     851        Boarding Girls              Margaret Muthoni Munene        Matathia              [email protected]
  35. Kiambu Lari Kambaa Girls High School            851              Boarding Girls    Munene Margaret          0712 726798              [email protected]
  36. Kiambu Lari Kinale Girls         547        Boarding Girls              Vulfrida C.Simiyu            0726615210              [email protected]
  37. Kiambu Lari Gachoire Girls Sec           1005      Boarding Girls      Alice Wahome   0724340474       [email protected]
  38. Kiambu Lari LARI BOYS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL              813        Boarding Boys   Peter Wambugu              0710238408       [email protected]
  39. Kiambu Lari Gatamaiyu High School 519        Boarding Boys      Leonard Wanjohi            0722921689              [email protected]
  40. Kiambu Limuru OLM Ngarariga girls’       826              Day/Boarding girls’         Jennifer K Mwihia              0729871277       [email protected]
  41. Kiambu Limuru Kamandura Girls 817        Boarding Girls      Nancy Macharia              0721831591              [email protected]
  42. Kiambu Thika East Ngoliba secondary school              400        Day       Esther Nyakio Kamau     0722357830              [email protected]
  43. Kiambu Thika East Munyu girls high school 412              Boarding Girls    Dorothy Mugambi          0721436105              [email protected]
  44. Kiambu Thika East Pauls Gatuanyaga Secondary school   534        Boarding Boys   Joseph Wamburu Tumbu               0720307997       [email protected]
  45. Kiambu Thika West Thika Girls Karibaribi      735              Boarding Girls    Anne Mukere    0724326811              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kilifi County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kilifi County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kilifi Chonyi  teresa’s          788        Mixed day and boarding            Richard Chitsava Saha    0722829678              [email protected]
  2. Kilifi Chonyi  Ngo’mbeni Girls Secondary School               497        Boarding Girls    Josephine Waringa Njeri               0722804056       [email protected]
  3. Kilifi CHONYI Dzitsoni Secondary         442        Mixed Boarding            KIHORO GEORGE            0720845483              [email protected]
  4. Kilifi Ganze   Vitengeni Baptist secondary school              882        Day/Bparding    Cleophas mudibo              0725404935       [email protected]
  5. Kilifi Ganze   Ganze Boys Secondary School    408              Boarding Boys   David Tole Mchana         0720557128              [email protected]
  6. Kilifi Ganze   Mwangea Girls Sec School           500              Boarding Girls    Mrs Esther Sidi Ochieng’              0715782518       [email protected]
  7. Kilifi Ganze   Ganze Girls Sec  729        Boarding Girls              Sabina  Mwadime           0716243574              [email protected]
  8. Kilifi Kaloleni Chanagande Secondary school   764              Mixed day/boarding      Onesmus muendo matheka              0725225628       [email protected]
  9. Kilifi KALOLENI           MOI KADZONZO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL .            1137      Boarding Girls    PHANICE ACHIENG ODUOL              0720659129       [email protected]
  10. Kilifi Kaloleni               Ngala memorial secondary school               919        Mixed day and boarding              Peter m. Manthi               0722414091       [email protected]
  11. Kilifi Kaloleni               Mariakani Secondary School               948        Boarding Boys   Amin Mohamed Karanja               0722335569       [email protected]
  12. Kilifi Kauma  Jaribuni Sec School         601        Mixed Boarding            Francis Mutua Kisilu       0729171699              [email protected]
  13. Kilifi KAUMA               JARIBUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL               601        Mixed Boarding FRANCIS KISILU +254 729 171699              [email protected]
  14. Kilifi KILIFI NORTH     CHUMANI SEC SCHOOL  636              Mixed Boarding EMMANUEL KATANA JOSEPH              0720810749       [email protected]
  15. Kilifi MAGARINI         MAPIMO GIRLS SECONDARY              330        GIRLS DAY/ BOARDING  CAROLYNE NGUMA              0726336264       [email protected]
  16. Kilifi MAGARINI         MARAFA SEC SCHOOL    450              Boarding Boys   WARRA MANGI 0722813809              [email protected]
  17. Kilifi Malindi Kakuyuni boys secondary            586              Boys Day and Boarding  Alphonce Kaingu              0722440343       [email protected]
  18. Kilifi Malindi Gede Secondary School 835              Day/Boarding Boys         Josiah Mwachanya               0722234045       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kirinyaga County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kirinyaga County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             Kagumo girls secondary school            602        Boarding Girls    Elizabeth W Murithi 0727154376       O. Box 401 -10300
  2. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga Central             Karia Boys’ Secondary School            420        Boarding Boys   Gideon Gikunda              0726680084       [email protected]
  3. Kirinyaga KIRINYAGA CENTRAL      Agatha Kanyekine girls  225        Boarding Girls    ANNE SARAH MBAKA              0722507449       [email protected]
  4. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga central             St Agnes girls Secondary kiranja           348        Boarding Girls    Muchiri N Kaari              0728622645 or 0725328171              [email protected]
  5. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga East    St Anne Gituba girls              393        Boarding Girls    Judith N Mutisya              0723118443       [email protected]
  6. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga east    Thumaita girls   630              Boarding Girls    Mrs Jane Muriithi            722896238         [email protected]
  7. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Gathambi girls   528              Boarding Girls    Gillian wambua 0727 821555              gathambigsec@
  8. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Kibirigwi Girls Sec School              527        Boarding Girls    Florence M Musyoka              0728401635       [email protected]
  9. Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west   Mukangu boys sec              253        Boarding Boys   Geoffrey M Githenya              0721470965       [email protected]
  10. Kirinyaga Mwea East         St Trizas kutus girls secondary school            404        Boarding Girls    Faith wawira Mwarama          0713742508       [email protected]
  11. Kirinyaga Mwea East         Wang’uru Girls Secondary School  613        Boarding Girls    Mary N.Njiri       0703506182              [email protected]
  12. Kirinyaga Mwea West       Babla Kang’aru Sec              296        Day and boarding girls   Lucy Kainyu Nyaga              0725466366       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kisii County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kisii County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kisii ETAGO  IKOBA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              176        MIXED DAY/BOARDING KERINDO .A. ROBERT              0795511483       [email protected]
  2. Kisii Gucha   Nyamonyo secondary school      225              Mixed Boarding Franklin MAHASI             0723713012              [email protected]
  3. Kisii Gucha south      St Francisca Nyamonaria DOK sec              325        Boarding Girls/Day         Robert ogendo              0722434140              [email protected]
  4. Kisii Gucha South      Ramoya Hill Girls High school              212        Boarding Girls    Oduor Caroline Atieno              0722134123       [email protected]                                                     ..        [email protected]
  5. Kisii Gucha South      Riosiri sec school             316              Mixed Boarding Langat Jeremiah              0720994872              [email protected]
  6. Kisii Gucha south      Kiabigoria sec school      583              Mixed Boarding Christopher N Otaigo     0720590057              [email protected]
  7. Kisii Kenyenya           Mokubo SDA High School              877        Mixed Boarding Douglas Moroti 727914483              moroti39@gmail’com
  8. Kisii kenyenya           Omobera Sda Girls sec school              294        Boarding Girls    Nelly Odira         0723731523              [email protected]
  9. Kisii Kenyenya           Mary’s Nyabiore girls              444        Boarding Girls    Theodora Nyakwama              0723621094       [email protected]
  10. Kisii Kenyenya           Riokindo Girls High School              680        Boarding Girls    Pamela Nyabuto              0722456753       [email protected]
  11. Kisii Kenyenya           Moteiribe sec school      1067              Mixed day/boarding      Osoro David Orenge              0714024514       Moteirbesec @ gmail
  12. Kisii Kenyenya           Magenta girls    302        Boarding Girls      Scholasticah moraa kabesa         0710524105              Magenagirls @Gmail. Com
  13. Kisii KENYENYA          Nyamesocho DOK Secondary school   245        Boarding Boys   Jared Ochieng  owuocha               0722610338j      jowuocha@ gmail. com
  14. Kisii Kisi South           ITIBO ELCK SECONDARY SCHOOL              237        Mixed Boarding George Osoro   0100676737              [email protected]
  15. Kisii Kisii south          Isamwera mixed sec school              300        Mixed day and boarding              Korir Philip              N/A       [email protected]
  16. Kisii Kisii south          KIABUSURA DOK SEC      432              Mixed day & boarding   Richard Ronoh Kirop              0728064890       [email protected]
  17. Kisii Kisii South          Rianyabaro Centre Of Excellence              160        Mixed Boarding Shem Abere       0722980156              [email protected]
  18. Kisii Kisii south           Botoro ELCK mixed secondary               648        Mixed Day/Boarding      Nabuya A.  Victor               0714384856       [email protected]
  19. Kisii Kisii South          St Vincent Omwari sec School               812        Mixed day and boarding              Michael Wanjala wasike 0722929675o    omwarisecondary
  20. Kisii kisii South           Ekerubo DEB secondary school               369        Mixed Boarding philemon kaptamugh Lokwee               0720902760       [email protected]
  21. Kisii KITUTU  CENTRAL            Kioge Girls secondary               505        Boarding Girls    Mrs Rose Ndeta Onditi               0724334131       girlskioge@gmail
  22. Kisii Kitutu central    Nyatieko secondary school              478        Mixed Boarding Mr Richard omwoyo Oroni              0724818977       [email protected].
  23. Kisii Marani Nyakeiri boys secondary              363              Boarding Boys   Gilbert Siriba     0724604938              [email protected]
  24. Kisii Marani Rioma mixed     427        Mixed Boarding              Samwel atemba 0722217896       Rioma@yaoo,com
  25. Kisii Masaba South   Nyanturago high school               868        Mixed Boarding Malika Habil       0713653963              [email protected]
  26. Kisii Nyamache          Nyabisase mixed sec      1539              Mixed Boarding David ogega       0725886259              davidogega [email protected]
  27. Kisii Nyamache          Gionseri Girls Secondary school              562        Boarding Girls    Debrah Ombati Zachary              0725662783       [email protected]
  28. Kisii Nyamache          Itumbe DOk SECONDARY school              301        Mixed Boarding Lawrence oyamo              0723427246       [email protected]
  29. Kisii Nyamache          Isena mission girls sec school               213        Boarding Girls    Alice Onywoki   0725757366              [email protected]
  30. Kisii Nyamache          Suguta Girls sec               663              Boarding Girls    Zipporah Maua Nyandoro               0702997140       [email protected]
  31. Kisii Sameta Boitangare Friends secondary    446              Mixed Boarding David k Biegon  0724208051              [email protected]
  32. Kisii Sameta Bishop mugendi Nyakegogi         1560              Mixed Boarding Okeyo EZEKIEL   0723461368              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kisumu County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kisumu County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kisumu Kisumu Central Xaverian secondary school 487        Mixed day          MATHEWS NYANGAO              +254724217855               xaverian [email protected]
  2. Kisumu Kisumu Central Kisumu Day and Boarding High School  1124      Day and Boarding Boys  Daniel Mwaturo              0724451688       [email protected]
  3. Kisumu Kisumu East Dr Aloo Gumbi sec school              1186      Mixed Boarding lawrence Siro Machuka              0713842436       [email protected]
  4. Kisumu KISUMU WEST HUMA GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL               532        Boarding Girls    PAMELA NANDI               0711868531       [email protected]
  5. Kisumu Kisumu west St Mark’s secondary school -Obambo             682        Mixed day and boarding              Peter wandera wao    0711859878       [email protected]
  6. Kisumu Muhoroni TONDE 283        Day       Charles Oyugi Amadi      0726537830       [email protected]
  7. Kisumu Muhoroni Kibos prison primary school              1304      Day       Benjamin  Ojwang Odero              0725231062       [email protected]
  8. Kisumu MUHORONI NYADUNDO PRIMARY SCHOOL              367        MIXED DAY        KENNETH WERE              0724300235       [email protected]
  9. Kisumu Muhoroni Pawteng primary school              625        Day       Paul Aluoch       0722430499              [email protected]
  10. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyakoko Primary school 756              Day       Colotilda Owino 0722357516              [email protected]
  11. Kisumu Muhoroni Rita Ramula Girls              255        Boarding Girls    Truphenah Omukanda Magoti              0710567496       [email protected]
  12. Kisumu Muhoroni Nyalenya Primary school               340        Mixed day          Hesbon Ogada  722496813              [email protected]
  13. Kisumu Muhuroni MUHURONI  SEC SCHOOL              639        Mixed Boarding Rosemary  Abuodha  Omogo               0725374596       [email protected]
  14. Kisumu NYAKACH OLEMBO BOYS HIGH      269              Boarding/Day Boys         JAMES THOMSON MOGUSU              0726479616       [email protected]
  15. Kisumu Nyakach Thurgem Mixed Secondary School              282        Mixed Boarding Robert B.M Arori              0725850614       [email protected]
  16. Kisumu Nyakach- Sub county Magunga Secondary School  828        Mixed Boarding Patrick Odhier              0721407198       [email protected]
  17. Kisumu Nyando Kochogo high school 579        Mixed day and boarding     Ndago Evans Okaka        +254714981012              [email protected]
  18. Kisumu Nyando St Alex Ayucha Mixed Secondary School 453        Day       Gordon Akoko   0729319369              [email protected]
  19. Kisumu Nyando Withur Boys Secondary School 242              Boarding Boys   James Ojota Okomol      0726083302              [email protected]
  20. Kisumu Nyando Oren mixed sec school 298        Day              Ogosa Isaiah Otieno       0720843591              orenmixedsecondaryschool@gmail
  21. Kisumu Nyando Awasi PAG Boys 413 Boys Boarding & Day       Manguro Joseph             0704779190              [email protected]
  22. Kisumu Nyando MASOGO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL 1207      Mixed Boarding and Day              John Otuko               0715297784       [email protected]
  23. Kisumu Seme Bishop Abiero girls magwar        483              Boarding Girls    Rose Akinyi Adhanja      0728589491              [email protected]
  24. Kisumu Seme Ridore ACK Mixed Secondary school              910        Mixed Boarding Gabriel Makhanu Barasah              0721798792       [email protected]
  25. Kisumu SEME MAGWAR MODEL BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL              381        Boarding Boys   COLLINS  OKEYO              0720759305       magwar [email protected]
  26. Kisumu Seme NDIRU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              462        Mixed Boarding Odipo B.O.         0711954598              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kitui County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kitui County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kitui Ikutha   Muthue sec school         480        Mixed Boarding            Mutiso Benjamin M        0723636581       Muthue sec
  2. Kitui Ikutha   Kasaala sec school          575        Mixed, boarding & day Alice Munguti    0713574516              [email protected]
  3. Kitui Katulani              Kavisuni mixed day         287              Mixed day          Assumpta Mwende         0727938417              Assumptawambua1@gmailcom
  4. Kitui Kitui central       Tiva secondary school    241              Boarding Boys   Ndumia Benson Kiruhi   0729725444              [email protected]
  5. Kitui Kitui Central      St Mary’s miambani sec 220              Mixed Boarding Njiru peter         0724160462              [email protected]
  6. Kitui Kitui Central      St Andrews Sec School-Ivaini              400        Mixed Boarding John M Nzule    0722928460              nzulejohn@gmail
  7. Kitui kitui west           mutini sec school            247              Mixed Boarding Alex k munyoki 0725883198              [email protected]
  8. Kitui Kitui west           AIC MUTONGUNI GIRLS 281              Boarding Girls    Elizabeth Nguu 0726314654              Mutongunigirlssec
  9. Kitui Kyuso    Kalonzo Sec.School         303        Mixed Boarding            Samuel K.Mwangangi    0727 780258 /0729712523              [email protected]
  10. Kitui Kyuso    Kyuso girls’ secondary school     190              Boarding Girls    Margaret Muli   0729755608       Margaret [email protected]
  11. Kitui Lower yatta        bridgit syomunyu girls secondary          380        Boarding Girls    Jacqualine M. Mutunga              0724151782       [email protected]
  12. Kitui LOWER YATTA   LOWER YATTA GIRLS      254              Boarding Girls    BERNICE W. KARANJA    0722250401              [email protected]
  13. Kitui Lower yatta        Kanyangi girls    284        Boarding Girls      Mary mutinda   0711458275       Kanyangi [email protected]
  14. Kitui Matinyani          Karma Boys Sec School  275              Boarding Boys   James Matuta   0735622678              [email protected]
  15. Kitui Matinyani          St John’s Kwa Mulungu Sec School              720        Mixed Boarding Joseph Mutinda Muema              0727583975       [email protected]
  16. Kitui Migwani             AIC Ndaluni        80          Mixed boarding and day            Simon Ndirangu Kihuria 0724786389              [email protected]
  17. Kitui Migwani             Katoteni sec       310        Mixed boarding & day JANE MWENDE MUTUNE             0720666572              [email protected]
  18. Kitui MUTITU              ENDAU SECONDARY SCHOOL              186        Mixed Boarding TONNY M. KITHUKA              0721739053       [email protected]
  19. Kitui Mutomo             Kyatune boys high school              251        Boarding Boys   Mbaluka Jackson Ndambuki              0724292248       8- 90220  Kyatune
  20. Kitui Mutomo             Ikanga boys        421        Boarding Boys      Michael Muthui 0722970827       [email protected]
  21. Kitui Mutomo             Ikanga Girls        286        Boarding Boys      Phyllis m Ndivo 0722406405       Phylis [email protected]
  22. Kitui MUTOMO          Patricks sec-Mutomo 303              Mixed Boarding NYAMAI SAMSON           0721133249              [email protected]
  23. Kitui Mutomo             Mutomo mixed secondary school               390        Mixed Boarding James musau kisilu               0728698730       [email protected]
  24. Kitui Mutomo             Kyatune Girls secondary school               191        Boarding Girls    Festus Muthoni               700911060              [email protected]
  25. Kitui MWINGI EAST   MASAVI GIRLS   415        Boarding Girls      EGLAH .M. MUGO           0726958960       masavigirls@gmail
  26. Kitui Mwingi West     Nzeluni Boys Sec             210              Boarding Boys   Emmanuel Ngunzi           0721265708              [email protected]
  27. Kitui Tseikuru              Tsekuru secondary school               541        Mixed Boarding Tabitha Wanjiku Mwaura               0722991024       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Kwale County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Kwale County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Kwale Kinango              Ndavaya secondary        240              Mixed Boarding Daniel karisa Mwatari              0712349279/ 0743781228              [email protected]
  2. Kwale Kinango              Mwalukombe girl’s sec school              236        Boarding Girls    Jane kadzo Nyale              0724548310       [email protected]
  3. Kwale Kinango              Moyeni girls secondary 241              Boarding Girls    Scolastica mbaa 0722296810              [email protected]
  4. Kwale Lungalunga        Kikoneni sec school        351              Mixed Boarding Kichunju Edward kuligha              0724797088       [email protected]
  5. Kwale matuga kaya tiwi             1505      Mixed Boarding              Robert Aran Maima        0720789423/0703386432            [email protected]
  6. Kwale Matuga Kwale girls high school   1180      Boarding Girls      Anastasia Muthoki Musili            0726461738              [email protected]
  7. Kwale Matuga Lukore Secondary           374        Mixed Boarding            Raruoch Melkio 0711374981              [email protected]
  8. Kwale Matuga KICHAKASIMBA GIRLS    295        Boarding Girls      Getrude Garama             0710706135              [email protected]
  9. Kwale Matuga Mwanambeyu Girls High school 456              Boarding Girls    Joyce N Mwove               0706429948              [email protected]
  10. Kwale MATUGA            ROSE MWAKWERE GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     320        Boarding Girls    MWONGELI NZESI               721236151         [email protected]
  11. Kwale Msambweni      Gombato secondary school              250        Boarding Boys   Mutyanziu p. Ngei              0729584241       [email protected]
  12. Kwale MSAMBWENI    MWAMZANDI SECONDARY SCHOOL              202        Boarding Girls    MARY MWASARu0726752735 0726752735              Mwamzandisec@gmail,com
  13. Kwale Msambweni      Mivumoni sec    524        Mixed Boarding            Bede M Muriithi              0722214352              [email protected]
  14. Kwale Msambweni      Babla Diani Girls              453              Boarding/day Girls          Irene Yaa            0714665029              [email protected]
  15. Kwale Samburu            MNYENZENI Sec School 1015              Mixed Boarding Chilembi Jumanne Chigamba              +254721745715               [email protected]
  16. Kwale Samburu            MacKinnonRoad girls     437              Boarding Girls    Josephine wakilo Mwakima              0721399849       [email protected]
  17. Kwale Samburu            TARU Girls secondary school              425        Boarding Girls    Anne Mwakio    0721243026              [email protected]
  18. Kwale Samburu             Taru Boys Secondary School               553        Boarding Boys   Milton Odeny    0729527022              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Laikipia County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Laikipia County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Laikipia Laikipia central               Inoro girls           728              Boarding Girls    Margaret  macharia        O711893197              gmai
  2. Laikipia Laikipia central NGOBIT girls secondary 326              Boarding Girls    Ruth w Ngaruiya             0729796688              [email protected]
  3. Laikipia Laikipia central Ngobit boys sec school 379              Boarding /Day   Daniel  mutuku muthusi               0729571561       [email protected]
  4. Laikipia Laikipia central Sweetwaters secondary school              230        Day/boarding girls          Margaret wanjiru njoroge              0727830822       sweetwaters [email protected]
  5. Laikipia Laikipia central Thome Boys Secondary School              371        Boarding Boys   Samuel Wahome Mweri              0723704809       [email protected]
  6. Laikipia Laikipia Central Malek Girls Secondary 117              Also Day Girls    Joyce Regeru     0722423213              [email protected]
  7. Laikipia Laikipia central St Augustine sirima sec school 545        Mixed Boarding Caroline Rwigi   0720954804              [email protected]
  8. Laikipia Laikipia East Kalalu girls          226        Boarding Girls      Jane Muli            0712318795       [email protected]
  9. Laikipia Laikipia North Lokusero secondary       210              Mixed Boarding Kirera Daniel      07213038878     Lokusero [email protected]
  10. Laikipia Laikipia North Ilpolei mixed secondary school              359        Mixed Day and Boarding             Peter Murage Mwangi              0703471472       [email protected]
  11. Laikipia LAIKIPIA WEST Muhotetu girls  258        Girls boarding and day            Caroline Muringi kagara              7,226,598,140,742,520,000              [email protected]
  12. Laikipia Nyahururu Marmanet High school 832              Mixed Boarding Muchiri Joseph Kamau   0722231389              [email protected]
  13. Laikipia Nyahururu Igwamiti secondary school               780        Mixed Day and Boarding secondary school               Susan Mbaire Kariuki      0720408540              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Lamu County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Lamu County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Lamu Lamu East          Faza Secondary School   210              Mixed day and boarding              Hannington Sammy Shoka              0726731660       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Machakos County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Machakos County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Machakos Athi River           Lukenya Girls Centre of Excellence          350        Boarding Girls    Catolyne Mutisya              0724689416       [email protected]
  2. Machakos Athi River           Muthwani secondary school   225        Mixed Day and Boarding(girls)   Madam Judith Akolo    0722342682       Muthwani secondary
  3. Machakos Kalama MBUANI SEC      251        Mixed Boarding            Joseph Musaa   +254725775677              [email protected]
  4. Machakos KALAMA             KALAMA SECONDARY SCHOOL              350        Mixed Boarding BENEDICT MULI              0724296666       [email protected]
  5. Machakos Kalama Muumandu secondary school              489        Mixed day and boarding              Patrick mwangangi              0721308414       [email protected]
  6. Machakos Kalama Kyangala boys secondary              226        Boarding Boys   Kinuthia j muniu              0721229488       [email protected]
  7. Machakos KALAMA             KONZA ABC SECONDARY SCHOOL              321        MIXED DAY/BOARDING MR MUSAU MESHACK KASIMBA        0717581000              [email protected]
  8. Machakos Kalama Kyangala girls secondary school               343        Boarding Girls    Florence kilonzi 0715179718              [email protected]
  9. Machakos kalama mbukuni sec      270        Mixed Boarding            christopher mbindyo     0712529519       1359 90100 mks
  10. Machakos Kalama Mang’auni secondary School              257        Mixed Boarding Mary N Muli      0711984819              [email protected]
  11. Machakos Kalama Kimutwa        324              Mixed Boarding Mumo Joseph Kimilu      0710459683              [email protected]
  12. Machakos Kalama Kyandili secondary school               529        Mixed Boarding Paul kyalo Joseph 0              0726219095       Kyandili sec
  13. Machakos Kalama AIC Mbembani 240        Mixed Boarding            Josephine  musyoka       0723500262       joskayush @yahoo. com
  14. Machakos Kalama sub-county         Kiuu mixed day secondary school            102        Day       Onesmus Mutisya              0717576540       [email protected]
  15. Machakos kangundo           martin’s kitwii secondary school   454        Mixed Boarding michael ngila nzau              0725401400       [email protected]
  16. Machakos Kangundo          Kawethei S.A. Girls Secondary          404        Boarding Girls    Julia Mwathira Karuri              0719856665       [email protected]
  17. Machakos KANGUNDO       AIC MANYATTA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              396        Boarding Boys   PHILLIP MTAWALI              0714590100       [email protected]
  18. Machakos Kangundo           Matungulu boys               750        Boarding Boys   Joseph  makau 0723936364              matungulusecsch  or [email protected]
  19. Machakos Kathiani              General Mulinge high school   412        Mixed Day and Boarding             Nthama F. K              54723E+11      [email protected]
  20. Machakos kathiani kaani lions girls high school              753        Boarding Girls    Rebecca Mutinda              0721420495       [email protected]
  21. Machakos KATHIANI           MITABONI BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL              430        Boarding Boys   NZIOKI JOSEPH MAINGI              0716561611       [email protected]
  22. Machakos Machakos          Kyanguli memorial secondary school            766        Mixed, day and boarding              Jeremiah kyalo ndumai 0728290665              [email protected]
  23. Machakos Machakos          ABC Iveti Hills Secondary School  327        Mixed Day and Boarding             Kilavi, Samson Musyoki             0724460999       [email protected]
  24. Machakos Machakos          Kwanthanze High school              678        Mixed Boarding Anthony Kitungi              0724290689       [email protected]
  25. Machakos Machakos          Muvuti High school              690        Boarding Boys   Muthomi,M. Samuel              0720792630       [email protected]
  26. Machakos Machakos          Muindi Mbingu ABC high school   568        Boarding Boys   Daniel Muli        0711646227              [email protected]
  27. Machakos MACHAKOS       MUVUTI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     235        Boarding Girls    JOSEPHINE MUTISO              0703683763              [email protected]
  28. Machakos Machakos          Katelembo COE Boys High School. 366        Boarding Boys   Munyao J. Mua 715000817              [email protected]
  29. Machakos Machakos           Mikuini secondary school               300        Mixed Boarding Justus kioko Mulove       726755233              [email protected]
  30. Machakos Masinga             Mathauta mixed secondary School  524        Mixed Boarding Nathan m Mackenzie hi              0727373672       [email protected]
  31. Machakos Masinga             Nzukini sec school               376        Mixed day and boarding              Hesbon Mbai               0724974984       [email protected]
  32. Machakos Masinga             Thatha Secondary school              348        Mixed Boarding Teresia Syokau Mutinda              0721915116       [email protected]
  33. Machakos Masinga             Ndithini secondary              417        Mixed Boarding Samuel kariuki karugu              0721749327       [email protected]
  34. Machakos Masinga             Kivaa secondary school              300        Mixed Boarding Johnstone Mungai              0720886864       kivaasec
  35. Machakos Masinga             Kithyoko secondary school              372        Mixed Boarding Mutiso Veronica Nthambi              0726 623557      [email protected]
  36. Machakos Matungulu         Fr Heeran girls high school               580        Boarding Girls    Mrs Damaris Mweroo Francis              0728429498       [email protected]
  37. Machakos Matungulu Sub County Kinyui Boys high school   431        Boarding Boys   Mr Masila P. K   0790789847              kinyuiboys2015@gmail.
  38. Machakos Mwala  Kiundwani secondary school              568        Mixed day /boarding     Jonah J.B Mbondo              0799378158       [email protected]
  39. Machakos Mwala  Ikalaasa secondary school              350        Mixed Boarding Muthoka Misi    0725977622              [email protected]
  40. Machakos Mwala  Makutano sec school     350              Boarding Boys   Kangangi muli    0725646014              [email protected]
  41. Machakos Mwala  St catherine Lema Girls  791              Boarding Girls    Patricia Mule     0721880436              [email protected]
  42. Machakos Mwala  Aic kunikila        468        Mixed Boarding            James musa muoka        0712944989              [email protected]
  43. Machakos MWALA              BISHOP NDINGI HIGH SCHOOL              287        Mixed Boarding MARTIN MWITI MARANGU               0722297791       [email protected]
  44. Machakos Mwala Mbaikini boys high school              600        Boarding Boys   Titus Mukiti Mutua              0719551987/0733229565            [email protected]
  45. Machakos MWALA              Kibauni secondary school               467        Mixed Boarding Catherine Matuku               0721275260       [email protected]
  46. Machakos Miu Boys’ Boarding secondary.              173        Boarding Boys   Mr.Robert Nzilu 0725271402              [email protected]
  47. Machakos Mwsla  Mulu Mutisya secondary School              216        Mixed Boarding Mrs Kyalo Florence M M              0727275589       mulusecondary@gmail
  48. Machakos Yatta     Kivandini Secondary       473              Mixed Boarding Justus Katiku      O720062633      Box 55 – 90119, Matuu
  49. Machakos Yatta     Ngumbulu          717        Mixed Boarding            Peter kimaili      0721 863497              [email protected]
  50. Machakos YATTA   GOOD HOPE HIGH SCHOOL-KILAATU             441        MIXED DAY& BOARDING             PHILIP MUTHINI NGOLOMA      0796472021              [email protected]
  51. Machakos Yatta     Bishop Paul Mutua High School – Kinyaata             264        Mixed boarding/day      Francis M Kagwa              0731149339       [email protected] / [email protected]
  52. Machakos YATTA   ABC MAKIVENZI GIRLS SEC SCH              350        Boarding Boys   LUCY E WANJA  0724866724              lucywanja162@gmail
  53. Machakos Yatta     Kithimani HGM Secondary              360        Mixed Boardind and Day             Josphat Muthui Kiema   0724821406       [email protected]
  54. Machakos Yatta     Ndalani sec school          1376              Mixed Boarding JANE WAMBUI GATERI  0720696815              [email protected]
  55. Machakos Yatta     Mavoloni secondary       268              Mixed day & boarding   Emily Gicuku      0718729529              [email protected]
  56. Machakos Yatta     Katangi sec school          320              Boarding Boys   Julius mulinge kiwese     0711468061              [email protected]
  57. Machakos Yatta     Matuu hgm memorial girls              470        Boarding Girls    Damaris Maweu              0701579103       [email protected]
  58. Machakos YATTA   Fr makewa sec school    400              Mixed BOARDING and day scholars         PATRICIA k Rewa               0721167123       112-90119

2020 List of County Schools in Makueni County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Makueni County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Makueni KATHONZWENI PETER CLAVER SECONDARY SCHOOL-KITHUKI    660        Mixed Boarding MUTAVA NICODEMUS MUTHAMA             2.54712E+11              [email protected]
  2. Makueni KATHONZWENI KATHONZWENI  GIRLS               313        Boarding Girls    LUCY MUTUNGA               0798955469       [email protected]
  3. Makueni Kathonzweni     St jude girls sec 369              Boarding Girls    Anne Muthiani  0715224117              Zstjudegirlskathos@yahoo
  4. Makueni KATHONZWENI AIC mavindini boys secondary school            274        Boarding Boys   Ngumba Charles Mwangi              0711412525       [email protected]
  5. Makueni Kathonzweni      Bakhita girls-kiangini               589        Boarding Girls    Avia k.Ndunda  0710415671              [email protected]
  6. Makueni kibwezi Misuuni secondary         560              mixed day and boarding John Mbithi 0728129891              [email protected]
  7. Makueni Kibwezi Kithyululu secondary school              500        Mixed day and boarding              Jacqueline muthini              0726967394       [email protected]
  8. Makueni Kibwezi Kasue girls          439        Boarding Girls      Eunice matheri  0723930446       [email protected]
  9. Makueni Kibwezi Kyanginywa sec school  480              Mixed Day & Boarding   William M. Kitheka              0722216663       [email protected]
  10. Makueni Kibwezi St marys girls.kinyambu 790              Boarding Girls    Angelina m.muasya        0719601322              [email protected]
  11. Makueni Kibwezi Molemuni Girls Sec. School              349        Girls Day and Boarding  Regina Mumbua Mbithi              0718202152       [email protected]
  12. Makueni Kibwezi Kathyaka secondary School              314        Mixed Boarding Joel Kasyoka      0712008057              Kathyaka secondary [email protected]
  13. Makueni Kibwezi Darajani Boys’ High School              385        Boarding Boys   Mithika Paul Kabiru              0710694465       [email protected]
  14. Makueni KILUNGU            ST LUCIA GIRLS HIGH-KAUTI   438        Boarding Girls    MARY NKUENE KABURU              0748050465       [email protected]
  15. Makueni Kilungu Kilungu Boys High School              608        Boarding Boys   Geoffrey Musyoki Muema              0726580448       [email protected]
  16. Makueni Kilungu Inyokoni             340        Mixed Boarding            Katuma B.K        0722908539              [email protected].
  17. Makueni KILUNGU            THOMEANDU SECONDARY SCHOOL              510        Boarding Boys   JAPHETH MUSAU NDOLO              0716722169       [email protected]
  18. Makueni KILUNGU            THOMEANDU BOYS’ SECONDARY      500        Boarding Boys   JAPHETH NDOLO              0716722169       [email protected]
  19. Makueni Kilungu Ndolo boys secondary School              430        Boarding Boys   David kituku muema              0711990964       [email protected]
  20. Makueni Makindu             Makindu Girls Secondary School  343        Boarding Girls    Beth Muku         0725096977              Makindugirlssecschool@
  21. Makueni Makindu             Shine star kai high school               572        Mixed day and boarding              Patrick wambua               0721209741       [email protected]
  22. Makueni makindu             Nguumo Girls Boarding Secondary school            508        Boarding Girls    Catherine kiilu               0720931025       Nguumo Girls
  23. Makueni Makindu             Annes kiboko girls sec school   416        Boarding Girls    Jane Serah Muthui              0710760751       [email protected]
  24. Makueni Makueni             Mwaani girls      1044              Boarding Girls    Joan muchina    0726121957              [email protected]
  25. Makueni MAKUENI           UKIA GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              852        Boarding Boys   ANNASTACIA W.THINGURI              0722785320       [email protected]
  26. Makueni Makueni             Nziu secondary school              307        Day       Stanley kinyua muturi    0722438556              [email protected]
  27. Makueni Makueni             St Paul’s Kyamuthei Boys sec         594        Boarding Boys   Dickson Wambua Muasya              0715101508       [email protected]
  28. Makueni Makueni             St Lawrence Nziu girls              456        Boarding Girls    Angelina Mutua 0708270189       [email protected]
  29. Makueni Makueni             John’s malivani secondary school            384        Mixed day and boarding               Rose Vetu           0721266284       [email protected]
  30. Makueni Mbooni east      Mba sec              137              Mixed day and boarding              Daniel Mule Kimunthi              0726084017       [email protected]
  31. Makueni Mbooni East      Nduluku Boys Secondary              398        Boarding Boys   Kang’e Ambrose Ngesa              0724800376       [email protected]
  32. Makueni Mbooni East      Kiteta Boys secondary school   187        Boarding Boys   Evans Nzangi     0718656225              [email protected]
  33. Makueni Mbooni east      Muluti mixed sec. School              89          Day       Mbai stephen    0718005902       Box 61-90133 Tawa
  34. Makueni Mbooni East      Kako secondary school              189        Mixed Boarding Joseph M Nzoka              0412002927       [email protected]
  35. Makueni Mbooni weat     Kiatineni ABC     420              Mixed Boarding KIOKO WAMBETI ROSELYNE              0728856284       box 763_ 90100 machakos
  36. Makueni Mbooni west     Mbooni AIC girls secondary school   380        Boarding Girls    Virginia Kagendo Muguna              0722707276       [email protected]
  37. Makueni Mbooni west     Kyuu secondary               487        Mixed Boarding Cyrus Ndegwa Gichohi              0722221894       [email protected]
  38. Makueni Mbooni west     ITETANI boys     222              Boarding Boys   Joseph k kimilu  0721311242              [email protected]
  39. Makueni Mbooni west     Nzeveni secondary school              400        Mixed Boarding Johnstone Kwinga              0717045700       [email protected]
  40. Makueni Mbooni West    Mulooni Secondary School              495        Mixed day and boarding              George M Mbinda              0716151110       [email protected]
  41. Makueni Mbooni West    Utangwa High School               652        Mixed Boarding Daniel Mutinda Nzwili              0716087728       [email protected]
  42. Makueni Mbooni west     Kikima sec school              947        Mixed day and boarding              Kilonzo Douglas mutinda             0713277193       [email protected]
  43. Makueni Mbooni West    Tututha secondary school              893        Mixed Boarding Bernard m kisilu              0713928967       [email protected]
  44. Makueni Mbooniwest      Utangwa Girls secondary               416        Boarding Girls    Marietta Mulinge              0712925387       utangwagirlsschool
  45. Makueni Mikaa   Enguli ABC          250        Mixed Boarding            Lazarus K Muthiani         0712094708              [email protected]
  46. Makueni MUKAA ABC MAIANI BOYS HIGH SCHOOL               407        Boarding Boys   SYLVESTER K WAMBUA              0735812636       [email protected]
  47. Makueni mukaa  Mt carmel girls sec          187              Boarding Girls    Regina muathe  0731941640              [email protected]
  48. Makueni Mukaa  Kiongwani Girls Secondary School              580        Boarding Girls    Jackline m muli 0729586526              [email protected]
  49. Makueni Mukaa  SA Maiani Girls  439        Boarding Girls      Damaris Mutheu Mutisya            0728990563              [email protected]
  50. Makueni Mukaa  Kiongwani Boys High School              625        Boarding Boys   Kyengo Cosmas 0725016040              [email protected]
  51. Makueni Mukaa  Kitaingo boys sec.   school              220        Boarding Boys   Mathew kimuyu              0723772270       Kitaingoboys2017@gmail
  52. Makueni Mukaa  Mukaa Girls High School              508        Boarding Girls    Apphia M Somba              0722920871       [email protected]
  53. Makueni Mukaa  Mbiini secondary school               235        Boarding Boys   Maurice M Ndivo              0745681471       [email protected]
  54. Makueni MUKAA               KASIKEU GIRLS 300              Boarding Girls    GRACE KANGAI GACICI   726407424              [email protected]
  55. Makueni Mukaa Nduluni Secondary         753              Mixed Boarding Peter Mwololo Musau   0716398601              [email protected]
  56. Makueni Nzaui    Mulala Girls’ Secondary 591              Boarding Girls    Petronilah Maria Mulwa              0724033363       [email protected]
  57. Makueni Nzaui    Kikumini boys    221        Boarding Boys      Muange  C M     0718157740              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Mandera County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Mandera County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Mandera ARABIA ARABIA GIRLS SEC           97              Boarding Girls    ABDIKADIR YUNIS BUHULOW              0725343425       [email protected]
  2. Mandera ARABIA               ARABIA BOYS SECONDARY               298        Boarding Boys   MOHAMED ABDIRAHMAN M.              0728506467       [email protected]
  3. Mandera Kiliwehiri            Kiliwehiri Boys secondary school   200        Boarding Boys   Hussein Yarrow 0726095112              [email protected]
  4. Mandera Kutulo   Kutulo girls model secondary school   146        Boarding Girls    H M Abdulla      723454896              [email protected]
  5. Mandera Lafey     Lafey Boys Secondary    265              Boarding Boys   Said Ore Sheikh 0720273732              [email protected]
  6. Mandera Lafey     GARI SECONDARY  SCHOOL               133        Boarding Boys   Abdirizak H.Abdille              0728737399       [email protected]
  7. Mandera MANDERA CENTRAL       ELWAK SECONDARY SCHOOL     545        Mixed Boarding AFTIN KULLOW DUBE    0711957893       [email protected]
  8. Mandera Mandera Central             Elwak Girls sec               256        Girls day/boarding         Mohamed Madker Haji              0721588142       [email protected]
  9. Mandera Mandera Central             Wargadud Mixed Secondary School            296        Mixed Boarding Abdullahi Hassan              0720170272       [email protected]
  10. Mandera MANDERA EAST KHALALIO BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL     146        Boarding Boys   HASSAN MOHAMED HASSAN       0723465335              [email protected]
  11. Mandera MANDERA EAST KHALALIO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     154        Boarding Girls    ISSACK SALAT              0720019153       [email protected]
  12. Mandera MANDERA EAST              NEBOI SECONDARY SCHOOL              430        Boarding Boys   AHMED ALI KOSAR               0722111310       [email protected]
  13. Mandera Mandera north RHAMUDIMTU BOYS SECONDARY      300        Boarding Boys   Mahat Adan Ibrahim              0723607351       [email protected]
  14. Mandera Mandera North               Ashabito Girls secondary          150        Boarding Girls    Ahmed Mohamud Dahir               0727567369       [email protected]
  15. Mandera Mandera west   Takaba boys secondary school   286        Boarding Boys   Abdirashid Shabure              0726854298       101-70300 Mandera
  16. Mandera MANDERA WEST             BURDURAS SECONDARY SCHOOL     75          Mixed Boarding HASSAN SALAT MOHAMED        0720427015       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Marsabit County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Marsabit County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Marsabit Chalbi   Isacko Memorial Boys High School. 275        Boarding Boys   Roba Elema       0722171056              [email protected]
  2. Marsabit LOIYANGALANI KULAL GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              102        Boarding Girls    LEEBA LEEKUT LAWRENCE               0725780180       [email protected]
  3. Marsabit Marsabit South Laisamis secondary school              208        Mixed boarding boys, girls day.  James Maina              0721640763       [email protected]
  4. Marsabit marsabit south  loglogo girls secondary              220        Boarding Girls    jenifer majelon 0712477101              [email protected]
  5. Marsabit North Horr         North Horr Secondary School  205        Boarding Boys   Abdi Mohamed 0724681436              [email protected]
  6. Marsabit Sololo   Sololo mixed day boarding high School  132        Boys boarding girls day  Dabaso Halake Dida              0711882359       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Meru County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Meru County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Meru Imenti North     Nthimbiri sec     350        Boarding Boys      Kathuri K Fredrick           0721672475              [email protected]
  2. Meru Buuri East           Kiirua Boys Secondary School              176        Boarding Boys   James Ngugi       0722467151              [email protected]
  3. Meru Igembe central  THITHA SECONDARY SCHOOL              581        Mixed Boarding JUSTUS KAVIKA MUTISO              0792321701       [email protected]
  4. Meru IGEMBE CENTRAL           Kathathene sec school              117        Day       Simon njilithia m’laibuta              0723520130       [email protected]
  5. Meru Igembe central  Nthare SECONDARY SCHOOL              380        Mixed Day and boarding             Kibore Charles              0722269753       [email protected]
  6. Meru Igembe Central Ntuene Secondary School              300        Mixed Day and Boarding             Nicholas Mundigi              0721572821       [email protected]
  7. Meru Igembe Central AKIRANGO’NDU Secondary               238        Boarding Boys   BONIFACE Mwakirie               0726433713       N/A
  8. Meru Igembe north    Antuambui boys secondary school              530        Boarding Boys   Francis ndimu   0721572760              [email protected]
  9. Meru IGEMBE NORTH               MUTUATI SEC SCHOOL              188        Boarding Boys   MWANZA J VUNDI          0713 512 029        [email protected]
  10. Meru Igembe South    St Rita’s Amwamba Girls              400        Boarding Girls    Esther Nyawira 0720279229              [email protected]
  11. Meru IMENTI CENTRAL             RUIGA GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              847        Boarding Girls    CHARITY MUTHONI RITHAA              0721627076       [email protected]
  12. Meru Imenti North      Thuura Boys Secondary 400              Boarding Boys   Genelius wahome           0202665985              [email protected]
  13. Meru Imenti North      Chugu Boys        495        Boarding Boys      Henry Mwema Ngolo     727176105              Chuguboys@yahoo,com
  14. Meru Imenti south      Kithatu girls secondary school               495        Boarding Girls    Seraphine muema              0727787877       N/A
  15. Meru IMENTI SOUTH  St Agnes Gaukune girls  293              Boarding Girls    BEATRICE  MULONZYA   0727633366              [email protected]
  16. Meru Imenti South      Nkuene boys sec school 497              Boarding Boys   Dominic kioko munyao  0721686530              Nkuene [email protected]
  17. Meru Imenti south      Maraa girls sec school    639              Boarding Girls    Njagi Lucy Njura              0713270148              [email protected]
  18. Meru Imenti south      Kiangua sec school         694              Mixed Boarding Dickson gitari     0721392456              [email protected]
  19. Meru Imenti south      Nyagene girls secondary               183        Boarding Girls    Doris Kimwele   0722158838              nyagene girls [email protected]
  20. Meru Imenti South      Igandene secondary school               350        Boarding Boys   Stephen M Muia               0721996176       [email protected]
  21. Meru Imenti South      Kathera Boys     302        Boarding Boys      Lithumai M Fred              0723754971              [email protected]
  22. Meru Imenti south      Miruriiri Boys secondary school               448        Boarding Boys   Michael Mwala 0722959480              [email protected]
  23. Meru Imenti south      Kathera  girls     330        Boarding Girls      Janice nkonge    0721739347       [email protected]
  24. Meru ImentiSouth      Miruriiri Girls sec sch      250              Boarding Girls    IreneMusyimi    0722642774              [email protected]
  25. Meru Meru cenral       Kaongo girls secondary school              188        Boarding/day girls          Faith M. Nyaga              0792949963       [email protected]
  26. Meru Meru central     Katheri Girls High school               670        Boarding Girls    Mrs Angustine w Mutua              0725215300       [email protected]
  27. Meru Meru Central     Kithirune Girls’ Sec School              569        Boarding Girls    Jacinta Kinanu Maingi              0721711724       Box 1054-60200- Meru
  28. Meru Meru central     Kiamuri mixed secondary school              463        Mixed day and boarding              Julius Wanjohi Nduyu  0720873875       [email protected]
  29. Meru Meru Central     Githongo Boys High school               429        Boarding Boys   Nyagah S,S.John               0725172110       [email protected]
  30. Meru Meru Central     Katheri boys sec              493              Boarding Boys   John k Munyao 723307183              Katheriboys@Gmail. Com
  31. Meru Tigania Central  Akaiga Secondary School              441        Boarding Boys   Karani Mbui       0721979448              [email protected]
  32. Meru TIGANIA CENTRAL           IRINDIRO SEC SCHOOL              139        Mixed Boarding PIERINO NDARU NGARI              0720445500       [email protected]
  33. Meru Tigania Central  Ngage secondary school              155        Mixed Boarding Joseph B Thiribi 0720235892              [email protected]
  34. Meru TIGANIA CENTRAL           KING’O MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     187        Day       MURUNGI GODFREY              0713152020       [email protected]
  35. Meru Tigania East       Rumanthi Girls 286        Boarding Girls      Martha Muthengi           0729824501              [email protected]
  36. Meru Tigania East       Karama secondary school              490        Boarding Boys   Patrick Nkinyili  0725889870              [email protected]
  37. Meru Tigania East       St Angela’s Nguthiru Girls secondary school            477        Boarding Girls    Hellen W Njeru              0721341191       2447_60200
  38. Meru Tigania East        St Cyprian boys high school.               318        Boarding Boys   Donald .K.Mutisya               0716680154       stcyprianhighsch@gmail. com
  39. Meru TIGANIA WEST  URINGU GIRLS SECONDARY              189        Boarding Girls    PENINNAH K WAMBUA 0722 281 121        [email protected]
  40. Meru Tigania West      Akithi girls secondary school              724        Boarding Girls    Hellen Nyagah   0777195707              Box 11,kianjai
  41. Meru Tigania West      Kimachia Secondary       412              Mixed Boarding Kellen Wanja Nyaga       0725998657              [email protected]
  42. Meru TIGANIA WEST  MCK MITUNTU GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              327        DAY/ BOARDING GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              GITHINJI MARTHA 0722839194              [email protected]
  43. Meru TIGANIA WEST  KANJALU GIRLSSEC SCHOOL              905        Boarding Girls    ANNE W MBUGUA              0722323425       [email protected]
  44. Meru Tigania west      Athwana sec sch             272              Mixed Boarding Mwaniki clement            0711691637              Mwanikicp@
  45. Meru Tigania west      St francis muramba        243              Mixed Boarding Anthony mutunga muia 0702959911              [email protected]
  46. Meru Tigania west      Kianjai girls         260        Boarding Girls      Mary kyule         0718281201       [email protected]
  47. Meru Tigania West      Kibuline Sec school         465              Mixed Boarding Lichoro Peter Kinyua      0710506306              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Migori County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Migori County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Migori AWENDO           MANYATTA HIGH SCHOOL              764        Boarding Boys   OTIENO BARAZA EVANS              0728385036       [email protected]
  2. Migori AWENDO           OWIRO AKOKO  456        Boarding Girls      ROSE ODHIAMBO           0726062621              [email protected]
  3. Migori AWENDO            St Timon’s Rabondo Sec School              547        Mixed Boarding E.Otieno              0722217300       [email protected]
  4. Migori AWENDO            AWENDO SECONDARY SCHOOL               347        Boarding Boys   MOSOKU RICHARD MISIANI               +254734644877               [email protected]
  5. Migori KURIA EAST        KOMOTOBO SECONDARY SCHOOL              807        Mixed day and boarding              ABUORO SAMWEL ONYANGO          0711725224       [email protected]
  6. Migori Kuria west          Gokeharaka mixed secondary               720        Mixed Boarding Mohoni s chacha              0721333721g     Gokeharaka school @gmail. Com
  7. Migori Kuria West         Nyankore secondary school               734        Mixed Boarding Elly Ombasa       0721408690    
  8. Migori Mabera Kubweye secondary school         721              Mixed day/boarding      Charles Azere    0722443219              [email protected]
  9. Migori Migori   Sec Sch 260        Mixed Boardind and Day              George Otieno Oloo       0722655285              [email protected]
  10. Migori MIGORI OSINGO MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              503        MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       JOHN UMANI              0721545446       [email protected]
  11. Migori Migori Sub County          Sagegi Mixed secondary school   540        Mixed Boarding Enosh Matongo Nyambego               0727952865       [email protected]
  12. Migori NTIMARU           MATARE HIGH SCHOOL 505              Boarding Boys   GIBORE GITIBA  0726177390              [email protected]
  13. Migori Nyatike Rabwao secondary         220        Mixed Boarding            Wilbert ombaba              0722365766              [email protected]
  14. Migori Nyatike Kibuon secondary School             911              Mixed Boarding Moses owino okanda     0722143947              [email protected]
  15. Migori Nyatike michaels Nyandema sec.         342              Mixed Boarding Joseph moseti   0721442280              Snyandema
  16. Migori Nyatike BL Tezza complex            876        Mixed Boarding            Urbanus odhiambo         0720102137              [email protected]
  17. Migori              MOI NYATIKE BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL              321        Boys boarding and day  Augustine Riogi Gekondo             0723230726       [email protected]
  18. Migori RONGO KAMEJI MIXED SEC SCHOOL        1045              Mixed Boarding GORDON MUGAH           0721671973              [email protected]
  19. Migori Rongo   St Joseph’s Tuk Jowi Girls Secondary school               512        Boarding Girls    Alice Nakato      0702516455              [email protected]
  20. Migori Suna West          Oruba Mixed Secondary School              549        Mixed Day and Boarding             Omogi Samuel              0713429453       [email protected]
  21. Migori Suna -West        Bishop Masaga Oganda Girls              218        Day/boarding    Salome W.Ochieng              0711514407       [email protected]
  22. Migori Uriri      St Michael piny owacho 594        Mixed /day / boarding          Antony Paul oisebe         0725868948              [email protected]
  23. Migori Uriri      Oruba girls         320        Boarding Girls              Jane Awuor Awere          0724381788              [email protected]
  24. Migori Uriri      Rapogi Girls Secondary  378        Boarding Girls      Rose Lomo         0722485492       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Mombasa County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Mombasa County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Mombasa Changamwe      Changamwe secondary school   832        Day/ boarding (girls)      Deborah Wangari Okwatsa              0725437761       [email protected]
  2. Mombasa CHANGAMWE   MWIJABU SEC SCHOOL              609        Day       JULIUS MUCHEKE            0720018262              [email protected]
  3. Mombasa Changamwe       Bomu Secondary               483        Day       Aurea Righa              725542202              [email protected]
  4. Mombasa CHANGAMWE   CHAANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              270        Day       LUCAS KALU JEFWA               0719884500       [email protected]
  5. Mombasa Jomvu   Kajembe High School     816              Day       Josephine Ndivo              0720801853              [email protected]
  6. Mombasa Likoni    Moi Forces Academy Mombasa              1035      Mixed day and boarding              Benjamin Ngatho              O710596058      [email protected]
  7. Mombasa Likoni    Bububu boys secondary School              210        Boarding Boys   Kariuki Francis Wambu              0725712613       [email protected]
  8. Mombasa Likoni    Mtongwe Girls secondary              413        Day       Rosemary muthanje njagi              0722628796       mtongwegirls@mail
  9. Mombasa Likoni    Shikaadabu Sec School   835              Day       James Kingori Ngari        0722430215              [email protected]
  10. Mombasa Mvita    Coast girls high school    820              Day       Khadija said       0723424888              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Muranga County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Muranga County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Muranga Gatanga              Mbugiti boys high school              560        Boarding Boys   Nicholas maina muchemi              0722364660       [email protected]
  2. Muranga Gatanga              St Anuarite Gatanga girls              958        Boarding Girls    Veronica Wanjiru Mwangi              0720521071       [email protected]
  3. Muranga GATANGA          CHOMO SEC SCHOOL              681        Boarding Boys   JOHN MAINA NDIRANGU              0710305406       [email protected]
  4. Muranga GATANGA           KIHUMBU-INI GIRLS SEC               892        Boarding Girls    JULIA WANGUI KIRANGA               721859287         [email protected]
  5. Muranga Gatanga              Giachuki Boys Secondary School   432        Boarding Boys   Charles Gitonga Macharia               0715558830       Giachuki boys @
  6. Muranga Gatanga              Gatura girls        1012              Boarding Girls    Agnes Wairimu Ngure    713957115              [email protected]
  7. Muranga Gatanga              Kiunyu Girls secondary               632        Boarding Girls    Jane njeri Kanyi               722247156              [email protected]
  8. Muranga Gatanga sub county       Gititu sec sch.              1198      Mixed Boarding Kariuki              0722449645       gititu sec
  9. Muranga Kahuro Kiano Girls Secondary school              327        Boarding Girls    Tabither ndanu 0706230518              [email protected]
  10. Muranga Kahuro Gitweku girls high school              558        Boarding Girls    Kamau Susan W 0723970999              [email protected]
  11. Muranga Kandara              Gacharage secondary              351        Boarding Girls    Mary W. Kimani 0789444935              [email protected]
  12. Muranga Kandara              Kiranga Boys high school              670        Boarding Boys   Njoroge Ceasar Gathimba              0722863505       [email protected]
  13. Muranga Kandara              Gichagiini sec    410              Mixed Boarding Ngure PM           0711377434              [email protected]
  14. Muranga Kangema            Kiruri Boys sec sch              360        Boarding Boys   Paul Githui Wainaina     +254 726 689086 [email protected]
  15. Muranga Kangema            Kiangunyi girls secondary school   611        Boarding Girls    Lucy Mwangi     0791626162              [email protected]
  16. Muranga Kangema            Dr Kiano boys secondary school   471        Boarding Boys   Paul k. Thangwa              0721277282       [email protected]
  17. Muranga Kangema            Rwathia girls      700              Boarding Girls    Frashia njoroge 0710729526              [email protected]
  18. Muranga Kigumo Rarakwa             548        Boarding Girls      Ngaruiya s Muthoni        0723911303              [email protected]
  19. Muranga Mathioya           Wahundura high school              576        Boarding Boys   Muchiri Mukunga              0721673991       [email protected]
  20. Muranga MATHIOYA         KIRU BOYS HIGH SCHOOL               730        Boarding Boys   CIIRA KIRAGU    0705766088              [email protected]
  21. Muranga Mathioya            Kairo girls secondary school   184        Boarding Girls    Agriphina Mutembei               0725402225       [email protected]
  22. Muranga Mathioya            Kamacharia Girls secondary school            567        Boarding Girls    Esther Chege               0713009932       [email protected]
  23. Muranga Muranga  South Kaharo girls sec school              684        Boarding Girls    Eunice Wamaru 0723155942              [email protected]
  24. Muranga MURANG’A EAST             St catherine Gaturi girls       603        Boarding Girls    EUNICE KIBITIO 0720979455              Stcatherinegaturi19
  25. Muranga Murang’a East   St Paul’s Boys Gathuki-ini               478        Boarding Boys   John  K  Nyagah               0722208510       [email protected]
  26. Muranga MURANGA SOUTH          IGIKIRO BOYS              432        Boarding Boys   JOHN KIMANI    0720918348              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Nairobi County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Nairobi County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Nairobi Dagoretti Mutuini High School       672              Boys day and boarding  Peter G. Ndungu              0705965277       [email protected]
  2. Nairobi Dagoretti Dagoretti mixed  secondary school               1172      Day       MAURICE O OKUMU       0769756909              [email protected]       and [email protected]
  3. Nairobi Dagoretti Ruthimitu Girls Secondary school              676        Boarding Girls    Sarah Muthoni Muraa              0202345250       [email protected]
  4. Nairobi Embakasi Embakasi Garrison Secondary School  394        Day       Eugenia Mercy Naulikha              0725340909       [email protected]
  5. Nairobi Embakasi Embakasi Girls   731        Day and Boarding            Susan Geke        0702165930              [email protected]
  6. Nairobi Kamukunji Our lady of mercy sec shauri moyo              820        Boarding Girls    Mrs Jane Kiruja 0724156636              olmshaurimoyo@gmailcom
  7. Nairobi Kamukunji Kamukunji secondary school               752        Mixed Boarding Mark njagi Kariuki           722855581              Kamukunji sec. School @gmail. Com
  8. Nairobi KAMUKUNJI MAINA WANJIGI SECONDARY SCHOOL              733        MIxed day and boarding.             NANCY GATHU 0701748498       [email protected]
  9. Nairobi Kasarani Mwiki Secondary school               610        Mixed day          Elizabeth Mbatha Kituku               0717243273/0770744296              [email protected]
  10. Nairobi Kasarani Babadogo secondary school              745        Day       Anne Kiragu       0792651709              [email protected]
  11. Nairobi KASARANI GITHURAI SECONDARY SCHOOL              205        Day       ALICE OMARI     0725263679              [email protected]
  12. Nairobi Kasarani Kariobangi north girls     745              Girls      Emily Odhiambo              0723094476              [email protected]
  13. Nairobi Kasarani Garden Estate Sec sch    881              Mixed day and boarding              Patrick W Gakungu               0706258679       [email protected]
  14. Nairobi Kibra Olympic high school       946        Mixed day               Michael Waichinga         0724737638              [email protected]
  15. Nairobi Langata Karen c Girls Secondary School               500        Boarding Girls    Beatrice Otieno 0722788303              [email protected]
  16. Nairobi Langata Langata Boys High School               759        Boarding Boys   Wycliffe Odhiambo Obingo               0712081365       [email protected]
  17. Nairobi Makandara Makongeni secondary school              620        Day       Jacob Ndetitu    0722758325/0733544068              [email protected]
  18. Nairobi Mathare St Teresa’s girls secondary               513        Boarding Boys   Sr Teresa Wanja               0722871271       [email protected]
  19. Nairobi Mathari Mathari Mixed Secondary School 181        Mixed Day          John Githaiga Macharia              0793303022       [email protected]
  20. Nairobi Njiru RUAI Girls Secondary school       647              Girls day and boarding   Esther ogega      0722833650              [email protected]
  21. Nairobi Njiru Ruai Boys           325        Boarding Boys              Eutychus Maina Thiongo             0722258495              [email protected]
  22. Nairobi Starehe CGHU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL 270        Day Mixed          Margaret K. Shiholo              0721330373       [email protected]
  23. Nairobi Starehe County Girls High School – Nairobi               383        Boarding Girls    Mwangi Rachael Njeri               0722389466       [email protected]
  24. Nairobi Westlands Loresho secondary school              362        Day       Grace Kimaiyo   0722252849              [email protected]
  25. Nairobi WESTLANDS NAIROBI MILIMANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              386        Boarding Boys   TIMMY MASAKE              0715327509       [email protected]
  26. Nairobi Westlands Lavington girl’s secondary.               657        Boarding Girls    Judith Ombima 0202610268l              Lavington mixed@yahoo

2020 List of County Schools in Nakuru County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Nakuru County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Nakuru GILGIL GILGIL GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL         495              Boarding Girls    BETTY KINITI      0726869204              [email protected]
  2. Nakuru Gilgil Coulson Girls secondary school 464              Boarding Girls    Salome W.Thieya            0722904131              [email protected]
  3. Nakuru Kuresoi Siwot Girls High School 535        Boarding Girls      mrs Lucy Rugendo          0720066835              [email protected]
  4. Nakuru Kuresoi North Kipkoris Girls Secondary 259              Boarding Girls    Esther Kimani    0721564518              [email protected]
  5. Nakuru Kuresoi North Karirikania Secondary school               310        Day       Elijah Cheruiyot               0726114300              elkipx@gmail
  6. Nakuru Kuresoi South Silibwet Secondary         270              Day       Zakayo Too        0722696103              [email protected]
  7. Nakuru Kuresoi South Olenguruone Secondary School              230        Mixed Boarding Kenneth Kahora 0714581540              [email protected]
  8. Nakuru Kuresoi south Emitik Girls         304        Boarding Girls      Wanjiku Ndegwa             O735956968              [email protected]
  9. Nakuru Kuresoi south Cheptuech Secondary School               304        Boarding Boys   Harrison Karugu              722767344              [email protected]
  10. Nakuru Kuresoi South Moi Amalo sec 740        Mixed Boarding            Haron O Nyandoro         720924710              [email protected]
  11. Nakuru MOLO PCEA KAMBALA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL               601        Boarding Girls    Serah Muraguri               0700025922       [email protected]
  12. Nakuru Naivasha Magereza Academy (public school)               445        Boarding Boys   Benjamin Mburu Mwangi               723029858         [email protected]
  13. Nakuru NAKURU EAST MARIA VERONICA GIRLS              637        Boarding Girls    Grace w. Maina 0725532044              [email protected]
  14. Nakuru Nakuru north Dundori sec school         810              Mixed Boarding Lawrence thairu hungi   0724742259              [email protected]
  15. Nakuru Rongai Bridgewater Girls’High School    300              Boarding Girls    Eunice Kihara    0727070076              [email protected]
  16. Nakuru Rongai Mama Ngina Kenyatta Secondary school 1248      Mixed Boarding Timothy Ndirangu               0710853489       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Nandi County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Nandi County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Nandi Chesumei           Kaptel boys high schoo  232              Boarding Boys   Bii David             0722280010              [email protected]
  2. Nandi Chesumei           St Francis Cheptarit        340              Boarding Girls    Anne Tororey    0721780780              [email protected]
  3. Nandi Chesumei           AIC KAMOIYWO GIRLS secondary              292        Boarding Girls    Briarose kenduiywa              0714250888       [email protected]
  4. Nandi CHESUMEI         AIC KOSIRAI GIRLS secondary school   521        Boarding Girls    ROSEMARY CHEBET               0720232671       [email protected]
  5. Nandi Chesumei           PAUL ACK GIRLS-KAPTEL              226        Boarding Girls    Emmy chepkorir mutai              0721824406       [email protected]
  6. Nandi CHESUMEI         Moi High school- Sirgoi  340              Boarding Boys   John cheruiyot mutai     0712779331              [email protected]
  7. Nandi Nandi Central    AIC Kapchemoiywo Girls S.S              306        Boarding Girls    Imelda M Wafula              0724622995       [email protected]
  8. Nandi Nandi central     Kapkagaon secondary school               111        Boarding Girls    Ruth kipsang      0721287517              [email protected]
  9. Nandi Nandi central     Aic Kiborgok girls             380              Boarding Girls    Lily kigasia mung’asia     0724100650              [email protected]
  10. Nandi NANDI EAST       SOCHOI BOYS SEC. SCHOOL               410        Boarding Boys   JOSEPH K. KOKWEE              0778215242       [email protected]
  11. Nandi Nandi East          St Elizabeth Girls Chepkunyuk              510        Boarding Girls    Jacinta Malala   0724334519              [email protected]
  12. Nandi NANDI EAST       KABOTE ADVENTIST SEC 299              Mixed Boarding MATOYA HARON MAGEKA              0710896182       [email protected]
  13. Nandi NANDI EAST       AIC SOCHOI GIRLS           381              Boarding Girls    ROSELIDAH WATITI         0728888549              [email protected]
  14. Nandi Nandi East sub county    TAITO KTGA SECONDARY SCHOOL              634        Mixed Boarding Jonah k biwott               0722417260       [email protected]
  15. Nandi NANDI NORTH   ST TERESA OF AVILA       461              Boarding Girls    LIARAM MARGARET       0724686037              [email protected]
  16. Nandi NANDI NORTH   KABIYET BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              326        Boarding Boys   MUDOGO WYCLIFFE MUHAMBE              0722264224       Kabiyet [email protected]
  17. Nandi Nandi north       Aic laboret girls secondary               397        Boarding Girls    Florence ondieki              0722142487       [email protected]
  18. Nandi NANDI NORTH   Brigitta girls kipkarren              224        Boarding Girls    Diana Jepkorir Chebon              0718014016       [email protected]
  19. Nandi Nandi North       ACK ST MATHEWS GIRLS septonok               599        Mixed Boarding Monica Ruto      721228984              [email protected]
  20. Nandi Nandi South       Anne’s Girls Kapkemich Sec Sch              218        Boarding Girls    Rose Kebenei     0722442061              [email protected]
  21. Nandi Nandi South       Aldai Boys Secondary School.              300        Boarding Boys   Elias Cheruiyot  0722250453              [email protected]
  22. Nandi NANDI SOUTH   ACK KAPSOO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              210        Boarding Girls    GLADYS N.M. JIVETI              0721693125       [email protected]
  23. Nandi Nandi South       Kemeloi Girls     184        Boarding Girls      Sally Cheboi       0721115702              [email protected]
  24. Nandi Nandi South       Kapsengere high school               455        Mixed day and boarding              Amuhanda Agini Edward               0748030797       [email protected]
  25. Nandi NandiNorth        St Peter’s  Eisero girl’s    398              Boarding Girls    Divina cherop    0721325905              [email protected]
  26. Nandi Tinderet             Martin Masika   309        Mixed Boarding            Martin Masika   0790818894              [email protected]
  27. Nandi Tinderet             Mathews Maraba       423              Boarding and Day           christopher Letting              0724712442       [email protected]
  28. Nandi Tinderet             All Saints Girls Kapkeno 110              Boarding Girls    FLORENCE Kipsangut      0722498299              [email protected]
  29. Nandi Tinderet             Tinderet boys    350        Boarding Boys      Musumba Maurice juma              0722604513 or 0727920513       [email protected]
  30. Nandi Tinderet              Mombwo girls sec school               100        Boarding Girls    Sarah Mwangi   0722468714              [email protected]
  31. Nandi Tinderet              Kibongwa primary school               296        Day       James  Ngetich 720470527         Kibongwa primary [email protected].

2020 List of County Schools in Narok County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Narok County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Narok Narok East         Kipise hills secondary school              243        Mixed Boarding Muriuki David   0722917607              [email protected]
  2. Narok Narok East         Eor Ekule Secondary       860              Mixed Boarding Margaret Nkukuu           0721350556              [email protected]
  3. Narok Narok East         Ntulele secondary school              273        Both Boarding and day. Mohamed Adow              0721256086       [email protected]
  4. Narok Narok East         Suswa Girls Secondary School              452        Boarding Girls    Alice Esho          0713856616              [email protected]
  5. Narok Narok East         Anthony’s Sec.School 807              Mixed Boarding Ngugi Agnes      0708613168              [email protected]
  6. Narok Narok North      OLOKIRIKIRAI SECONDARY SCHOOL              381        Mixed day and boarding              Muchemi Isaac Muchiri 0726115404       [email protected]
  7. Narok NAROK north     KISIRIRI SECONDARY SCHOOL              450        Mixed Boarding Githaiga Charles Ndiritu              0723444811       [email protected]
  8. Narok Narok North      Rakua Kilelo       235        Mixed Boarding            Rakua Kilelo       0721895514              [email protected]
  9. Narok Narok North       Olchorro sec school        298              Mixed day and Boarding              Richard Kilel               0728775778       [email protected]
  10. Narok Narok North       Senchura sec school       294              Mixed Boarding Julius Lugaka      0726616670              [email protected]
  11. Narok NAROK NORTH Sakutiek secondary school               422        Mixed Boarding Peter wainaina Kahora               0725644751       [email protected]
  12. Narok Narok south       Olkiriane sec      602        Mixed Boarding            Ninaai Topisia   0725890364              [email protected]
  13. Narok Narok south       Olmekenyu secondary school              356        Mixed day/boarding      Jumaa M. Kalume              0722677033       [email protected]
  14. Narok NAROK SOUTH  OLPUKOTI SEC SCH         200              Mixed Day and Boarding             ANNE GAITA              0722662737       [email protected]
  15. Narok NAROK SOUTH  MELELO SECONDARY SCHOOL              209        Mixed Boarding ELOSY N BORANA           722581503              [email protected]
  16. Narok Narok south       Nkaroni Secondary School              374        Day       Jane Kurraru      0700917707              [email protected]
  17. Narok NAROK SOUTH  ENKARE NAIROWUA GIRLS SECONDARY      308        Boarding Girls    EILAN USAJI KITONGA              700294882         [email protected]
  18. Narok Narok south       Loita mixed secondary   313              Mixed Boarding Henry kipsigei Rono        0710788318              [email protected]
  19. Narok Narok South      Sogoo high school           242              Mixed Boarding Odupoi Laiyei Lawrence 0722582417              [email protected]
  20. Narok Narok South       Naroosura Secondary School              287        Mixed Boarding Tamooh James  0721217202              [email protected]
  21. Narok narok west         maasai mara secondary school              251        Boarding Boys   maina chege      0725950663              [email protected]
  22. Narok NAROK WEST    ILMOTIOOK SECONDARY               450        Mixed Boarding SIMON MASIBO 0725700029              [email protected]
  23. Narok Narok West        Sekenani Girls High School              405        Boarding Girls    Nelly Nasieku     0723104050              [email protected]
  24. Narok NAROK WEST    NGIITO SECONDARY SCHOOL              645        Mixed Boarding YABESH J M OSEBE              0722690112       [email protected]
  25. Narok Narok West        Talek Boys Sec School    635              Boarding Boys   Mateu Malcom 0721777884              [email protected]
  26. Narok Narok west        Mogoiyuet sec school    371              Mixed day/boarding      Titu b.m              0710503121              [email protected].
  27. Narok NAROK WEST     NKORKORRI BOYS SCHOOL               244        Boarding Boys   Abraham Cheruiyot Biwott               0721610819       [email protected]
  28. Narok Narok west        Lemek Namunyak girls   402              Boarding Girls    Cecilia Teeka      0720428860              [email protected]
  29. Narok Trans Mara west             Shankoe sec school              602        Mixed Boarding Dr George Ogochi              0734783686       [email protected]
  30. Narok Trans mara west              Sosio secondary school              392        Mixed Boarding John kiptoo        0726169680              Sosiosec@gmail
  31. Narok Transmara East Abossi Secondary School              109        Boarding Girls    Jane C. Kirui       0719437423              [email protected]
  32. Narok Transmara East Murkan sec        555        Mixed Boarding            Kedienye  Stephen          0726059253              [email protected]
  33. Narok Transmara West              Emarti Secondary School              180        Mixed Boarding John  Kirui          0726112054              [email protected]
  34. Narok Transmara West              Pirrar Girls secondary     90              Boarding Girls    Regina J Kebenei             0725013788              [email protected]
  35. Narok Transmara west AIC Shartuka Girls           91              Boarding Girls    Damaris N Njuguna        0724072741              [email protected]
  36. Narok TRANSMARA WEST         ENOOSAEN GIRLS SEC SCH              160        Boarding Girls    JOYCE C. NG’ENO              0723665459       [email protected]
  37. Narok Transmara West              Olmelil sec         500              Mixed day and boarding              K  Cheruiyot              0722245149       [email protected]
  38. Narok Transmara west Enoosaen boys  146        Boarding Boys      John kamoing    0720619624       [email protected]
  39. Narok Transmara west Siria girls             250        Boarding Girls      Mackline Nyaboke          0710133734              [email protected]
  40. Narok Transmara west Shartuka secondary school              200        Boarding Boys   Philemon kinyamal Ole paro              0713654835       [email protected]
  41. Narok Transmara west               Poroko friends secondary school   943        Mixed Boarding Ibrahim Machuki               0712513905       porokofriends @gmail. com
  42. Narok Transmara west               Ongata Barrikoi Girls               201        Boarding Girls    Margaret Chemutai        729254095              ONGATA BARRIKOI @2019@gmail
  43. Narok Transmara West              Ong’ata Barrikoi Boys Secondary          378        Boys Day and boarding Patrick Wachania               721749950         [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Nyamira County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Nyamira County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Nyamira Borabu Eronge sda secondary school              327        Mixed Boarding Yuniah Nyaribo 0724670255              [email protected]
  2. Nyamira Borabu St Thomas Moore Riang’ombe Sec              418        Mixed Boarding and Day              Jared Monyancha              0722310291       [email protected]
  3. Nyamira Manga  Manga girls model school              270        Boarding Girls    Jane B.Nyachwaya              0727555689       Manga girls model [email protected]
  4. Nyamira Masaba North   Kebirichi SEC school              114        Mixed Boarding Lilian Okemwa  O728903712              [email protected]
  5. Nyamira Masaba North   Omoyo girls high School              235        Boarding Girls    Dinah Osinde     0716 042266              [email protected]
  6. Nyamira Masaba North   Esani SDA mixed secondary school   336        NA         Geoffrey Momanyi         0721211543              [email protected]
  7. Nyamira Masaba North   Rigoma girls secondary              209        Boarding Girls    Jerusah Gechemba Mosiori               0711716757       Rigoma girls @gmail. Com
  8. Nyamira Masaba north    Riyabe Sec School               952        Mixed Boarding Meshack kariuki Orure   725786489              [email protected]
  9. Nyamira Nyamira  North   Francis Gekendo Secondary School            150        Day/Boarding  Boys        Julius  M  Barongo             0727657580       [email protected]
  10. Nyamira Nyamira North  Kiabonyoru Mixed Sec              200        Mixed Boarding Richard N. Ariemba              0729426642       [email protected]
  11. Nyamira Nyamira north  Kiabonyoru girls secondary school   337        Boarding Girls    Lucy Nyambura Muchiri              0725877377       Kiabonyoru [email protected]
  12. Nyamira Nyamira north  Ikonge PAG girls secondary school   330        Boarding Girls    Jacinta Omondi 0722758385              [email protected]
  13. Nyamira Nyamira North  Ikonge Boys              290        Boarding Boys   Joel Ochieng Adie              0722581826       [email protected]
  14. Nyamira Nyamira North  Mogongo girls sec              141        Day       Ruth Mutai         0723547083              Mogongogirlssecsch
  15. Nyamira NYAMIRA NORTH            RIOMEGO SECONDARY school         490        Mixed Boarding CHAKUA Mokua               0723525764       [email protected]
  16. Nyamira NYAMIRA SOUTH            MARANI PAG GIRLS    160        Boarding Girls    MERCYLINE KWAMBOKA OGECHI               0725200320       [email protected]
  17. Nyamira Nyamira South  Masosa mixed secondary school   751        Mixed Day and Boarding             James Ongera Ocharo 0             0722678516       [email protected]
  18. Nyamira Nyamira South  Nyamaiya Secondary               301        Mixed Boarding Japheth O Momanyi              0718395823       [email protected]
  19. Nyamira Nyamira South  KENYENYA SecSchool              214        Mixed Boarding Nicholas Cornelius Okello              0706020999       [email protected]
  20. Nyamira Nyamira south  Gekemoni technical secondary school            550        Mixed boarding and day              Thomas nyaencha          727594710              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Nyandarua County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Nyandarua County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Nyandarua Kinangop            Munyaka sec school              390        Mixed boarding/day      Joyce M Kimani              0735770331       [email protected]
  2. Nyandarua Kinangop            Bongo Girls High School               690        Boarding Girls    Esther Wambui Njoroge               0722502019       [email protected]
  3. Nyandarua Kipipiri  Kipipiri School   426        Boarding Boys      George Gitiye    0712845624       [email protected]
  4. Nyandarua Kipipiri Miharati boys secondary school               282        Boarding Boys   Paul N Mwangi 0722387363              [email protected]
  5. Nyandarua Nyandarua Central         Kalou Secondary school   404        Mixed Boarding Kuria Ngugi Peter               0202312454       [email protected]
  6. Nyandarua Nyandarua central          Salient high school              613        Mixed Boarding David mibey      +254 711 187515              [email protected]
  7. Nyandarua Nyandarua central          Salient high school              602        Mixed Boarding David Mibey      0711187515              [email protected]
  8. Nyandarua Nyandarua North            Ngaindeithia Secondary School            473        Mixed Boarding Patrick Maina Githige  0774122122       [email protected]
  9. Nyandarua Nyandarua North            Mukoe sec school              461        Day       Dr Christopher Mugambi Migwi              0722423890       [email protected]
  10. Nyandarua nyandarua north             Shamat girls high school   541        Boarding Girls    catherine kyalo 0720920029              [email protected]
  11. Nyandarua NYANDARUA SOUTH      MURUAKI SECONDARY      486        Boarding Boys   FRANCIS KHISA              0723393048;0733737879            1002-20117 NAIVASHA
  12. Nyandarua Nyandarua south            MWENDA ANDU SECONDARY SCHOOL     566        Mixed Boarding Lawrence Kirimi Ananua   0721251740       [email protected]
  13. Nyandarua NYANDARUA SOUTH      KIMURI SECONDARY SCHOOL     464        Mixed Boarding MR SOLOMON NGUNU 0712684954       [email protected]
  14. Nyandarua Nyandarua south            Mkungi sec sch              295        Boarding Boys   Simon m mbugua              0706497609       234 North kinangop

2020 List of County Schools in Nyeri County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Nyeri County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Nyeri Kieni East           Ndathi Secondary           288              Boarding Boys   DAVID KAMAU MAINA   0725683511              [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. Nyeri Kieni East           St Monica Munyaka Girls              582        Boarding Girls    Wainaina Jane   0710386529              [email protected]
  3. Nyeri Kieni west          Watuka Boys High School              315        Boarding Boys   Samuel Ndonga 0722361691              [email protected]
  4. Nyeri Kieni west          Mwiyogo Secondary School               264        Boarding Boys   Mwaniki Peter Mbau               0721543198       [email protected]
  5. Nyeri Mathira East      Karatina Girls Secondary School              717        Boarding Girls    Margaret Wanjiku Kariuki              0728 454170      [email protected]
  6. Nyeri Mathira East      Kiarithaini High School   657              Boarding Boys   Thiong’o John James      0722377082              [email protected]
  7. Nyeri Mathira East      giakaibii sec school         549              Boarding Boys   Charles wambugu mugo              0722333714       [email protected]
  8. Nyeri Mathira East      Gatondo girls secondary school               428        Boarding Girls    Leonora karimi Mburugu               0721454212       [email protected]
  9. Nyeri MATHIRA EAST  MATHAITHI SECONDARY SCHOOL              512        Boarding Girls    ANNE W MWANGI              0716775240       [email protected]
  10. Nyeri Mathira East      Magutu girls high school              579        Boarding Girls    Rahab Wanjiru  0713363386              [email protected]
  11. Nyeri Mathira West    Kabiruini Secondary School              348        Boarding Girls    Anne W. Macharia              0729125116       [email protected]
  12. Nyeri Mathira west     Icuga girls           310        Boarding Girls      Alice wanjau      0722421513              [email protected]
  13. Nyeri Mathira West    Ruthagati high school     769              Boarding Boys   Rotich Nelson    0719849977              ruthagatihighschool @gmail. com
  14. Nyeri Mathira West    Kiamariga secondary school               260        Boys day/boarding         Peter Thiiru Wachaga              0713993630       [email protected]
  15. Nyeri Mathira west     Hiriga girls sec school     432              Boarding Girls    Rahab Kibe         0703362563              [email protected]
  16. Nyeri Mukurweini       St Augustine Gikondi boys              460        Day and boarding           David muchemi              0727728011       [email protected]
  17. Nyeri Mukurweini       Karundu Sec School        118              Mixed Day          Benard K Wambua         0722569349              [email protected]
  18. Nyeri Mukurweini       Ndiaini girls        417        Boarding Girls      Dorcas Wangari Wageche           0721414722              [email protected]
  19. Nyeri MUKURWE-INI  PCEA MWERU HIGH SCHOOL              337        Mixed Boarding GITONGA D M   0721648784              [email protected]
  20. Nyeri Mukurwe-ini     TAMBAYA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              401        Boarding Boys   Geoffrey N. Mburu              0717315395       [email protected]
  21. Nyeri Mukurweini       Gathungururu girls         797              Boarding Girls    Rose njogu         0721358279,              Gathungururug @Yahoo. Com
  22. Nyeri Mukurweini       St Anne Githunguri girls secondary               236        Boarding Girls    Regina Wangeci Wairagu               0707864193       [email protected]
  23. Nyeri NYERI CENTRAL Muthuaini Girls High School              398        Boarding Girls    DR JANE MUGO 0729126192              [email protected]
  24. Nyeri Nyeri sourh        kihome secondary          430              Mixed Boarding Gicheha Martin               0720904010              [email protected]
  25. Nyeri NYERI SOUTH    MUCHARAGE SECONDARY SCHOOL              300        Boarding Girls    JANE WAIRIMU 0721302410              [email protected]
  26. Nyeri Nyeri south        Gatugi girls secondary   655              Boarding Girls    Elpiety wairimu 0720807168              [email protected]
  27. Nyeri Nyeri south        Kagonye secondary school              414        Boarding Boys   Francis wanjohi 0711364225              [email protected]
  28. Nyeri Nyeri south        Gitundu mixed sec, school              111        Day       Benson Karaya kabatha 0722984646              [email protected]
  29. Nyeri Nyeri South        Mucharage sec school    290              Boarding Girls    Jane Wairimu N 0721302410              [email protected]
  30. Nyeri Nyeri South Sub County Iriaini Girls High School              678        Boarding Girls    Justine Wambua              0787924751       [email protected]
  31. Nyeri Tetu      Aguthi Harambee Sec School      134              Boarding Boys   Paul Mwirigi M’ngiti       O721685450              [email protected]
  32. Nyeri Tetu      Angela Merici Wamagana Girls Secondary School            434        Boarding Girls    Nancy W.  Ngugi              0729578636       [email protected]
  33. Nyeri Tetu      Dr kamundia Gathuthi Girls Secondary              603        Boarding Girls    Elizabeth Ngotho              0721691451       drkamundiagathuthigirls@
  34. Nyeri Tetu      Gathathiini  secondary   340        Boarding Boys      Zachayo  mbuthia kabatha          0725407132              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Samburu County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Samburu County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Samburu SAMBURU CENTRAL       N’GARI MIXED DAY SEC.       253        Day       ERIC OUNDO     0722927970              [email protected]
  2. Samburu Samburu Central             Milimani Mixed Day School         77          Mixed Boarding Caroline Auma Alago              0721291497       [email protected]
  3. Samburu samburu central              Kirisia Boys high               580        Boarding Boys   Kennedy Lengoiboni               0721672961       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Siaya County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Siaya County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Siaya Bondo  Wambasa Girls secondary              50724E+11      Boarding Girls    Damacline Nyamisa Ombati 0723500243       [email protected]
  2. Siaya Bondo  Bondo Township Secondary        750              Mixed Boarding Okoth Benson Moses     0722362992              [email protected]
  3. Siaya BONDO MAJIWA BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL              346        Boarding Boys   MR AMSALAH WABWIRE MAURICE              0721363257       [email protected]
  4. Siaya Bondo  Barkowino Sec. School   724        Mixed Day and Boarding     Francis Otieno Ouko       0720539368              [email protected]
  5. Siaya Bondo  Got Agulu Secondary School       708              Boarding Boys   Willis Ochieng   0720393295              [email protected]
  6. Siaya Bondo  Akoko secondary school 600        Day              John Ojeya         0714747213              [email protected]
  7. Siaya Bondo subcounty.          Nyangoma Boys Secondary               531        Boarding Boys   Ochung Richard Onyango              0711405967       [email protected].
  8. Siaya Gem      Nyagondo mixed secondary        643              Mixed Day and Boarding             Philip Obat              0792517335       [email protected]
  9. Siaya Gem      Ulumbi secondary           600        Mixed Boarding            Adalah Moses   0791583105              [email protected]
  10. Siaya GEM      DIENYA MIXED SECONDARY        335              Day       O.AMOLO 0721810577              [email protected]
  11. Siaya Gem      Nyamninia Sec School    806        Day              Judith Maloba Wamocho            0720920715              [email protected]
  12. Siaya Gem yala            Maliera boys secondary 910              Boarding Boys   Jared opondo    0720296542              [email protected]
  13. Siaya Rarieda Sylvester Girls Secondary School              286        Boarding Girls    Salome Awuor Okello              0727761822       [email protected]
  14. Siaya Rarieda Raliew secondary school              917              Mixed Boarding Isaac Odongo Olambla   0724037262              [email protected]
  15. Siaya Rarieda Makasembo secondary 435        Mixed Boarding            Opalla Benson Otieno    0721624990              [email protected]
  16. Siaya Rarieda               Nyagoko Secondary School              351        Mixed Boarding and Day              Tom Gwako Ochola 0728959814       [email protected]
  17. Siaya RARIEDA             NYAKONGO GIRLS           343              Boarding Girls    IRENE  ONEKO   0722449079              [email protected]
  18. Siaya Rarieda Sub County        Ndigwa Secondary school               750        Mixed Day and Boarding School               Gladys Kwamboka Mose            0721977165       [email protected]
  19. Siaya SIAYA    HAWINGA GIRLS HIGH SCHO      348              Boarding Girls    CATHERINE WANAKACHA              0720200496       [email protected]
  20. Siaya Ugenya St Stephens Siginga         509        Mixed day/boarding    Baraza M Kimingichi       0718311247              [email protected]
  21. Siaya Ugenya Jera mixed secondary School      847              Mixed Boarding Philip moya ondara 07   0703474319              [email protected]
  22. Siaya Ugenya               Paul’s Ndenga            490              Mixed Boarding Agnes A Odhiambo        0710425652              [email protected]
  23. Siaya Ugunja  Got Osimbo Girls             301        Boarding Girls      Fidelis Kabonyo 07197511800     [email protected]
  24. Siaya Ugunja Moi secondary school Uloma      601              Mixed Day and Boarding              Daniel Ochieng Abiero               0726984320       [email protected]
  25. Siaya UGUNJA sub county       St Peter’s Rambula secondary school            627        Mixed boarding & day    ELIZABETH  OPONDO            0722210053       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Taita Taveta County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Taita Taveta County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Taita Taveta TAITA    Mghalu high school        307              Mixed Boarding GRIFFIN MWAGESHA MASAWE 748368676              [email protected]
  2. Taita Taveta TAVETA MAHANDAKINI 326        Mixed day school   PATRICK M KILIMO         0711996641              [email protected]
  3. Taita Taveta Voi        Mwaghogho Sec School 234              Boarding Boys   Stephen KARISA Kadenge              0727624701       [email protected]
  4. Taita Taveta Voi         Mwakichuchu Boys Secondary School   309        Boarding/Day Boys only               Indimuli Oscar Andafu 0722625883       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Tana River County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Tana River County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Tana River Tana delta          Sane girls secondary school              225        Boarding Girls    Ong’asia Clarice 0725716773              [email protected]
  2. Tana River TANADELTA       TARASAA HIGH SCHOOL              344        Mixed Boarding DAVID KANGETHE              0726209944       [email protected].   [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Tharaka Nithi County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Tharaka Nithi County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Tharaka Nithi Igamba ngombe              Makawani sec sch              365        Mixed day and boarding              Njuki RW              0720972750       Makawanhighschool 2019 @gmail
  2. Tharaka Nithi Igambang`ombe             C.K KIANGIRi SECONDARARY 120        Mixed day and boarding              Jane C.Nderi 0721790565       [email protected]
  3. Tharaka Nithi IGAMBANGOMBE           Kajiampau secondary school            578        Mixed Boarding Jennifer Kinya              0721520347       [email protected]
  4. Tharaka Nithi Igambangombe Ack Kaanwa sec 206              Mixed Boarding n wanjohi        0720922479              [email protected]
  5. Tharaka Nithi Igambang’ombe              Ntumbara sec school   119        Mixed day and boarding              Njeru J.N. Ichia              0795439032       Ntumbarasecshool@
  6. Tharaka Nithi Igambang’ombe              Kiaritha sec sch              151        Mixed Boarding Mbaka John miriti               0727541307       [email protected]
  7. Tharaka Nithi IGAMBANG’OMBE          MAKANYANGA SEC              333        Mixed Boarding/Day      RUGURU F MUTEMBEI              0721646742       [email protected]
  8. Tharaka Nithi Igambang’ombe              St Teresa kanthanje sec    236        Mixed Boarding Mugure Martha 0715 508 957        [email protected]
  9. Tharaka Nithi Igambangombe               Kajuki sec              245        Mixed Boarding KARURAA Francis               0722634950       [email protected]
  10. Tharaka Nithi Igambang’ombe              Kamwimbi secondary school            282        Mixed Boarding Stephanie Nzemia              721359815         [email protected]
  11. Tharaka Nithi Ingambangombe            Kathagara secondary school            250        Mixed Boarding Rukaria J G              0706641523       Kathagara
  12. Tharaka Nithi Maara  Mugona Girls sec school              389        Boarding Girls    Agnes K. Mwiti  0729791689              [email protected]
  13. Tharaka Nithi Maara  St Augustine Ruguta       378              Mixed Day & boarding   Wilfred Njeru    0725995980              [email protected]
  14. Tharaka Nithi Maara  Kieganguru Girls              323              Boarding Girls    Susan Kithinji     0722427392              [email protected]
  15. Tharaka Nithi Maara  Ngeru Boys sec 362        Boarding Boys      Humphrey A.K.Nkoroi    0792929956              [email protected]
  16. Tharaka Nithi MAARA NTURIRI BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              313        Boarding Boys   JOSEPH G KIRANGA              0720440456       [email protected]
  17. Tharaka Nithi Maara   PCEA  Muraga Sec           342              Mixed Boarding Jackson Ireri Abidan       0721997852              muragahighschl17@gmail
  18. Tharaka Nithi Maara   THIGAA SEC SCHOOL      395              Mixed Boarding ERIC KIAMBI ITUNGA      0722972269       57-60401
  19. Tharaka Nithi Meru south        Kiamuriuki secondary school   523        Mixed Boarding Mrs Koome        0725527437              [email protected]
  20. Tharaka Nithi Meru south        Kiunguni secondary              324        Mixed Boarding Samuel John Mile              0725818045       [email protected]
  21. Tharaka Nithi Meru south        Kiamuriuki Secondary School  533        Mixed Boarding Koome Rael       0723321053              [email protected]
  22. Tharaka Nithi Meru South       Kiereni High School              554        Mixed Boarding Muthuri Mugambi              0722900244       [email protected]
  23. Tharaka Nithi meru south        Magenka sec school              575        Mixed Boarding jack muriuki       0722696604              [email protected]
  24. Tharaka Nithi Meru south        Ndagoni girls sec              345        Boarding Girls    Rosemary G Kimathi              0722287035       NDAGONIGiRLS@gmail .com
  25. Tharaka Nithi Meru south        Rubate sec school              269        Mixed Boarding francis mwangi njoroge              0721377211       njoroge [email protected]
  26. Tharaka Nithi Meru South       Kambandi secondary School  327        Mixed Boarding Munguti Jones Makau              0721314923       [email protected]
  27. Tharaka Nithi Meru South        Mpukoni high school              300        Mixed Boarding Wanyeki S. M    0706945340/ 0715990002       [email protected]
  28. Tharaka Nithi Meru South        Kirege Sec school               318        Mixed Boarding Caroline muthoni               0720594382       [email protected]
  29. Tharaka Nithi Tharaka  South  Chiakariga Girls 458              Boarding Girls    Mrs Lilian Muli  0721626480              [email protected]
  30. Tharaka Nithi Tharaka North   Mukothima Mixed Day Sec Sch        267        Mixed Day and Boarding              David Kimanthi Matei    0724204593       [email protected]
  31. Tharaka Nithi Tharaka south   Nkondi girls secondary school   260        Boarding Girls    Lucy Wanja Thomas              0721798365       [email protected]
  32. Tharaka Nithi Tharaka South   Gatunga Secondary              188        Boarding Boys   Mukinya Paul    0721219289              [email protected]
  33. Tharaka Nithi Tharaka South   Marimanti girls Secondary school   268        Boarding Girls    Annah Wanee Wambua               0722700361       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Trans Nzoia County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Trans Nzoia County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Trans Nzioa Endebess            Barnabas Girls Secondary  – Sabwani,    365        Day and Boarding Girls’ sch              Florence Ngaira 0722420199              [email protected]
  2. Trans Nzioa Kiminini              NYABOMO SDA SEC SCHOOL              271        Boarding girls/mixed day             JOYCE NYANGENA        0724775808       [email protected]
  3. Trans Nzioa Kwanza St Francis Kolongolo Boys              301        Day & Boarding Boys      Paul Walela              0704521688       [email protected]
  4. Trans Nzioa Kwanza Francis kolongolo girls high school   371        Boarding Girls    Elizabeth Nyangasi              0729950949       [email protected]
  5. Trans Nzioa Kwanza AIC Kobos Girls. 310        Boarding Girls      Germana Meja  0727682782       [email protected]
  6. Trans Nzioa Kwanza Maurice Girls High School_ Lunyu   457        Day/Boarding Girls         Florence Simiyu              0727471892       [email protected]
  7. Trans Nzioa KWANZA             NAMANJALALA FRIENDS SECONDARY SCHOOL     567        Mixed Boarding NICHOLAS J.T KIBOI    0725159153       [email protected]
  8. Trans Nzioa Kwanza St Maurice High School – Lunyu              402        Boys Day and Boarding. Daniel Kiplangat Mutai              0722294276       [email protected]
  9. Trans Nzioa Kwanza Gidea  Girls        630        Boarding Girls      ANNE AKOTH OLOO       0712806628              [email protected]
  10. Trans Nzioa KWANZA             ST PATRICK’S SECONDARY SCHOOL – MAKUNGA     839        Day       OMAYIO Z. JAMES              +254 728 164771              stpatrick’[email protected]
  11. Trans Nzioa Kwanza Bishop Alexander Muge Secondary School  377        Boarding Girls    Koech Nancy              0725607161       [email protected]
  12. Trans Nzioa Kwanza St Michael Liyavo girls    360              Both day and boarding girls         Evlean Maiyo              0724414517       [email protected]
  13. Trans Nzioa KWANZA             AIC KOBOS BOYS HIGH SCHOOL              288        Boarding Boys   CHARLES K MELIL              0721324554       [email protected]
  14. Trans Nzioa KWANZA             ST MICHAEL GIRLS LIYAVO              350        BORDING&DAY GIRLS    EVELEAN MAIYO              0724414517       [email protected]
  15. Trans Nzioa Kwanza               Friends Boys school Kwanza               386        Boarding Boys   Nandabi Peter Wakwabubi               0710939405       [email protected]
  16. Trans Nzioa Kwanza               Augustine maziwa sec school   464        Day       George Odundo Ogunde               0727467879       [email protected]
  17. Trans Nzioa TRANS NZOIA EAST         ST Paul’s high school Sinoko    596        Boarding Boys   DAVID SIKANGA              0725865796       [email protected]
  18. Trans Nzioa Trans Nzoia East              St Benedict’s Central Secondary school Kapsigilai.        640        Mixed Boarding and Day              Geoffrey Murunga          0724726855              [email protected]
  19. Trans Nzioa Trans Nzoia East              Wiyeta girls              474        Boarding Girls    Beatrice Kwata 0723871182              [email protected]
  20. Trans Nzioa Trans Nzoia East              Sitatunga Secondary School            165        Boarding Girls    Stanley K. Tumbo 0720484617       [email protected]
  21. Trans Nzioa Trans Nzoia East              St Francis Boys High school Suwerwa     655        Boarding Boys   FELIX  NDEMO SIRO      0725253109       38_30200 KITALE
  22. Trans Nzioa Trans Nzoia west             Immaculate Heart Girls-Saboti        210        Boarding Girls    Rosemary L.Bor              0725784009       [email protected]
  23. Trans Nzioa Trans Nzoia West            St Mary’s Machewa sec school      675        Mixed day and boarding              Wycliffe Muleshe Indetie             0706804760              [email protected]
  24. Trans Nzioa Transnzoia East Kapsara Secondary School              360        Mixed Day and Boarding             Kinuthia Simon              0721690680       [email protected]
  25. Trans Nzioa Trans-Nzoia East             Hututu FriendsGirls’ Secondary School   414        Boarding Girls    Tobister Murunga            0722568215       [email protected]
  26. Trans Nzioa Trans-Nzoia East             Immaculate conception Mukuyu girls             369        Day and boarding girls              Salyne Nyongesa             0713292516              [email protected]
  27. Trans Nzioa Transnzoia West             Holy Trinity Boy’s high school Saboti           352        Boarding and day            Ongayo Charles 0823933221/0770257400            [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Turkana County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Turkana County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Turkana Loima   Loima Girls Secondary school              316        Boarding Girls    Amun Mercy Ewoton              0726747548       [email protected]
  2. Turkana Loima   Turkwel boys secondary school              304        Boarding Boys   Thomas Esinyen Lomudang              0722849026       [email protected]
  3. Turkana Loima   Napeililim secondary school              314        Mixed Boarding ETELEJ KOREA MOSES              0719202712       [email protected]
  4. Turkana Loima   Loima Boys Secondary school              487        Boarding Boys   Raphael Lotum Lokuwam              0712922448       [email protected]
  5. Turkana LOIMA DAVID LEE ADVENTIST NAGIS SEC.               362        Mixed Boarding EYARAN WILSON EWESIT              0716429867       [email protected]
  6. Turkana Turkana central Moi high school kalokol              411        Mixed Boarding Ereng Isaac Yohana              0727700281       [email protected]
  7. Turkana TURKANA CENTRAL        ELIYE BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL     260        Boarding Boys   EKENO JOHNSON LOKOL             0713717895       [email protected]
  8. Turkana Turkana Central               Kerio Boys Secondary School            402        Boarding Boys   Godson Okello Were    0720816925       [email protected]
  9. Turkana Turkana Central               Lodwar Girls Secondary school            377        Boarding Girls    Florence Namanang         0719354903       fnamanang @yahoo. com
  10. Turkana TURKANA EAST I.C KATILIA BOYS SECONDARY      230        Boarding Boys   REUBEN ERUPE LOGIRON              0729291339       [email protected]
  11. Turkana Turkana East      Morulem Mixed Sec school              370        Mixed Boarding Josephat Ekitela Lulungai              0729004981       [email protected]
  12. Turkana Turkana North   St Joseph’s Lapur Boys               291        Boarding Boys   Daniel N Karu    0725114285              [email protected]
  13. Turkana Turkana North   Kaeris Girls secondary school   324        Boarding Girls    Anthony Omagwa               0724710326       [email protected]
  14. Turkana Turkana North   Milimatatu Girls secondary school   358        Boarding Girls    Beatrice S.Sayia 0711552660              [email protected]
  15. Turkana Turkana North   Lokitaung Girls secondary School  282        Boarding Girls    George Wekesa Lusweti              0710888735       [email protected]
  16. Turkana TURKANA SOUTH            RCEA KASUROI BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL         164        Boarding Boys   Reuben Losike   O792009449              [email protected]
  17. Turkana Turkana South   Kainuk Mixed Secondary              571        Mixed Boarding Maurice Musundi              0723829667              [email protected]/[email protected]
  18. Turkana Turkana south   Kaputir Mixed secondary              225        Mixed Boarding Alfred Areman  0713787057              [email protected]
  19. Turkana Turkana South   AGC LOKICHAR BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL     600        Boarding Boys   Mrs Losiru Leah               0729398332       agclokicharsecondaryschool
  20. Turkana Turkana south   Uhuru girls lokichar               705        Boarding Girls    Beatrice njogu   0725659597              Uhurugirls2015@gmail.
  21. Turkana Turkana west     Tarach secondary school              322        Mixed Boarding HESBORN MAINA WAINAINA              0712156897              40_30501kakuma,[email protected]
  22. Turkana Turkana West    Kalobeyei secondary school   280        Mixed Boarding Ronald simiyu Karani               0723266185       [email protected]
  23. Turkana TURKANA WEST              AIC SONG’OT BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL     470        Boarding Boys   NICODEMUS LOKABUK INGOLAN        0729814313       [email protected]
  24. Turkana TURKANA WEST              KAKUMA SECONDARY SCHOOL     585        Boarding Boys   JOHN ELIM              0718487230       [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Uasin Gishu County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Uasin Gishu County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Uasin Gishu Ainabkoi             Chepngoror secondary               187        Boarding Girls    Christine  Limo  0729009943              [email protected]
  2. Uasin Gishu Ainapkoi             Bishop Birech Girls Sec _Tilol     220        Boarding Girls    Mary  J                0710921861       [email protected]
  3. Uasin Gishu KAPSERET           GEORGES GIRLS SCHOOL ELDORET           203        Boarding Girls    SUSAN TOO              0726448994       [email protected]
  4. Uasin Gishu KESSES  APOSTOLIC CARMEL GIRLS SECONDARY      125        Boarding Girls    FABIOLA              0721168781       [email protected]
  5. Uasin Gishu MOIBEN             KIMONING SECONDARY SCHOOL              191        Boarding Boys   STEPHEN K. KEMEI              0722589788       [email protected]
  6. Uasin Gishu Moiben Peter’s Sec Sch – Ngoisa              350        Mixed day and boarding              Kisaka Wanyonyi              0714715803       [email protected]
  7. Uasin Gishu Moiben St Mary’s kapsiliot girls secondary school   180        Boarding Girls    Jane Wanjala     0721944991              [email protected]
  8. Uasin Gishu Soy        Sisyobei Adventist sec    419              Mixed Boarding Joseph kurgat    0722908320       Sisyobei [email protected]
  9. Uasin Gishu SOY       KIBOROM SECONDARY SCHOOL              447        Mixed day/boarding      CAROLINE J. SAINA              0720360985/0713178419              [email protected]
  10. Uasin Gishu Turbo   AIC LESERU BOYS SECONDARY              250        Boarding Boys   David k Arusei   0722615722              [email protected]
  11. Uasin Gishu Turbo   Kaptebee secondary school              836        Mixed Boarding Samuel Maiyo   0721302581              [email protected]
  12. Uasin Gishu Turbo   Aic Leseru Girls sec school              367        Boarding Girls    Albina J Rotich   0725740647              [email protected]
  13. Uasin Gishu TURBO  KOSACHEI SECONDARY SCHOOL              434        Mixed day and boarding              ESTHER MUTHUI              0721312931       [email protected]
  14. Uasin Gishu Turbo    AIC Kapkeben sec            456              Mixed Boarding Joseph Ruto       0721554976              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Vihiga County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Vihiga County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Vihiga Emuhaya            Ebunangwe boys high school              320        Boarding Boys   Reuben Ngetich 0723701347              [email protected]
  2. Vihiga Emuhaya            Esalwa Boys High school               520        Boarding Boys   Enock Andanje musambai               0723104048       [email protected]
  3. Vihiga Emuhaya            Kilingili Girls sec.sch       472              Boarding Girls    Akwala Mamjel       0723068955              [email protected]
  4. Vihiga Emuhaya            St Bakhitas Ebusiratsi sec              438        Boarding Girls    Pamela Abwaku 0722778175              [email protected]
  5. Vihiga Hamisi  Imusutsu mixed sec school          948              Mixed Boarding Vulimu Jane       0723826617              Jvulimu72@gmail
  6. Vihiga Hamisi  Friends Munzatsi secondary school              406        Mixed day and boarding              Thomas Odhiambo Amolo  0722245219       [email protected]
  7. Vihiga Hamisi  Maurice Dang’ana Sec.School              609        Mixed Boarding William S. Alianda              0712563748       [email protected]
  8. Vihiga Hamisi Friends School Kaimosi Demonstration               371        Mixed Boarding Ojonya Duncan Okoth               0718880550       [email protected]
  9. Vihiga Luanda Ebubayi secondary school           783              Mixed Boarding Wanambisi christopher 0724877232              [email protected]
  10. Vihiga SABATIA             Friends  School  Kigama 345              Boarding Boys   SAMUEL  OGINGA           0722458656              [email protected]
  11. Vihiga Sabatia Ursula’s Chamakanga Girls Sec school              394        Boarding Girls    Beatrice.  A. Lisutsa              0712007301       [email protected]
  12. Vihiga SABATIA             IKOBERO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL              482        Boarding Girls    BEATRICE .E. BAGADA              0713714622       [email protected]
  13. Vihiga Vihiga   Mbihi Friends Girls high School  522              Day/ Bording Girls           Florence K. A. Ludenyo              0722967400       [email protected]
  14. Vihiga Vihiga   Kegoye secondary          571        Boarding and day boys     Luyali liyayi Alex              0711540624              [email protected]

2020 List of County Schools in Wajir County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in Wajir County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. Wajir Buna     Korondille boys 219        Boarding Boys   Ali Abdi Hassan       0720963180       [email protected]
  2. Wajir ELDAS   Eldas secondary school 350        Boarding Boys      Abdinoor Wardere         0722302250       479 WAJIR
  3. Wajir HABASWEIN       SENIOR  CHIEF OGLE GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL     487        Boarding Girls    Abdullahi Ahmed              0721113300       [email protected]
  4. Wajir Habaswein         Habaswein boys sec school               632        Boarding Boys   Haret Abdi Hussein               0713230028       [email protected]
  5. Wajir Tarbaj   Mansa secondary           330        Boarding Boys      Ali Ahmed          0728613157       [email protected]
  6. Wajir TARBAJ KUTULO MIXED DAY/BOARDING SECONDARY       295        Mixed Boarding ISMAIL S. HUSSEIN               0725773237       [email protected]
  7. Wajir Tarbaj   Sarman Boys Secondary 370        Boarding Boys      mohamud Y.Noor           0724348196              [email protected]
  8. Wajir Tarbaj   Tarbaj Sec school            330        Boarding Boys      Mohamed Hassan Sheikh            0725518378              [email protected]
  9. Wajir Wajir west          Wagalla memorial secondary school   434        Boarding Boys   Mohamed daud ahmed              0725751783       Wagalla secondary

2020 List of County Schools in West Pokot County

Here is the 2020/2021 List of County Schools in West Pokot County.

County Sub County       Name of School enrolment        Type of School            Status of School Name of principal          School phone number            School email address

  1. West Pokot Kipkomo             St Mary’s of Mercy Pserum secondary          280        Boarding Girls    Regina Chedotum              0721306466       [email protected]
  2. West Pokot Kipkomo             Our lady of peace Pser               700        Mixed Boarding Marios Leterewa               0721154631       [email protected]
  3. West Pokot Kipkomo             Sophia pkomo girls               368        Boarding Girls    Sheila Kurgat     0720560751              [email protected]
  4. West Pokot Kipkomo             St Elizabeth Girls-Morpus              487        Boarding Girls    Caroline Menach             0701 259 496        [email protected]
  5. West Pokot Kipkomo             Augustine Chepkopegh Boys      95          Boarding Boys   Joel kirew           0721659801              Box 23- 30600, KAPENGURIA
  6. West Pokot Kipkomo             Paul Kipkomo Boys Secondary School            158        Boarding Boys   Jared Ochieng Oluoch 0720485071       [email protected]
  7. West Pokot Kipkomo             Propoi Girls Secondary School   534        Boarding Girls    Jamas Murray    0712344021              [email protected]
  8. West Pokot NORTH POKOT  KONYAO SEC SCHOOL              189        Mixed Boarding SHAMOI R CHARLES              +254724381274               [email protected]
  9. West Pokot North pokot       Kiwawa boys secondary school   258        Boarding Boys   Luke lotukoi       711166724              [email protected]
  10. West Pokot North Pokot       Bakhita girls’secondary school_Karon    362        Boarding Girls    Grace Akure Kakuko              0710163878       [email protected]
  11. West Pokot North Pokot       Alale girls sec school              280        Boarding Girls    Pamela Oliech0729265523              0729265523       Alale girls,
  12. West Pokot Pokot central     Elck Annet Mixed secondary school            316        Mixed Boarding Joel Atuti Gichana              0728621932       [email protected]
  13. West Pokot Pokot Central    Samuel Kim Adventist high school   179        Mixed Boarding Joseph Nyachwaya              0728534590       [email protected]
  14. West Pokot Pokot Central    Canon Price Secondary School-Tamkal  410        Mixed Boarding/Day      Erastus M Masambaka      0721563383       [email protected]
  15. West Pokot Pokot Central    ELCK CHESTA GIRLS SECONDARY      438        Boarding Girls    Patricia Nandi              0721523812       [email protected]
  16. West Pokot Pokot central     Lomut mixed              260        Mixed Boarding Philip motor      0712588512              [email protected]
  17. West Pokot Pokot central     Elck sekerr mixed sec school   361        Mixed Boarding David chepelion 0710886984              [email protected]
  18. West Pokot Pokot central     St Marys Cheptulel Girls          100        Boarding Girls    Mathilda Wasike               0715937888       nasimiyumatilda [email protected]
  19. West Pokot pokot Central    Our lady Queen of peace mtelo girls          244        Boarding Boys   mrs lomatwa maximilla               0710511195       [email protected]
  20. West Pokot Pokot central     Masol secondary               411        Mixed Boarding Siywat Benjamin               0728492964       [email protected]
  21. West Pokot Pokot Central    Cheptulel Boys Secondary school   286        Boarding Boys   Chesta M. Jacob              727259232              [email protected]
  22. West Pokot Pokot central     Leo staples girls sec               171        Boarding Girls    Eunice Lopus     0728545265              [email protected]
  23. West Pokot Pokot north       Kasei boys secondary school   302        Boarding Boys   Chrispin Omondi Kener              +254712958426               box 637 -30600 kapenguria
  24. West Pokot Pokot north       St Anne’s Chelopoy girls              194        Boarding Girls    Judith Ungadi    0722920056              stanneschelopoy@gmail84
  25. West Pokot Pokot south       ELCK chepkalit mixed sec.School          143        Mixed day/boarding      Douglas Avulala              O726008899      [email protected]
  26. West Pokot Pokot South       Eliza’s Kabichbich Girls’              324        Boarding Girls    Hellen Ronoh    0722587994              [email protected]
  27. West Pokot Pokot south       Daniel  Comboni-kaptabuk            508        Boarding Boys   Ernest Bartay     711380169              Stdanielcombonikaptabuk @gmail. com
  28. West Pokot Pokot west         AGC Pcholpogh Girls Secindary           198        Boarding Girls    john chemorei              +254722214775               [email protected]
  29. West Pokot WEST POKOT     KARENGER BOYS              493        Boarding Boys   SIMON MUTAMBO              0726847823       [email protected]
  30. West Pokot West Pokot        Jerusalem Girls Sec              289        Boarding Girls    Lydia chemtai naibei              0723830966       [email protected]
  31. West Pokot West Pokot        ELCK RIWO MIXED SEC SCHOOL              150        Mixed Boarding Philip Obiero              0723454695       [email protected]
  32. West Pokot West Pokot        Kalemnyang Yunhap              115        Mixed Boarding Benjamin Kemboi              0722653620       [email protected]
  33. West Pokot West pokot        Holy Trinity girls Sec serewo 511        Boarding Girls    Rosemary moti  0710559392              [email protected]
  34. West Pokot West Pokot        Albert Kamito boys secondary school            743        Boarding Boys   Isaiah Sortum              +254711112780               [email protected]
  35. West Pokot WEST POKOT     MICHAEL’S PTOYO BOYS SEC SCHOOL          266        Boarding Boys   KORINGURA EMMANUEL RUTO          0710401411       [email protected]

That is the list of all the Kenya County Secondary Schools, All County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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