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How Teachers can Use Art in Teaching to Make Boring Lesson Fun

Teaching using art is generally getting out of the norm lecture teaching methods and getting creative. It involves broadening the teaching perspective to thinking beyond the classroom and textbook environment. Students can be engaged in learning in the field or in art galleries or museums if need be. Music, dance, and any other artistic activities are encouraged during learning.

Art Captures Student’s attention and Arouses Interest

Teaching using art captures the students’ attention and help them develop an interest in particular subjects. Any teacher can use art to teach. You just have to know how to identify the useful kind of art for a particular topic.

In order to come up with a reliable and efficient piece of art, a teacher should take into consideration certain things. For example, the teacher should be able to answer questions such as:

  • How will this art benefit my students?
  • Will they love it?
  • Does it go hand in hand with what is currently being taught?
  • Is it curriculum friendly?

There’s no excuse whatsoever for having a boring lesson. This is because every subject can be supported by art. What you only need as a teacher is creativity and thinking out of the box.

Art Inspires Creativity

Secondly teaching using art encourages creativity. It is important to use art that does not narrow students thinking to a particular thought. The ‘why, what, when, where, and how’, questions can be answered quite easily when art is involved. A good teacher should encourage students to give their opinions and thoughts without bias. There are no right or wrong answers as long as every answer is accompanied by visual evidence. This enables a teacher to understand the students better by listening to their way of thinking, answering and how they defend their thoughts.

Identifying the theme in a certain topic is key in order to choose the kind of art to use.

Art can be quite productive especially when teaching any bit of theory. As a teacher of language, art has proved to assist my students a lot since its unforgettable eg. The title of a book, the picture accompaniment, and the color used is a piece of art by itself. From that title and picture, a lot of information can be gathered regardless of whether you know the content of the book or not.

New CBC Curriculum Emphasizes on Art

The good thing with the introduction of the new curriculum in Kenya is that art has been emphasized. In fact, the inclusion of art is what makes this new curriculum stand out from the previous.

This curriculum’s aim is to develop the skills of a student and help them specialize in what they’re good at.

As teachers we should learn to embrace our students’ diverse form of thinking, help them understand their talents, passing exams should no longer be a priority.


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