Kanyakine Vtc Courses Offered, Contacts and Application Procedure

Kanyakine Vtc is a  registered Public Vocational Training Center located at Off Meru -Nairobi Highway in Meru County, Kenya.

Kanyakine Vtc Contacts

Institution Name: Kanyakine Vtc
Address: P.O Box 30-60206 Kanyakine
Phone no: 723385016
Email: [email protected]

Physical Location of Kanyakine Vtc

County: Meru
Location: Off Meru -Nairobi Highway
Plot No: Allotment letter for Lower kungone/529
Kanyakine Vtc

Kanyakine Vtc Courses Offered

1. Grade III-I in MVM (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
2. Grade III-I in Hair dressing (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
3. Grade III-I in Welding (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
4. Grade III-I in Electrical wireman (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
5. Grade III-I in Masonry (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
6. Grade III-I in Carpentry (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
7. Grade III-I in Leather technology (NITA) for a maximum of 10 trainees
8. Grade III-I in Tailoring and dress making (NITA) for a maximum of 25 trainees
9. Level II-I in Fashion and design (NVCET) for a maximum of 25 trainees
10. Level II-I in Electrical (NVCET) for a maximum of 25 trainees

Kanyakine Vtc Registration Status

Current Registration Status: Registered And Licensed

Registration Date: 1/23/2020
Expiry Date: 1/22/2025
Registration No: TVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0037/2020

Kanyakine Vtc Category

Category Name: Vocational Training Center
Category: VTC
Type: VTC

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Source:  Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority, TVETA



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