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What are the Best Plagiarism Checkers for Teachers?

In this modern age, where innovative technologies have so much emerged in every field of life, educational institutions have made their standards no less. This includes high schools and colleges where advanced syllabuses are taught.

Table of content
  1. Why do teachers need a plagiarism checker?
  2. Best plagiarism checkers for teachers
  • Turnitin
  • Prepostseo plagiarism checker
  • PlagScan
  • UniCheck
  • PlagTracker

     3. Wrapping up

Why do teachers need a plagiarism checker?

The vast advancement in educational courses and excess internet usage of students have made teaching a tough job. Analyzing a large number of assignments and papers carefully needs a lot of time and effort.

Besides, it is significant to monitor every piece of writing mindfully and give grades accordingly as, more or less, it’s all up to teachers.

Not all of the students are honest and efficient, some would take content directly from the internet or other sources and submit copied assignments.

When teachers have hundreds of assignments for checking manually, they might miss some mistakes or completely fail in recognizing copied content in assignments. This kind of negligence from teachers is not acceptable and it would affect students’ grades and progress reports greater than you think.

So, to maintain an honest and stable monitoring process, plagiarism checkers for free comes in handy for all teachers out there.

Best plagiarism checkers for teachers

Read further and check out the below-mentioned free plagiarism checkers for keeping yourself away from checking tons of copied assignments.

    1. Turnitin

Turnitin is a famous plagiarism checker among students and teachers. Its highly advanced software has a vast database that checks copied content through billions of online websites, research, and academic papers.

Tool features

  • This tool is cloud base so easy to use on both desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Around 16’000 educational institutions are using this around the globe.
  • Accurate results with the source of content
  • Premium plans offer more accurate results.
  • Results are provided in percentage and plagiarized lines are underlined.

    2. Prepostseo plagiarism checker

Prepostseo is famous on the web because of giving most accurate results than any other online free plagiarism checker. It does not matter what type of paper you check through it; it never disappoints any of its users. This is the reason that the Prepostseo plagiarism checker has gained so much attention among everyone especially teachers.

Tool features

  • It is completely free to use; no need to log in or sign up
  • Lengthy papers and assignments can be checked in a split second.
  • Users can copy-paste or upload files from their devices to get them checked.
  • It provides all links to sources that it finds similar to your content.
  • Chrome extension is available
  • It gives results in percentage after deep search analyses of your file.

The website offers other tools as well that you can find useful in the academic field such as a grammar checker, text editor, and paraphrasing tool. All of them are free, simple, and give results without any error.

3. PlagScan

This tool permits teachers to upload and copy-paste papers in its input to scan for duplicated content. It is a web-based plagiarism checker that never fails in detecting copied content through all online sources.

Tool features

  • PlagScan is a completely secure plagiarism checker to works well for academic purposes
  • It utilizes billions of other online sources to compare one single written assignment
  • Also, it provided its users with a link to the source
  • It has a regularly updated search index
  • Generates the most accurate plagiarism report

PlagScan offers a monthly subscription plan for its users if teachers want to buy according to their needs.

4. UniCheck

This tool has made its place in the list of the top best plagiarism checkers by winning almost 1 million users around the globe.

Tool features

  • This plagiarism scanner can be integrated into Google Docs so as you write something it detects plagiarism simultaneously.
  • It works both on spotlighting citations and copied content in your writing
  • The tool is secure and protected databases never allow anyone to get access to your files
  • It gives the most accurate results because of AI-based technologies.
  • Additionally, it saves a lot of time by checking files in bulk

It’s no wonder that it has gained more popularity among academics and content writing than any other field.

5. Plagtracker

It is another efficient tool that most teachers prefer for checking assignments and papers. Its strong databases never allow copied content to pass through it as it checks your paper over 22 million online sources.

Tool features

It is one of the best plagiarisms checking tools for teachers because most of its features work great for them.

  • It provides teachers with student management and tracking system
  • Offers to set up a customized filter for scan a paper accordingly
  • It gives a detailed report with all match sources
  • This is the best tool for cross-checking a document
  • Live document view can help teachers in catching copied text in no time.

Undoubtedly, it is the best helping hand for all teachers out there.

Wrapping up

Despite writing purpose, plagiarism is morally unacceptable for everyone in academics, website content, and every other piece of writing.

All you need to have is a reliable plagiarism checker tool to prohibit copied content as it may ruin your name and reputation in no time.

A wide range of plagiarism checkers exist to verify content originality and identify plagiarism but it is so difficult to choose one having real capabilities.

We have mentioned a couple of plagiarism scanners above that give accurate results in analyzing duplicated text and also showcase its sources.


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