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All Zambian Roads Lead To Schools After Drop In Covid-19 Cases

The government of Zambia announced on Friday that they are looking forward to reopening all institutions of learning at all levels.

This comes after they reported no significant cases of the virus since they reopened the examination classes.

It was brought to everyone’s notice by the president himself, HE Edgar Lungu when he informed that his government will also reopen bars on a “pilot basis” to assess the magnitude of the risk in those areas.

Speaking during the official opening of the National Assembly in Lusaka, President Lungu announced a cautious phase of reopening schools that will run from the 14th to the 18th of this month.

“I announce the reopening of all schools, colleges, and universities with caution, between September 14 and 18, subject to adherence to public health guidelines.” He said.

He noted that the education sector had endured financial losses among others since all academic activities were frozen due to the widespread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Since the reopening of examination classes, I have observed and confirmed that there has been an insignificant number of pupils and students who have contracted Covid-19.” He said.

Coronavirus case tracker Worldometer, reported 13,214 cases in Zambia as of September 11, with the deaths numbering 300.

As an immediate effect of the viral outbreak in Zambia, the country impounded all entertainment locations, sending most businesses into a nosedive and leading to massive job loss on March 18.

“I announce the partial reopening of these outlets – from Friday to Sunday – with immediate effect but with serious caution,” the President said.

He also pledged to boost the economic growth of the country through a slew of plans that he presented to the people.

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