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Voi Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Defiling Orphan Pupil

In Summary:

  • Voi teacher allegedly defiled an orphan school girl.
  • The teacher went into hiding after the ordeal.
  • The suspect was arrested in Homabay County.
  • If proven that the suspect breached TSC code, he will be interdicted.

A teacher in Voi County has been arrested by Police after he allegedly defiled an orphan.

The teacher is said to have defiled the 12-year-old girl at school before the commencement of the April holiday school break.

The defilement incident took place in Voi Sub-County, Taita Taveta County. However, the arrest occurred at the suspect’s home in Dhiwa Constituency, Homabay County.

Voi Police said the suspect had gone into hiding to avoid arrest after he realized the incident got in public’s limelight. The local security agents then tracked him before making the arrest in Homabay.

“The suspect has been moved to Voi where he will be arraigned in Court,” confirmed Joseph Chesire the Voi Sub-County Police Commander.

The teacher will answer to charges of defiling a minor.

The child’s guardian said the girl was threatened not to report the horrendous ordeal to anyone.

The pupil was defiled in school after she had finished the night preps.

The Guardian commended the police for their effort and hard work in tracking down and arresting the suspect.

“I am satisfied that the orphan will get justice after going through this ordeal,” ended the guardian.

Breach of TSC code of Ethics

According to the Teachers Service Commission’s TSC code of conduct, the suspect can be interdicted if proven that he breached section (a) (i) which forbids sexual intercourse with pupils and/or section (a) (iv) that bars a teacher from Sexually Harassing or flirting or acting indecently both to learners and colleague teachers.

The prosecution is mandated to prove the suspect is guilty of the criminal offense.

The sources of evidence that may be used against the suspected teacher are: Police reports, Written reports by TSC agents/County Directors/Supervisors, Investigation reports, and/or Statements from witnesses.

Also, a handwritten statement from the victim or investigation report by the head of his school is enough to convict him.


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