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Kakamega County List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Kakamega County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

In summary, this page contains:

  • Kakamega County List of Sub-County Secondary School Principals
  • Kakamega County List of Sub-County Secondary School Phone Contacts
  • Kakamega County List of Sub-County Secondary School email addresses

Kakamega County List of  Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Kakamega Butere  Ibokolo mixed sec           Hilary Ojera    0795110755/ 0724369417obokolo          Mixed Day              503        [email protected]
  2. Kakamega Butere  St Cecilia Lufumbo girls sec school              Janet Minayo     0726 292659      Day/Boarding girls              408        [email protected]
  3. Kakamega BUTERE SHINAMWENYULI SEC SCH              SAMUEL OGOLA              0737227796       Day       464              [email protected]
  4. Kakamega Butere  Masaba Mixed Secondary School              Rose Kageha Luvembe   0726481514       Day       258              [email protected]
  5. Kakamega Butere  Benedict Mukoye Girls              Miss Chibole Leah Were 0724889516       Day and Boarding Girls      147        [email protected]
  6. Kakamega Butere  St Stephens shiatsala secondary school   Gadd ojala         0724761291       Mixed day          814              Shiatsala [email protected]
  7. Kakamega Butere  IMANGA SEC SCHOOL    Peter Were    0723328878       Day       310        [email protected]
  8. Kakamega Butere  Bukolwe sec school        Patrick o Shikanda            0722446639       Mixed Boarding 554              [email protected]
  9. Kakamega Butere  Eshitari Secondary school              Emmanuel  cheloti sanya             0722402641       Mixed Day and Boarding     411        [email protected]
  10. Kakamega Butere  Manyala Secondary School              Hesbon Mango 0722289302       Mixed Boarding 754              [email protected]
  11. Kakamega BUTERE ESHIKOMERE GIRLS SEC SCHOOL              FEMINA MWANDIHI       0721929770       GIRLS BOARDING AND DAY            180        [email protected]
  12. Kakamega Butere  Ituti sec. School Edwin K. Amariati              0719816238       Day       275        [email protected]
  13. Kakamega Butere  St Peters Muyundi Girls sec.              Jane I. Musungu                            Day       151              [email protected]
  14. Kakamega BUTERE               SHIBEMBE SECONDARY SCHOOL              WILBERFORCE BWIRE           0723509172              Day       230        [email protected]
  15. Kakamega Butere St  Marks  Bulanda  mixed  secondary          AKIRUGA  KISSINGER  Hudson     0722966869              Day       211        [email protected]
  16. Kakamega Butere Shitsitswi Secondary school               Joseph Inganga Asakaniah           0713526862       Day              603        [email protected]
  17. Kakamega Kakamega  Central          Mwangaza  Secondary          Dorry W Ndombi             0724039689       Mixed Day              350        [email protected]
  18. Kakamega Kakamega  East Friends  secondary  school-  Handidi Stephen  wafula              0725347206       Mixed  Day/Boarding    593        [email protected]
  19. Kakamega Kakamega  East               Friends Secondary school- Likhovero            Mary Alambo     0722688984       Day              130        [email protected]
  20. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CENTRAL     SHIEYWE SECONDARY      KEFA ATSOBWA +254722476960               Day              750        [email protected]/[email protected]
  21. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Augustin Rosterman Secondary School     Mary Bwate Mushira              0799848294       Day       350              [email protected]
  22. Kakamega Kakamega central           lukes Shisango Girls Secondary school   Dorice Mbuni    0722975392       Day              157        [email protected]
  23. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CENTRAL     KAKAMEGA TOWNSHIP SECONDARY SCHOOL             AGGREY SICHERE              0721846714       Day       527              [email protected]
  24. Kakamega KAKAMEGA CENTRAL     PATRICK’S IKONYERO SEC SCH         ROSELYNE NAMUSENDE              0720777061       MIXED DAY        1261              [email protected]
  25. Kakamega Kakamega central           Francis Xavier Shikoti mixed sec sch     Barisecha Wilfred           0712780751              Day       471        [email protected]
  26. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Indangalasia C/ G Secondary School            Eunice Juma      0706369088       Day              476        [email protected]
  27. Kakamega Kakamega Central           St Thomas Aquinas Secondary Eshisiru         Edna S.Shiramba             0701116132              Mixed Boarding 550        [email protected]
  28. Kakamega Kakamega central           KILIMO GIRLS SECONDARY       Rachel Okaro     0712056866       Boarding Girls              675        none
  29. Kakamega Kakamega central           Mwiyala mixed Day secondary school    Jacqueline k. Tambasi    O724583029              Day       373        [email protected]
  30. Kakamega Kakamega Central           Ibinzo girls secondary school            Janet A. Otieno 0715138142       Day and boarding             425        [email protected]
  31. Kakamega Kakamega east  Friends mixed shilalyo sec school   Shiashia Carolyne           0728345025       Day       211              [email protected]
  32. Kakamega Kakamega East  Shamiloli secondary              Zachariah Musumba      0724761422       Day       110              [email protected]
  33. Kakamega Kakamega East  SHIDODO SECONDARY SCHOOL              Joyce Ambutsi   722629875         Day Mixed              650        [email protected]
  34. Kakamega Kakamega East  St Monica lubao sec school              Echessa Peter    0722577100       Mixed day sec school              700        [email protected]
  35. Kakamega Kakamega east  Holy cross injira sec              Peter Ogejo        0722286676       Day       270              [email protected]
  36. Kakamega Kakamega East  Lugala secondary School              Okwara Oliver   0722268050       Mixed Day          518              [email protected]
  37. Kakamega Kakamega East  Kwirenyi high school              James amalemba            0721589927       Boarding Girls              389        [email protected]
  38. Kakamega KAKAMEGA EAST            JOSEPH INGOLOMOSIO SEC         MICHAEL WANYONYI OKURO              0718708956       Day       284              [email protected]
  39. Kakamega Kakamega East  Musingu Day Mixed sec school   Achonga Dalmas Wandera          0714808568       Day              140        [email protected]
  40. Kakamega KAKAMEGA EAST            SOLYO SECONDARY SCHOOL     RUKIAH MOHAMMED    0712890948              Day       358        [email protected]
  41. Kakamega Kakamega East  PAG Magale Secondary School  John Lusamamba            0712253594       Day       385        27 Kambiri
  42. Kakamega Kakamega East  St Joseph’s Mukulusu Sec School  Alianda Bwire    0711517002       Day       350              [email protected]
  43. Kakamega Kakamega East  Shiswa Secondary              Elkana Galileo    0701971530       Day       100              Shiswasecondary08@gmail
  44. Kakamega Kakamega East  SA Ivakale secondary               Jacktone Indimuli            0797466421       Day       250              [email protected]
  45. Kakamega Kakamega east  St Joseph’s malimili              Andole kizito     0724021907       Day       512        Andole kizito8@gmail
  46. Kakamega Kakamega East  Mukhonje Sec School               Marina MULAMA            0722882276       Day       170              [email protected]
  47. Kakamega Kakamega East  Bukhaywa Secondary School  Amukowa  0722 382785      Day       739              [email protected]
  48. Kakamega Kakamega East Friends Bulovi Secondary school   Jaafar Omar       0710149825, 0719691926           Day              133        [email protected]
  49. Kakamega Kakamega East St Geralds Shanjero sec              Kizito Ingabi       0722880011       Day       512              [email protected]
  50. Kakamega Kakamega east Lwanda secondary school               Ferdinand Mbiti              0722441344       Mixed day               625        [email protected]
  51. Kakamega Kakamega East St Theresa Isecheno               George Masinde              0721654393       Day       85              [email protected]
  52. Kakamega Kakamega north              Friends secondary-shirugu Sammy k chemey            0728838212       Day       130              Friendssecondaryshirugu@gmail
  53. Kakamega Kakamega North             Shiandiche secondary school            Dinah Nakhungu wekesa              0727023795       Mixed boarding and day              481              [email protected]
  54. Kakamega Kakamega North             Shivanga sec School  Jotham Shitanda             0724879068       Mixed Day              359        none
  55. Kakamega Kakamega North             Friends High School Samitsi   Dan Lutomia Masitsa     0723862927       Boys boarding/Day    420        [email protected]
  56. Kakamega Kakamega North             Namushiya              Benard Mikangi Kalama 0722564355       Mixed Day              212        [email protected]
  57. Kakamega Kakamega North             St Teresa Isanjiro girls       Kivayiru Mary Luvanda  0722479353       Day       351        33-50103 Malava
  58. Kakamega Kakamega North             Chegulo Sec School              SHIKUKU NEHEMIAH      0720758825       Mixed Day              210        [email protected]
  59. Kakamega Kakamega North             MAVUSI SECONDARY SCHOOL     PHOEBE A.CHILUYI         0719410714              Mixed day/boarding      432              [email protected]
  60. Kakamega KAKAMEGA NORTH        LWANDETI SEC SCHOOL              JACOB F. WEMISIKO       0716049410       Mixed Boarding            961        [email protected]
  61. Kakamega KAKAMEGA NORTH        NAMAGARA SECONDARY      KENNEDY M. NYAMOLO 0723816426       Day              750        [email protected]
  62. Kakamega Kakamega North             Monica Girls Namatala Secondary school        Flora Ligwilu Runaku      722669054              Day       151        [email protected]
  63. Kakamega Kakamega North             Namanja sec school   Kharemwa John Wafula               725749821         Day              601        [email protected]
  64. Kakamega Kakamega North             Friends Secondary school Mutsuma             Daniel Wanami 0722265921       Day              239        [email protected]
  65. Kakamega Kakamega south             Our lady of assumption Shitoli          Adelaide Baraza O727574809      Day              145        [email protected]
  66. Kakamega Kakamega south             james Shisesia              Kennedy musumba        9720547478       Mixed Boarding              100        [email protected]
  67. Kakamega Kakamega South             St Joseph’s Shichinji Secondary School          Cassius Lumwamu Khatachi              0728992710       Mixed Day          408              [email protected]
  68. Kakamega Kakamega south             Shiduha sec school              Joan kikechi       0725639410       Day       373              [email protected]
  69. Kakamega Kakamega South             Imbale Secondary school   Joseph Momanyi Ochenge          0722775783       Mixed day and boarding     547        [email protected]
  70. Kakamega KAKAMEGA SOUTH         FRIENDS SCHOOL LIRHEMBE          MILDRED O ATITI            0721223007       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL             351              [email protected]
  71. Kakamega Kakamega South             Musali Secondary              Edward Chole Mwanzi   0720286510       Day       240              [email protected]
  72. Kakamega Kakamega South             Our Lady Queen of Peace Shikondi Girls       Violet Musotsi   0705077362       Day              400        shikondigirls1@gmail.
  73. Kakamega Kakamega south             Friends secondary school shivagala              Peter liguyani khamalishi              0723794337       Mixed Boarding 243        Box 1829 kakamega
  74. Kakamega Kakamega South             Joseph Ortner Girls Secondary School  Mrs. Isabella Munyasa   0722273628              Day       160        [email protected]
  75. Kakamega Kakamega South             FRIENDS SCHOOL LUSIOLA              Chrispinus Sunguti          728617088         Day              520        [email protected]
  76. Kakamega Kakamega south              St Thomas, Shikumu sec school        Adika George     0725823980       Day              183        [email protected]
  77. Kakamega Kakamega South             Shimanyiro sec School   Kosasia Amos Jackson    724303779         Day       310              [email protected]
  78. Kakamega Kakamega South.            Shiveye Secondary school. Fredrick M. Munialo       0721340427       Day       427              [email protected]
  79. Kakamega Kakamega-East Museno Secondary School              Margret Tabu    0708768384       Day       383              [email protected]
  80. Kakamega KHWISERO         EMUTSASA GIRLS SEC. SCHOOL              JUDITH LUNA KAGOT     +254720227825              Day       150        [email protected]
  81. Kakamega Khwisero            Ack St. Pauls Mushinaaka mixed sec sch    Francis Mugalo Semele  +254710875874              Mixed day          137        [email protected]
  82. Kakamega Khwisero            St Stephen’s Mulwanda Secondary          Francis Khaemba            0743920177       Day              773        ststiphensmulwanda@gmail,com
  83. Kakamega Khwisero            Mathews Ikomero  sec.              Jasfesy Emodoi Oridi      0725147910       Mixed day               591        [email protected]
  84. Kakamega Khwisero            Emwiru Mixed Day sec school   Judith Achieng Omwony              0723830256       Day              623        [email protected]
  85. Kakamega Khwisero            Dennis Munjiti sec school   Masinde Alex     0722936580       Day       325              [email protected]
  86. Kakamega Khwisero            St Dennis Munjiti              Masinde Alex     0722936580       Day       327              [email protected]
  87. Kakamega Khwisero            Eshinutsa Secondary              Joseph Kibet Kosgei        0722895124       Day       600              [email protected]
  88. Kakamega Khwisero            St  Anne’s Dudi Girls Secondary School            Linet KUYA Abwao          0722691997              Day       121        [email protected]
  89. Kakamega Khwisero            Eshibinga k secondary              Odera Bernard k              0722683775       Mixed day/boarding    740        [email protected]
  90. Kakamega KHWISERO         MUNDAHA SECONDARY              KENNEDY N SIKUKU        0722449118       Day       208              [email protected]
  91. Kakamega Khwisero            Mwihila Girls High School              Mary Ambasa Mudengeya          0720128662       Girls day              118        [email protected]
  92. Kakamega Khwisero            Shiongo secondary school              Achoki Reuben 071885911         Mixed Boarding 621              achokireuben1970@gmail
  93. Kakamega Khwisero            Ekatsombero secondary school   Nambaka P. Ngala           728598050         Mixed Day              258        [email protected]
  94. Kakamega Khwisero            Ekambuli sec school              Kefa Nyarigoti mogere   0725826337       Mixed day and boarding            326        [email protected]/ [email protected]
  95. Kakamega Khwisero            ST JOSEPH’S SHIROTSA SEC SCHOOL              Rosemary N SHIUNDU    0724347076       Day              263        [email protected]
  96. Kakamega Khwisero            Lwanda Dudi Secondary               Dr Elizabeth Waseka       0720299157       Mixed Boarding              399        281-40610 Yala
  97. Kakamega KHWISERO         SHIRALI SECONDARY               MANOAH MALENYA       0712699564       MIXED DAY              298        [email protected]
  98. Kakamega Kskamega North              St Gerald Mayuge Secondary School            Zachariah Jacob Mulievi Mmasi              0721386043       Day       237              [email protected]
  99. Kakamega Likuyani              Eshikulu Girls Secondary              Josephine Mwavali         0728346067       Boarding and Day  Girls      571        [email protected]
  100. Kakamega Likuyani              Joseph’s Nyorotis Secondary          Sylvia Akissa Etyang        0727730226       Mixed Day              281        [email protected]
  101. Kakamega Likuyani              Augustine’s Soysambu secondary          Nelson Mulongo Mutonyi            0722570035              Day       724        [email protected]
  102. Kakamega LIKUYANI            HENRY’S SAISI WABUGE BOYS SEC            MUHANGANI ALFRED ATSANGO 0722449106              Boarding Boys   360        P.O. BOX 852. MOI’S BRIDGE.
  103. Kakamega Likuyani              Aligula sec. school              Alfayo  Sindani  Mikisi    0722295079       Day       320    
  104. Kakamega likuyani Friends secondary school matisi              wilson okonjo oriato      0721313141       Day       217              Box 8 matunda
  105. Kakamega Likuyani              St Teresa mukunga sec              Moses wm wabwire       0720954014       Day       605              [email protected]
  106. Kakamega Likuyani              Friends Secondary School Kongoni              Protus Wasike Wekesa  0720113218       Mixed Boarding            537        [email protected]
  107. Kakamega Likuyani              Francis Kisigame Secondary          Mrs. Mise Catherine       0717813337       Day              190        [email protected]
  108. Kakamega Likuyani              Mwiba S.A.Secondary School  Masika Isaac      0713690775       Day       402              [email protected]
  109. Kakamega Likuyani              ST BENEDICT LUGULU SEC SCHOOL              Jacquiline Nasimiyu Wangila       722285618              Mixed Boarding 340        [email protected]
  110. Kakamega Likuyani              Veronica Mirembe Girls Sec school          Adika Immaculate Sikuku             0722241944              Day       198        [email protected]
  111. Kakamega Likuyani              St joseph secondary lumino  Mr Matekwa Danstone 0722959161       Day       245              Mdanstone @Yahoo. Com
  112. Kakamega Likuyani              St Joseph’s Kogo secondary               Jackline Nabwile watitwa             0798008921       Day              668        [email protected]
  113. Kakamega Likuyani              St John secondary school Mtoni    Joan osotsi BWIRE           729704622         Day       360              mtonisecondary2015@g
  114. Kakamega Likuyani              Friends  sec school Binyenya            Johnstone Barasa Wasari             0729093737              Day       573        [email protected]
  115. Kakamega LIKUYANI            PETERS’ MOI’S BRIDGE GIRLS SEC SCHOOL          Monica Adhiambo          0721308679              Girls day and boarding   460              [email protected]
  116. Kakamega LIKUYANI            ST JUDE SEREGEYA SECONDARY       Daniel O. Obongo            0720346712       Day              429        [email protected]
  117. Kakamega LUGARI MUKUYU GIRLS PHILICE AYAKO NANDUKULE      0725 282833      Boarding Girls    254              mukuyugirlssecondary@yahoo
  118. Kakamega Lugari   St Augustine’s Mlimani  Ferdinand Musi     0712 996260      Day       890        [email protected]
  119. Kakamega Lugari   Friends  School Mukonge Secondary          Joseph Wekesa Simiyu   0727207361       Day              162        [email protected]
  120. Kakamega Lugari   Macho Muslim  Franciah Gekonge              0726740783       Day       148              [email protected]
  121. Kakamega Lugari   EDEN FAITH HIGH SCHOOL              Robinson mulari              0726665418       Day       200              [email protected]
  122. Kakamega Lugari   Forestal S A Secondary  David W Makokha            0726231385       Day       609              [email protected]
  123. Kakamega Lugari   Manyonyi girls Secondary School              Evaline Obodi    0725649836       Girls day and boarding              328        [email protected]
  124. Kakamega Lugari   Mwamba secondary      JANET MMULA              0723456657       Day       230              [email protected]
  125. Kakamega Lugari   Savala mixed secondary school              George king Nabibya      0722929212       Day       304              Savalasecondary school @gmail .com
  126. Kakamega LUGARI THE S.A MBAJO SECONDARY SCHOOL              EDITH M. L’LANDE   0722880013       Day              200        [email protected]
  127. Kakamega Lugari   AIC Sipande secondary  Janet K Kana     0722445636       Day       331              [email protected]
  128. Kakamega LUGARI FRANCIS MAJENGO SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOYCE MUYANDA            0722271250       Day              444        [email protected]
  129. Kakamega Lugari   Charles Lwanga Koromaiti sec              James Andanje Mayavi  0721668828       Day       415              [email protected]
  130. Kakamega Lugari   Mbaya PAG sec school   Alexina Mung’ahu          0720221842       Day       227        mbaya [email protected]
  131. Kakamega Lugari   Lumakanda township sec school              Agnes N Gikunda            0720100251       Day       400              [email protected]
  132. Kakamega LUGARI AYUB SAVULA SEC. SCHOOL              GEORGE TALLO 0714186223       Day       045              [email protected]
  133. Kakamega Lugari   Immaculate Heart sec. Sch              Wanjala Frederick wasike            0700066821       Day              377        [email protected]
  134. Kakamega Lugari   Holy Family Musembe   Obanda Chrispine Masanga         0712638184       Day       600              holyfamilysecschool@yah
  135. Kakamega Lugari   Ivona Mixed Sec school Alfred M Muyekho            791595600         Day       205              [email protected]
  136. Kakamega Lugari   Lunyito secondary school               Luka Kandie Ayabei         722278984         Day/Boarding mixed   256        O. Box 58,LUGARI
  137. Kakamega Lugari   Lwanda Lugari secondary school               Winfridah Kahigi             721397008         Day       436              [email protected]
  138. Kakamega Lugari   Lumama secondary school               Charles osoro Matundura            0710785186       Day              319        [email protected]
  139. Kakamega Matete Kulumbeni  secondary   Nechesa  Rebbah Makomeri          0725040768ne  Day       405              nechesarebbah@gmail,com
  140. Kakamega Matete Holy Family Marukusi secondsry              Margaret Bulifa 0728150904       Mixed Boarding 618              holyfamilymarukusisec@gmail,com, or margaretbulifa@gmail,com
  141. Kakamega matete Mayoyo S.A secondary school              Mrs janerose cheptai kibaba       0727978075       Mixed day              236        [email protected]
  142. Kakamega Matete Lwandeti DEB Sec.         Edwin Ariya     0725674978       Day       927        [email protected]
  143. Kakamega Matete Friends school Vuyika    Cyrus Asena   0724595996       Day       263        [email protected]
  144. Kakamega Matete Muhomo            Mwashi Igobwa              0722472358       Mixed Boarding 326              [email protected]
  145. Kakamega Matete Mukasa Girls secondary school_Chimoi  Jerioth Njeri Wageni      0722396930       Day              278        [email protected]
  146. Kakamega Matete Frirnds Mabuye Secondary School              Skipper Nyongesa           0721359978       Day       174              [email protected]
  147. Kakamega Matete Chenjeni sec school        Osundwa Benjamin            0710942027       Day       455        1615webuye
  148. Kakamega Matete Sub County         Nzoia DEB Secondary School            Fredrick S A O Onyango 0745 083 815              Mixed Boarding 412        [email protected]
  149. Kakamega Matungu            St Charles Lunganyiro Sec School  Lorna A Oguta   0714089524l      Day       389              [email protected]
  150. Kakamega Matungu            ACK ST PAUL’S MUNGORE              David Otanga Osomo     +254 771037435             Day              152        [email protected]
  151. Kakamega Matungu            peters Lubanga              Kombwayo O.A.Silas      0729032044       Mixed Boarding and Day              570        [email protected]
  152. Kakamega Matungu            Ack St Mary’s Ebusambe sec         Ongek Lucy        0727890063       Day       127              [email protected]
  153. Kakamega Matungu            Eshibanze Muslim Secondary School            Emelda Otieno  0727252774       Day              350        [email protected]
  154. Kakamega Matungu            Ngairwe sec       Agnes Nkuubi 0727047428       Day       265        Ngairwesecschool@
  155. Kakamega Matungu            ACK Koyonzo Girls’Secondary Joyce A.Were     0724440846       Day       326              [email protected]
  156. Kakamega MATUNGU         Namulungu mixed day and boarding secondary school         RICHARD RATEMO              0724431190       Mixed Boarding 397              [email protected]
  157. Kakamega Matungu            St charles khalaba secondary school            Bonface Boyi makokha  0724012110              Mixed day and boarding              573              [email protected]
  158. Kakamega Matungu            Munami mixed  Patrick Siketi     0722595516       Mixed Boarding 480              [email protected]
  159. Kakamega Matungu            ACK Emmanuel Marinda Secondary          Mathias Otieno Sewe     0722282658       Mixed Day              141        [email protected]
  160. Kakamega Matungu            St Maurice Mwira Secondary School            Leonard Avugwi Muganda              0722218487       Mixed Boarding 1008              [email protected]
  161. Kakamega Matungu            Emmanuel Lutasio sec school   David Okola Mukhwana 0721519558       Day       162              [email protected]
  162. Kakamega Matungu            St Joseph Namberekeya sec         OkutoGerald George      0721489678       Day       213              [email protected]
  163. Kakamega matungu            Busombi Muslim secondary          clives Ochanda kadima  0721431209       Mixed boarding & day 250        [email protected]
  164. Kakamega Matungu            St Joseph indangalasia secondary          Wilfred Were    0721293839       Mixed Boarding              629        [email protected]
  165. Kakamega Matungu            St Francis Shiyabo              Joyce Mukhwana Chesoli            0721238422       Day              220        [email protected]
  166. Kakamega Matungu            Namulungu Muslim secondary          Wycliffe Mutali Kisaka   0720874581       Day              208        [email protected]
  167. Kakamega Matungu            Ejinja Mixed Day Secondary School            Cornel Odhiambo Okeyo              0720306528       Day       485              [email protected]
  168. Kakamega Matungu            Mary’s Namalasire              Pitia Rombosia 0722 968 600    Day       245              [email protected]
  169. Kakamega Matungu            St Johns Mukhweya sec              Colleta were      0711428880       Mixed day          366              [email protected]
  170. Kakamega MATUNGU           MARKS IMAKALE SECONDARY       BARASA MUKOYA           0791982361       Day              247        [email protected]
  171. Kakamega Matungu            St Mary’s Namasanda Secondary          Rosemary Avoga             721290454         Day              112        Stmarysnamasandaschool
  172. Kakamega Matungu            Emanani Muslim Sec               Mustafa Rajab Mukhwandala     720426257         Day              315        [email protected]
  173. Kakamega Mumias              Musanda Sec     Otando Fredrick Were   0721211654       Day       764              [email protected]
  174. Kakamega Mumias East      Eluche sec          Richard Opiyo    +254722643935               Mixed Boarding 283              [email protected]
  175. Kakamega Mumias East      St Paul’s. Ebusia Sec school              Robert N Kasembeli        0725599685       Mixed Boarding              830        [email protected]
  176. Kakamega Mumias East      Stephen’s ACK Eshiakhulo Secondary school      Rebecca Isutsa  0724659298              Mixed Day          217        [email protected]
  177. Kakamega Mumias East      Peter’s Khaunga sec school   Memba David    0722606507       Mixed Day          446              [email protected]
  178. Kakamega Mumias East      St John’s khaimba              AGNES JUMA     0721795335       Day       196              StJohn’[email protected]
  179. Kakamega Mumias East      Makunga Mixed              Elphas Mudeheri             0721642772       Day       590              [email protected]
  180. Kakamega Mumias East      Mahola Mixed Secondary School  Patrick Mumali Were     0713557744       Day       102              [email protected]
  181. Kakamega Mumias East      Gabriel isongo               Wafula David Wmalwa  0712847823       Mixed Day and Boarding            570        [email protected]
  182. Kakamega Mumias East      St Stephen Kamashia              Gerald Ligale Luvembe  0710276661       Mixed Day              338        [email protected]
  183. Kakamega Mumias East      Ebubole secondary school              Wamalwa Macdaff         0710165133       Day       360              [email protected]
  184. Kakamega mumias east      ACK St Peter’s khabakaya sec         agneta anyango Shiundu omoto               0723446749              mixed day          324        [email protected]
  185. Kakamega Mumias East      Phillips Ebwaliro Sec. School   Kennedy Omega              0728891670       Day       102              [email protected]
  186. Kakamega Mumias East      St Teresa Eshisenye girls               Mildred Were Osore      0702741974       Day       200              [email protected]
  187. Kakamega Mumias East      Musango Secondary School               Damaris Anyanga Omwakwe Mulunda    0727594294              Mixed Day          257        [email protected]
  188. Kakamega Mumias West    Luke’s Ihonje Secondary School  Lazarus Makokha            0729411760       Day       221              [email protected]
  189. Kakamega Mumias west     St Christopher Enyapora secondary School            Nicholas Opiyo  0728996756       Day              465        [email protected] /[email protected]
  190. Kakamega Mumias West    St Teresa’s Emukhuwa girld              MrsNyamamba Anne     0715455465       Boarding and Day girls       268        0715455465
  191. Kakamega Mumias West    Ichinga Muslim sec              Murenga E. Kassim         0714219988       Mixed Day              426        [email protected]
  192. Kakamega Mumias west     Shibale ack secondary              Were Ernest Webukha  0712710698       Day       188              [email protected]
  193. Kakamega Mumias west     St joseph ugana Secondary school   Julius Owino Keya           0711968074       Day       275              [email protected]
  194. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO     Buhayi Muslim sec school              ASHA MAERO YUSUF      O718068306      Day       217              [email protected]
  195. Kakamega Navakholo         Bushili secondary              Tom Odoyo        0733539170       Day       320              [email protected]
  196. Kakamega Navakholo         Sidikho sec sch  Issa Ramadhan         0727337587       Day       870              [email protected]
  197. Kakamega Navakholo         Nang’anda secondary school   Ottawa Wycliffe              0723824986       Day       384              [email protected]
  198. Kakamega Navakholo         Nambacha Mixed Secondary School            Daniel K. Muttai              0723310039              Day       181        [email protected]
  199. Kakamega Navakholo         Caroli Lwanga Lutaso Secondary School            Zacharia Maunde Maungo              0722917581       Day       434        [email protected]
  200. Kakamega Navakholo         Raphael,s Burangasi              stephen manyasi wafula              0722671827       Mixed Boarding            413        burangasisecondary@
  201. Kakamega Navakholo         Ematiha secondary school              Onduru Godfrey Owino 0721778375       Day       350              [email protected]
  202. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO     PAUL’S EMULAKHA SECONDARY SCHOOL     EMILY MUHONJA            0721288442              MMIXED DAY/BOARDING            1085              [email protected]
  203. Kakamega Navakholo         Marys Ebutenje Secondary          Munyiri Phelgona Anyango         0711330916              Boarding Girls    230        [email protected]
  204. Kakamega Navakholo          Sirigoi Secondary               Samwel Ambrose Makokha         0722 343005      Day              294        [email protected]
  205. Kakamega Navakholo          Navakholo secondary school   Masika Natembeya         0710165728       Day Mixed              980        [email protected]
  206. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO      Friends Nderema Mixed Secondary school            ORODHO JEREMIAH ONGESSO               0793017607       Day       84          [email protected]
  207. Kakamega Navakholo          Friends sch Simuli               Lugadiru Kalemera Patricia          0724421590       Day              269        [email protected]
  208. Kakamega NAVAKHOLO      ST JOHN’S SHINOYI SECONDARY SCHOOL     Mrs WILBRODAH CHILISWA AMISI              0723996938       MIXED DAY/BOARDING 425        shinoyi 89@gmail. com
  209. Kakamega Navakholo          Teresa’s Ebumamu Secondary School            Kundu Agatha Naliaka    0721806136              Day       83          [email protected]
  210. Kakamega Navakholo          St pauls mixed sec school lwakhupa           Hedwig mukhwana Naulikha       0720410375              Mixed Day          368        [email protected]
  211. Kakamega Navakholo          St john Budonga               Peter Vikiru yayah           0724724171       Day       352              Peter vikiru@gmail .Com
  212. Kakamega Shinyalu             Gabriel Mundulu Sec.School          Michael Otieno Were     0722448274       Day       70              [email protected]

That is the list of all the Sub County Secondary Schools in Kakamega County, with the names of all the Sub- County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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