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Makueni County List of All Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Here are the names of all Sub County schools in Makueni County with the respective Sub-County the school is located, the total student enrolment, the name of the school Principal, School phone number contact, and the school email address.

In summary, this page contains:

  • Makueni County List of Sub-County Secondary School Principals
  • Makueni County List of Sub-County Secondary School Phone Contacts
  • Makueni County List of Sub-County Secondary School email addresses

Makueni County List of  Sub-County Secondary Schools, Principals, and School Contacts

Name of County         Name of Sub County  Name of School              Name of principal       School phone number Type of School Total enrolment       School email address

  1. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kavingoni secondary school   Samuel Muia Mativo      N/A       Mixed day/ boarding              386        [email protected]
  2. Makueni Kathonzweni     Augustine Itumbule Secondary School            Mr. Willie Ndung’u         +254728532838              Day       270        P.O. Box 159-90302 Kathonzweni
  3. Makueni Kathonzweni     Ignatius         Mbyulya Mutua Isaac     0733343206       Mixed day and boarding     206        [email protected]
  4. Makueni Kathonzweni     Yekanga Second School              Philip Wambua         0729463073       Day       276              N/A
  5. Makueni Kathonzweni     Yekanga Secondary School              Philip Wambua         0729463073       Day       276              N/A
  6. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kiuuku mixed sec              Mukungu j keli 0727860357       Mixed Boarding 401              Box 284-90302 kathonzweni
  7. Makueni KATHONZWENI IIANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              ISAIAH M. MURIITHI       0725435489       Day       205              [email protected]
  8. Makueni kathonzweni     kanthuni secondary school              urbanus N Muli 0723821799       Day       253              [email protected]
  9. Makueni kathonzweni     ST josephs ikaasu sec              Kyengo michael 0723821075       Mixed day/boarding              354        [email protected]
  10. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kanthiitu sec      David musavi 0722585606       Mixed Boarding 186              [email protected]
  11. Makueni Kathonzweni     Mbuvo Secondary              Bernard Mutinda Muthuku         0722550660       Mixed Boarding            608        [email protected]
  12. Makueni Kathonzweni     Munathi secondary school              Katinda Nguli     0722299804       Day       103              [email protected]
  13. Makueni Kathonzweni     Yemulwa sec school              Nicholas musembi nzioki             0721355190       Mixed Boarding            234        [email protected]
  14. Makueni Kathonzweni     Kwakavisi mixed secondary              Stephen  Kioko  720809271         Day       83              [email protected]
  15. Makueni Kathonzweni     Matheani secondary school   Mathias Musyoka Makula           0717117429       Mixed Boarding            218        O. BOX 21(90303), KITISE
  16. Makueni kathonzweni     FRANCIS MANZANI Sec              REGINA N.KAKYEMA       0713487409       Mixed Boarding              145        [email protected]
  17. Makueni Kathonzweni     KATHAMBONI SECONDARY              Patrick Ngotho Ngoka    0712246858       Mixed Day & Boarding            349        [email protected]
  18. Makueni KATHONZWENI ACK ST JOSEPH’S MAAU ELI SEC SCHOOL      HARUN MWAURA           0710941375       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 481        [email protected]
  19. Makueni KATHONZWENI St Joseph Kitumbai secondary School            BENEDICT NZUKI             0707312020              Day       221        [email protected]
  20. Makueni Kathonzweni     ACK kiteei secondary School  Francis Mbulya 0726824495       Day       156              [email protected]
  21. Makueni Kathonzweni      KATANGINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Gideon Musyoki              0714439290       Mixed Boarding            355        [email protected]
  22. Makueni Kibwezi Kamulalani sec  Kaunga kioko              0727697538       Day       210    
  23. Makueni Kibwezi Ititi secondary school     Mr Kasyoka Andrew Mutula              0726407045       Mixed day and boarding            213        [email protected]
  24. Makueni KIBWEZI              NTHONGONI SECONDARY SCHOOL              EUNICE  LOKO  MUKULA              0726304984              Day       350        [email protected]
  25. Makueni Kibwezi St Peter’s Thange Boys   Henry Matata Mwali    0725230469       Boys Day & Boarding      208              [email protected]
  26. Makueni Kibwezi Kiuani secondary            Joseph muia kinyanzii   0724888467       Mixed Boarding 297              [email protected]
  27. Makueni Kibwezi Muthingiini Girls              Pascalia Ndunge Mutuku             0724212225              Day/Boarding Girls         273              [email protected]
  28. Makueni KIBWEZI              NGAIKINI SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOSHUA MASOO             0723913805       Day              187        [email protected]
  29. Makueni Kibwezi Canaan secondary school              Mike Musyimi Reuben   0723791116       Day       171              [email protected]
  30. Makueni Kibwezi Ivingoni secondary         Charles kathuli  0723511487       Mixed day and boarding              200              [email protected]
  31. Makueni Kibwezi Martin Maikuu secondary              Daniel kariuki mundati  0722669206       Mixed Boarding              320        [email protected]
  32. Makueni Kibwezi St Simon mbui Nzau       Roselyn Ndunge john      0722666700       Day       202              [email protected]
  33. Makueni Kibwezi Ngwata Secondary         Chengo              0722292547       Mixed Boarding 328              [email protected]
  34. Makueni kibwezi Ulilinzi High School         Stephen Musau Silingi     0721550699       mixed day and boarding 375              [email protected]
  35. Makueni Kibwezi Tsavo West secondary school              Mithumbi Nicholas Kiteme          0721491667       Day              115        [email protected]
  36. Makueni KIBWEZI              NGOKOLANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Michael Njoroge              0721459104       Day       80              ngokolanisecschool@gmail [email protected]
  37. Makueni Kibwezi Kiaoni Sec School            Philip Mutuku Nzomo 0721360400       Mixed Day and Boarding              319 [email protected]//[email protected]
  38. Makueni Kibwezi Prof kaloki muthungue sec              Kioko Raphael   0721320681       Day       420              [email protected]
  39. Makueni Kibwezi Masongaleni sec             Richard musyoka            0721233529       Mixed   459              [email protected]
  40. Makueni Kibwezi Mbeetwani secondary school              Mutui peter       0720690302       Mixed day          120              [email protected]
  41. Makueni Kibwezi Kisayani Girls secondary school              Jane loko Mbaluka          714096117         Girls day and boarding            106        [email protected]
  42. Makueni kibwezi kyanguli sec       peter muthui              0712833079       Mixed Boarding 194        Box 73-90136 nzeeka
  43. Makueni Kibwezi Matulani Secondary School              Moffat Munyao 0712310647       Mixed Boarding 360              Matulani secondary School@gmail
  44. Makueni Kibwezi Kiundwani secondary     Dorothy mutanu mutie   0712296335       Day       200              [email protected]
  45. Makueni Kibwezi Kyusyani secondary School              Mary Muthoki   0710624698       Day       148        kyusyani [email protected]
  46. Makueni Kibwezi Kyaani sec          Mwaula simon              0710538572       Mixed Boarding 440              [email protected]
  47. Makueni Kibwezi Kithasyu seconday          Annastasia N Musau            0703554300       Mixed day and partial boarding              310        [email protected]
  48. Makueni Kibwezi Silanga secondary school               Benson Musili Maithya  0711587688       Day       327              [email protected]
  49. Makueni kibwezi               Kalungu sec school               eliphas miriti kaburu              0703690940/0721629404              Mixed Boarding 309        [email protected]
  50. Makueni Kibwezi               Yumbuni sec school kibwezi               Nicholas Nthenge mwania           0724050528              Mixed Day and Boarding              411              [email protected]
  51. Makueni Kibwezi               Kivuthini sec school               George Macharia            723380322         Mixed day /boarding           713        [email protected]
  52. Makueni Kibwezi               Yikitaa sec school               Timothy Mutie kakomo 0721410805       Mixed day and boarding             324        [email protected]
  53. Makueni Kibwezi               Masaku Ndogo Secondary school   Florence Ndisya     0721382050       Mixed Boarding              229        [email protected]
  54. Makueni Kibwezi               Mwitasyano Secondary school   Simon Kioko Mwololo    0721364893       Day       391              [email protected]
  55. Makueni Kibwezi east      Mavindini secondary school   Elizabeth muthuiba        0742254629       mixed day and boarding            260        [email protected]
  56. Makueni Kibwezi sub-county        Makutano secondary school            Josephine Mutisya          0702063339              Mixed boarding and day school 450              [email protected]
  57. Makueni Kilungu Kisyulya sec school         JORRUM MWEI MUTISO  0727661151       Day       361        Kisyulya [email protected]
  58. Makueni Kilungu Ikalyoni secondary schoo              Dorcas Nyakundi             0721929860       Mixed Boarding              235        [email protected]
  59. Makueni Kilungu Patrick’s kyamatheka sec school              John Kariuki Zabron        0721666763       Mixed day              148        [email protected]
  60. Makueni kilungu Ack kithangathini secondary              Stephen M Muasya        0717639483       mixed day and boarding            243        [email protected]
  61. Makueni Kilungu Kyakatoni secondary school              Paul Meja Kalwale          0714095077       Day       235              [email protected]
  62. Makueni Kilungu Kyamuoso central secondary              Jeremiah k. Muanga       0712864434       Mixed day              280        [email protected]
  63. Makueni Kilungu Paul’s kyang’a secondary school              Jeffery Makau Mutiso    0703611833       Day       203              [email protected]
  64. Makueni Kilungu Isovya secondary             Bonface mutua   724463822         Mixed day boarding       597              [email protected]
  65. Makueni Kilungu Monica Wautu Secondary school   Bernard Kiamba Ndalalu              0722176799       Day Mixed               110        Box 9 – 90130 Nunguni
  66. Makueni MAKINDU           KALII SEC SCHOOL              EMILY K. MAINGI             NONE    Day       13              [email protected]
  67. Makueni Makindu             Ngakaa secondary school              John njoroge kiarie         …0721385346              Mixed day and boarding              200              [email protected]
  68. Makueni Makindu             Katulani sec. School              Simon M. Mutunga         +254720491289               Day       58              [email protected]
  69. Makueni Makindu             Mukameni mixed sec school   Stephen matheka           0727749349       Mixed day and boarding            667        [email protected]
  70. Makueni Makindu             Nguumo sec School              Raphael Wathome          0726295499       Mixed Boarding              441        [email protected]
  71. Makueni Makindu             Kamboo sec.      Ruth kivuva   0725435014       Day mixed          127              [email protected]
  72. Makueni MAKINDU           Ndindi kitavi sec school              Muema Henry Kiswii      0724724899       Day       21              [email protected]
  73. Makueni Makindu             Kangii Sec School              Joshua Kaganda Kapesa 0722886908       Day       71              O.Box 191 Makindu
  74. Makueni Makindu             Mutantheeu Mixed Day Secondary school            Joseph Njoroge 0722448752       Mixed Day              40          165-90138 Makindu
  75. Makueni Makindu             Ngomano sec     Ben   jvia ngondi  0722250729       Mixed Boarding 115        179_90138
  76. Makueni Makindu             KISINGO SECONDARY              Phoebe Muiva mrs         0721553726       Mixed day/Boarding    279        kissingo [email protected]
  77. Makueni MAKINDU           BAKHITA MAKUSU SECONDARY SCHOOL     LENNAH MUSYA              0721417541              Both day and boarding  150              [email protected]
  78. Makueni Makindu             Francis of Assisi Kaunguni Secondary School        Mrs.Susan Kioko              0721351093       Day       430        [email protected]
  79. Makueni Makindu             Salama Secondary School_Makin&u            Paul N.Kiamba  0720499390       Day              345        [email protected]
  80. Makueni Makindu             Mumbe boys high school              TONENI Erick     0720172276       Boarding Boys   103              [email protected]
  81. Makueni Makindu             Yimwaa secondary               Julius K Miwa     721988836         Day       149        yimwaa [email protected]
  82. Makueni Makindu             Syumile secondary school               Stephen Tuva    0714660224       Mixed day and boarding.               335        Box 48-90137 kibwezi
  83. Makueni Makindu             Masalani Makindu secondary school            Nicholas Musiu Nzioki    742544360              Day       113        [email protected]
  84. Makueni Makindu             Kanaani sec school               Annah Mutua    722330883         Day       65              [email protected]
  85. Makueni MAKUENI           NTHANGU MIXED DAY/BOARDING SEC.SCHOOL     MAGDALENE M.NGUMUTA              +254 722868690             MIXED DAY/BOARDING 350              [email protected]
  86. Makueni MAKUENI           NGULUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              KYULE  MUTHYOI    0740932273       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING              365        [email protected]
  87. Makueni Makueni             Mukuyuni secondary              Reuben k Musyoki          0734648936       Mixed Boarding              508        [email protected]
  88. Makueni Makueni             St Peters Makongo secondary          Titus M Kavevo 0729879258       Day       102              [email protected]
  89. Makueni MAKUENI           MAKULI ACK SECONDARY SCHOOL              MUNYWOKI KAVUTAI          0729267517              Day       75          [email protected]
  90. Makueni Makueni             I.C Mutulani   Eunice Mutuku 0728408857       Day       430        [email protected]
  91. Makueni MAKUENI           ST FRANCIS KIUUKUNI SECONDARY      JACINTA NDUNGE RAYMOND     0728093614              Day       133
  92. Makueni MAKUENI           Public    WILLIAM NJOGHOLO MWANDIGHA           0727702603       Day       72              [email protected]
  93. Makueni Makueni             Iuani secondary school              Mary K.Kikuvi    0727683662       Mixed day and boarding              253        [email protected]
  94. Makueni makueni             St peters Kyau secondary              Patrick mbithi    0727481152       mixed day          135              [email protected]
  95. Makueni Makueni             Kithoni Secondary              Esther Mwia Kimwele    0726085889       Day       154              school@ gmail
  96. Makueni Makueni             Muiu secondary School              Jamlick nyaga    0725623663       Day       200              [email protected]
  97. Makueni Makueni             Kitandi Sec school              Augustus Musee             0722926056       Day       315              Kitandi [email protected]
  98. Makueni Makueni             Senda mixed day sec school   Jacob Waweru kahato   0722694977       Mixed Boarding              150        [email protected]
  99. Makueni MAKUENI           KIMUUMO SECONDARY SCHOOL              DAMARIS NZILANI KINGOO         0722536373              Day       198        [email protected]
  100. Makueni Makueni             Mutulani sec School              Julius Mutwii     0722424460       Day       320              [email protected]
  101. Makueni Makueni             Kivani sec school               John kitema       0721851419       Mixed day          562              [email protected]
  102. Makueni MAKUENI           MUNYUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL              BERNARD M MUTISYA   0721313686       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 389        [email protected]
  103. Makueni Makueni             Mwea Mixed Secondary School   Evans Kamau     0721226513       Day       139              [email protected]
  104. Makueni Makueni             MUTHWANI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Peter Munyithya Mututa             0720789841              Mixed Day and boarding             311        o.Box 34-90127,Mbumbuni.
  105. Makueni MAKUENI           MANDOI SECONDARY              STEPHEN W MUIRURI    0716441311       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         161        [email protected]
  106. Makueni Makueni             Kambi mawe secondary school   Urbanus M Ndunda        714660128         Mixed Boarding              341        [email protected]
  107. Makueni Makueni             Kyumu Secondary school              Dorcas S.P. Kilonzo         0712844557       Day       387        [email protected]
  108. Makueni Makueni             Kyumu secondary              Dorcas Syombua P. Kilonzo         0712844557       Day              386        [email protected]
  109. Makueni Makueni             Kee S.A sec         Alice Muendo             0712594403       Day       127              [email protected]
  110. Makueni Makueni             SIA SECONDARY SCHOOL              Wilbourne Daudi Kanyaa             0710895365       Mixed day              83          [email protected]
  111. Makueni Makueni             Kitonyoni sec     Joseph musyoka            0703497474       Mixed day and Boarding              255        [email protected]
  112. Makueni Makueni             Nthukula abc sec.              Godwin mwatu 0701194400       Mixed Boarding 148              [email protected]
  113. Makueni Makueni             Kasunguni sec    Daniel k. Mutua  0700043717       Mixed day & boarding   310              [email protected]
  114. Makueni Makueni             AIC IUANI SEC    David Mutuku Musyimi            0735275244       Mixed Day & Boarding              147        [email protected]
  115. Makueni Makueni             AIC muthyoi sec Teresiah mutua   0725171342       Mixed day & boarding   283              [email protected]
  116. Makueni Makueni             Kambi Mawe boys sec. School  Jackson Mutuku              0715534422       Mixed Boarding              263        Kambimaweboys
  117. Makueni Makueni             Ack Ukia mixed secondary               Ruth Muia          0725225649       Mixed day          245              [email protected]
  118. Makueni Makueni             Mary’s Girls Kola              Victoria Mumbua Nduva              0721437475       Boarding Girls      135        StmarysgirlsKola@gmail
  119. Makueni makueni             muambani secondary school   Mary  m kisoi     0718287795       Day       168              [email protected]
  120. Makueni MBOONI – EAST CHEMCHEMI     CHARLES K. NGOLOMA  +254703132797               MIXED DAY              102        [email protected]
  121. Makueni Mbooni East      Mukimwani secondary              Kikanywa Joseph Kiilu    0733369768       Mixed Boarding              368        [email protected]
  122. Makueni Mbooni east      Nganwa sec sch Urbanus Muli Nthumo     0727237378       Day       206              [email protected]
  123. Makueni Mbooni East      Miangeni sec school              Joseph Maweu  0726486905       Mixed day/boarding              171        [email protected]
  124. Makueni Mbooni East      Kathulumbi sec school              Esther Nthenya Mbeva  0726416357       Mixed day              199        [email protected]
  125. Makueni Mbooni east      Mutembuku mixed secondary School            Patrick kimani mwangi   0723323172              Day       150        Mutembuku [email protected]
  126. Makueni Mbooni East      Kikuswi secondary School              Shadrack mule katundu 0722973670       Day       106              [email protected]
  127. Makueni Mbooni East      WATUKA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL     NICHOLAS MBITHI MAKAU              0722447420       Day       87              [email protected]
  128. Makueni Mbooni east      Wambiti secondary              NEBERT KASHA  0721696136       Day       83              [email protected]
  129. Makueni Mbooni East      Kaketi secondary school              Ndumwa phythias nzue 0720863692       Day       176              [email protected]
  130. Makueni MBOONI EAST   AIC NDITHINI MIXED SEC              ALOISE MUTUNGI.          0720701298       Day       190              [email protected]
  131. Makueni Mbooni East      Ndumbi Mixed Secondary School  Maluku Benjamin           0720539294       Day       269              [email protected]
  132. Makueni Mbooni east      Mukuku              Joseph manduu             0716251679       Day       174              [email protected]
  133. Makueni Mbooni East      Kathamba secondary school   Joseph Muthui Kalekye  0715433422       Mixed Day              141        [email protected]
  134. Makueni mbooni east      mbimbini secondary              Peter Mutungi   0714428251       Day       118              [email protected]
  135. Makueni MBOONI EAST   MIAU SECONDARY               PAUL MURIUKI KARANJA             0713243615       Mixed Boarding            243        [email protected]
  136. Makueni Mbooni East      Mituvu sec school              Prisca k mutisya 0712474883       Day       214              [email protected]
  137. Makueni Mbooni East      Kyome mixed secondary              Musango Innocent         0711934852       Day       50              [email protected]
  138. Makueni MBOONI EAST   ITULU MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              STEPHEN K MATILU        0711380028       Day              149        [email protected]
  139. Makueni Mbooni East      Iviani secondary              Muthiani Kiswili 0703553797       Day       120              ivianisecondary [email protected].
  140. Makueni Mbooni east      Yangua mixed secondary              Constantine kameti        0110003406       Day       144              [email protected]
  141. Makueni Mbooni East      Ngungi mixed day secondary          Justus wakanyumu         0718753931       Day              250        [email protected]
  142. Makueni Mbooni East      Utuneni sec school              Isaac komoni     0792323696       Mixed day boarding              254        Utunenisecschòoi@
  143. Makueni Mbooni East      Barnabas Thwake secondary          Alfonce Ndunda              728362331         Day              224        [email protected]
  144. Makueni Mbooni East      Ngaa mixed day secondary               Lilian kituli          0723359948       Day       158              [email protected]
  145. Makueni MBOONI EAST   KYANGONDU SEC SCHOOL               TABITHA KISING’U           0710864334       Day       576              [email protected]
  146. Makueni Mbooni East      Ngunini secondary school               Margaret Mawia Mutia 0728963152       Mixed Boarding              195        [email protected]
  147. Makueni Mbooni East      Usalala secondary school               Francis M. Mutuku          0726502122       Day       121              [email protected]
  148. Makueni Mbooni East      Ndauni mixed day secondary school            Philip N Kisilu     0723121029       Day              242        [email protected]
  149. Makueni Mbooni East      Lung’u secondary school               David S Mutunga             0722441227       Mixed Boarding              236        [email protected]
  150. Makueni MBOONI EAST   MBUKONI SECONDARY SCHOOL              Ndungwa N.Muchiri       0718666454       Day              233        [email protected]
  151. Makueni mbooni west     Itetani Girls secondary school   Muthembwa k.mwikali  0790859287       Boarding Girls              188        [email protected]
  152. Makueni Mbooni west     Uvaani mixed day secondary school            Ruth Mutuku     0729576800       Mixes day school   159        [email protected]
  153. Makueni Mbooni west     Kyamithenge secondary School  Peter Mweu Ivongo        0729427726       Day       178              [email protected]
  154. Makueni mbooni west     syathani secondary school              elijah kamuti musyimi    0727692041       Day       86              [email protected]
  155. Makueni MBOONI WEST SYILUNI SECONDARY              JAMES MUTHAMA          0727338410       Mixed Boarding              217        [email protected]
  156. Makueni Mbooni west     Ack st.josephs kyandote sec         Dorcas Kaleke    0727237804       Day       149              [email protected]
  157. Makueni Mbooni West    Ngai HGM secondary School  Benedict Nzioki 0726550931       Mixed day and Boarding              392        [email protected]
  158. Makueni MBOONI WEST KIKIINI SEC SCHOOL              SUSAN K. MUNYAO        0725910168       Day       310              [email protected]
  159. Makueni Mbooni West    Kitundu Secondary School              Elizabeth N. Mati             0725486662       day and girls’ boarding            309        [email protected]
  160. Makueni MBOONI WEST WANZAUNI SECONDARY              LILLIAN GITONGA MUTIE             0725070275       Day              154        [email protected]
  161. Makueni MBOONI WEST KITHUNGO SEC SCHOOL              SULEIMAN IRUNGU MACHARIA 0722939782       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING 248        [email protected]
  162. Makueni Mbooni west     Utumoni mixed day secondary school            Njema sila kiilu  0722923831       Day              142        [email protected]
  163. Makueni Mbooni West    Mukaatini secondary              Kimali S. Ngumbi             0722499752       Mixed Day and Boarding            181        com
  164. Makueni MBOONI WEST MUMANI HIGH SCHOOL              M. NGUGI       0722458300       Day       194              [email protected]
  165. Makueni Mbooni west     Kilyungi secondary School              Peter M. Musema           0721973139       Day       327              [email protected]
  166. Makueni Mbooni west     Kwaithi secondary school              MWANIA MICHAEL KYULE    0721711452       Day              193        [email protected]
  167. Makueni MBOONI WEST MAVINDU SEC SCHOOL              BENSON MUTINDA NGEWA        0721403441       Mixed Boarding            388        [email protected]
  168. Makueni MBOONI WEST ACK ST STEPHEN KATHEMBONI SECONDARY         MUENI MUTUKU              0720248355       Day       184              [email protected]
  169. Makueni Mbooni west     Ndoo Secondary School              Nzau Francis Mutua       0719237834       Mixed Boarding              261        [email protected]
  170. Makueni Mbooni West    Ititu AIC secondary school              Justus musyoka kilonzi   0717548320       Day       141              [email protected]
  171. Makueni Mbooni west     Snr chief munguti secondary          Ng’ole, NM         0711905615       Mixed day              185        nicomuendo@
  172. Makueni MBOONI WEST KYANGUMA MIXED DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL     WILFRED M. MITATU     0705018527              Day       489        [email protected]
  173. Makueni MBOONI WEST UVUU SECONDARY SCHOOL              COSMAS M. WAMBUA   0704543700       Day              100        BOX 13-90125 KIKIMA
  174. Makueni MBOONI WEST MALAA SECONDARY SCHOOL              TIMOTHY  M KITIVA        0727443766       Mixed Boarding            330        0 box 66 -90133 TAWA
  175. Makueni MBOONI WEST KITOO ABC SECONDARY SCHOOL              ESTHER NTHOKI KALUKU             0713277186              MIXED DAY AND BOARDING SECONDARY             437              [email protected]
  176. Makueni MBOONI WEST UKALA AIC SECONDARY SCHOOL              KCHORTSON MUTISO KOTI          0726834249              Day       284        [email protected]
  177. Makueni Mbooni West    Kinyee Secondary school               Nicholas K  Nthenge       0721431478       Day       222              Kinyee Secondary school
  178. Makueni Mbooni-east     Kavumbu secondary school              Patrick Nthaku 0726388226       Mixed day and bording              204        [email protected]
  179. Makueni Mukaa  Regina Kiou Secondary              Kimeu, Jones W.              0722875829/0742816414              Mixed Day          82          [email protected]/ [email protected]
  180. Makueni MUKAA MUMELA SECONDARY SCHOOL              PETER M. MUTHENYA    0715 676617      Day       121              petermuthenya124@
  181. Makueni Mukaa  Muani Secondary School              Damaris sila       0797973959       Mixed Boarding 167              Muani [email protected]
  182. Makueni Mukaa  Kiu secondary school              Christopher N Katumo   0729675409       Mixed Boarding              435        [email protected]
  183. Makueni MUKAA ACK ST STEPHEN’S KIMA SECONDARY      JOSEPH KIILU     0729246852       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         366        [email protected]
  184. Makueni MUKAA Kilome  SA Sec.  MUTUNGA HENRY KIOKO   0728579674       Mixed Boarding 260              [email protected]
  185. Makueni MUKAA KITHEINI Secondary        VERONICA M. NZIOKI           0727884798       Mixed day and boarding              152        veronicanzyoki @ g.
  186. Makueni MUKAA ST MARTIN’S DEPORES MALILI SEC SCHOOL              JULIUS MBINDU MULWA             0727508471              Day       79          [email protected]
  187. Makueni MUKAA ABC NGAAMBA SEC SCHOOL              BONIFACE M. MBWANG’A          0725455001       Day              131        [email protected]
  188. Makueni mukaa  kamuthini secondary school              Benson Solomon Katambo          0723823903       mixed day and boarding     387        [email protected]
  189. Makueni Mukaa  Bishop Ngala secondary school.              Elizabeth Kahuthu          0722636782       Mixed Boarding              251        [email protected]
  190. Makueni Mukaa  St . Augustine Mulumini secondary              Nzuki J. Kisoi      0722232287       Mixed Boarding 250              [email protected]
  191. Makueni Mukaa  Kiimakiu Sec School        Kyenze Benard David     0721785511       Mixed Boarding 176              [email protected]
  192. Makueni MUKAA MASOKANI SEC. SCHOOL.              PAUL THUO KAMAU       0721561104       MIXED DAY & BOARDING.        268        [email protected]
  193. Makueni Mukaa  ABC kayata girls sec        Musee Evelyn Kathini    0721554306       Boarding Girls    160              [email protected]
  194. Makueni MUKAA ULU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JULIUS KITONGA             0721471561       Day       201              [email protected]
  195. Makueni Mukaa  Kwakiketi Secondary School              Karweria Agnes Nthambi             0721237461       Day              241        [email protected]
  196. Makueni Mukaa  Uvunye Sec School         Michael Maua    0720572513       Day       160              [email protected]
  197. Makueni mukaa  Aic matiani girls mary m muteti              0720269741       Mixed Boarding 201        Box34nunguni
  198. Makueni MUKAA KWOTHITHU SECONDARY SCHOOL              JOYCE N. MUIA  0717754218       Mixed Boarding 213              [email protected]
  199. Makueni Mukaa  Ack St Luke’s Marwa sec              Patrick M wambua         0711718924       Day and boarding              151        Box 72 Yoani
  200. Makueni Mukaa  Kandolo Secondary         Jisephine K. Mwania          0710696593       Mixed Day          104              [email protected]
  201. Makueni Mukaa  Muangini sec     Kituu, p.n.w              0721333375       Day       227        [email protected]
  202. Makueni Mukaa  AIC SULTAN HAMUD SECONDARY SCHOOL              Alexander Kimweli          0710397725       Mixed Day              211        [email protected]
  203. Makueni Mukaa  ABC KITONGUNI Sec School              Jackline K Muthama       0720008315       Mixed Boarding              410        [email protected]
  204. Makueni Mukaa Uthini Girls Secondary school              Janet N. Ndeti          0799087211/ 0718557426              Boarding Girls    192        [email protected]
  205. Makueni Mukaa Musaani secondary school               Mary Musyoki   0712595004       Day       249              [email protected]
  206. Makueni Mukaa ABC MUUA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL              GIDRAPH GACHUHI MBOGO       0706507025              Day       187        [email protected]
  207. Makueni Mukas  Lumu secondary school Florence N Nguli     0721665728       Day       190        [email protected]
  208. Makueni Nzaui    Mutaiti boys sec              Monchoi Nina      0794198327       Boys day/boarding         429              [email protected]
  209. Makueni Nzaui    Kawala secondary School              Jennifer Maweu              0729176928       Mixed Boarding              235        [email protected]
  210. Makueni Nzaui    St joseph high school-Tutini              John ngati          0728492494       Mixed Boarding 294              [email protected]
  211. Makueni Nzaui    Kalamba Secondary School              Marietah Mulwa             0726108295       Mixed day & Boarding            125        [email protected]
  212. Makueni Nzaui    Mii secondary schools   Mary Mutua  0725311502       Mixed Boarding 232              [email protected]
  213. Makueni Nzaui    St Mary’s Ndovea secondary              Pere s. Kipeen   0724972476       Mixed day and boarding              352        [email protected]
  214. Makueni Nzaui    Masue high school          Luciana M Njeru    0723724420       Mixed day and boarding              175              573- 90132 sultan Hamund
  215. Makueni NZAUI   Kyangwasi secondary school              BERNARD M. KAMENDI 0722803391       Day       70              [email protected]
  216. Makueni Nzaui    Kyemundu sec sch          James K Ngugi    0722561368       Mixed Boarding 183        Kyemundu sec [email protected]
  217. Makueni Nzaui    Nduundune secondary school              Nicholas makunu            0722336013       Mixed day and boarding            410        [email protected]
  218. Makueni Nzaui    Serena Williams Wee Secondary School  Philip Wambua 0722306639       Mixed Boarding 189              Serena [email protected]
  219. Makueni Nzaui    Manooni secondary school              Joseph Matayo  0721758636       Mixed Boarding 514              [email protected]
  220. Makueni Nzaui    Kavuthu mixed day and boarding sec.       Fredrick kioko jonnes     0721635908       Mixed day and boarding            167        [email protected]
  221. Makueni Nzaui    Mbuthani sec    Willimina ojwang              0721574581       Mixed Boarding 270              [email protected]
  222. Makueni NZAUI   FRANCIS OF ASSISI SEC SCH KALIINI NICHOLAS K MUANGE    0721277703       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING         235        [email protected]
  223. Makueni Nzaui    Serena Williams Matooni              Muoki Misheck 0715272141       Mixed Boarding 174              [email protected]
  224. Makueni Nzaui    ABC KALUMBI SECONDARY              Eunice k Titus    0712155880       Mixed day and boarding              218        [email protected]
  225. Makueni Nzaui    Mungyani-Secondary     Charles Kasinga Mwendwa         0711993165       Mixed Boarding 150              [email protected]
  226. Makueni NZAUI   ST ANTHONY ITIANI SECONDARY              JOHN M KAMAU              0711434939       Mixed Boarding              200        [email protected]
  227. Makueni Nzaui    Nduumoni sec   Justus kimongo              0711379338       Day       231        Nduumonimixed @
  228. Makueni NZAUI   MATIKU SECONDARY     PATRICK NYOLO  0710493103       MIXED DAY AND BOARDING       513              [email protected]
  229. Makueni Nzaui    Emalitownship sec school              Patrick ndunda ngele     0700586403       Mixed,Day and boarding             320              [email protected]
  230. Makueni Nzaui    Muangeni mixed secondary school               Agnes mutheu makenzi 727075913         Day       148              [email protected]
  231. Makueni Nzaui    Mary’s itaava sec school               Henry Njuguna 0720991330       mixed day boarding               250        [email protected]
  232. Makueni Nzaui    Matutu sec school          Muthoka Nzau     0711100552       Day       158              [email protected]
  233. Makueni Nzaui    St Theresa sec sch muuani               Nicholas m kasisi             0734508275       Mixed Boarding              232        [email protected]
  234. Makueni Nzaui    Kyumbuni sec school      Jeniffer kimeu   0728793211       Mixed Day /Boarding     236              [email protected]
  235. Makueni NZAUI   KILIKU MIXED SEC SCHOOL               PHILIP MUTUA 0722892803       Mixed Boarding 312              kilikumixedsecschool
  236. Makueni Nzaui    Muambwani sec              Elizabeth kamene Ndunguli            0721554461       Mixed Day and boarding               251        [email protected]
  237. Makueni Nzaui    Vulueni secondary school               Joseph Munywoki           720812599         Mixed Boarding              397        [email protected]
  238. Makueni Nzaui subcounty             Kithumba secondary school            Samuel kyalo Munyao   0725838227              Mixed Boarding 446        [email protected]

That is the list of all the Sub County Secondary Schools in Makueni County, with the names of all the Sub- County Secondary Schools Principals and Contacts, as obtained in 2020.

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